Watch: Stetson Bennett Postgame Interview – Georgia vs. Auburn

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Watch: Stetson Bennett Postgame Interview – Georgia vs. Auburn

On the game tempo… 

“Yeah, I think Coach [Todd] Monken does a great job knowing when we need to go fast and knowing when  we need to go slow. We know what we’re going to do. We know we will be able to go fast. We are hopefully  in better shape than everyone else. So, whenever the time comes that we need to go fast we can execute.”  

On if he thought this moment would ever come… 





“It is not really my job to worry about that. If you think of things that broadly, you think about I was starting  my first game, a game day, a top-10 matchup, then yeah it is going to be like ‘oh my goodness.’ But,no, I  just go out every day and play football.”  

On if he knew he would start… 

“I had an idea that I was going to start. Being able to be comfortable in the offense is easy because I am  surrounded by such great players, and the offensive line gives me time. Coach Monken gives us great calls  every time. So, the week helped because I was able to get reps with those guys. It is pretty easy to feel  comfortable with those guys.”  









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