DDT: 2022 Running Back Target Update for Georgia Football

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DDT: 2022 Running Back Target Update for Georgia Football

Branson Robinson of Germantown HS in MS (Photo via @Brae_004 on Twitter)

The Georgia Bulldogs will be looking to sign 2 running backs in the class of 2022. James Cook and Zamir White are entering what is likely to the last season as a Dawg for each, and you can never have too much depth at running back in the SEC. Right now, Georgia is mainly pursuing 4 running backs in the class, and there is real, mutual interest between all of them and the Dawgs. All 4 backs are 4-Star rated, and each uniquely enough, all of them are from outside the Peach State. Today we recap Georgia’s relationship with Jordan James, Kaytron Allen, Branson Robinson, and Tevin White.






  • TEVIN WHITE – 6’1″ 195 (STAFFORD, VA) – OFFERED BY GEORGIA 1/18/2020


I truly like the games of all 4 of these running backs. Each brings a little something different to the table. Still, the easiest way to group these backs is to put Jordan James and Tevin White in the more James Cook, Kenny McIntosh do everything role, and Branson Robinson and Kaytron Allen in the Zamir White Kendall Milton bloody your nose and enjoy doing it role. Robinson is the most physically imposing back and is someone that Dell McGee is in constant communication with. There is no doubt that with Zamir White slated to leave after the 2021 season and, if things go well, Kendall Milton could after 2022. Georgia will need a back in place to step in and take that load of 20 carries between the tackles if a game dictates. It’s rare in today’s style of how the game is played, but there is inevitably a game or 2 each year that calls for some smash-mouth running, and it’s awfully nice to have a workhorse capable of bringing the thunder when needed. Either Robinson or Allen would be capable of filling this need. Robinson, a stud for the Mavericks of Germantown, runs like a former Dawg from Chubbtown. Absolutely no regard for the humanity lined up across from him!





Kaytron Allen is equally impressive but has more of a patient style of running, almost prime Le’Veon Bell-like, and with that patience also displays excellent vision. Allen is hard to bring down in his own right. It will be exciting to see him get a heavier workload this year at IMG. Allen is also very close with Tyler Booker, 2022 Georgia Offensive Tackle target. Booker told me recently he plans to visit Athens in the 3rd week of June and would love to have Kaytron Allen come with him. Allen is also undoubtedly working hard by his former teammates Lovasea Carroll, Xavian Sorey, and Marlin Dean.

Jordan James and Tevin White are all capable of running effectively between the tackles when asked. Still, they’re definitely utilized more on the perimeter and in the passing game than Robinson and Allen. Tevin White is one of the most gifted, natural pass catchers out of the backfield I’ve seen in recent classes. Remember those wheel routes that Florida used to defeat Georgia in the cocktail party this past season? White is an expert at these. Unlike the others on the list, White is currently in the midst of his junior campaign up in Virginia and is looking forward to showing how much he’s grown from his sophomore year. Having recently spoken to White, he’s almost 100% again after suffering a hamstring injury, so the best production is yet to come from the Stafford, Virginia standout.

Jordan James recently announced in a relatively vague tweet that he’s ready to make a decision. Being a Tennessee guy, the Volunteers have been working hard on James for a while, as they have Tevin White. To me, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see these two split between Knoxville and Athens. Also, I’m not sure who would get the better end of that scenario. White has further to come as an inside runner and pass protector, and James plays on a team that absolutely dominates the competition. So, something to prove for each, but the talent level, playmaking ability, and potential of each of these 2 are off the charts. As of now, I think both are strongly considering Georgia, as well as Robinson and Allen. However, there are only 2 spots for 4 players.

This could be a situation of who wants to commit first, except in Branson Robinson’s situation. All 3 of the others are going to be excellent college backs, but in my opinion, Robinson has the ability to leave an indelible mark on a program’s history. Any player talking to Georgia’s best recruiter Dell McGee on the regular, well, you just have to feel good about the overwhelming likelihood that said player ends up in red and black. The question is, would Georgia pair backs in a class that is more similar stylistically in Robinson and Allen? Or, do the Dawgs elect to take the thunder and lighting approach that RBU has become known for with Gurley and Marshall, Chubb and Michel, and White and Cook, and now Milton and Edwards. From talking multiple times with 2 of these 4 backs and sources close to the recruitment of all of them, I feel that Jordan James or Tevin White will join Robinson. However, if the Dawgs can seal the deal with Tyler Booker this summer, Kaytron Allen could move even clearer into the picture. I do feel very certain that any duo Georgia lands out of these 4 will be a 1-2 punch that will prove quite formidable between the hedges on Saturdays.





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