What to expect against South Carolina: big pass catchers and even bigger pass rushers

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What to expect against South Carolina: big pass catchers and even bigger pass rushers

As the Dawgs begin conference play, we have to recognize the new level of competition they’ll be playing at from this point forward. The SEC has a reputation, and according to Coach Smart South Carolina lives up to it, “They fit the SEC culture in terms of their fanbase and their commitment to a facility and winning environment. They have all of that.” Long story short, things are going to get really real for the Georgia Bulldogs really fast. 

According to Coach Smart the South Carolina receiving corps has “challenging guys to cover.” Pair that with the objective talent they have at quarterback, and I think it’s safe to say it’ll be the hardest test of Georgia’s secondary this season. 

To counter that passing attack, the Dawg’s defense will field an experienced corner in Kelee Ringo and a first-year-starter in Kamari Lassiter . While he’s proven to be reliable thus far, Williams-Brice Stadium will be a very different environment for Lassiter. Smart has been proud of the way Lassiter has performed in practice (to this point the competition in practice has been superior to that in games played), but there’s only so much you can do to prepare for rowdy environments like Williams-Brice Stadium. 





In regards to South Carolina’s defensive line, they’ll play Zacch Pickens and Jordan Burch who stand and weigh in at 6’4, 305 and 6’6, 275 respectively. Both of whom were former five-star recruits and arguably the most talented player at their position coming out of high school. They’ll definitely test Georgia’s integrity up front on the offensive line and in turn should call for the Dawgs to field their best five guys rather than continuously rotating them.

Something to take notice of  will be whether or not redshirt-freshman Amarius Mims will see time against this Gamecocks front. They’ve been rotating him in as early as the second quarter against Oregon and Samford, and while it’s less likely they do that here, it’ll say a lot about Mims’ future if he does get in early. 

South Carolina shouldn’t be the hardest SEC opponent the Dawgs face this year, but if they’re able to come out of Columbia victorious, and in dominant fashion, it will serve as further proof justifying their status as No. 1 in the country.









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