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UGA Recruiting Daily 21-July-2016

Stephon Wynn - Anderson, SC
Stephon Wynn – Anderson, SC
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#80 Junior DE DT TE
T.L. Hanna High School
Anderson, SC


#38 Sophomore CB RB
Clairton High School
Clairton , PA


#35 Junior WR QB
Union High School
Tulsa, OK


#5 Class of 2020 CB WR FS RB
Grayson, GA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

310 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 21-July-2016

  1. DawgDaddy

    tmdawg12  That’s 22 bricks, he had better add some quality bricks soon or this class will be in line with a GTU class.

  2. haws1178

    It will be impressive!!!!!!! Hat, shades, shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, demeanor, and attitude. GO DAWGS!!!!!!¡!!!

  3. haws1178

    Unfortunately I will reporting from behind enemy lines the next week. The head line will be ” no new news I hate gators”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Doc R

    Bulldawg36 did you get any rain this afternoon—-looked like it was coming down just to the north of us toward town, but only got a few drops at my place

  5. Deerhuntingdawg

    I know they keep Burrells Ford Rd in good shape. But some of those roads can get pretty interesting

  6. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Like they say, you can get stats to say most anything you want them too if you try.

  7. RobDawg

    @deerhuntingdawg I really like that stretch of the Chatooga and have caught lots of nice Browns up there by walking up the SC side. Been many years though. Is the forrest service road leading in still pretty rugged?

  8. Bulldawg36

    The unc coach will pay for that remark. Their punter is gonna have to ice his leg after the game

  9. biggityben

    MMCSDAWG biggityben I don’t recall that, but if that’s the case…. a lot of damn good it did CBS!

  10. PDawg

    Deerhuntingdawg Me too man. I was up at Ellicott Rock on the Chattooga last weekend.  I’m thinking i’m going up to the Cohuttas this weekend

  11. Deerhuntingdawg

    Not sure yet. I’ve narrowed it to three streams. Either in White or Towns County. I was up in Rabun County last time up. I go every chance I get. I love chasing wild fish

  12. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Deerhuntingdawg Nice!. My parents have a cabin up in Ellijay, I love hitting up Carters Lake for some Stripers and Monster Spots

  13. Deerhuntingdawg

    I love fishing too! I’ll be high up in the mountains chasing specks(Brookies) this Saturday. Plus I have an 8 acre pond on my hunting club when it cools off some more

  14. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Deerhuntingdawg Amen to that, although I don’t hunt, the fish will be schooling up and easier to catch though

  15. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    MMCSDAWG Hobnailboot aka RobG I’ve only been in an air conditioned mechanical room for one day this week, the rest has been outside trying to get some big split systems changed out at an elementary school, and just found out we are working all weekend….yippeee, my bank account will like it but my body is gonna be wore slap out come next Friday


    Hobnailboot aka RobG This heat is getting to me as well!  I don’t want to do anything outside that’s for sure!  Me and the boys did the yard last night and it was freaking 105 real feel @7pm.


    Greg Poole Not sure an Ivy leaguer wrote the article….  Am I correct in my understanding that you may chose the type of kick you perform on a kick-off?  Last I remember you could still legally drop-kick as well, but I could be wrong, so if I’m correct, why wouldn’t you then use your punter to kick the ball with 4.5 seconds of hang time and tackle the returner inside the 10 yard line???   LEAVE the GAME alone!   Please!

  18. Doc R

    Greg Poole Talks big for a coach that couldn’t even beat “Crap Carolina” last year

  19. Doc R

    I think I just hard Jerry Tarkanian say that the NCAA is SO mad at Ole Miss, that they are going to put New Mexico St. on probation!!!!

  20. fesx

    Bulldawg36 Becareful!!!  Went there about a month ago for the first time in about 10 years.  My oh my how everything has changed around there.  Don’t think I will ever make another trip back to Lenox.

  21. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG So these are three of the Tar Heels that we will see chasing our players into the endzone? That is good to know!

  22. DawgLink

    That’s what I was saying as well. Should have stayed at DC. I think he underperforms at SC and is shown the door after 4 years


    biggityben Pretty sure this change was in effect last year…  I’ll check.  But i remember posting about it last summer when we were talking about the transition from Bobo!

  24. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG BenKellam Greg Poole Typically if you post a comment to either of those boards you get decapitated for your opinion and thoughts.


    BenKellam MMCSDAWG Greg Poole LOL!   It’s just a bunch of people acting like little girls fighting over a young boy…  It’s very immature…  they get down right nasty though!  I only saw the aftermath and not the actual convo that lead Dash to write what he wrote…  I use them as a source for some good insider info from the staff, including our old running mate Trent S. , but that’a about it!  I’ve been with them for over 10 yrs off and on and I’ve posted a grand total of 6 comments.  That should tell ya a lot!! lol

  26. biggityben

    Anyone feel like we got lucky with our coaching change in the first year that they are allowed 8 hours per week during the summer with the non strength coaches?  If this had happened a year earlier, maybe the transition would have been a little rougher?

  27. Bansai buckeroo

    With talent he has and what appears is coming in 2017, Muschamp is going to have a hell of a time turning that Program around… I can see a great big grin on 36’s face now….

  28. AlphaDawg

    DawgDown997 And he’ll be collecting $ from USC down the road too. I’m seeing a pattern. He should have stayed a DC is he wanted to prove his worth, but instead bit at the first offer as a HC.

  29. DawgDown997

    I disagree. He L eft Texas for UF (understandable) after working under Mack brown as HCIW for many years. Then was forced to leave Florida and left auburn for an HC job at South Carolina which also makes sense. He would have likely left auburn for uga DC if he wasn’t offered the South Carolina job. It was more about fit at auburn than anything. I also believe he’s still getting paid from the Florida job so money is far below winning and fit for Muschamp I’m sure. Not sure where the evidence for him following the $$$ is

  30. AlphaDawg

    DawgLink Muschamp is like a free agent. Whoever is dishing out the biggest check is where he goes.

  31. Greg Poole

    What to expect from Muschamp:
    Will Muschamp has numerous obstacles this upcoming season. I’m quite worried for him, to be honest. He has only four returning starters on offense and 5 returning starters on defense.
    He lost arguably their best player on defense in linebacker Skai Moore. Moore was the leading tackler for three seasons in a row. Unfortunately he had a herniated disk in his neck causing him to miss the entire season.
    This team has so many questions and I don’t think they’ll be able to find all the answers. They have a quarterback competition between Perry Orth, Lorenzo Nunez, true freshmen Brandon McIlwain, and Jake Bentley.
    His schedule isn’t doing him any favors either. I think South Carolina might only be able to win four games. They play at Mississippi State, Georgia, and have to play Tennessee, Missouri, and Florida consecutively. To top it off they play at Clemson to end the season. Yikes.
    Last season the Gamecocks played very poorly on defense. They were second to last in the SEC in points per game, and last in rush yards per game, yards per play, and 3rd down percentage.
    South Carolina was ranked 27th in the 2016 recruiting class, which is decent but not good enough. They landed 4-star receiver Randrecous Davis, defensive back Jamarcus King,  and defensive tackle Darius Whitfield.
    I think this team will not have that much short term success, but might have some long term success if they can find a quarterback and improve their recruiting.

  32. websater

    MMCSDAWG websater Lucas Rogers JaxDawg It is nuts tbh. You never know what you are seeing is real or imaginary.

  33. AlphaDawg

    Lucas Rogers AlphaDawg I’ve always been confused by that photo. What is he doing with the tool upside down?

  34. Lucas Rogers

    websater MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers JaxDawg I just started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s pretty good


    websater MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers JaxDawg I watched the first season but haven’t started the second of Mr. Robot yet…  Is it good?

  36. AlphaDawg

    Lucas Rogers AlphaDawg Maybe he’ll tweet out, “I didn’t plan on building a house, Booch”

  37. Lucas Rogers

    JaxDawg Jacoby is more definitely more talented than Xavier, but that is no slouch to Xavier. Both are pretty athletic guys. Xavier actually struggled a bit at Opening

  38. AlphaDawg

    websater MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers JaxDawg Y’all got to check out Ballers. Season 2 just started

  39. AlphaDawg

    Lucas Rogers I just really wanted to steal one from Butch’s brick wall. Guess Bama will do that for us. At least he’s not on the SEC East

  40. websater

    MMCSDAWG websater Lucas Rogers JaxDawg Has to be Mr. Robot, Ray Donovan and Stranger Things. Also watching Luther for the first time and its amazing too, Idris Elba such a good actor.


    websater MMCSDAWG Lucas Rogers JaxDawg The night crew is non-existent these days!  Missed you too!   What shows are on your must see list now a days?

  42. DawgDaddy

    In Macon for the wife to do some shopping.
    Should be a long day good me. Y’all give me some good news.

  43. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG As I said to you before, some of their subscribers fell entitled because they pay for the privilege of being on there. At the same time, it is tough for them to regulate it because if they ban someone it takes cash from their pocket. They will do it but probably are more reluctant than I am for the financial reason.

  44. websater

    MMCSDAWG websater Lucas Rogers JaxDawg sup mmcs, yeah been so busy at work, but gonna get back into being a regular on here. Missed you all.


    websater Lucas Rogers JaxDawg What’s up Sater?  Been a while, you a Moderator and everything! lol!


    Hey Greg Poole …  Next time you see Dash/Trent ask them how the ban hammer is going over on Rivals!  lol!  I’m telling you, there is a lunatic fringe in our fan base that is absolutely unbearable! 

    It makes me appreciate everything you and the people at Bulldawg Illustrated do for us!!  

    Here’s a paraphrase of a post from Dash…   He feels ours is the only fanbase that eats it’s own when it comes to recruiting and recruiting talk.  Nothing compares…  

    There is an important point I would like to reiterate that you mentioned just last week I believe, recruits and parents follow these sites as well as ours here at LH/BI and see our comments.

  47. JaxDawg

    You are right, we have to earn our right to the top prospects. Win and they come. That’s what we can control and we need to win. We control our own destiny

  48. websater

    Lucas Rogers JaxDawg Win and they will come. You think Pruitts ties to the TENN area had anything to do with the sudden change in Stevens leader kind of like McGraw?

  49. JaxDawg

    Oh wow, I feel like this is a message to someone holding out for someone else or we will loose Xavier haha dang

  50. JaxDawg

    I think Jamyest goes to USC and AJ and Xavier choose Clemson though. We will have to win big to get to the next level. Same story of what could have been as last year with Brown, Robertson, and Kyle Davis


    JaxDawg When McKinney (SP?) de-committed Bama when all in and it’s hard not to listed to the team that has won 4 NC in the last 6 or so years.  Be honest, wouldn’t that put them at the top of your list if you were an elite athlete.   Win, and they will come!  Kirby is doing and AMAZING job on the recruiting trail and it will pay dividends, but there is absolutely NO substitute for winning and I mean Championships.  None.

  52. Lucas Rogers

    So with all the JAcoby stuff, is there is 1 position group that we could stand to lose a target in, it would definitely be DB. Still have Jamyest, Gibbs, Terrell, Xavier Mckinney, etc

  53. JaxDawg

    It’s just frustrating how we spend all this time recruiting him and building a close relationship where we have the rumored lead and then he names us in a top 3, and bama isn’t in it then all of the sudden they are his leader. This whole offseason he didn’t think of them?


    JaxDawg We sent out DC who left in the middle of the Kirby Camp to go see him.  If that’s not enough the I seriously doubt the # of coaches is why he would chose Alabama over UGA…  Might have something more to do with wins and losses and playing for Championships.

  55. Lucas Rogers

    JaxDawg Yeah, I am sure Georgia would have, but it was the weekend of Kirby’s camp

  56. JaxDawg

    AHHH!!!!! Man recruiting sucks sometimes haha, we should have sent a bunch of coaches to see him too. It’s crazy how recruits opinions change so fast

  57. JaxDawg

    This bums me out, really. He didn’t even have them in his top 3. I knew the delayed decision would be bad for us. Whelp he will be sitting an extra year or two there waiting for his turn

  58. dawgmum

    Can’t Kirby give the nod to one of our silents to commit? It’s been too long since we had a fix. #

  59. Bansai buckeroo

    Jacoby seems more conflicted than ever. He seems to be adding schools instead of narrowing them down…. I

  60. Bansai buckeroo

    You can’t get away from it 36… Try and not travel during peak traffic times…

  61. Bulldawg36

    Me & the wife will be staying the night with friends in Marietta!!! How much traffic will be there?????

  62. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Yep. Hope you get some attention. I’m moving you to a list that I monitor more closely. I  RT you more that way.

  63. AlphaDawg

    I’m starting to think Bulldawg36 is the bagman, he’s all over GA every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Greg Poole

    Why No. 14: We are going to find out quickly the wisdom of Georgia leaders about hiring Smart. The Bulldogs open the season against talented North Carolina. Get past the Tar Heels and Smart can reach double-digit wins his first season. The favorable schedule doesn’t include the SEC’s two best teams, Alabama and LSU. The game against North Carolina is the only nonconference challenge. Mark Richt left a bunch of skill in Athens. There are 14 starters returning, including quarterback Greyson Lambert. He will be pushed for playing time by hotshot freshman Jacob Eason. The experienced offensive line will block for a dynamic duo at running back. Sony Michel went over 1,000 yards, and Nick Chubb returns from a serious knee injury. Smart built his reputation on defense. The secondary is the strength of this year’s team after helping Georgia lead the nation in pass defense. Free safety Dominick Sanders had six interceptions in 2015 and is looking for more.

  65. ed603

    MMCSDAWG ed603  Hey MMC…a few ice cold adult beverages, consumed in a well air conditioned favorite watering hole, surrounded by a few Dawgs, just might relieve the heat!

  66. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 A cheap phone – typically prepaid – that’s used temporarily and then disposed of, a.k.a “burned”.

  67. Bulldawg36

    Alpha, when does this traffic slow down. I stopped at a church because I can’t take it anymore. Lol


    Greg Poole ronaldo77 That;s what I was going to say as well…  I don’t think him and Richt regime were on great terms, but I have seen him and heard him talk a lot about kirby in the past.

  69. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg No problem bud! I’ve got some phone ones too I’ll be putting out

  70. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg If you’d like. It’s not gaining much traction on twitter at the moment. I tagged BI on it on twitter

  71. Doc R

    AlphaDawg I was there in 80-81 before they closed in “The Tracks”—didn’t look bigger but was a beautiful stadium to spend a Saturday

  72. Greg Poole

    ronaldo77 IDK about his relationship with the Richt regime but I have seen him at UGA several times since Kirby arrived. Including the last Kirby Camp:

  73. DawgDaddy

    JaxDawg LOL, I did not look to see that there was only 1 CB.  I feel much better about him now.  CKS will be working him hard.

  74. ronaldo77

    DawgDaddy Does Prospt have a good relationship with UGA? From what I’ve heard, he doesnt really coddle players towards UGA (which I think is a good thing). But not sure if he tries to push players elsewhere

  75. AlphaDawg

    Like promised for my BI crew. Here is a tablet 2016 schedule wallpaper! I know many of y’all use this site with an iPad so this one’s for you.

  76. AlphaDawg

    The stadium almost looks bigger without the 600 section… Wish I could have experienced seeing this but I was like 8

  77. dsw61

    JaxDawg If Hunter Johnson becomes the starter in 2017, then he will also likely be the starter in 2018 and 2019, at minimum. If Eason is the starter in 2016, then he is also likely the starter in 2017 and 2018. Meaning there will be an open QB competition in 2019.

  78. AlphaDawg

    JaxDawg But Eason is getting started now, where Watson is playing out this season. Would push next in line by a year.

  79. dsw61

    RantingDawg Georgia has the better depth chart. If Eason develops like he’s predicted to, then Lawrence likely competes with Fromm in 2019 for the starting job. If Hunter Johnson or the 2016 dual threat QB becomes the starter at Clemson in 2017, then Lawrence is realistically looking at competing for the starting QB job at Clemson in 2020. As good as Lawrence is projected to be, it’s going to be hard to beat out a dual threat QB or 5* QB that has started a full year. If Eason becomes the starter this year, then both Fromm and Lawrence will both enter the 2019 season as potential first year starters, understanding that Fromm will have been in the system one year longer. If I were Lawrence, I would take my chances at UGA.

  80. DawgDaddy

    AlphaDawg I was at the Bronze Medal match, Brazil won it.  Very strange sitting there with no hedges surrounding the field.

  81. DawgDaddy

    AlphaDawg Unlike Herbstreit who does not realize that his always picking tOSU and backing the Big10 hurts his credibility among college football fans.

  82. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg BenKellam Southern Brewing Company is pretty good as well. I’ve only gotten to get over there once but it was good beer.

  83. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg Yup, looks like Creature is going to have to be the new kid on the block for Athens, GA

  84. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg Boooo! I was fine with them selling 20% a few years ago. It was basically free money for them to fund that expansion. But selling a controlling stake is not going to be good for their quality going forward. Sad day.

  85. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole He’s great for the job. He’s really good at keeping his bias out of the topic even if the crazies in DawgNation get mad when he picks against UGA don’t realize he has to maintain professionalism

  86. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Oh yea it’s free if I randomly get VIP access I’ll make sure to copy and paste all of it here ##

  87. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg  NP. It is a free article. I just like to extend them the courtesy of a link.

  88. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg  When you cut and paste from a site try to remember to add a link at the bottom.

  89. AlphaDawg

    Score Check RantingDawg Also, Hunter Johnson is an EE, he will have much more ability to take over the starting spot after Watson

  90. Greg Poole

    ESPN has extended college football analyst David Pollack to a new multi-year deal. Pollack will continue to appear on College GameDay each week, have a more prominent role on College Football Live and contribute to additional studio shows this season. The three-time All-American at Georgia began working at ESPN in 2009 as studio analyst and joined College GameDay in 2011.

  91. Score Check

    I can’t predict where Lawrence ends up.
    But depth chart wise … After this year UGA will basically only have two viable candidates on its roster (Eason – sophomore & Fromm – freshman)

  92. AlphaDawg

    As well as Georgia is recruiting in the 2017 cycle, the one position where the Bulldogs don’t have a commitment is the defensive line. It appears as if defensive line coach Tracy Rocker and head coach Kirby Smart are attempting to remedy that, as Paramus Catholic (Paramus, N.J.) defensive tackle Corey Bolds will be visiting Athens on Sunday and Monday, July 24 and 25.
    There haven’t been many known defensive line targets for the Bulldogs outside of the Peach State thus far, but Bolds tells Dawgs247 that he has a great deal of interest in the UGA.
    “Very,” Bolds responded when asked how interested he is in UGA. “I’m super excited to get there for a visit because they are really at the top of the list in my recruitment.
    Bolds, a 6-foot-3, 276-pound three-star prospect, holds offers from the likes of Michigan, Alabama, Clemson, and Michigan State. He also holds a tender from Georgia and says that the Bulldogs have been heavily recruiting him.
    He is rated as the 473 overall prospect and as the 38th defensive tackle in the nation according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite. He’s also seen as the ninth overall player in the Garden State.
    A total of 10 predictions have been made in his 247Sports Crystal Ball with Michigan receiving 60 percent and Rutgers holding 40 percent.

  93. AlphaDawg

    UT got another 3 star commit yesterday. Even finished up his commitment statement with:
    “My recruitment process is still open to every school”

  94. AlphaDawg

    RantingDawg Clemson’s QB depth chart is just as full as ours. I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet. UGA runs a pro system which is what he wants to run.
    They’ve got Hunter Johnson a 5star 2017 commit
    and took a 4 star Dual threat last year. If anything, Eason’s timing and departure would work better for Tlaw (assuming he beats Fromm) because Eason may start this year and be gone in 2018 and that would make Tlaw a Redshirt Fresh

  95. RantingDawg

    I have a feeling TLaw is Clemp$cum bound. I’ve already prepared for it in my mind. Now if we get him I’ll be super stoked, but I just feel like our depth chart is a little too full for him to want to jump in. He likely wouldn’t play until at least his sophomore year in Athens, assuming he beats out Fromm for the job. He would start as a freshmen at Clemp$cum. I really hope he is a Dawg though. We could be a dynasty with a QB room like that.

  96. Frankly

    Jesse1 Greg Poole

    I feel very confident in a substantial offensive improvement from last season for a number of reasons.  

    Some people have noted that Ark was mediocre on offense the last season Chaney was there but that was a huge improvement for them to get to mediocre. I think they gained something like 1000 more yards from the previous year.

  97. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Without reading I would say Sherrer, but Coley and Pitman are on the rise

  98. dsw61

    Some players Trevor Lawrence said he’d like to play with on Saturdays:
     Jamaree Salyer, Derrik Allen, Nolan Edmonds, Justin Mascoll, and Zamir White. Four Georgia boys on that list. Notice he didn’t name any receivers. I’m sure he has some in mind, but I find it interesting that the first names that came to mind included an O-Linemen and two RBs.

  99. Jesse1

    Greg Poole UGA students have nothing to complain about in that regard. So at the very least the students, especially the Greeks ( who long ago should have had their block seating revoked) should at least have the decency to show up on time for a 3:00 pm or later game.

  100. Jesse1

    Greg Poole In Chaney’s offense, a lot is going to be expected from the receivers. Regardless of the quarterback we ought to see some guys making plays in space. Goodwin will see more balls for one. Dawgs are going to move the ball.