Morgan County’s Jordan Huff: “He’s Just versatile… He can do Anything”

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Morgan County’s Jordan Huff: “He’s Just versatile… He can do Anything”

Cedric and Jordan Huff- Picture by Savannah Leigh Richardson
Cedric and Jordan Huff- Picture by Savannah Leigh Richardson

The recruiting process is something that people know about from paid sites like Rivals, 247 Sports, and ESPN. However, the process is more than just the kids on those sites. It’s athletes working their tails off and doing everything in their power to get that scholarship.
Athletes like Jordan Huff.

Jordan is a sophomore defensive back at Morgan County High School. He stands at 6’1 and 185 pounds. Rivals or 247 don’t currently rank Huff, but his recruiting process is just like the others. His dad, Cedric, mentioned that developing him was their focus.

“I’m still learning the recruiting process,” Cedric Huff said. “Right now him as a sophomore it’s still early for him. At the same time you know from a national standpoint there are kids getting offers. You got big time kids that have 15-20 offers as a sophomore.  So basically what we’re trying to do with Jordan is step his game up, work on his craft, put his name out there with coaches, and show them what he can do against these elite players in the state of Georgia.”

Jordan is planning on getting some notice by attending camps this summer. He said that he is planning on attending South Carolina’s along with Mega Camp hosted by Samford.

“(On MEGA)That’s at Samford. That’s going to be I’m pretty sure like Middle Tennessee State, Samford, and Tulane. Just a few colleges out that way. So we’re probably going to hit that camp up and show them what we can do,” Cedric Huff said.

Another school interested in the young DB is Georgia.

“Georgia is the first school I got some mail from,” Jordan said. “Mel Tucker came by here, and I talked to him. And they’ve sent me a few things in the mail talking about me coming to a camp.”

As of now, Jordan has just one offer from Middle Tennessee State. However, Head Coach Bill Malone believes that more will come sooner than later.
Coach Malone, according to both Jordan and Cedric, is a huge help when it comes to the recruiting.

“He has been a very big help as far as contacting schools and coaches. Just putting his name out and reaching out to various schools,” Cedric said.

Coach Malone is in his 11th season as head football coach for Morgan County and takes care of most recruiting needs.

“Generally what happens is we’ll get in touch a college,” Malone said. “A kid will say Hey Coach I would like to play at Georgia or I’d like to play at Georgia Southern. We then reach out to the coach or the recruiting coordinator from that college, and we will mention our kid’s name and send them a link on hudl, and they’ll watch it. Now if they get back with us favorable then they are starting to recruit our kid. If they get back to us and say hey coach you know he’s just a little too small or let’s give it another year or if they don’t get back I usually give them another call giving them a reminder and then we go from there. That is how it begins.”

Malone and Cedric seem to be working hand-in-hand to make sure they are doing the best for Jordan. They are both working on getting him into camps this summer and a little more recognition.

“Jordan has not blown up yet. He’s got the physical skills and the grades that once he gets on the radar, he is going to blow up,” Malone predicted. “It’s difficult for him right now being an athlete being a defensive back/linebacker, uh you know for him to be heavily recruited because he doesn’t have that gargantuan size that some of the other kids do. But he has all the tools and all its going to take is for someone to notice him and then the recruiting will pick up.”

Another element in the process is the athlete’s grades. Defensive Coordinator, Brett Bell contributes with recruiting by not only taking kids on visits to school’s but helping them make sure their grades and test scores are up to par. Bell works primarily with the defense and said a lot to about Huff.

“He’s just versatile; I mean just a great athlete. He can do anything,” Bell said.

Bell also mentioned that Huff has this raw talent that so many want in a kid. He seems to have high hopes for Huff in his future career as a football player.

“I think he’s D1 Caliber right now,” Bell proclaimed. “One thing about Jordan other than his playing ability is that he comes from an awesome family who takes pride in his education. He’s great in the classroom, his teammates love him, and his coaches love him. So I think the biggest thing about Jordan is if you know you sign a kid like this is he’s never going to be a problem for you. He’s going to do the right things and work hard.”

Huff’s coaches seem to have high hopes and have things lined up just right for recruiting. As for Cedric, the recruiting process is more than the opportunity to play football past high school.

“He’s my kid. They say student-athlete first. Him being able to receive a scholarship to play for a university to get him a degree and whatever he plans to major in is the first and foremost,” Cedric said. “They get what they want as far as him playing football. But him being able to earn a scholarship and get his education and receive a free education at that of course which what is a better way to get than playing football.”

The recruiting process for Huff is much more than just playing football, but an opportunity to get an education. Jordan’s way of getting noticed may not be as easy as some athletes have it, but he has the support behind him to get the recognition.

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