Video/Transcript: Travon Walker and Ameer Speed Interviews – September 14, 2021

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Video/Transcript: Travon Walker and Ameer Speed Interviews – September 14, 2021

On how the defense has prepared so far and how it’ll translate to South Carolina….

“My thoughts on the defense so far, we’re doing pretty good, playing some good ball right now but as always looking out, we always have things to improve on. This upcoming week, playing South Carolina, an SEC East opponent, we just have to play to our expectation, and just keep improving as a defense every week.”





On how much pride the defense takes in outscoring the opponents…

“We really haven’t talked about it too much but that is something we do take a lot of pride in because we always emphasize getting the ball on defense and pointing up points on defense. As long as they don’t score, they don’t win and if we’re putting up points on defense then that’s just a positive contribution to the win.”

On the biggest thing that South Carolina presents as a challenge….





“Putting the ball on the perimeter. Like you all stated earlier this week, we didn’t do too good against the run and that’s something that we’re working to do this week – stop the run more and less yards.”

On the memories with Shane Beamer [South Carolina Head Coach] and being on special teams….

“I believe I was on punt return and kick return then, but yeah he’s a good guy, you know I had him here so I’m looking forward to that match-up.”

On what has worked well for the defensive backs through two games and how to improve…

“I think honestly, we all have areas we can improve on. But I think that we’ve just been emphasizing takeaways and working on getting the ball out of people, so I feel like that repetition and putting those words in our heads are starting to pay off and a lot has made plays with the ball.”

On Will Muschamp’s impact during his time here…

“He’s had an amazing impact. He’s just a scheme person, he’s very smart with knowing defenses and everything so he’s been very helpful. His energy also is just immaculate, just his energy that he brings to me and the way he talks to us, it gets people going. Having him around – on top of Kirby is definitely a good combo.”





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