‘You come to UGA for the competition’– Brock Vandagriff shares his experience on this QB battle

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‘You come to UGA for the competition’– Brock Vandagriff shares his experience on this QB battle

The quarterback position isn’t something to take for granted. Georgia fans were blessed with the Bennett era for three years, so this success may feel normal, but in reality, it was literally so far from the truth. Stetson Bennett has set a standard for quarterback play at Georgia. A standard that former five-star and Georgia-native Brock Vandagriff is trying to uphold.

Vandagriff is an underdog in this off-season’s quarterback race. The third year has stuck it out the past couple seasons waiting for this very opportunity. Playing third string quarterback at the University of Georgia still has it’s perks, don’t get me wrong. In an interview yesterday Vandagriff told us that the development he’s had has been one of the key factors keeping at Georgia and away from the transfer portal.

He understands Georgia’s winning standard is built off of competition saying:





“You come to UGA for competition.”

He sees himself getting better. His game “is getting mentally and physically” and has learned how to take practice reps to the next level to show that he’s worthy of playing time. When he was third string, and even now, he treats every practice rep like a game rep upping the ante and intensity with each go.

“Those are game reps,” said Vandagriff yesterday.





When asked to describe his playing style, Vandagriff’s answer counters what most may think about him. he described himself as a “pocket placer that can extend the play when need be.” This counters what most thought about him coming into spring. He’s known for his legs and mobility, so it was interesting he pointed that out.

We’re learning more and more about the quarterback situation at UGA as the days pass. But in the meantime for those who were curious, just know Brock Vandagriff is the real deal





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