What’s the Word? The 2017 College Football Hammys

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What’s the Word? The 2017 College Football Hammys

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The Hammys initially began as Southeastern Conference awards, but they have expanded to all of college football. This year’s awards are named after the people I have interviewed and those who have helped me throughout this season. I would like to thank all interviewees and the entire Bulldawg Illustrated nation for all of their help and support. Now the moment you have been waiting for, the 2017 Hammys go to …

Murray’s Mega Arm

Without a doubt, the quarterback of the year has to be Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield. Although Mayfield’s recent attitude has hurt his playing time, his skill is unreal. Mayfield has thrown for over 300 yards in eight games this year. He has led Oklahoma’s offense to become the most explosive offense in college football.

Destin’s Downhill Running Back

The running back that comes to my mind when thinking about downhill runners is definitely Penn State running back, Saquon Barkley. His strength, balance, and overall athleticism trumps all other running backs. Along with Baker Mayfield, Barkley tops the Heisman list for the 2017 season.

Welton’s Wide Receiver

Across the nation, wide receivers have made some nasty grabs and massive amounts of yards. While there is much competition for this award, my choice for wide receiver of the year would have to be Oklahoma State’s James Washington. With sensational quarterback, Mason Rudolph, Washington has grown to be the most impressive wide receiver of the 2017 season in my opinion.


Georgia ILB Roquan Smith - Appalachian State vs. UGA - Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017
Georgia ILB Roquan Smith


Dantzler’s Defensive Player

One of the most important things about these awards is attempting to remain unbiased, so let me start by saying defensive individuals everywhere have been exceptional, but the winner of this year’s defensive Hammy is Georgia’s linebacker, Roquan Smith. I know Alabama safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and North Carolina State linebacker, Bradley Chubb, are outstanding athletes, but Roquan Smith has made some unbelievable open field tackles, sacks, and tackles for a loss. I mean look what he did against Tech this past week. I mean he murdered the triple option.

Kahlstorf’s Kicker

This is an obvious choice for me. Auburn’s kicker, Daniel Carlson, has been outstanding. Not only in the 2017 season, but throughout his entire career, Carlson has made a name for himself. He is now the all-time leading scorer in Southeastern Conference football.

Taylor’s Tandem

It goes without saying, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel are the obvious running back tandem in college football. These two decided to return for their senior season and have led the Dawgs to an SEC Championship game berth and an 11-1 season. Not only are these two killing it for the Dawgs, but they have three terrific guys to back them up, D’andre Swift, Elijah Holyfield, and Brian Herrien

Miller’s Matchup

This 2017 season has made a lot of my picks pretty easy. The matchup of the year is this year’s Iron Bowl. The Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide both entered the game with hopes of a win and an appearance in the SEC Championship game. Auburn won 26-14, and now they’re heading to face the Dawgs in the Benz for the SEC title.

Poss’ Play

There was a lot of trickeration this season, but the play the that stomps all plays in the 2017 season was the University of California Berkeley quarterback, Ross Bowers, flipping into the end zone for his first career rushing touchdown. The flip was a perfect 10.0 in my opinion and even drew explicit language from the announcer.

Varnado’s Victory

The UCLA victory over Texas A&M was a comeback of the ages, but the victory of the year has to go to Pitt upsetting number two ranked Miami. Pitt’s true freshman quarterback, Kenny Pickett, started for the first time in his college career and ran for two touchdowns. He didn’t get a turnover, but he deserved Miami’s turnover chain. The now 5-7 Panthers ruined the Canes’ undefeated season. Not only did this upset Miami’s undefeated season, but it also put Miami’s playoff hopes on hold. Now, depending on where the committee places Miami in the rankings, they might not get in the top four, even after a win in their conference championship. Enough about the spoiling of Miami’s season, let’s get to the ramifications this had for Pitt. The Panthers were not going to make a bowl game even with a win over Miami, but they still played their hearts out and won the game 24-14.

Harlan’s Heart Throb

I need to preface this one. My mom helped me out on deciding the cutest college football player. In her opinion, Alabama’s Minkah Fitzpatrick takes the cake. She loves his cute smile and positive attitude.

Leavy’s “Dam” Good Player

At the beginning of this season, there were many players who were strong candidates for the Heisman. After the first few weeks of college football, Saquon Barkley topped the list, and it looked like he was running away with it. After Penn State fell to Ohio State and a week later to Michigan State, Barkley’s Heisman campaign lost lots of momentum. While Saquon was decreasing in the ranks, Baker Mayfield began to shine. The same week Penn State lost to Michigan State and Barkley rushed for just 63 yards, Mayfield led his team to a 62-52 win over Oklahoma State and threw for 598 yards. With all of this said, Baker Mayfield wins this Hammy.

Mike’s Most Missed Players

The Bulldog Nation was ecstatic last year when a number of juniors announced they would forgo their opportunity in the NFL draft and return to play between the hedges their senior year. Without them this year, I’m certain we wouldn’t be heading to the SEC Championship game with a 11-1 record. Speaking for all of us, I would like to say you will be missed. May my good friend and avid Georgia fan, Mike Blanton, be your guardian angel. Seniors, thank you, good luck, and KEEP CHOPPING!






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