DDT: Jacurri Brown Details Georgia Offer and His Recruitment

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DDT: Jacurri Brown Details Georgia Offer and His Recruitment

Photo: @jacurri5ive on Twitter

2022 quarterback Jacurri Brown is a dual threat from Valdosta, Georgia. Brown is a third year starter as a junior for Lowdnes High School. Brown has been collecting offers from major college programs since his freshman year, the latest of which came on September 9th from the University of Georgia.


Brown has grown tremendously as a passer from his sophomore year to his junior year. The Georgia coaching staff, including Buster Faulkner, Todd Monken, and Kirby Smart, all have taken notice, thus the scholarship offer. I was able to catch up with Jacurri recently to discuss his journey to where he is now in his development, his recruitment, and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Q: How have you, your family, and your teammates been through this pandemic?





“We’ve been blessed with great health through this pandemic. It’s been weird but at the end of the day it’s football you gotta love it and it’s taught me and my team to overcome adversities in football and life.”

Q: Have you always lived around Valdosta? And when did you start playing football? What position? When did you begin to realize you had special talent?

“Yea born and raised here. I started playing on my 5th birthday I remember my brother taking me out and pretty much introducing the game to me. I’ve played QB and on defense I played safety but I played one year of TE in rec league. As a kid from south Georgia there’s a select few who even get recruited. So I was playing for the love of the game an started as a freshmen and after that I picked up a couple of offers an jus really realized I could use this as a vehicle to college or even the NFL.”





Q: How do feel your game has improved in the past year, and what do college coaches say they like about your game?

“I feel I’m more comfortable and confident passing the ball an really becoming a vocal leader for the team an in the new offense.“

Q: You’ve been getting major offers since you were a freshman. What did the offer from Georgia mean? How has the relationship with Monken and the Georgia staff developed?

“That offer took longer than I’d expected, but now that I’ve established some type of base as a passer, it makes sense. It’s exciting to say I have a offer from UGA. Feeling nothing but blessed it was really our first encounter (talking about Todd Monken). I’ve talked to coach Faulkner on multiple occasions.”

** Monken and Brown had a lengthy conversation when the offer was extended. Brown has also spoken with Kirby Smart.**

Q: Many people have considered Florida a favorite for you. Do you have schools that are top choices for you? Also, what things are going to important to you while making your decision?

“I’ve been focused on my team lately. I mean, I can’t have a favorite without seeing and actually shaking the coaches hand and getting the real feel for things. Hopefully things open up and I can narrow things down.

Relationships are key for me also who’s going develop to become the best QB an man an put me in the nfl. And, the class that’s coming in with me.”

Q: What’s the timeline look like? Would you like to be committed before your senior year? Also, I think you’ve been to UGA before right? At least for camp. Is there another visit in the works when things open up?

“I mean I don’t know. When everything gets back running and I can see places then you’ll see me narrow things down, do my officials, and commit. Somewhere around this time next year, whenever the time is right. But, yes, I’ll probably head back up to Athens before it’s all over.”

Brown comes across as a young man that is goal oriented and knows what he wants. He plays in a premier program in Georgia High School Football and is very dangerous with his legs. As mentioned in the interview, Brown has vastly improved as a passer and is looking like the total package in his junior season. The Dawgs are still in search of their QB in the 2022 class. MJ Morris, Braden Davis, Ty Simpson are also names to commit to memory.

Bulldawg Illustrated will keep you updated on Brown and the rest of the Georgia 2022 quarterback targets. You can follow Brown on Twitter at @jacurri5ive.

Sophomore Szn ’19

Sophomore Szn ’19





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