DDT: 2022 QB Cade Klubnik Visiting Athens This Weekend

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DDT: 2022 QB Cade Klubnik Visiting Athens This Weekend

Photo via @CadeKlubnikQB on Twitter

In the world of college football, the quarterback position is the straw that stirs the drink. Georgia doesn’t currently have a quarterback in the class of 2022, but they are working diligently to add a commitment in that class. There are many extremely talented high school junior quarterbacks across the country and Georgia is leaving no stone unturned. Their search has rather recently narrowed in on the Lonestar State of Texas.

4-Star Cade Klubnik from Austin received an offer from UGA on October 20th, and since I’ve spoken with him about the relationship with the Dawgs, Todd Monken, and Buster Faulkner. In the time I spoke to him, Klubnik detailed getting recruited and playing during the pandemic, being tested mentally by college coaches, and even plans of being in Athens this weekend to see the University of Georgia for himself in an unofficial capacity. Check out the conversation below.

Q: How has your season been going? What’s it like playing through COVID, especially in a big football state like Texas?





“It’s been good. We are off to a good start, but our game this week actually gone postponed and moved to our bye week. We had 3 guys test positive, and it really hasn’t been that big of a deal, but they are being cautious and we’ll make it up later. So it’s good.

“Playing football in Texas is great, the town loves it and usually we have huge crowds, but that’s different this year.”

Q: What has the recruiting process in general been like for you?

“I mean, it hasn’t been quite ideal, per se. I got my first offer in January, and then I had around two or three visits scheduled for a couple different schools and then everything got shut down because the COVID. So, I haven’t visited anywhere. Literally my entire recruiting process and system has been all phone, facetime, zoom, and texting. So it hasn’t been quite ideal. I haven’t been on get on campuses as much as at all. But, it has still been awesome! It’s been so fun just getting to getting to live through this, and it’s something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.”

Q: When did the relationship with Georgia start and what have the conversations been like?

“I started talking with Georgia about a month ago. They really reached out right before the start of the season and I think just wanted to see me play again. Then the offer came and that was exciting.”

“I was first talking to Coach Faulkner and then I began getting to know Coach Monken. A lot of the conversations are kind of getting to know one another, but we also talk about football. They haven’t gotten into too much about their offense specifically, but they’ve definitely talked to me a bout defenses and coverages and have gotten to see what all I know about football.”

Q: How much have you heard about or been paying attention to Georgia’s quarterback situation and their offense?





“Yeah, I’ve been paying attention for a while now. Stetson Bennett, how he’s the starter now, and what a great story that is, crazy as a former walk-on. Of course I followed and watch Jake Fromm because he was a great quarterback there. I like their offense. It’s similar to what I’m running now. But, like I said, they (Monken & Faulkner) haven’t gone into a ton of detail about their offense, but we do talk a lot of ball and they see what I know about the game. I’m more of a student of the game and enjoy that.”

Q: How it is being labeled a “Pro-Style Quarterback” when you clearly have mobility, can create plays, and are a threat in the quarterback run game? Also, are there any quarterbacks you model your style of play after?

“I like to say I’m more of the mobile style. I’m a Pro-Style guy in the pocket, but I can use my legs if I need to and I can move around a little bit. I like watching Trevor Lawrence and Aaron Rodgers play. They’re great in the pocket but can also run and be creative.”

Q: On top schools, important factors in recruitment, timeline and visits.

“I wouldn’t say I have a top anything right now just because I really wanna get a campuses and stuff. So I’m I’m gonna stay pretty open for a little bit. Um, but I mean, yeah, I’ve been I’ve been talking a few more than others, but I just kind of keep it on the from the down.”

“I kind of always stuck by a few things. Definitely the culture of the school. Just, all around, you know, I want to go to school with good people. For sure. Then, definitely, just a great great consistency of success at the at the football program. I don’t want to go somewhere to go one and ten or one and nine. I want to win! Need to have great coaches and coaches I enjoy being with and obviously great academics.”

“For sure for sure. Yes, sir. Definitely going to visit Georgia. I’m actually gonna I’m gonna end up swinging by their campus this weekend. Um, I’m gonna be out of town, and it’s gonna be on the way. So I’m going to end up swinging by the campus this weekend, and I’ll just kind of visit on my own on Sunday. Just going to kind of look around and everything. Obviously, it’s not a real visit or anything, but just to check it all out and kind of get a first glance, so it’ll be pretty fun.”

“I would like to be committed by sometime in April. Quarterbacks usually go early in the class and I’d like to do that.”

Georgia is high on the 6’2″ 180 pound quarterback and his ability to display poise and have a great presence in the pocket. The staff has communicated to Klubnik that they like how he can, “sit back there and go through reads, not panic and not get crazy feet and try to bail out of there too fast.” Of course the ability to escape and allude pressure is always attractive and virtually necessary in the game today. Klubnik can stretch the field and has good accuracy. All of those traits have helped Klubnik lead his Westlake High School team to a 4-0 start in which they’ve 55.75 points per game and Cade has thrown for 910 yards and 9 touchdowns, while rushing for 5 more.

It will be interesting to get the recent Georgia offer’s take on the Classic City after his visit this weekend. We at Bulldawg Illustrated will follow up and report back on the trip. In the meantime it seems that Georgia is and will remain a key cog in the recruitment of the Texas gunslinger.





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316 responses on “DDT: 2022 QB Cade Klubnik Visiting Athens This Weekend

  1. RumRunnerDoogie

    anyone believe ryan day when he said he didnt meant to run the score and get a TD with 18 seconds left in the game because he “didnt have the right personnel in to take a knee”. Since when do you need a certain group to tell the QB to take a knee lol

  2. Bob Miller

    Well, I can sign on again. I haven’t been able to get on for over a day. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

      1. Bob Miller

        I was able to get on when Greg made the switch, but for some reason, yesterday and most of today, I kept getting an error. Who knows? Might have been something I did on my end.

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          seems like a lot of people still havent figured it out as the comments are way down. that or the loss drew people away

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      dabo###. hell, they will probably hire a coach thats been fired from another sec school again

    2. 66DAWGnNC

      I don’t know what the buyout would be if they fired Muschamp, but I would be really surprised if it happens this year due to the financial strains on all athletic programs. But then again, I have been surprised before.

  3. 66DAWGnNC

    Watching USCe vs LSU. That Ojulari (sp?) kid is pretty quick coming off the edge. Too bad we didn’t recruit him.

    1. Bob Miller

      You mean BJ Ojulari… brother of current UGA OLB Azeez? Georgia did recruit him, lol. Bulldawgs offered him and he visited Georgia several times. Originally committed to Tennessee and decommitted and decided to go with LSU.

      1. KaolinDawg

        Ok crazy. I guess adding ND made it unbalanced. Feasibly them and Clemson could play twice then.

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          i honestly think that was the whole reasoning..Just to have them play twice for the ratings. Rather that match up than a clemson miami/UNC game

  4. Biggity Ben

    They sure are letting a lot of celebrations and taunting go in this game. DB gave the peace sign before he scored. That is quintessential taunting.

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      IIRC the first taunting penalty to cost a TD was the LSU punter against uf those years back lol

  5. Jay212033

    I hate how other teams can scheme their star WR open but we can’t smh. Watching Terrance Marshall get doubled and their best CB has been on him as well yet he’s still getting the ball in his hands.

      1. Biggity Ben

        I thought it was hilarious that they were touting that ‘HUGE’ game next week right before the end of the game today. I mean, who thought Penn St was gonna beat OSU anyway?

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          penn state was supposed to be the only competition for osu..now it looks like a cake walk like clempson

  6. Biggity Ben

    Indiana deserved to lose that game. Very lucky that onside kick didn’t bite them in the behind.

    1. KaolinDawg

      Brennan? I don’t think so. I think they just made the change to the Fresh to move forward. They playing for the future this year.

      1. Biggity Ben

        Ah ok thank you. Interesting, I’d not heard of this guy playing, but def heard of Max Johnson. I think I heard them say the starter is a true freshman too?

  7. KaolinDawg

    Wow Mizzou ran 92 plays to UK’s 36. Best case scenario for us. That will take some time to recover from on defense.

  8. Greg Poole

    I’m going to see what Mrs. ec is watching. Don’t get many of these Saturday nights at home.

  9. Greg Poole

    Soooo, spread ’em out and go fast for Mizzou means a grinding 21 play drive for zero points – I could be watching the ’63 Bears vs. Redskins

          1. PTCDawg

            I would always say I believe Jim Brown was the best football player ever…I have started wondering if Mr Brady is now competing for that title in my mind…

          2. PTCDawg

            odd…my response to you says ‘awaiting for approval’…which is an odd way to say something odd…havent run into that one before though I have seen others mention it

  10. Jay212033

    So Patrick Surtain was just beaten on almost an idea throw Campbell was beaten on. I don’t care how good coverage you have a good throw will beat good coverage the majority of the time.

  11. Greg Poole

    Don’t know if I have every seen a SEC team look as listless as this UK team does right now. Going through the motions…

    1. Jay212033

      If he wasn’t such a turd he’s a really good coach and recruiter. I don’t think they’re going to get anyone much better up there.

      1. Greg Poole

        Yeah, his prob is that a big time college coach is more like a corporate exec these days. they can’t lose control and fire assistants on the sideline. Management is as important as coaching in that job.

        Pruitt just doesn’t have it….now watch him win the next ten nattys ###

      2. ReinMart

        I agree that he is a really good coach. I think the jury is still out on whether or not he can be a really good head coach. You aren’t competing with the elites with the roster he has.

        The good thing for Pruitt is that the 2nd half of the football schedule tends to be pretty winnable for Tenn but at some point you have to get that signature win.

    1. PTCDawg

      May be the last time he sees the field in a Bama uniform…hopefully he will have a full recovery…

    1. Jay212033

      If I could have one player off their team I would take Jamyr Gibbs in a heartbeat. Dude is a baller.

        1. Rocketdawg

          I said last year that there were 2 or 3 7A high school teams in GA that would give them a game. I was only partially joking

    1. Greg Poole

      Some of both, I think. Mizzou is getter pretty good with that offense. UK might have been looking ahead to UGA. They seem dead, no fire, little hustle – esp. that OL that is supposed to be the strength of the team

    2. PTCDawg

      I’m normally a big fan of Ky but these guys do look dead. Stoops needs to figure out some way to wake them up.

    1. Biggity Ben

      Well, so far this year Kobe died, there was a global pandemic, massive protests in the street, murder hornets came to america, Jamie Newman came to UGA and left before he took a snap. I might have missed a couple things, but that’s the gist.

  12. TaaDow!

    Not trying to stir up controversy, but per 247 UGA offered Mizzou’s QB Connor Bazelak. Wonder what the story was, he looks legit.

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      be fair. UGA offers tons of kids…now if they are commitable offers is a different story

    2. Biggity Ben

      I just think no matter how you slice it, Beck was the more attractive recruit, assuming you are saying we should have recruited him harder.

        1. TaaDow!

          True freshman. Not trying to say UGA should have recruited instead of Beck, just saying UGA was his biggest offer and he looks much better than his ranking. Looks like most of CFB missed on him

          1. GDawg

            he is RS Freshman.. came in 2019.. played at end of season and was injured. UGA took Dwan Mathis in that class

  13. Greg Poole

    One thing that I like with this platform is the ability to stick threads to the top. I just did that with my UK/Mo thread above

      1. Biggity Ben

        Yeah, like broken ankle. Doesn’t seem like an achilles style injury, but guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

      1. Biggity Ben

        It is, but so far, I have yet to see anything from either of these teams that worries me even a little. Maybe that’s a little too much over confidence, but…

    1. Greg Poole

      UK formations are tight – they seem to be trying to play a power game – they have some good backs – but the Dawgs front will eat them alive

    2. Greg Poole

      Mizzou play an opposite game offensively (to UK). Tempo – sideline to sideline game. They’ll score some point on UGA, but the D will get 3rd down stops and turnovers.

    1. Biggity Ben

      He walked off the field after Jones snuck it in looking kinda ticked off he didn’t get the TD.

      1. Biggity Ben

        They called targeting and reviewed it and reversed it. It was about as by the book targeting as you could get.

        1. WalkedtheDawgWhisky

          I thought the rule was.. put your head down… impact with the crown… then you can’t control the impact and the flag stands… McCullough clearly put that head down…

    1. Greg Poole

      I don’t know how a defender avoids targeting in that situation – all the O-guy had to do is keep getting lower

    1. 1mandawgpack

      The QB who really gave their offense a tremendous spark against UNC got injured at the end of the game. Without him, they’re a much different team so it’s pretty apparent to me that he didn’t play today.

    1. ScoreCheck

      I hate the Barn at least as much as you hate Clem & SC.
      That being said I’m ok with Gus “win-just-enough” Malzahn getting the win if it helps him keep his job another season. Kirby got’s his number.

      1. bpuga09

        Yup. It’s a very Georgia thing to have to sit here and watch what could have been. That’s a 50 yard pass on a rope straight into the breadbasket. I will die on my hill that we waltz to a natty with that sort of talent running the show in Athens right now.

  14. Greg Poole

    NU’s OL is one of the best I’ve seen this year. They look like those NU lines from back-in-day when they would RS all OL and have them ready by their RS junior year. This line has 5 seniors

  15. Greg Poole

    OM doesn’t want to drive all the way down the field. Once inside the 15 their option narrow and there is l]nothing to worry about deep for the defense

  16. Joe Kennedy

    Will watch auburn vs ole miss at noon I guess. Will watch some of Justin fields but I find the B1G boring

    1. Rob Dawg

      You could do chores, I changed front brakes on our Jag, vacuumed up leaves in front yard, refilled all the bird feeders. I haven’t been this productive in weeks. Wish I cared about any of the games coming up today

      1. Joe Kennedy

        Good for you bud. But I gotta watch my football, just don’t like game day. Sorry but I’ve did enough work for the week.lol

      1. Joe Kennedy

        True. But game day would be better if we would have beaten bama. Cuz we would have been the talk of the town

  17. 1mandawgpack

    @168 I have a comment below awaiting approval which is really strange as there’s nothing at all in it that should be problematic

      1. ScoreCheck

        Yeah, Loran is kind-of like the annoying aunt who visits on Thanksgiving. The best way to deal with both is just to politely nod and avoid as much as possible.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I’m glad that UK has a game (even better that it’s an away game) the weekend before playing us. I expect UK to win that game.

      I also think USCe could beat LSU with their starting QB playing, so now that he’s not, I think the chances are even better as LSU is a bad, bad team this year. So, I’ll take USC in that game.

  18. Greg Poole

    Florida AD Stricklin says every member of the traveling party to Texas A&M was placed in quarantine for 14 days and received daily tests to determine the extent of the spread of coronavirus. 25 student-athletes tested positive since the team’s trip to College Station and each will receive a cardiac evaluation and physical exam before being medically cleared for FB activities. Looks to be $120K extra in testing on top of the $3M budgeted for the year. Stricklin on the TAMU trip: “We are still doing forensics on that trip. When you’re doing a plane ride, bus ride, hotel arrangement and then a visiting team locker room — and for fans who haven’t been inside these stadiums, home team locker rooms are usually very nice and spacious … for visiting teams they’re kind of Spartan. A&M is actually one of the nicer ones, but there still isn’t a lot of space in there. … We’re probably going to have to look at how we do things from a travel standpoint.” 


    1. Jerry Stowers

      Hi Joe,

      I used to live in Cherokee so I was watching the game on PBS.

      Tuff OT loss Two teams with no losses.

      Live 2 miles from Roswell HS.

      Bama with destroy UT.

      Who Wins SC VS LSU?

      1. Joe Kennedy

        where Is Cherokee? I think LSU will win, if not I’m gonna be worried about sc even more. We got to beat the chickens this year

        1. Jerry Stowers

          Roswell is in north Fulton co and Cherokee co is next co nw of Roswell.

          Yep that Game last year was a Total embarrassment!

          never should loose to USC JR PERIOD.

          1. Rocketdawg

            I was at the River Ridge v Creekview game last night. RR came in 5-0 (best start in program history) and Creekview was 4-1 with an incredible defense. Creekview absolutely dominated the game but had 2 turnovers inside their own 20 which led to 2 RR FG’s. RR scored a TD with a 2pt conversion with less than 30 seconds to go in the game to tie at 14. Creekview had to settle for a FG in the first OT and then RR scored in two plays to win. Super exciting game. RR had no business winning that game but found a way.

  19. Blayne Gilmer Post author

    Klubnik is not the only 2022 QB in town. Also hearing Tanner Bailey from Gordo, Alabama is visiting as well. Klubnik, Bailey, and Ty Simpson from Martin, TN all fit the mold that Monken is wanting in Athens. Pro-Style guys with plenty of mobility

    1. Jerry Stowers

      Good morning Blayne,

      thanks for the update.

      the QB from Cherokee Had A Great Game here in Roswell Last Nite but Lost to The Hornets in OT.

      BVG Had A Huge 2ND Half Last Nite.

      Looks Like Things are getting hot for UGA in recruiting.

      1. Rocketdawg

        I didn’t realize UGA was interested in AJ Swann. If you want to see him play in person I’ll be doing the Etowah v Cherokee game on the web. I’ll post a link later this week.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          It’s hard to evaluate his skillset as a QB as a) they throw a ton of bubble screens, etc. off of that RPO package that they run (so a bunch of throws that are 10 to 15 yards n length, often at or behind the LOS) and b) the one WR of his that he targets most is a burner so he gets a lot of yards after the catch. I thought he was ok but I didn’t get a ‘wow factor’ watching him play last night.

            1. 1mandawgpack

              Swann is just a junior so they’re not in the same class. I’ll be honest that I was a bit worried about BVG given the level of talent that he faces in single A private school football but since he did so well competing at the elite QB competition, that let me know that the physical skills are at least there. He’ll have a hard time adjusting to the speed of the game as it will be light years different from what he’s facing now.

          1. WalkedtheDawgWhisky

            Swan rolling left is a real challenge for him going down field.. if last night was a tell.

    2. 1mandawgpack

      Is the big SDE from TX (Shemar Turner) in town this weekend also? I know he said he plans to visit but can’t recall if it was this weekend or not.

      1. Haws1178

        I took a quick look and didn’t really see anything that caught my attention. After that I made plans for me vs my Jeep Wrangler. Sadly I think It will have the competitive advantage.

    1. DawgLeg

      Good morning. Great selection. He, Charley Patton, and a couple of others really were a huge influence on this genre and R&R. It’s great that he hung around long enough to be “rediscovered” and make a couple bucks.

    1. Greg Poole

      Well, there is a positive comment – jus’ kiddin’ – I’m still undecided, there are some features that make it a lot better on my end, but if most folks hate it…..we’ll see

      1. DawgDaddy

        I liked the old format better but I vote for the one that makes it easier for you. I come here for the comments, information and friendliness, not the layout of the pages.

        1. Greg Poole

          Today will be a big test. Especially if traffic is greater than the past few days, but I may have to wait for an UGA gameday to see how it holds up to a couple of thousand comments in a day

    1. DawgLeg

      Infractions by the previous staff. Stay tuned. I’m predicting we ain’t seen nothing yet. Maybe OBJ director of recruiting.