DDT: 2021 Georgia QB Commit Brock Vandagriff Living Up to the Hype

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DDT: 2021 Georgia QB Commit Brock Vandagriff Living Up to the Hype

Recruiting evaluations, the star ratings, and player/class rankings are all subject. Many times prospects receive offers simply because of their physical attributes, their athleticism at camps or combines, or even because other major schools have offered said prospect. That is not the case with 2021 5-Star quarterback and Georgia commit Brock Vandagriff. The Bogart, Georgia native checks the boxes of looking the part physically, being able to dazzle in a “pro day” type setting, and has all the big offers, as Vandagriff was committed to Oklahoma at one point in time. What Vandagriff also has is a “Dawg” mentality on the gridiron and an innate ability to make the correct football play an incredibly high percentage of the time.

Brock Vandagriff is putting up video game like numbers during his senior season. Through 7 games, Vandagriff has thrown for 1,878 yards while completing 67.4% of his passes with 22 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. On the ground, Vandagriff has 314 yards on 49 carries, 9 of which have resulted in touchdowns. Yes, there are going to be some skeptics out there that point out he’s competing against Class A Private in GHSA, but that is a two edged sword. The talent level that surrounds Vandagriff is not going to be confused with Kurt Warner’s “Greatest Show on Turf” anytime soon. In fact, the most dynamic player that Vandagriff goes to battle with, and to his credit he’s a baller, is 5’6″ with cowboy boots on. Logan Johnson is the leading receiver for Prince Avenue and is committed to Troy, but Vandagriff is the straw that stirs the drink.

Brock has raised his level of play when the competition has been its toughest. Earlier this season, Brock threw for 3 touchdowns in an epic matchup versus Gunner Stockton and Rabun County on ESPN and this past Friday night, Vandagriff lead Prince Avenue to a victory over rival, and top ranked, Athens Academy with 4 total touchdowns. What is impressive with the coach’s son and 5-Star quarterback is his ability to make those around him better and to compete in all circumstances. Vandagriff has played, and at a high level with a broken foot, a sprained ligament, and other aliments throughout his high school career. Tough, smart, physically gifted, and competes with every fiber of his being. Kirby Smart and company have to thrilled that Vandagriff will be making the 15 minute ride over to campus when January rolls around as an early enrollee.





Regardless of how the quarterback position shakes out for Georgia in the remainder of the 2020 season, Brock Vandagriff is going to be incredibly difficult to hold off from starting as a true freshman for Georgia in 2021.





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297 responses on “DDT: 2021 Georgia QB Commit Brock Vandagriff Living Up to the Hype

  1. JaxDawg

    I don’t get why Foreman would be considering LSU with that clown Pelini. Is it bc they just won the natty? Bc I see uga and our defense and don’t understand how LSU compares. I mean I get bama

  2. JaxDawg

    Think we look good for TID, Green and Mondon. Sorey and Arnold still looking at UF. We need more DL, CB and S.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      We’ve gotten a bunch of futurecast projections for Sorey, so I’m not so sure that’s the case.

  3. 1mandawgpack

    Just saw where Jeremiah Williams committed to UF. Good get for the gators, particularly for an AL based top 100 recruit.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        We lead for Sorey regardless. We need 5 – 6 LBs in this class and currently only have 2 committed. In my opinion, we should go sign the highest rated LBs available and sort out at a later date whether they play inside or outside. At one point, we seemed to be pretty high on Williams radar so not sure what happened there.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        Man go wash your mouth out with hand sanitizer (soap isn’t strong enough). That ugly helmet looks nothing like UGAs beautiful bucket as orange looks good on absolutely nothing.

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          meant more of them impersonating UGAs lol. Granted i know its a throw back but still. They want to be UGA badly

          1. 1mandawgpack

            UF’s helmets have always been ugly and very plain to me as they’ve always had either the capitalized F or Gators written in cursive. They have the logo with the gator head inside the oval but for whatever reason, they don’t seem to incorporate it much at all in their uniforms.

          1. Bob Miller

            I know right? Monty Rice was one of the more polarizing players when it came to his recruitment and prognosticating on his impact at UGA. I caught some heavy flak from some folks. I think I managed to tick off half of the Vidalia Comprehensive alums and fans.

            1. RumRunnerDoogie

              one of those things that will always be part of LHB/BI. Along with getting rev’d, night crew and I.C. TAD

    1. 1mandawgpack

      He’s underrated IMHO and will be a big addition to this class. It took him a little while to get some mo from a recruiting standpoint, but CTS is firing on all cylinders now and bringing in some stud DL.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          We need to get Foreman back to campus, hopefully for a game, and have that be his last visit. He seems to get real visit ‘highs’ so I think that’s critical. If we can do that, I like our chances. Smith has really been the one talking about them playing together, so I think Foreman could make his own decision regardless of Smith’s decision.

          I’m really divided on Smith. On the one hand, he has tremendous local pressure to stay in Louisiana and that’s definitely pulling him towards LSU. However, he was super impressed with the ‘vibe’ of all the recruits who visited Athens this past summer and several of them have committed to UGA with the majority of others trending to UGA. If LSU has a fairly average season and there’s a risk of the program receiving a post-season ban, all those things might be enough to tip him to UGA. However, that only occurs if Foreman doesn’t commit to LSU. If that happens, all bets are off.

  4. Greg Poole

    AS of right now, there are zero language filters on the site. Just in case someone comes on while there are no mods available – I have set auto-moderation to work if 3 different users readers flag a comment.

    The flag button is all the way on the right level with your name – it looks like a flag (orange)

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      not sure we can trust this group to delete the comments when the russian spam hookers come back#. That is a cool feature tho.

    1. DawgByte

      I thought it was interesting when asked to assess Zamir’s four game production. Kirby primarily focused on White’s Special Team’s play.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        We desperately need a RB to break a long run for a TD. I honestly don’t remember the last time that occurred as the running game really struggled all last year and while it’s been a bit more productive this year, it’s mostly been 5 to 6 yards and a cloud of dust. I think if we could break 1 long one, it would somehow have a knock on effect and we’d have a few more over the remaining season.

  5. Joe Kennedy

    Gonna be good ole Kentucky weather sat. They are gonna be mad since they got Embarrassed by Mizzou!!!!

    1. Greg Poole

      J. Johnson: WE practice stunts every day and we get new ones every day – we fell confident because we practice on our OL

    2. Greg Poole

      J. Johnson: Stet’s locker is next to mine – at JUCO you have time to focus on the thing needed by the player

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      greg is having to change the banned words. They have a weird feature where if a banned word is written in another word it will be banned lol

    1. Greg Poole

      Cine: Learned that we have to play our assignments right and stay composed when things aren’t going right

    2. Greg Poole

      Cine: The safety measures are good – our coaches stress playing clean – not striking with the crown

    3. Greg Poole

      Cine: Jake is full of confidence (smiling) – he is full of swag on gameday – you don’t see fear/worry in Camarda

  6. Joe Kennedy

    A Falcons fans went on live steam and said the reason they lost was on account of how ugly their uniforms were!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

    1. Greg Poole

      FitzPatrick: leadership group meets with team about covid measures early in the season – now not as much – because have informed everyone that they have to be safe of leave

      1. Bob Miller

        We shall see. A lot can happen in the next 5 weeks, but Stetson should if he earns the opportunity to start in practice over the other QBs.

  7. Greg Poole

    Kirby: D is in a good place – we gave them individual things to work on – we lost too many one-on-ones against Bama

  8. Greg Poole

    Kirby: Our thing we have done right is 3rd down conversions. The best teams run the ball with play actions off of it.

  9. Greg Poole

    Kirby: On Saban’s offense quote – in recent history élite offenses have won most of the recent championships – I’d argue that each of those teams had good defenses

  10. Greg Poole

    Kirby: You don’t control your identity – it often controlled by how D’s play us. You want to be balanced –

  11. Greg Poole

    Kirby: Noon kicks (Griffith Q) – we don’t control it. We have to do a godd job of being ready to play

    Excited about the QBs

  12. Greg Poole

    Kirby: Boat Race comment – our brand of football is to take what the D gives us. It’s more about what we do well – balance is important but not the end all

  13. Greg Poole

    Kirby: We talk about covid safety every day – they had more free time last week – we try to educate them

    We had 3 good practices last week

  14. 1mandawgpack

    Despite being one of the few who hasn’t bashed this new platform, I think I’ve somehow upset it since I’ve now had 3 or 4 posts flagged for approval this morning.

  15. Greg Poole

    Kirby: Kenny didn’t practice last week – Zamir has taken a major step in leadership – esp. on ST

    1. 66DAWGnNC

      UF going to actually try to play a game this week? After taking the last few weeks off to prepare for UGA, I figured they were done until J’Ville. Mizzou is going to give them some trouble I think, unless the UF defense has somehow drastically improved. I watched those guys for a good bit on Saturday and they can move the ball. Will be interesting to see if Mizzou can stop Pitts though. Do that and its a Mizzou W. Go Tigahs!

  16. Greg Poole

    Today’s presser at noon: Coach Smart then Lewis Cine, Jermaine Johnson, Zamir White, John FitzPatrick 

    1. 1mandawgpack

      This coming Saturday, I say we all don Halloween costumes, eat turkey for lunch or dinner, put up a tree and open gifts at some point during the day and then see November in with a toast of your favorite libation. I’ve had enough of 2020 so it’s time for it to go and I’m all for trying to expedite its departure!!!

        1. 1mandawgpack

          I think it’ll be balanced. Even though the Mizzou QB isn’t really known for his passing skills, he had quite a bit of success throwing against the cats this past Saturday, particularly on 3rd and 4th downs.

      1. Bob Miller

        I would just like the Georgia offense to play well for quarters… No botched snaps, no turnovers, limit the penalties, etc.

        But aye. I think we will see them RTDB

    1. 1mandawgpack

      With Sorey getting lots of futurecast projections to UGA, if Sorey, who will be committing at some point in November, and Arnold truly want to play together in college as they’ve often said, then one has to like our chances with Arnold.

    1. 66DAWGnNC

      BB2, any insight as to why little brother didn’t come to UGA? I seem to remember during the recruiting cycle that he was a little too small. I watched most of their game Saturday night and the kid was a beast. Very fast off the edge, like his older brother. Did UGA not really pursue? Was he considered too small? Did he not like our depth chart? We are loaded at his position. From what I saw Saturday night, he could eventually get plenty of PT at UGA. Just curious. I know we don’t get every kid we want, but Kirby and Krew get most of them. Thanks.

      1. Bob Miller

        UGA recruited him and offered him a scholarship. He took quite a number of visits to Georgia, too.

        Azeez was asked several times about BJ, and his response is that BJ wanted to do his “own” thing.

      2. 1mandawgpack

        We only signed 1 OLB last year because we simply didn’t have room for any more. With the ridiculous talent we’ve stockpiled at OLB, players who would be starting on many teams are only getting snaps in very specific circumstances because of the quality depth we have at that position.

      3. Bob Miller

        Here is a short article we did on Azeez last year from his player interview before the Tennessee game about his brother BJ who was committed to the Vols at the time… before he decommitted and went to LSU.

        Two Ojulari’s, one at UGA and one headed to Tennessee – Bulldawg Illustrated https://bit.ly/3mjpaYQ

          1. Bob Miller

            It’s definitely approved…. one of the other mods must have done it. Might take a moment to update on your end or just refresh the browser.

        1. 66DAWGnNC

          To show you how much I remember from last year, when they called his name Saturday night, my thought was, “I thought he went to UT.” Guess I forgot he decommitted and then signed with LSU. Thanks for the insight. I was just basically wondering how hard we recruited the guy. He looked to be pretty good, but like you said, wanted to do his own thing and our depth chart may have had something to do with his decision too.

  17. Greg Poole

    Paul Finebaum Says Jeremy Pruitt’s Postgame Message Was ‘Pathetic’


    “That game looked like last year’s game and the year before and the year before,” Finebaum said on WJOX FM. “I think that’s pretty pathetic when that’s the best you can offer to your fan base after getting your head knocked around for four hours. But hey, give him another raise.”

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I don’t care much for Finebaum but I actually agree with him here. I don’t know what it is that Pruitt thinks he saw that made him conclude that the talent gap between UT and Bama (or UGA) is narrowing. I’m sure as a defensive coach, he looks at the Bama D and notices that it’s not nearly as dominant as it was for many years (including during his years while on the Bama staff). However, the Bama offense is ridiculously more potent that it was for many years so it’s really a wash.

      1. Greg Poole

        Pruitt is trying to deflect from the game. If he can get the vol nuts to believe that message he gets more time – to dig a deeper hole

        1. 1mandawgpack

          Oh I know he has to try to find something positive to say after getting beaten by an average score of 42 – 15 in his past 3 games. That 27 point average deficit would be even worse if we hadn’t effectively spotted them 14 points.

  18. Greg Poole

    Sorry about the unusual number of ‘hold for approval’ notices. A banned word list is included with all of these apps but they are not applicable to all site. I just went through the list again and made some changes. It will get back to normal in a day or 2

    1. Greg Poole

      I think I figured it out. Disqus allows one to forbid phrases, but WP considers each word in a phrase to be banned if the phrase is include in the forbidden word list. So &*$#$%^ turkey would ban the word ‘turkey’ and the word preceding it.

    2. RumRunnerDoogie

      i know its only us mods but, its super helpful is shows the comment pending approval instead of like disqus where you wouldnt know unless someone asks. Didnt seem worth it to have a separate page open just to see if there were any pending and approve it.

      1. Bob Miller

        It is, but I get an error message every time I click on it saying “oops something went wrong” and I have to refresh the page or close it out and open a new one because it “freezes” or “hangs”

  19. 1mandawgpack

    Win the next 2 weeks and we’ll get our opportunity for another go at Bama. While I don’t like to see any players get injured, the Waddle injury is a huge loss for Bama and makes them less dangerous on offense, which certainly can’t hurt in a rematch.

    1. TripleDawg

      Yep people were jumping the gun saying UGA had no chance in a rematch. A 10 game SEC schedule with no cupcakes is going to wear on rosters. SEC is a physical league and a key injury could change the calculus for any team. Hopefully, UGA stays injury free going into Florida and I like our chances to win the East.

    1. Jerry Stowers

      hey Bob,

      coming to big Sidney tomorrow to catch some Bass Before The Monsoon hits.

      The Core of engineers are pulling big time but heavy rains coming.

      Looking for heavy running attack from Dawgs Saturday.

  20. 1mandawgpack

    Tucker’s got an absolute mess on his hands at MSU. It’s amazing how quickly that program has fallen to complete irrelevance.

  21. Greg Poole

    The “That’s so Georgia” meme that I see almost constantly on supposedly UGA-friendly social media accounts is not funny and, to me, is a defeatist slogan. I say that because it is never used when something good happens. It seems that the people using it think it is cute or somehow expresses some truth that is beyond the power of the program to control – a negative fate.

    Why anyone would think it is clever to adopt an expectation of failure is beyond me.

    1. Bob Miller

      You have people out there that believe the Earth is flat or in the hollow earth theory; so, I’m not surprised that some folks believe in curses or take up the mantra “That’s so Georgia…”

    2. 1mandawgpack

      Clemson had that same reputation (thus, the creation of the word ‘Clemsoning’) until it was able to finally win the big games that it had lost (often miserably) for many years. To shake the reputation that I truly believe exists on a national level for UGA (i.e., a program that’s oh so close but something always seems to prevent it from achieving its true potential), we’re going to have to stop losing games that we have no business losing (e.g., the USCe game last year – which Kirby has largely accomplished) and start winning big games where we’re the underdog. I believe it’ll happen while Kirby is in Athens but the question is how long will it take.

      1. Greg Poole

        You are saying that Clemson fans used that expression among themselves to describe their team? I saw UGA and other fans doing it, but admit that I rarely read other school’s fan posts

        1. 1mandawgpack

          I don’t recall Clemson fans necessarily using that term but I do know a handful of pretty avid Clemson fans and they became more and more skeptical that Clemson could win titles with Dabo at the helm, particularly with Bama’s dominance atop college football, which is really the same demon we’re fighting (i.e., in most years, we’re going to have to beat Bama in the SECCG to even get a chance for a spot in the CFP).

          1. Greg Poole

            I get that fans are impatient. That’s implied by the source term – fanatic. However, this phenomenon of dissing one own team in order to somehow lessen one’s angst is a terrible look for the program and the base. Again IMHO.

            1. 1mandawgpack

              Agreed and I don’t get it either. However, we seem to live in a society where people feel the need to post every little thing that pops into their minds and I don’t understand that either.

    3. TripleDawg

      I think when UGA fans see teams bordering their state, that largely have recruited in the same area, win over half the national championships over the last 40 years, with Bama, Tenn, Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Miami and Florida winning over 20 titles in that time frame, it’s giving some fans an inferiority complex. The Natty or bust mentality has led to resentment for fans who envy other close by school’s success at climbing the mountain recently. So it’s their weird way of tempering expectations.

        1. TripleDawg

          For sure. But I would say, maybe it’s the homer in me, UGA has great fans. They way they travel and support the team. UGA is usually near the top in licensed merchandise sells. Even if some of the loud ones are a little pessimistic.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I don’t think he’s given a specific date but has said that it’ll likely be sometime in November. The rumor is that we had been gaining a lot of momentum in his recruitment recently and I think the guys at Rivals submitted a bunch of futurecasts for him last week. It appears that the recruiting services that use crystal balls are now following suit.

  22. Greg Poole

    Though many colleges imposed stopgap measures such as hiring freezes and early retirements to save money in the spring, the persistence of the economic downturn is taking a devastating financial toll, pushing many to lay off or furlough employees, delay graduate admissions and even cut or consolidate core programs like liberal arts departments.
    Ohio Wesleyan University is eliminating 18 majors. The University of Florida’s trustees this month took the first steps toward letting the school furlough faculty. The University of California, Berkeley, has paused admissions to its Ph.D. programs in anthropology, sociology and art history.


    1. Bob Miller

      While that score is possible, I’ll point out what I did yesterday…
      The Kentucky defense is giving up an average of 20 points per game. The Georgia offense is averaging 33 points per game. Dawgs scored 21 points on a similar Kentucky team last year in the rain. And even if Georgia had a bad game, they still managed to score 24 points versus Bama; so, for that to happen, the Dawgs would have to have turn the ball over 3 or 4 times and probably have a worse game than they did versus the Tide.
      I could see it being 17-5 at halftime, though.

      1. Greg Poole

        There is zero comparison between the football history of the 2 schools, IMHO. For example, USCe has never won and SEC championship much less a natty.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          Agreed – other than 1 or 2 seasons in which Spurrier worked his magic (I can’t stand him as a person but respect him as a coach as he’s won at every program he coached, with the exception of the Washington football team), USCe has never really had a valid reason for its fans to think that ‘waiting until next season’ will result in anything other than more mediocrity. USC’s fans are very passionate and loyal despite being little more than a mid-tier SEC program.

        2. bpuga09

          It’s just different tiers of the same thing. We say “next year is the year we finally win the natty!” They say “Next year we finally win the East!”

          You could apply this to pretty much any fan base not named Bama or Clemson and it holds true, with only tiny changes to the jokes.

          1. Greg Poole

            You second paragraph has me searching my memory for a base that belittles it program. Haven’t found another yet.

    1. 66DAWGnNC

      Now that is funny right there. How long before we see a remake of this with the guy wearing a Florida T?

  23. Greg Poole

    AthleticDirectorU & Athlete Viewpoint released the latest Athletic Department Power Index with a look at how sitting ADs in the SEC, along with those who could lead a department in the league, perceive the attractiveness of each AD chair within the conference. Overall ranking order: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M, LSU, Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Missouri, Mississippi State & Vanderbilt. Some notable outliers: LSU fifth overall, but 13th in the Quality of Life. Conversely, Vanderbilt 14th overall, but second in the same category. The Gators are in the top four in every category, as is UGA, with the exception of Potential for MBB Success. One notable comment on the best AD job in the SEC, “Georgia is an absolute monster. The combination of brand, facilities, location, institutional quality, funding and in-state talent make it a sleeping giant. The could dominate the Directors’ Cup and win national titles in football and men’s basketball.”


  24. Greg Poole

    The Athletic’s Davis reports Arizona has been hit with five Level I violations & nine overall, in part due to its role in the MBB-FBI developments. The Level Is include “a lack of institutional control and failure to monitor by the university; a lack of head coach control by men’s basketball coach Sean Miller.” Outside counsel for the Wildcats confirms it intended to go through the NCAA’s Independent Accountability Resolution Process with an aim toward “a neutral and unbiased tribunal to hear the evidence, consider the legal and factual arguments, and issue a decision that is fair and just


    1. 1mandawgpack

      I think this is what the LSU MBB program will get as well and because of the ‘pay to play’ confirmation by the football program, I think the entire athletic department could be in the crosshairs to get the dreaded ‘failure to monitor’ penalty. I’ll be shocked if the LSU football program doesn’t receive a postseason ban.

    1. ScoreCheck

      The bugs are buzzing-mad now they realize they are stuck with Coach “Push-ups” for a few more years. : )

      1. 1mandawgpack

        What’s ironic to me is that the players have taken on his cheesy personality and engage in all sorts of shenanigans (dancing, jumping, etc.) on the sidelines after any decent play. They really have become an irrelevant program, so much so that I’d be in favor of dropping them from our schedule as it’s no longer a rivalry.

  25. DawgByte

    Soooooo, Ohio St. plays one game against a mediocre Minnesota team and they jump to #3 in the AP Poll. How is that possible and how is that fair to the other teams that have been slugging it out over the last 5 weeks?

    With that kind of logic if Oregon beats the worst team in the PAC-12 in week one of their season will they automatically jump into the Top 10?

    I think we need two polls. One for the teams that started the season in Sept. and then everyone else.

    1. Rocketdawg

      It’s just like the preseason polls. Based as much off of potential as anything. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. We have to win out and beat Bama in the SECCG to get into the playoff where we will probably have to play them again. Ohio St should waltz to the Big Televen(14) title.

    2. Blayne Gilmer

      Minnesota would have been more impressive, like Michigan. OSU played Nebraska, but yes. Point taken haha

  26. Greg Poole

    Zora Young (born January 21, 1948, West Point, Mississippi, is an American blues singer. She is distantly related to Howlin’ Wolf.

    Young’s family moved to Chicago when she was seven. She began singing gospel music at the Greater Harvest Baptist Church. As an adult she began singing blues and R&B. Over the course of her career, she has performed with Junior Wells, Jimmy Dawkins, Bobby Rush, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Professor Eddie Lusk, and B. B. King. Among those she has collaborated with on record are Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim, Mississippi Heat, Paul DeLay, and Maurice John Vaughan.


        1. Bob Miller

          I’m not sure why the Big10 went with 3-weeks for positive COVID-19 tests, but I know from my personal experience with the virus, I had to quarantine and isolate for 2 weeks and then there is a 72-hour window that you are required to be symptom free after your 2 weeks are up.

          So while it is easy to sit back and judge the Big-10, or any other organization, for their rules regarding COVID-19, they are not making these decisions, hopefully, in a vacuum as they are relying the advice of medical doctors and virologists… not to mention that there are also attorneys involved advising the conference and their member schools what they can be held liable for.

  27. Greg Poole

    Good Morning Boys and Girls!!

    Today is the launch of our latest print issue. I’ll be back after getting it online.

    1. Converted 1981

      Good morning Greg, DD, dd and all Dawgies everywhere. Game week and don’t fall for all the numbers. Kenturkey is a strong and capable fb team. They require our full attention.