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DDT: Bulldawg Illustrated Weekly Mailbag

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Last week was the inaugural Bulldawg Illustrated Weekly Mailbag. Today, we continue to answer the questions from the Dawg Daily Thread community on Georgia football and football recruiting. Lot’s of them this week, so here we go!

  1. Converted 1981: Assuming we still have 2 to 3 roster spots open. This has been a strange year for everybody, but I have heard none, too little, of any JUCO prospects. What’s going on with JUCO players this year. Any on the horizon that could prove beneficial? Any word on the kid from Ohio State (DB) that hit the portal? Is there any interest in him? How many and who are our top receiving targets, including TE for 2022/23?
  • Converted, I truly believe the transfer portal has eaten up the potential signings of a lot of JUCO products. Unless it is of the caliber of, let’s say, an Arik Gilbert with undeniable talent but just made bad life choices, I don’t see many making it to the Power 5 level anymore. I think FCS schools will now draw from JUCO once their guys transfer up.
  • Georgia is not interested in the Ohio State DB, from what I’ve been told.
  • Georgia’s going to take 4 receivers and 1 tight end. I’m almost certain of that. If something crazy happens in the secondary (like all 3 IMG guys wanting to commit), then the WR number might drop to 3. In addition to Denylon Morrissette, I think the TE & WR targets, in order of how badly Georgia wants them, are:





2. rugbydawg79: What are your feelings on the OL? I think if no one emerges at Left Tackle, our best bet may be Salyer with Ratledge at Guard. Any thoughts? Especially vs. Clemson. What is your take on JT’s road trip with the boys? 

  • I had someone very, very close to the Georgia program tell me, “Mims is better than anyone we have!” I see Mims eventually taking over LT in 2021. Will it happen by Clemson? I don’t know. However, I feel like the offensive line will eventually be at its best when Mims is at LT, Warren McClendon is at RT, and Salyer and Ratledge are at the Guards with Van Pran-Granger at Center. It may not be the first game, but eventually, I believe it gets there. This may be why I heard Broderick Jones and the portal rumors, but at this point, those were just rumors.
  • My take on the Dawg trip to Cali with JT Daniels is….. Georgia boosters sure are nice people! Also, it should do wonders for the comradery and chemistry between the QB1 and the bulk of the WR core. Also, I thought it was interesting Braxton Hicks is out there. Not saying that Hicks will ever be a big-time contributor, but the young man is talented and works his tail off! Good Dawg to have on the roster.

3. Jerry: Is UGA Still In The Picture For Derion Kendrick If And When The Charges Are Dropped?

  • Jerry, yes! If the charges get dropped, and I’ve heard there is a good chance that they will, Georgia will be a player. However, the President of the University, the AD, and Kirby will be convening on this one. Due process of the law and innocence until the proof of guilt is one thing, but PR is another.





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