DDT: 2023 Hybrid Defender Tackett Curtis Shares On Skyrocketing Recruitment, Georgia Offer

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DDT: 2023 Hybrid Defender Tackett Curtis Shares On Skyrocketing Recruitment, Georgia Offer

Photo via @curtis_tackett on Twitter

That’s correct. Tackett. A unique first name that has been bestowed on a young man from Many, Louisiana, is about to put his town on the map. Named after his great grandfather, Tackett could soon become less of a family name and more of a household name with the momentum that this 2023 safety/outside linebacker hybrid’s recruitment is gathering. Curtis had a grandfather that played with Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech back in the day. Still, this modern-day Curtis football player is already gathering offers that provide an opportunity for him to play at a higher level of competition.

There is an avalanche point in the recruitment of most high-profile prospects. That point for Tackett Curtis seems to have been the entire month of March in 2021. In March alone, Tackett Curtis has amassed 20 offers, including Georgia, USC, Oregon, Tennessee, Auburn, Oklahoma, and Michigan. It’s safe to say that recruitment of the 6’2″ 205-pound hard-hitting hybrid defender has taken off, and Bulldawg Illustrated recently was able to catch up with Tackett Curtis to discuss the whirlwind process and his burgeoning relationship with the Georgia Bulldogs.

It’s been awesome and a crazy experience. It’s been something I’ve always dreamed of,” said Tackett Curtis about the recent explosion of Power 5 offers he has received. The magnitude of the fact that his dreams are in the beginning stages of being realized is not lost on the humble star from Northern Louisiana. “I’ve always wanted to play college ball and then go on and try to play in the NFL. And getting these offers is just a dream come true. And I know there’s a lot of people out there that are wanting to be in that position but weren’t as unfortunate. So, I’m just so thankful and blessed,” Curtis shared.





One thing that becomes extremely apparent when watching Tackett Curtis play the game is that the young man has absolutely no qualms about hitting other human beings with reckless abandon. Curtis explodes through ball carries and stops all momentum when he arrives at the ball. When asked about his love for being physical between the white lines, Tackett responded, “Yes, sir! Heck yeah! That’s the main thing. Hitting, that’s one of the reasons I like playing football. It’s that contact! You can’t find that in all other sports. So it’s something I like doing; it’s one of my favorite parts of the game. And, it really stands out to the coaches (college coaches), that’s for sure. Coaches tell me the plays they like how I play and on my film how physical I am. So that stands out for sure.” In particular to the Georgia Bulldog staff, the Tackett Curtis branded combo of physicality and athleticism stood out to Coach Cortez Hankton.

Of course, Cortez Hankton is a Louisiana native and has his finger on the pulse of standout prospects from The Boot. Hankton extended the offer to Curtis on March 23rd, and Curtis was excited about the conversation and initial encounter with the Georgia veteran Wide Receivers Coach and Passing Game Coordinator. “Oh, it was great! It was great! We have that Louisiana connection. So it was great talking to him, Coach Hankton. They (Georgia) originally weren’t going to offer me the other night, but he (Hankton) said he saw the film and had to jump on it. Georgia said they were planning on offering 2023s later this week, but he saw the film, and he said he couldn’t wait. It was great hearing from him. Louisiana connection, he’s from New Orleans”, recounted Curtis. It’s worth noting that until September 1st of this year, Tackett has to be the one to reach out to Georgia and all schools recruiting him per NCAA guidelines. However, the native of Many, Louisiana, made it clear that he intends to build the relationship with the Dawgs and other programs between now and this fall.

Despite growing up in Louisiana, Curtis grew up a self-proclaimed “bandwagon fan” of Alabama. The talented defender enjoyed watching Saban coached defenses and how they controlled games but also said now he’s “grown out” of his fandom of the Crimson Tide and enjoys watching all college football. However, when asked if he realized that Kirby Smart was the Defensive Coordinator on those Alabama teams he grew up rooting for, Tackett Curtis responded in the affirmative. “Oh heck yeah. When, I can’t remember when, but I think it was the championship game, and he told Alabama that he was leaving. I can’t remember how long ago it was, but I was heartbroken. He’s such a great coach, and I liked him coaching that defense. Now he’s doing awesome stuff at Georgia. So, I can’t wait to get down and speak with him. It’ll be awesome,” answered Tackett.





Asked about the main things he’s looking for going forward in his recruitment, Curtis said, “I think the biggest factor for me will be just a relationship with the coaches and that they really have a plan for me. What do they see me growing into, and what do they want from me in the next four years? A genuine relationship that I can get, playing for the coach that is really into me and has a plan for me and wants to develop me and grow me into a great player, and that helps me get to the NFL.” I followed up by asking if that plan in his mind is at outside linebacker instead of safety. Curtis answered, “That’s what a bunch of schools want me to play. Like, Arkansas. They said if I can put on about 20 more pounds and get up to 225 or 230, they said that’d be a perfect weight for me to play linebacker. That’s where they want me at, and some schools like Stanford, they want me to be at safety. They think I’ve played well back there, and I can cover and do it all. So it really just depends on how my body grows and develops over the next two years.”

No matter which position, rest assured that Tackett Curtis will bring passion and physicality to a Power 5 defense sooner rather than later.





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