Huck’s Top 15 HS Football Players in Georgia

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Huck’s Top 15 HS Football Players in Georgia

Nate McBride
Nate McBride
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

As has become the norm, the State of Georgia is loaded with talent in the high school ranks.  With the quiet of summer and having watched a bunch of tape of Georgia prospects, here are Huck’s Top 15 high school football players in the State of Georgia, regardless of class.
#1 – Jamaree Sayler – 6’4 327 – OG – Class of 2018

At the top spot, I have to go with Sayler.  Watching film of him, he is truly the most impressive offensive line prospect I have seen on the HS level in quite some time.  He is a plug and play at the left guard position and will be a starter from Day 1.  In my opinion, he is the closest thing to a can’t miss prospect in the state and will be a three-year starter and on the NFL.
#2 – Richard LeCounte III – 5’11 174 – S – Class of 2017

LeCounte is an incredible athlete, loves contact and plays with a non-stop motor.  When you combine those three traits you have one hell of a football player.  While he does not have the prototypical size for a safety, he has absolutely everything else you could possibly want.  The Georgia commit has a legitimate chance to start as a true freshman in Athens.
#3 – Trevor Lawrence – 6’6 198 – QB – Class of 2018

Lawrence is a fantastic prospect at the QB position.  He has a great frame, powerful arm and is a very good athlete.  At this point, he is somewhat raw as a QB as you would expect from someone his age but he has all of the tools for a coach to mold him into one of the top QB’s in the country soon after his arrival on a college campus.
#4 – Owen Pappoe – 6’0 205 – LB – Class of 2019

The first Class of 2019 player on this list, Pappoe is a savage linebacker.  He has the combination of speed and power that is coveted by every team in the country and watching his tape reminds me a lot of a young Thomas Davis.  When he hits you, not only do you go down, you stay down and think twice about taking him on again.  Only a sophomore this season, Pappoe will be one of the highest recruited players in the nation.
#5 – Jameyst Williams – 5’9 178 – CB – Class of 2017

Watching Jameyst’s tape is a lot of fun.  He is a two-way impact player because of his combination of speed, quickness and power.  Though diminutive in size, Williams is very powerfully built and not afraid to throw his body around.  While he wants to be a nickel back on the collegiate level, wherever he goes he will undoubtedly be used either on special teams or offense a few snaps per game because of his electric ability with the ball in his hands.
#6 – Nate McBride – 6’2 225 – ILB – Class of 2017

During the recruiting process last season I called Isaac Nauta – “Baby Gronk”.  In this cycle, Nate McBride get’s the nickname “Baby Luke”.  While McBride is raw, when healthy, he reminds me a lot of Luke Kuechly.  He has incredible range while defending the run or pass and also has no problem being a thumper between the tackles.  Once a college linebackers coach gets their hands on him he may end up being the best player on this list a few years down the road.
#7 – Deangelo Gibbs – 6’2 204 – CB – Class of 2017

Gibbs is the prototypical CB for modern football.  He is physical, long and can completely dominate opposing receivers. Add onto that excellent ball skills and fantastic hands and he is a cornerback who can take away half the field.  He is not quite a dynamic athlete but is plenty athletic to compete on the highest level of college football.
#8 – Keiondre Jones – 6’4 286 – OT – Class of 2019

Watching Jones on tape I see a young Laremy Tunsil. He has an outstanding feel for the game and he makes it all look so easy.  It is not often you find a player like him who was simply born to be an offensive tackle.  His footwork is excellent and as he continues to grow and mature he will only get better.
#9 – Justin Mascoll – 6’4 215 – OLB – Class of 2018

Mascoll is the best pass rusher in the state of Georgia this season.  He has an incredible frame for a pass rusher with long arms and the ability to easily carry 260-265 pounds without losing a step.  His motor is always full=go and there aren’t many offensive tackles, if any, that can prevent him from turning the corner and laying a big hit on the QB.
#10 – Jake Fromm – 6’3 225 – QB – Class of 2017

It was difficult to put Fromm so far down on this list as I am a big time fan of his game.  In my opinion, he clearly has the skill set/potential to be the best QB in the country in the Class of 2017.  However, with his commitment to baseball (where he also excels) his development is a little bit behind some of the other QB’s in this class.  However, before all is said and done I believe he has the potential to be the highest QB drafted from the Class of 2017.
#11 – Dominick Blaylock – 5’11 180 – WR – Class of 2019

Watching Blaylock, he reminds me a lot of a young Terry Godwin, with a little bit more speed.  It will be fun to watch how he fills into his body over the next 3 years before he arrives on a college campus.  He is a fantastic pass catcher that has a knack for getting open.  He will be a nightmare for opposing HS coaches who will be cheering the day he becomes a headache for college coaches.
#12 – Emory Jones – 6’2 195 – QB – Class of 2018

Emory Jones is a very difficult prospect for me to make my mind up about.  When you watch his highlights you think, this guy may be better than Trevor Lawrence.  But then the next play you wonder if he is just an athlete playing QB.  Regardless, with the right scheme fit and good coaching on the collegiate level he is going to be a fantastic football player.
#13 – Netori Johnson – 6’4 348 – OG – Class of 2017

The fact that Netori Johnson is No. 13 on this just shows how deep the state of Georgia is with talented prospects.  Netori is a man amongst boys on the HS level and will be the same on the collegiate level the moment he steps on campus.  However, not only is he mammoth country strong young man, but he is also a fantastic athlete for someone of his size.  He is going to be a road grading RG for years to come on the collegiate level.
#14 – Jeremiah Holloman – 6’2 188 – WR – Class of 2017

Holloman is a player who has been absolutely dominating on the summer camp circuit.  His catch radius is incredible and his soft hands make him a potential big time weapon sooner than later on the collegiate level.  He is another player who is not an overwhelming athlete, but he just knows how to get the job done on the football field.
#15 – Andrew Thomas – 6’5 310 – OT – Class of 2017

Thomas isn’t going to get the press clippings of a guy like Saylor, Johnson or Jones but he is just a solid football player who is a very good technician.  He can player either RT or LT on the collegiate level and will be one of the most steady and reliable tackles that comes out of the Class of 2017.

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Matthew “Huck” Pasek was born into a family of Georgia Bulldogs. Huck’s father, Gary, graduated from UGA in 1976 and became a high school chemistry teacher at Peachtree HS in Dunwoody, GA where he coached alongside Georgia High School football legend T. McFerrrin. Gary’s love of football, especially Georgia football, was passed along to his son. Huck lives in Belmont, NC with his wife, Whitney, and works in Financial Services Litigation. In his spare time he is an avid golfer, movie fanatic and habitual traveler to St. Simons Island with his wife “just to get away”. The moniker ImYourHuckleberry arose from his favorite movie, Tombstone, and character Doc Holiday’s famous line, “I’m Your Huckleberry”. Matthew was never one to shy away from a confrontation or debate, thus the nickname instantly stuck.

15 responses on “Huck’s Top 15 HS Football Players in Georgia

  1. IYH_BI

    PatriotVeteran I’m not quite with your expectation so for this year but I agree with everything else you said.

  2. IYH_BI

    PTCDawg Thanks!  I can’t disagree with you  that UGA has a huge need for offensive tackles and ones who can play sooner than later.

  3. PTCDawg

    One thing this post proves, again, is that you need to post more often.

    Wont argue with any of your rankings but believe the most ‘important’ person on that entire list for the future of Georgia football is Andrew Thomas. IMO the one missing ingredient that has kept us from getting over the hump has been the OL and Thomas seems like the key to changing that in the near term.

    Thanks for writing interesting, informative and fun stuff!

  4. PatriotVeteran

    All-burn and Bama couldn’t even organize a team if they had to use their own HS players.    Georgia has the best football players in America, to include Texas and Florida.      If our players stayed in Georgia, we would be a Championship caliber team every year.           This year, IMO, we will win the SEC East and SEC,   that should put us in the running for National Championship game.     Once we get winning, our players will probably stay in Georgia and only good things will happen.     COMMIT TO THE G,    GO DAWGS


    IYH_BI Good list and your right!  If UGA starts to get 70-80% of the top 10-15 each year, NC is on the way!

  6. Frankly

    The talent in this state is just unreal.  And its impressive that the state is now producing elite QB’s and OL on a regular basis. Both of those used to be relatively rare in the state GA.

  7. IYH_BI

    If UGA could consistently get 7 or 8 of the Top 10 players in the state there’s no question Natiobal Championships would follow.

  8. DawgDaddy

    Great list, Georgia is absolutely loaded with great players.  When reading through it is easy to see why CKS wants to recruit Georgia first and foremost.  Those guys would certainly form a championship contending team and most likely win big.