WATCH: Isaac Nauta, Juwan Taylor, Terry Godwin and Jon Ledbetter Interviews

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WATCH: Isaac Nauta, Juwan Taylor, Terry Godwin and Jon Ledbetter Interviews

Isaac Nauta
On playing in an environment like Tiger Stadium…
“From everything I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be an electric place to play in and they’ve really got the home field advantage. They’ve got a great fan base and I’ve heard it’s a crazy environment. I’m ready to see what it’s like.”
On preparing to play in that type of environment…
“[I tell myself] to stay composed. You can’t let the crowd get to you in those moments and you’ve got to stay on top of your assignments and know what you’ve got to do throughout the week in preparation to make sure when you can’t hear when you’re in there, you still know how to communicate. We work on it in practice throughout the week, making crowd noise on the speakers and try to get used to being in that environment.”

Juwan Taylor

Terry Godwin
On the significance of this game…
“To us it is a big game, because it is the next game. We don’t look at it like how it is going to help us or hurt us down the road. We look at it as we have to go out there and play Georgia football regardless.”
On how the crowd can help especially looking back at Notre Dame…
“The game at Notre Dame was a great atmosphere. It was awesome that our fan base traveled all the way out there. It means a lot. It goes to show how much dedication they put in and how much they mean to us. It was an amazing atmosphere.”





Jon Ledbetter






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