UGA Football Recruiting 02-Apr-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 02-Apr-2016

UGA football recruiting – TK Chimedza
T.K. Chimedza
Photo: T.K. Chimedza Twitter


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


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T.K. Chimedza

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Mark Webb

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Darryle Simmons

Darryle Simmons’ Highlights

D’Andre Swift

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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

170 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 02-Apr-2016

  1. UGA fan

    I would rather take the average to below average QB play Alabama has had recently along with their great coaching, strong depth and a producing defense that wins championships than to sit and complain about our QB play when we couldn’t win the SEC with Murray or Stafford. Let’s worry more about coaching, depth and effort as a team than we do this one position.
    Coaching has let us down in the past, let us see what these coaches do with this talent base before we negative players into the ground.

  2. MidtownTeacher

    Did anyone on here hear from any recruits or patents or letterman about their impressions from the scrimmage today?

  3. UGA fan

    Getting tired of hearing the qb bashing on here. We have had great QBs in the past and won a national championship in 82 with an average QB. Many schools have won a championship with an average or below average QB. We need deep trenches and a defense that is disciplined and swarms to the ball. So please stop whining about our QB situation, as this team rides on team play and not the play of one person.

  4. Lakedawg

    As long as we win at least 11 games my expectations will be met, and I will not complain about not seeing any stats until the first game.

  5. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Hey Bama! We just beat the hell out of you Bite em hard, bite em twice Bury em in the Boneyard! Instead of the usual sing-a-long to Gary Glitters R & R, I’m for putting some bite to it instead of another lame G-E-O-R-G-I-A chant.

  6. BahitsDawg

    1mandawgpack DawgByte Bearbuddy It is amazing how much smaller he is than the others, and he is on an NFL squad.

  7. BahitsDawg

    DawgByte Bearbuddy It is amazing how much smaller he is than the others, and he is on an NFL squad.

  8. Jesse1

    The 2016 fridge magnet Has 4-16, 2016 In bold as the beginning of the season. Never before has G-Day been listed. Who knows, maybe for 2017 we will see SEC, Playoff, and the Biggest of them all on the fridge magnets. A sign that high expectations (with results to follow) are the new norm

  9. Jesse1

    MidtownTeacher Jesse1 Greg Poole One guy quitting during the 2 minute drill with zero timeouts is…………playin with fire.

  10. PatriotVeteran

    DawgByte Greg Poole No one believed Jason would be fully prepared for this first scrimmage and we’ve discuss that it will take time to be properly prepared, but it also sounded as if he did rather well and both Lambert and Brice aren’t superstars yet either and they’ve been at UGA longer than Eason.

    I truly believe he will start vs. NC.   It’s the first year for almost all the coaches, so there will good days and bad.   However, I believe, they will take a chance and let Eason start vs. NC so he can learn from the first snap and will make a few mistakes, but they’ll still defeat NC.        As many have said:  be patient    GO DAWGS

  11. 1mandawgpack

    No detail is too small and I love that he expects perfection in everything that is practiced. We may see the team get beaten by a better opponent, but I don’t expect to see us lose games because we’re unprepared as has happened in the past.

  12. 1mandawgpack

    AM is such a DGD. Hopefully he can help mentor this group and help them understand what it takes to be successful and a leader.

  13. Greg Poole

    Ignot – Google him and post the hudl highlight – I’m trying to get some photos and vids processed – he is very good

  14. DawgByte

    Brooklyndawg They’re going to go with the guy who makes the least amount of mistakes and can take command of the offense.

  15. DawgByte

    Greg Poole DawgByte I’ll Yolo that with yeah. I don’t see it happening. We have to remember that Eason did not compete against great athletes, so it’s going to take him while to master progressions at SEC speed.

  16. Bansai buckeroo

    Making up for all those years Saben wouldn’t let him say anything….. 🙂

  17. Greg Poole

    DawgByte I’m sticking with my Eason starts against UNC prediction. Of course, I don’t care if I’m wrong…I’s used to it.

  18. Brooklyndawg

    You have some strange preconceived notions, island boy. But, wth, no stats??? And this is going to carry over to the spring game as well?

  19. Bansai buckeroo

    For a southern guy, Kirby speaks a 100 mph….quite a change from Richt….. 🙂

  20. DawgByte

    Greg Poole

    I think the DawgNation better be prepared to be disappointed if you were hoping Eason would be the starter going into the NC game. Sounds like he won’t even be starting for G-Day.

  21. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte if pittman works his magic he will be a first rounder

  22. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte Cleveland will destroy many a defense in coming years.  I bet he becomes our number one run behind guy.

  23. MidtownTeacher

    If Kirby’s biggest complaint is managing the huddle and defensive substitution, I am very happy.

  24. PatriotVeteran

    BahitsDawg     Maybe that’s why Coach Smart is attempting to get 93K fans at the April 16th Scrimmage, to get use to the large crowds, cameras and lights.     But they won’t freeze up when they see the 93K – IMO- the players will play twice as hard and make plays they haven’t made in practice.     It’s like if someone hits you, you strike back and don’t even feel the pain on yourself,   LOOK MOM, YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUYS.     haha, the pain doesn’t go away.    GO DAWGS – – –  the fans will have your back.

  25. DawgByte

    Have you guys caught practice video and seen the dude wearing #74? Holy smokes is Cleveland big!!!

  26. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    MidtownTeacher Bulldawg36  his INT numbers are extremely skewed, there were several times this past season where the D had the ball hit them in the hands but they fortunately dropped it, had just half of those been caught he would have had double digit INT’s………..but I always say I’d rather be lucky than good

  27. Bulldawg36

    True, but against a weak schedule. He’s a below average qb…that can have a few good games but not consistently. We need a qb that can be more consistent and can throw the ball down the field if we are gonna win the east

  28. rugbydawg79

    Bulldawg36 The guy only went 10-2 with a not so good OL and lack of wide receivers and injured Nick Chubb

  29. Bulldawg36

    More probably cause lambert has to play it safe and conservative. He is not talented enough to throw ball down the field. I just don’t see us winning the east with him as our qb. Hope he proves us all wrong.

  30. Greg Poole

    Sorry for the late report but I stopped by the gymnastics boosters club tailgate to take a few pics and eat a GIANT smoked brisket sandwich…

    Anyway, we only got to watch pre-scrimmage drills. *yawn* I can say that the team and coaches seemed fired up for the scrimmage – lots of energy during the warm-up drills.

  31. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg  I’m not defending Lambert, but it’s pretty hard to throw the ball when the OL is average at best, we had an average rushing attack after Chubb went out (refer to previous reference to OL), we had an OC that either didn’t use the few weapons he had successfully or was told by Richt to keep running the offense that Bobo ran the second half of the previous season (i.e., large doses of Chubb), and absent MM, we had below average WR play.  During the Florida game when Bauta was QB, two of his interceptions were caused by very poor routes by the WR (one was Godwin and the other was McKenzie – which is what happens when athletes are forced into playing WR) where, instead of finding the open space in the defense (which is where Bauta threw the ball), they kept drifting back into coverage.  On the incomplete pass to Rome that would have been a TD, again Bauta put the ball where Rome should have been (as there was no safety in the middle of the field) and instead, Rome ran a flag route that would have taken him directly into CB coverage (so if Bauta would have thrown the pass based on the pattern that Rome ran, it would have been another pick).  So, I’m going to wait and pass judgment on whoever our QB is this year as all of the above would be difficult for Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers to overcome.  I realize that Lambert didn’t have a stellar career at UVA either, but a lot of the issues I describe above were also present on that team as well.  Let’s see what happens when our team actually gets some coaching this year.

  32. MidtownTeacher

    Jesse1 Greg Poole I didn’t do football, I did cross country and track in HS, college and after.  I always worked hard in practice.  However, there were other guys who, at least at the HS and college level, who had super talent and could be a bit lazy on their practice runs but go out and win in races.  Pissed me off greatly because I had to earn it the hard way and they had all this God given talent that they didn’t use to the fullest, but they could still pull a 4:10 mile with minimal practice effort.

  33. BahitsDawg

    MidtownTeacher Bulldawg36 There were many times where I counted to 5 one thousand and he still didn’t have anyone near him.  The line did a lot better than many give them credit for.

  34. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 Lambert was average. Not good, not great, but not completely awful either. A few SEC teams might like to have him on their roster.

  35. MidtownTeacher

    Bulldawg36 The thing is though, Lambert was extremely good at not throwing interceptions and I would postulate that this is more important in the SEC than throwing deep downfield bombs.  Lambert is a game manager, and he managed to not throw that many interceptions despite not having a lot of time given the OL coaching.

  36. dsw61

    Bulldawg36 I watched most of the game. Two huge errors by Bama cost them. Bama has typical college level pitching, which is mostly mediocre. Robert Tyler pitched a great game. Not sure how accurate the radar guns are, but he was supposedly hitting upper 90s with his fastball in the early innings. Georgia has what I would call a scrappy team. They have lots of talent, but whoever is teaching them how to hit is not maximizing their potential. When you dig into the offensive stats it’s clear why this team will struggle against quality pitching. Not the players fault; they have to do what the coaches demand or they will be deemed not coach-able and sit the bench. On the flip side, Georgia will be competitive in any game that Tyler starts, because many of the hitters on the other teams don’t have great hitting mechanics either. Unlike college football, most of the top HS baseball players sign with pro baseball teams right out of HS…and it shows. It’s a totally different dynamic.

  37. Bulldawg36

    Lambert is a great guy but not a sec qb imo. Would rather see what Ramsey and Eason can do this year.

  38. BahitsDawg

    The talk below about finding gamers during scrimmage vs. you play like you practice is interesting.   I think the second is mostly right and more right about the power positions like OL, DL.   I think that the pressure of game time affects others differently.  Some positions – QB, WR, RB, LB – might freeze up or they might light up – under game time pressure.

    Lambert – with exception of the SCar game – seemed to freeze up.   Game pressure – crowd, lights, cameras – seems to have one of three affects on players; freeze, no affect, or something special that just comes out.


  39. CLTDawg

    Greg Poole If this is the sort of “news” that we miss out on because of the bill, I think we’re going to be okay. Perhaps the UGA Athletics beat will miss out on the next Watergate, but more than likely, it’s just going to miss (or at least delay) pithy offseason stories about how much we spend on assorted expenses.

  40. CLTDawg

    Jesse1 Greg Poole He had a separated shoulder for a fair bit of 2014, too, in his defense there. I agree with what you’re saying though.

  41. CarlVonDawgwitz

    Red Dawn It was really a great move by Rob Sale to move Galliard to OL. At his previous stop as OL coach, he turned a couple of defensive linemen into all-conference OLinemen. When this move was made with Galliard, I actually had hope. Coming out of his junior year of HS, he was known for having an explosive first step and strength… It just so happened that going into his senior year, he got extremely lazy. When I added that to the fact that Sale went and pitched him on moving to the OLine, I figured he would make some noise.

  42. DawgByte

    Red Dawn Completely agree. As we all recall he was a highly touted prospect, so we know he has the ability. Just needed to feel comfortable and apply himself. Center is a position of extreme importance and we need a highly competent backup who can step in and get the job done if Brandon goes down.

  43. PatriotVeteran

    Thank you Moderators for keeping me and probably many of us outsiders informed on what’s going on in Athens and UGA Football, on a daily basis and it’s very interesting.     It’s appreciated and welcomed.   Thanks again.

  44. Bulldawg36

    I think so too. Some major league team is gonna give him a contract. I hope we can play better on the road. We are a pretty good home team.

  45. RealtorDawg (aka 10canpirate)

    Bulldawg36 I was watching the end of the game.  AL pinch hit using a guy hitting .180.  Tyler was counting the no-no before he finished.  Served up an inside fastball on the inside of the plate and the kid hit it over the score board.  Hard lesson to learn about finishing the drill but he pitched a good game last night.  I think he earned some money last night.

  46. PatriotVeteran

    Reddawg13 Jesse1 Greg Poole       Training like you fight (practicing) is essential in anything that requires a reaction.      It’s being able to react, without having to think before you do something automatically and that’s why practic sessions in football techniques is so important.     From what I’m reading, UGA coaches are teaching techniques and getting their players to know the game plans from cover to cover and injecting  reactions to what’s expected of them.     GO DAWGS.     Keep up the good fight
    Hope they have a great scrimmage today

  47. Bulldawg36

    If Robert Tyler could pitch every game then we would be a force to Reckon with. He is very good. Almost a no- hitter

  48. RealtorDawg (aka 10canpirate)

    Bulldawg36 A well pitched game by Tyler and we finally scored some runs for him.  Alabama is a quality team this year and we found a way to win the game last night.  Once we have established our team identity, we will be successful.  Just when will be the question.

  49. Greg Poole

    Gotta get ready to head over to Sanford for the scrimmage (a few minutes of it anyway).

  50. ZippyMorocco

    Jesse1 ZippyMorocco Greg Poole Dexter Wood was the HC at Marietta when my son played. They never lost a regular season game the 3 years my son started. He caught a 75 yard post with 2 minutes left to beat Clark Central in the playoffs his senior year. Of course it didn’t hurt that Eric Zeier was the QB for two years.

  51. Jesse1

    deltonadawg Jesse1 Greg Poole Morning Deltona. And Etta James is always appreciated. Our generations Billie Hollyday.

  52. Jesse1

    ZippyMorocco Jesse1 Greg Poole Shame the powers that be in Mayretta wouldn’t allow JFR to go Buford, and corral 40 or so of the best athletes in Cobb and go bigtime. City schools like Valdosta, Thomasville, Carrollton, Dublin, Marietta, Calhoun, etc, should be great boarderline elite programs, annually.

  53. Red Dawn

    The surprise of the spring for me is Lamont Galliard making noise at Center on the OL.  I didn’t think he would ever have an impact at UGA after he came in over weight and immediately cast off by Rocker. Great news for the young man.

  54. Reddawg13

    Desire, determination and hard work will overcome a lot of obstacles, don’t believe it? Ask, Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb!

  55. Reddawg13

    Hey Greg the ECDawg Poole how is my man Manac looking so far? I bet the S&C has made him into a beast. I still want to see him at ILB.

  56. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I am going with bust and I really hate to say that about a Bulldog. He got manhandled in college he will be even more manhandled in the NFL.

  57. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Greg Poole I think we find out that Chaney is going to be the man! And those type problems will go away.

  58. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Greg Poole Players that practice really hard tend to be players that really love the game and the competition and we all know people who do what they love do it better. And also momentum is a big thing in sports so build the big mo during the week in practice and keep it going on game day!

  59. ZippyMorocco

    Jesse1 Greg Poole My son’s favorite HS coach was  James “Friday” Richards. He got that nickname because he didn’t practice well, but always showed up on Friday Night. He played for Marietta HS, UF, and the Jets. The exception to the rule.

  60. Jesse1

    Greg Poole It’s was beaten into me at an early  age that  ones usually plays as they practice.  Always a few exceptions, but a quitter, sandbagger during the week, will quit and slack off on gameday. Ya can’t live soft Monday-Friday and expect to be rough, tough, and mean on Saturday.

  61. Jesse1

    Tomorrow is when the invasion really begins.  The weekly flight patterns are up , as I’ve been hearing em all morning. When the clouds will head out back to the redwood deck for a bit of planespottery.

  62. Jesse1

    Jeepers Mr Wilson, it’s 8:00. Folks  must have gone on a real bender last night. Or packing up headed for Awgusta.

  63. Colonial Dawg

    ZippyMorocco Colonial Dawg Greg Poole Thanks, I wondered if that’s who he was talking about but I just couldn’t pick up the name.

  64. Colonial Dawg

    Greg Poole Greg, I can’t tell who Kirby is talking about when he says ” the kid who is being successful is ? , the kid we moved over from the defensive line”.  Who is he talking about there?


  65. Greg Poole

    Jesse1 The public should have access IMHO. Frankly, the 90 delay is more about avoiding PR failures than anything else. BTW, inept PR will not be glossed over by delaying release of info.

  66. Jesse1

    Greg Poole In my opinion, the dispersal and accounting of private donations received by the school are not part of the publics right to know. No more than how I spend my schekels. Now taxpayer money, open the door, and let the “Sunshine” in.

  67. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Aundray Bruce’s clone. Physically and on the field. When he’s good, and wants to be, he’s good. Other times, well, there was a reason LoCar replaced him for long stretches during 2014.

  68. Jesse1

    Greg Poole After the catch he made in the Scar game, I thought, great, another serious weapon for Lambert. But Popeye quickly went back to honing in on the primary target, to the exclusion of guys out on a lonely island.

  69. Greg Poole

    There are some real horrible things coming from the new freedom of information act regulations:

    “The most prominent open records-based story published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution during this past recruiting cycle was about what the UGA Athletic Association spent on Kirby Smart’s chartered flights. Had SB 323 been in place at the time, the costs of such endeavors wouldn’t have been revealed to the public until April or May at the earliest.”