With Javon Bullard out, who will be the new STAR of the defense?

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With Javon Bullard out, who will be the new STAR of the defense?

Dan Jackson is pictured on the left in red

After Javon Bullard’s arrest, Coach Kirby Smart told us that he’d be “dealt with internally,” and until that happens we really don’t know when he’ll be back on the field. Smart says, “There’s still a lot in the air.”

Bullard was just beginning to emerge as Georgia’s premier player at the STAR position, taking over from where Latavious Brini and William Poole played last season. Most college football fans are familiar with the term “STAR” in regards to the position on defense. But if you didn’t know, “STAR” refers to a defensive back/ linebacker hybrid position that kind of serves as a traditional nickelback. 

With Bullard gone, it begs the question, “Who will be Georgia’s new STAR?”





When asked about possible replacements, Smart responded with names like: Tykee Smith, Marcus Washington, Chris Smith, and Kamari Lassiter. But somebody Smart might have forgotten to mention was Dan Jackson. 

There’s a lot of issues with the aforementioned names slotting in at STAR for Bullard. The team doesn’t know if Tykee Smith is 100% ready to be back yet. Marcus Washington is a true freshman who forewent his senior season, so he’s younger than your traditional first-year. Chris Smith is literally one of the best safeties in college football. Why would you move him? And Kamari Lassiter just landed the outside corner spot, and his backup Nyland Green is still nursing an injury. 

All signs are pointing to the fourth-year, “Dirty Dan” Jackson to be Georgia’s new STAR. 





He’s experienced, physical, and keeping him on the field allows for the Dawgs to field as much talent as possible. 

Earlier I mentioned that Chris Smith is one of the best safeties in the nation, well Dan Jackson and freshman phenom Malaki Starks don’t fall too far behind. Those three have accounted for a majority of the defense’s forced turnovers. There’s no reason you wouldn’t want all three of them on the field together.

There shouldn’t be any drop-off if Dan Jackson comes in to play. His teammates have labeled him “Dirty Dan” for a reason, and if he secures the STAR position, he’ll be able to show us just how he earned that nickname. 





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