DDT: Georgia Makes Top Group for 2022 Running Back Tevin White

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DDT: Georgia Makes Top Group for 2022 Running Back Tevin White

Edit by @BGilmer18 and photo via @TevinWhite6 on Twitter

The running back position in the 2022 class is going to be one of added importance for the Georgia Bulldogs. With it looking more and more likely that Georgia will only sign 1 running back in the 2021 class, Lovasea Carroll from IMG Academy, the Dawgs will need to bring in 2 in 2022. Luckily the class is loaded with talent at the position and a lot of the backs that are currently juniors in high school across the country fit the style in which Todd Monken has been using the Georgia backs in the 2020 season. Tevin White is most certainly one of those talented backs and Georgia is in his Top 6.

From North Stafford, Virginia, Tevin White is one of the most versatile players I’ve seen. White is physical enough and has good enough speed and vision to run inside and outside the tackles as a ball carrier. Also, he’s dynamic and skilled enough to be lethal in the passing game as well. White’s team uses him in the passing game both out of the backfield and lined up at receiver, something that Monken has done with Kenny McIntosh, James Cook, and even Zamir White this season, to varying degrees. I had a conversation with Tevin White recently to discuss his recruitment as a whole and his relationship with Georgia.






**White and his teammates in Virginia were unable to have a fall season and have just begun working out without equipment and, or footballs. White and his teammates are focusing on conditioning, agility, and plyometric work.**

Question: You have Tennessee and Georgia both in your Top 6. How excited were you to watch that game, and what did you think about the result?

White: “I was really excited. Tennessee actually did a lot better than I thought. My parents and I were impressed with both teams and surprised that Tennessee kept it tight (early). They did better than my parents and I thought they would. I thought it’d be Georgia all the way, because Georgia is Georgia. It was a good game to watch.”





Question: In 2020, 5 running backs, and 2 true freshman, have seen significant playing time and gotten meaningful carries. Have you noticed that and what does it mean to you?

White: “It’s good. It shows that they don’t over recruit. They go and get the tools they need and they use those tools. They don’t just overload one or two guys. Georgia has a lot of talented running backs and they utilize them well.”

Question: You catch the ball out of the backfield a lot and are also used as a receiver. Talk about that part of your game and have you noticed how Georgia does that with Kenny McIntosh and others?

White: “Yes, I’ve seen how they use him (McIntosh). It’s good. Georgia’s offense now is a lot like ours at North Stafford. How they use their running backs, there is a lot of versatility. I feel like that would be a really nice fit.

Question: As a Georgia recruit, how excited are you for Georgia at Alabama this Saturday?

White: “Oh man! Yeah, I’m very excited. I don’t care what happens the rest of the year, championships, whatever. This is the game of the year!

Tevin White went on to explain that since the September 1st contact date he’s gotten to weed out a lot of the teams that were just sending him generic recruiting material and he’s built meaningful relationships with a handful of coaches. One of those coaches is Dell McGee of Georgia. The two talk often and McGee has also been in touch with White’s parents. Ultimately the programs that built up this kind of trust and mutual respect were the 6 that ended up still in the mix for White.

The next development for White will be deciding where he takes his 5 official visits. According to White, Georgia is, “for sure” in line for an official, and he, “can’t wait to get down there.” White also hopes to make an unofficial visit on his own to Athens even before the on-campus recruiting moratorium is lifted. It seems that Georgia is in a particularly strong position right now in the recruitment of White. Duke and South Carolina are struggling this year, and when asked about those programs having uncertain futures and maybe a coaching change, White said, “that’s something that I’ll just have to see when it comes, but I’m just focusing on building relationships right now.”

White told me that he is pursing excellence that the college level and beyond not only for himself and his future, but also for his parents. “My parents motivate me to be great. I see them get up everyday ready to work hard, even when they don’t want to, and that just shows me that even when I don’t feel like training or working out, if I love it and want to succeed, then I have to keep working,” said White. With a perspective like that, mixed with his athleticism and versatility, it’s no wonder that UGA and a plethora of other Power 5 programs were in pursuit of White.





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