Who has the Better Secondary? Georgia or Missouri

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Who has the Better Secondary? Georgia or Missouri

Richard LeCounte (2)

Georgia takes on Missouri for a head-to-head matchup to see who will be in the SEC East first place position. We know that both teams have high-powered offenses, but what about the defenses. The Tigers give up 305 yards in the air while the Bulldogs give up 157.67.   So which secondary is better, who has more playmakers and what can we do to stop the others strong offenses? Below I break down each secondary and compare Georgia and Missouri.

Georgia’s Secondary

Georgia’s secondary consists of two veterans and two feisty youngsters. J.R. Reed and Deandre Baker returned after last season and are two of the defensive leaders. However, they’re also two of the top 10 tacklers for Georgia. If you look at the top 10 tacklers for Georgia, five of them are from this secondary. Richard LeCounte leads the secondary with ten solo tackles, 16 total, one pass break up, and .5 TFL. At South Carolina, he had seven by himself. Following him is Tyson Campbell. He continues to grow as a player, and he’s one of the fastest defensive backs I have ever seen. Campbell has eight solo tackles, ten total with one pass break up. Granted he made a lot of freshman mistakes, but that’s all about learning the game. As for Reed and Baker, they’re right up there with the two of the best secondary players that went. They combine for 19 total tackles, 2.0 tackles for loss, two pass breakups, one forced fumble, and three interceptions.
The Bulldogs secondary will be elite by the end of the season as long as they continue to grow the way they do. However, Lock won’t find it amusing if LeCounte, Baker, or Reed snags one from a receiver multiple times. Georgia’s finally got big-bodied playmakers back there, and that’s what they’ll continue to do. With their trusty bat, those two should come in ready for blood and make the Tigers shed first.

Missouri’s Secondary

Missouri’s secondary appears similar to Georgias except they have three veterans back there. However, the Tigers secondary seems undisciplined and raw. This group gave up 572 passing yards and three touchdowns during last weeks win. Similar to Georgia, four of the Tigers are top tacklers.  The senior Cam Hilton had ten solo tackles, two assists,  12 total, 1 INT, one pass breakup, and one recovered fumble.  Adam Sparks is No. 2 on the least behind a 6-3 defensive end player. Sparks has 12 solo tackles, four assistant, 16 total, 1.0 TFL, and just chill and study1 QBH. After that DeMarkcus Acy was another secondary player, who helps lead the team in tackles. He has two solo tackles, three assists, five total, and two pass breakups.
Khalil Oliver is one of the guys in the secondary at Missouri. He’s got eight solo tackles and 2.0 TFL. He knows what to do to make plays. However, when you look at them, they’re sloppy in coverage. There has been only one interception this season, and that needs to fix. Missouri’s secondary needs experience as much as Georgia’s does, but I think it’ll be a while before they call later.





Who has the better secondary?
  • Georgia has a more well rounded secondary than Missouri does. The Tigers DB’s and CB’s are strong but need some work. They’re not aggressive like Baker and Reed or other elite secondaries. Despite having some mismatches, Georgia should wear down this offense and score some points of its own. The Defense causes three turnovers, and I think LeCounte, Reed, and Baker all snag one. Campbell’s time will come sooner than later as long as he continues to develop like he is.





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