Puzzled by Kirby? Think Recruiting

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Puzzled by Kirby? Think Recruiting

Kirby Smart (left) and Nolan Smith (right) (photo from Nolan Smith - Twitter)
Kirby Smart (left) and Nolan Smith (right)
(photo from Nolan Smith – Twitter)

While reading Chip Towers’ recent epiphany regarding spending and big time college athletics, I was struck by a paragraph that illustrates Kirby Smart’s consistent focus on recruiting.
“My goal is to have the best coaching clinic in the country, bar none,” Smart told the TD Club Monday night. “Over a thousand (coaches) are going to come here. If your coaches in the state are going to come here and have a good time, how does that help? Well, their kids, their players; they encourage them to come (to UGA). We also have a chance to give back to these coaches. And now we have a great venue to do it in. We’ve got an indoor practice facility to host that event in, to entertain these coaches and give them a great opportunity to network with each other, which is important in coaching.”
As recruiting opportunities dry up in the rust belt and Georgia continues to grow, schools from northern climes will continue to increase their efforts to sway impressionable young athletes with stories of past glory. Having high school coaches who, if not actively promoting UGA, are neutral at worst, will be another arrow in the recruiting quiver. Kirby favorite slogan (ATD) is commonly defined as Attack The Day, but Attention To Detail is also appropriate.
If you ever question the meaning of a statement from Kirby, look to recruiting for the answer.

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