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“Why Not Us?”

Kirby reacts to seeing Sanford Stadium - Dawg Walk - G-Day - 4-16-16 - Rob Saye Copyright (1) 1
Kirby reacts to seeing Sanford Stadium – Dawg Walk – G-Day – 4-16-16
Photo: Rob Saye/Bulldawg Illustrated

The question that Kirby Smart asked in his post-G-Day opening remarks – “Why not us?” – mirrors exactly what Georgia fans have asked themselves for years. Now those fans have a coach who has been to the summit and believes he can take his alma mater on his return trip.

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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

15 responses on ““Why Not Us?”

  1. Dunj94 706

    Richt left our team in a rut. To me we are UGA we would got still got all the team facilities and mumbo jumbo so that’s out of the question. After Bobo left I started seeing big holes in the offense. Guys when 1 guy gets hurt our whole offense was affected. We had no depth. Same thing on defense no depth. The program was I hate to say it but going downhill. Only beating Florida 5 fricking times and losing to dr appt south Carolina and then Missouri joins and plays for the SEC years in a row it’s pathetic I’ve had to endure many heartbreaking losses to subpar Florida and Carolina teams. Im a fan of my home team not a coach. The team plays how they see their coach Smart is the energetic spark we need. So let’s hope we are heading for greatness .

  2. Jesse1

    thefakemelkiper GPoole_BI Watch much football? Taking on someone else’s name is in nice psychiatric terms referred to as” Identification issues.” In plain English, doing so means you’re Nut Sack Nutters.

  3. Bulldawg Bob2

    66DAWGnNC Hobnailboot aka RobG purpledawg  I think Coach Mark Richt is a good coach and even better man, but he did leave UGA with some deficits on the roster. Namely big and talented men on the offensive line and defensive line. Of course, o-line recruiting was never a big priority under Richt. It may have been the one area that kept him from taking Georgia to the “big dance” and “winning it all.”

    But the program that Kirby comes into is certainly in better shape than where it was with Goff and Donnan.

    I still think it will take a year maybe a year and or even two to where Coach Smart wants it.

  4. 66DAWGnNC

    I agree Richt left the program in great shape. I have been a Mark Richt fan from day one and was saddened to see him go. For some reason though he could not get us to the big game. I believe Kirby will have us in the hunt often. So I am excited. Not trying to start an argument here, but just curious as to why you think UT and USCe is rebounding. UT maybe, but if anything turns up with this sex scandal it could set them back many years. Then you have Boom who inherited a strong program at UF and did not do well. At USCe he has a team in shambles. I don’t see WM doing better than the old ball coach, but I could be wrong.

  5. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    purpledawg  I agree that Richt left the program in excellent shape and Smart has all the tools necessary to produce a very competitive team immediately…….no excuses

  6. purpledawg

    When Kirby does turn it around, it will be due to the legacy from Mark with the team, recruits, and indoor facility.    Kirby came into a great situation left by Mark, not a program left in horrible shape.  Next year the Dawgs will beat FL and run for an SEC, yet the East is getting getting stronger with TN and SC rebounding.

  7. thefakemelkiper

    GPoole_BI if it was an argument you may be on to something. It’s not. It’s a calculation based on info. UGA is 7th best program in SEC now

  8. GPoole_BI

    thefakemelkiper A fake and a mind reader, excellent. The fact that you surfaced on my feed contradicts your argument.

  9. thefakemelkiper

    GPoole_BI most see this UGA team as a huge hype play. There are 6 programs that will finish above them. You know this.