UGA Football Recruiting 13-APR-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 13-APR-2016

Braylon Sanders - Class of 2017 - WR -  Callaway HS, Hogansville, GA
Braylon Sanders
Class of 2017 – WR
Callaway HS, Hogansville, GA


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


Today’s Featured Recruits



Tahj Capehart

Class of 2017 – WR

Ocean Lakes HS, Virginia Beach, VA



Braylon Sanders

Class of 2017 – WR

Callaway HS, Hogansville, GA



Mykel Tubbs

Class of 2018 – WR

Holy Innocents Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA



Mark Pope

Class of 2018 – WR

Miami-Southridge HS, Miami, FL



NIKE Football
The Opening Regionals
New Orleans
– RBs v LBs 1 on 1s 2016 – UTR Top Plays




updated as of 04-13-2016 at 02:00 AM ET











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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

291 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 13-APR-2016

  1. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie get him, poole, lecounte, and that guy from TN..thats one scary secondary

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Aye. Me too. Hopefully, Georgia can pick up a couple of commitments this weekend.

  3. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 from seeing those tweets im expecting so big news on the crootin’ front

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    dsw61 Sorry to hear that DSW. We will do our best to give updates on it here, and you can always listen to the audio stream or on the radio.

  5. Bulldawg Bob2

    G-Day visitor list as it stands as of now, and it is likely to change again in the next 24 hours

    Updated on 04-13-2016 at 10:30 PM
    Trey Blount – WR
    Kenney “K.J.” Britt – LB
    Nico Collins – WR
    Brelin Faison-Walden – Safety
    Jake Fromm – QB
    Walter Grant – LB
    Malik Herring – WDE/OLB
    Jaden Hunter – LB
    Xavier Jenkins – WR
    William Poole – DB
    Justin Shaffer – OL
    JaCoby Stevens – Athelete
    Tyler Taylor – LB
    Andrew Thomas – OL
    Leonard Warner – LB
    Jamyest Williams – Athlete
    Derrik Allen – CB
    Emil Ekiyor, Jr. – OL
    Tank Jenkins – OL
    Jamaree Salyer – OL
    Christian Tutt – CB
    Max Wray – OL

  6. dsw61

    Looks like I’ll miss the G-Day Game. Don’t get ESPN-U. Can’t watch it on line either because it’s not in my cable package. AT&T is installing U-Verse cable in my neighborhood this week. Finally some competition to Comcast.

  7. Bulldawg Bob2

    PatriotVeteran but it is a good idea.  Just cannot do it with the current NCAA rules.

    They could introduce the 2016 recruiting class though.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsDawg It would rock. Would love for them to draft Jenkins or Floyd or even grab Keith Marshall.

    Could you imagine if they got the Theus brothers and then one of those other 3?

    Doubt it will happen though. That would be more players than they have drafted from UGA in the last 8 years, which was 2.

  9. Bulldawg Bob2

    PatriotVeteran dawgmum AlphaDawg 

    If Holloman is not in Athens Saturday, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to come to UGA. Not every prospect can make it to Athens for G-Day on Saturday. There will be a good number there, probably around 30 to 40, but Georgia has over 160 offers out to 2017 prospects and another 50 already to 2018 prospects. Plus some for 2019.

  10. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsDawg I know the Falcons have other needs, but can you imagine the instant love and reversal of animosity a million rabid Dawg fans would have for the Dirty Birds?

  11. Bulldawg Bob2

    PatriotVeteran Again Patriot. Good idea except it is not possible. Why?

    UGA cannot publically recognize or name 2017, 2018, 2019 or either other prospective student-athlete that has not signed an LOI or financial aid agreement per the NCAA. To do so is a recruiting violation.

    Since 2017, 2018, and 2019 prospects are not allowed to sign FAA’s till their senior season starts  and LOI’s are not signed till between NSD and April 1st, then unless the NCAA changes the rule, UGA nor any other school can do what you suggest without committing recruiting violations.

  12. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 dawgmum Good question Rummy. Kirby Smart recently stated that they used CBs at safety and that he plans to put guys back at safety that cover; so, he has a chance to be either one. However, I think he is a better fit at corner with his size.

  13. PatriotVeteran

    dawgmum    I bet this would have happened if they had a ” Special Recognition Period” scheduled at half-time and introduced ALL the players who were EE or 2016 Commitments to the G, to include Walk-on’s, than introduce Class 2017- 2019 or other potential Commits.       Everyone like recognition and this year was the year to make new changes  –   making all Recruits and Commitments introduced to 93K DAWG FANS.     TOO LATE.        WAIT and you lose, just like the recruits that wait too long may have someone else Commit to their Slot.    GO DAWGS

  14. BahitsDawg

    I think whatever team picks John Theus might have a heads up on an undrafted, really good long snapper.

    What are your odds on Nathan and John being on the same NFL team together?   I think >60%

  15. PatriotVeteran

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole AlphaDawg      All musicians should have been invited to play on the streets, in and around the stadium and encourage the crowds to join them in making GDay a day of fun and music.  GO DAWGS

  16. PatriotVeteran

    AlphaDawg     iT’S LIKE RECRUITING,  musicians are everywhere and most will never become well known millionaires, but they play great music.       If UGA wanted great entertainment, it probably could have found a great band or 2-3 some where’s in Georgia for little to nothing in $$$.        CKS wanted 93K at GDay and they failed to organize it efficiently.      If they put out a request for Individuals or bands to line the streets of Athens for this great day, I’m sure they would have gotten many volunteers, just to play and be heard is important to many musicians.    That’s how many get discovered.      Well maybe next year?

  17. PatriotVeteran

    dawgmum AlphaDawg Bulldawg Bob2    If Holloman is in Tennessee instead of Athens, than that says he’s for UT and that would end my support for him attending UGA.    I appreciate those who WANT to play for UGA and those that don’t, so be it.        GO DAWGS

  18. revtizzy

    Bulldawg Bob2 That was my perception, but perception is not always reality.  Social media has an effect on perception, as well.

  19. revtizzy

    Bulldawg Bob2 Is there a quantitative uptick in offers that we have sent out for 17 (and even 18), compared to where we would be at this time of year, in years past?

  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    dawgmum Be huge if he does announce this weekend at G-day. We might party all the way through Tuesday if he does lol

  21. dawgmum

    Bulldawg Bob2 dawgmum I think it’s a good sign that Poole will be at G-Day. Maybe he’ll be one of our G-Day recruits.

  22. Bulldawg Bob2

    dawgmum Keep ’em coming Dawgmum. You rock and we love news around here. We are like this most of the time when it comes to recruiting and football news lol

  23. Bulldawg Bob2

    BTW, we will have a recruiting chat with Lucas Rogers and Heath Holland next week, Tuesday night at 9 PM ET; so, clear your schedule and get ready to rock-n-roll.

  24. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Yep. There are many really good college football players that end up having short PRO careers due to the injury bug. 

    Injuries are what cut running backs Terrell Davis’ and Garrison Hearst’s NFL careers short and look at David Pollack.

  25. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte I started going through that list and was like, hey! Those were all Lakers at one point lol!

  26. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte I love to come up with All-Time Greatest 5 teams. This one’s not too bad.

    Center: Wilt
    Power Forward: Kareem
    Small Forward: Worthy
    Point Guard: Magic
    Shooting Guard: Kobe

    Teams would have a hard time beating that squad. All Lakers!

  27. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte I’ll bring everyone down. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Gooooo Dawgs!

  28. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte ed603 And that is the thing. The game has changed on defense with the targeting rules and focus on preventing concussions.

  29. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg Don’t even get me started on how imbecilic this administration is for not being able to make this happen. I mean seriously, they’ve had 4 months to get this done. The excuse they gave for not being able to pull this off is the lamest I’ve ever heard. If you gave these idiots 4 months and directions they couldn’t plan an escape out of a paper bag.

  30. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte During his era, he is one of the greatest for sure, and I think history will also remember as one of the all time greats of the game.

  31. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg Tonight is Kobe’s last game as an NBA player! I’m biased as a life long Laker’s fan, but for my money Kobe’s the greatest player of all time… if such a thing can even be measured. His fade jumper is so freaking difficult and he made it look effortless. Mad skills and an insane desire to win. He will be missed.

  32. ed603

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2  You’re killing me here, Alpha! I hate spiders and snakes!

  33. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 I want to see bare knuckle pushups with somebody strapped to their back! ;-P

  34. RumRunnerDoogie

    that didnt last long. He sure did kill UGA tho, guess its all the injuries

  35. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Cool. Look forward to seeing you there. You think you’ll have time to stop by the BD Illustrated table before the game?

  36. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 ed603 DawgByte Recently it seems like it’s harder and harder find Safeties that lay the wood. I know the rules have changed, but you can still hit somebody very hard and do it legally. We need an intimidator back there with a G on the side of his helmet.

  37. Bulldawg Bob2

    ed603 DawgByte Aye. While watching his highlights, I thought to myself, this young man got some Greg Blue in him.

  38. DawgByte

    ed603 DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 That’s who I was thinking of… he may have even better speed than Blue. Would love to get this kid.

  39. DawgByte

    Howdy lads… count down to G-Day baby! Hope everyone on this board is going. I’m bringing the entire family. First time ever that we’re all going. Can’t wait to see the new era begin in earnest.

  40. Bulldawg Bob2

    ed603 Good. Cannot complain. Excited about G-Day on Saturday.

    How’s your week going?

  41. Bulldawg Bob2

    Lucas Rogers Yes. We are planning to have a table set up between Tate and the Book Store from Noon till 4 PM on Saturday

  42. CLTDawg

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole Not getting drafted, but he’ll sign as an UDFA (which means he gets to negotiate and pick a team’s offer) and will almost assuredly make a roster!

  43. dawgmum

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg Bob2 Where will Holloman be this weekend? I don’t think I saw him on the Georgia list.

  44. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Yeah, I wouldn’t be too excited if I was him. WR is a good opportunity to play now as well.

  45. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 Each human will ingest 3 spiders in their lifetime while sleeping***

    ***another fact that might not actually be factual.

  46. AlphaDawg

    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole Living in a basement in college I saw A LOT of monstrous wolf spiders. That and scorpions

  47. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Heard he had a good time up there. Unfortunately they seem to reel in WR from the peach state often

  48. ZippyMorocco

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole 
    My granddaughters have this thing about spiders, especially wolf spiders. I have to evacuate them from the pool when they see one. When they spend the night, I tell them they have to sleep in the closet with the wolf spiders. Of course they don’t believe me,as they always sleep between me and Mrs. Zippy.

  49. Bulldawg Bob2

    Maybe a 7th round pick, but even an undrafted free agent that makes a team makes decent money.

  50. Bulldawg Bob2

    rugbydawg79 AlphaDawg BahitsDawg Greg Poole Aye. There is really no reason, besides not wanting to spend the dollars, that UGA could have not had an act play for an hour to an hour and a half before the game and then have an act or two to play an hour to two after the game.

    While it is true that a number of groups were booked, you pay someone enough dollars and they’ll reschedule to come play at your venue.

  51. rugbydawg79

    AlphaDawg BahitsDawg Greg Poole I think your idea of after the game would have been great–would have eased traffic with some folks in a hurry to get home (young kids) and others who want to hang out in Athens a little longer

  52. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2 A human being is never more than 3 feet from a spider in his/her life on earth.

  53. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg Nope. Got a gig to install a network in a refurbished church; so, been crawling around in the ceiling. Made a lot of friends with spiders.

  54. Bulldawg Bob2

    Afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

    Getting in from running the last of the CAT5 on a project. 

    How is everyone on this fine hump day in April?

  55. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole PTCDawg love the ending.

    We need a tribute band to replicate that before the game or as a half-time intermission!

  56. AlphaDawg

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole AlphaDawg or after the game. Either way it would have been fine

  57. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Practice is at 4, right?  UGA could have made a day of it with several bands, then clear the field 45 minutes before scrimmage.

    It could have been turned into a real happening.   as is, it will be neat and I hope 93k show and yell themselves hoarse.

  58. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg This fitting in 20 minute performance is absurd. That’s never going to happen. If they hold it after the game, that give a steady trickle of people leaving the stadium

  59. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole Reddawg13 So, basically, the strategy is to drill the big Tech OL’s facemask into the turf?

  60. Greg Poole

    Reddawg13 Look at the practice video – DL getting a big ball thrown at their feet and handling it with their hands.

  61. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole where is the drill that shows how to avoid cut blocks, GT causes us trouble every year.


    Actually out of the office doing some work today lol looks like the only big thing I’ve missed of no music before G day. You’ll take care and I’ll check back later!

  63. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  Yeah – I understand – I was responding for the benefit of the board since with BZ we had personal contact with the owners.

  64. Bansai buckeroo

    @Greg Poole…..nope…..didn’t expect any resolution…just wanted to know if I was alone with the problem….thanks to those who responded…

  65. Brooklyndawg

    I remember the dance, from the ’70’s, but the term, “bumpin’ uglies” from the Patsy Cline movie is what first comes to mind….

  66. Brooklyndawg

    I’m curious….do other teams provide extracurricular entertainment as part of their spring game schedule?

  67. Brooklyndawg

    Yeah, that’s who AOL uses, I saw that, but they’re wrong more often than Accuweather, if that’s possible

  68. Frankly

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg
    Not surprising.  Miami has trouble filling the stadium for REAL games these days.

  69. PTCDawg

    maybe the funniest song ever…Aint Gonna Bump by Joe Tex…makes me LOL out loud…though there are many on here that arent old enough to remember what The Bump is…

  70. Greg Poole

    BahitsDawg If you watch my vid of ADGM from yesterday, they were going to fill the 20 minutes or so between warm-ups and the TC broadcast. Certainly not enough time to have any equipment changes.  Of course, we have no way of knowing if that time slot was the original plan.

    The point is that a great idea ended up as a perceived snafu because they didn’t manage the message.

  71. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg lol, long shot for the long snapper to get picked, but the careers are long.

  72. Greg Poole

    BahitsDawg IDK. My guess is they don’t use a pick on a LS but every team needs one and I imagine the careers are pretty long.

  73. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Have a freaking short battle of the local bands.  Those guys would kill for the publicity.

  74. BahitsDawg

    Mark Richt’s spring game for those of you who are interested.

    2 p.m. April 16 at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. It will be free and open to the public. will carry a live stream.

  75. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg 2 words – public relations.  UGAAA is a big business that relys on public perception. Yet it has no PR department. 

    Here is what happened: There was no message coordination. The dude in charge of events mentioned a music act in a presser a month of so ago – from that time until yesterday there was no effort to walk back from that statement or explain that booking an act on short notice can be difficult (yada, yada). 

    I could go on…and on…and on. UGA teaches PR! Call ’em, get a clue, guys.

  76. 66DAWGnNC

    Bansai buckeroo Quite possibly you are being “rev’d.” Keep talking to yourself. You will find out soon enough.

  77. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Not exactly his fault. Yes he’s the main man, but there’s more too it than him. Probably a role he should have taken on himself though, and not delegated.

  78. dawgmum

    Greg Poole dawgmum Thanks! I don’t know why my link didn’t work. You’ve got the magic touch.

  79. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  Not happening to me on desktop or phone. This platform is has been tested for years. I started on it in 2010. If it is not working right, it is probably on your end. Another thing is that LF is a big company now. We will not get any personal attention, but you can contact them through your profile. The do have an active customer support staff.

  80. Bansai buckeroo

    Anybody else seeing comments disappear?…. I refresh and still missing comments..I have to completely get out of the site and come back in before those comments show….just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or is it just me…..I’m on an iPad which might be part of the problem.

  81. websater

    AlphaDawg Probably has seen UGA so many times. Getting a feel for where is right for him before he commits. Kipp Adams put in his CB for him to UGA recently so I am not worried.

  82. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Reddawg13 Hopefully! I still say we need some Bulldawg Illustrated T shirts.

  83. Reddawg13

    So, Friday my first job in Athens will be getting gut bombs at The Varsity and then to condo to check in. And then hit downtown hard! And I do not need a fake ID to do so! Hope to see a lot of my Buds there this weekend! I will be the 6’1 225, red haired, blue eyed, Bulldog loving party animal.

  84. Reddawg13

    Mylel Tubbs Grandmother told me he was transferring to ELCA this year. They kid seems to have great hands, but only decent speed, he may be a possession type receiver.

  85. haws1178

    Whatever it takes as long as it breaks the habit of turning into a statue at the slightest sign of a blitz

  86. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  That team was stacked, as was Thomas County Central.  Through about 1984, Thomasville High owned the town and destroyed TCC every year.  However, the tide turned starting in 1985 and TCC has dominated Thomasville ever since.  It’s a bit sad to see a once proud and dominant program such at Thomasville struggle the way it has for the past 20 years or so.

  87. ZippyMorocco

    At my HS you could challenge every week to see who would start. We had a 2 x 10. The winner started.

  88. AlphaDawg

    You guys heard it at BI first!! I reported yesterday my source told me there will be no G-Day Performer.

  89. crazydawg87

    Greg Poole crazydawg87 3 options  ….    #1 stay home and go to game 🙂 🙂  #2 go on vaca with family   #3 delete option #1            soooooooooooooooo        dang it,shes not the boss of me!!!    im choosing option #2 not because of her though####

  90. crazydawg87

    sup people,im gonna miss G-DAY this year,going on a cruise Saturday,keep me informed,I am exspecting a couple of commits when I get back !!!!!!  and a full report on all 93,000 dawg fans,and details on all 8 td passes by Mr.Eason 🙂

  91. Greg Poole

    Our search firms worth the money for college programs?

    “Think about it: You’re offering 15-, 20-, 30-million-dollar contracts on one or two hours of meeting with somebody,” Pollard said. “It’s wrong. It’s crazy. Nobody conducts business that way except college athletics, so you’re forced into (having a search firm) because if the candidate isn’t interested, you can’t have that out there.