Recruiting Chat Rewind: Will Georgia Sign a Defensive Tackle in this Class?

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Recruiting Chat Rewind: Will Georgia Sign a Defensive Tackle in this Class?

Bulldawg Illustrated's Lucas Rogers and Heath Holland (edit by Bob Miller)
Bulldawg Illustrated’s Lucas Rogers and Heath Holland
(edit by Bob Miller)



Bulldawg Illustrated’s Lucas Rogers, Michael Pope, Savannah Richardson, and Rick Pope answered questions from Dawg fans on Wednesday night during our live recruiting chat, and if you missed out on the fastest, fun hour on the web, we’ve sifted through all plethora of comments, pulling out all the best stuff just for you. With the uncertainty of where Aubrey Solomon will commit to and DeVonte Wyatt possibly flipping back to South Carolina, will Georgia sign a defensive tackle in this class? Plus, updates on the 2018 and 2019 recruiting classes and a lot more!


It’s looking like a drama-free signing day…most of the hay is in the barn. Do we have any signing day decisions? (From member KaolinDawg)

Lucas: “Nico Collins, Markaviest Bryant (most likely), Aubrey Solomon. Possibly a DB unless they jump before then.”

Michael: “Solomon is one to watch. He seems to be leaning to Michigan according to other writers.”

Rick: “Solomon, ‘Big Cat’ (Markaviest Bryant), Nico and a DB on signing day.”


Who do we end up with with these last spots? (From member Dawgz4Life)

Lucas: “ I believe 3 or 4 spots are left. Will be interesting, but right now I think Nico Collins, Markaviest Bryant, Jamyest Williams or Ameer Speed. Could see Georgia go after some JUCO DL if they feel like Solomon or Wyatt is gone”

Michael: “I’m gonna remain with Jamyest Williams, Nico Collins, Markaviest Bryant, and maybe Aubrey Solomon… but Solomon is foggy.”

Savannah: “Nico Collins and Markaviest Bryant for sure! Aubrey Solomon is a maybe, and Jamyest Williams has a good chance of flipping. Also keep an eye out for Tedarrell Slaton. IMO, if Solomon goes elsewhere, he could come to UGA.”


D-line recruiting: if we miss on Aubrey Solomon & Devonte Wyatt, who do we land in place of them? (From member B Stanley)

Lucas: “Possibly Tedarrell Slaton or Larrell Murchison.”

Michael: “Bulldogs should push hard for Slaton, but it may be too late.”

Rick: “I talked with Tyrone Truesdell today and that’s pretty much what he said also. Said UGA has stayed in touch.”

Savannah: “Slaton?”


When are Tedarrell Slaton and Larrell Murchison making their final choices? (From member KaolinDawg)

Lucas: “Not sure exactly, but assuming NSD … unless they think spots are so tight they want to pull early.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Slaton visits Florida this weekend and Ole Miss next weekend. It remains to be seen if he will also visit Georgia before NSD; although, he could next weekend. He is expected to make his decision on NSD. Larrell Murchison is committed to Ole Miss but is visiting Georgia this weekend and Ole Miss next weekend. He will make a decision after he takes his final visit but has not set a date.”



With Latavious Brini visiting this weekend would he be a take if he decided to commit again? (From member 75tranzam)

Lucas: “They want one more CB. Will be interesting who it is.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Yes. Brini has a committable offer still on the table from Georgia at the moment.”


I will ask a question that’s not Aubrey Solomon related: what do you think of wide receiver Nico Collins? (From member RumRunnerDoogie)

Lucas: “Think he commits to Georgia.”

Michael: “I agree.”

Rick: “Almost 100% sure he’s a Dawg.”

Savannah: “Collins is all Dawg.”


What about Leonard Warner? (From member DC Dawg)

Lucas: “Be interesting to see if he has a spot. If they miss on Solomon and instead of getting another DT, they could get him.”

Michael: “He may end up being a ‘Take’ if they miss on Solomon, but I think he has to be leaning to Stanford.”

Savannah: “Numbers are tight. Depends if Solomon comes and one other. Think he has a shot but is feeling Stanford right now.”

Bulldawg Bob: “The longer he waits, the less likely there is a spot for him.”


What about the PWO kicker Cole Phillips? (From member Red Dawn 1984)

Lucas: “Just talked to Cole Phillips. He said he is very close to a decision but is not ready to announce it yet. I asked what schools he is considering right now, and he said, ‘things happen later with kickers so new schools come into the mix every day.’ He stated he most likely will announce his decision a few days before NSD. I know he really likes UGA, though, and he’d be able to use HOPE scholarship if he stayed in Georgia.”

Michael: “Haven’t heard much on Cole Phillips recently… believe he has the Bulldogs among his finalists though.”


Is Jamaree Salyer (2018 offensive guard) basically a Dawg, or do you expect tough competition for him? (From member Avon Barksdale)

Lucas: “Right now, I believe he is a Dawg. Wants to announce at The Opening.”

Michael: “I would call him a strong UGA lean.”

Bulldawg Bob: “When I last talked to Jamaree, he said he couldn’t think of anywhere else he would want to play, but he said he needed to go through his senior season and the final leg of the recruiting process. He really, really likes Kirby Smart, Sam Pittman, and Jim Chaney, though.”


Any other news of transfers that may have opened up spots? (From member DawgLink)

Lucas: “Nothing yet.”

Bulldawg Bob: “Deadline to declare for the draft has passed; so, there will be no more early departures to the NFL besides Isaiah McKenzie. No news on transfers because guys are enrolled. Probably will not have any more till spring camp before the end of the semester.”


Are there any expected surprises for signing day? (From member buccdawg)

Lucas: “Always one, but it’s hard to see who it would be at this point in time.”

Rick: “Jamyest Williams.”


Bulldawg Bob spoke with 2017 JUCO defensive lineman Brandon Henderson this past week:

“I spoke with several of the prospects after their visit this past weekend to UGA on Monday evening including C/O 2017 JUCO d-linemen Brandon Henderson out of Georgia Military College. He said that they got to tour UGA’s new Indoor Athletic Facility in addition to the normal tour the prospects get on a visit, and it really impressed him along with all the other recruits he talked with on the visit.”

“I asked Brandon if he had a scholarship offer Georgia or was he going to get a PWO or WO offer from the coaching staff. He told me they told him the class was full and that they were waiting to offer or accept offers from several prospects depending on whether or not two 2017 commitments qualify academically. If those two do not qualify academically, Henderson said he would likely get a scholarship offer if he has not committed and signed a LOI with another school yet.”

“What does that mean that the ‘class is full?’ It could mean that the staff already have “silent” commits from several guys that will announce on NSD but that is just speculation on my part. It could mean that the numbers are just very close and they are holding several spots open.”


Rick Pope’s update on 2019 WR Theo Wease Jr.:

“I spoke with 2019 WR Theo Wease Jr, from Texas, and he said he loved the trip to Athens and loved playing in the True 19 high school football all-star game. He said UGA is in his top 5, and that he plans to know where he’s going to college by next summer before his senior year. Most importantly, he also said distance from home isn’t an issue at all.”


Lucas Rogers’ update on JUCO DT visiting Georgia this weekend:

“Talked to Larrell Murchison the 2017 JUCO defensive lineman who will be officially visiting UGA this weekend. He is currently committed to Ole Miss, and doesn’t have a UGA offer currently. Asked what he thought about UGA and he said ‘Georgia is a very special place, and I grew up watching them. I’m interested to see what it’s all about.’ He also said he was ‘100% committed to Ole Miss right now.’ I asked what Georgia would have to do to flip him if they offered and he said, ‘I would just have to see how the visit went. He also mentioned that Ole Miss was not very happy about him visiting, and he said it was hard to tell them that.”




Jatavious Harris (2018) , the 6’3, 180 pound 4-star ATH out of Milledgeville, GA has always been very vocal about Georgia on Twitter. He talks on there to LeCounte and Herring a lot; so, I asked him a few questions. He said he is so interested in Georgia because it is his home state and that he would love to play with his boys there. Currently, he does not have an offer, but Coach Coley is coming to see him on Thursday. Some of the notable programs he does have offers from are Miami, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Right now, he said Miami is his leader, but if UGA does offer, I believe they will be right in the thick of things.”


“I also talked to Grant Gunnel (2019), the 6’6 QB from Texas that was offered last weekend when he was on campus. He said he couldn’t spend a lot of time there, but he loved the time he was able to spend. He also really liked the coaches. Since he’s a from a longway away (Texas), I asked if he is worried about the distance, and he said ‘actually it’s probably the least of my priorities when looking for a school.’ He will be going to Junior Day this Sunday at Texas A&M. He also plans to make his decision on a school pretty early before NSD.”


Arjei Henderson (2019), is a 6’2 WR from Texas that was also offered this past weekend. He said he loves UGA, and that the campus was awesome. He also added that they are definitely a top 5 school. Again, with him being from Texas, I asked if distance was a factor. He said, ‘Not at all, I’m a guy that’s open to new things and experiences. Being away from Texas isn’t so bad, and I tend to adapt to chance.’ He also will be going to Junior Day this weekend at Texas A&M, and plans to visit Miami for his first visit of the summer.”


Jashawn Sheffield (2019) will be a STUD WR and Georgia offered him a while ago. Richt offered him midfield on the “G” at one of the games. Pruitt’s wife also came and talked to him for about 20 minutes which made him feel special. I asked if he still felt as ‘wanted’ from the new staff and  he stated ‘oh yeah, Kirby already came by my school and everything.’ He also mentioned that the new indoor facility was one of the nicer ones he has seen. Said Georgia, Ohio State, and Clemson were his top schools. I also mentioned how the 2019 class in Georgia seems close like the 2017 class and if they all were interested in playing together. He said ‘Yeah we are. We talk about it and will see what happens.’ ”


CLICK HERE if you would like to read through all of the comments from Bulldawg Illustrated’s live recruiting chat from Wednesday, January 18th.




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