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UGA Recruiting Daily 08-August-2016

Kearis Jackson, Class of 2018 Athlete - WR (photo Kearis Jackson - Twitter)
Kearis Jackson
Class of 2018 Athlete – WR
(photo Kearis Jackson – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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2017 Class, ATH/RB
Cedar Grove High School
Decatur, GA


2017 Class, No.17 WR
Archbishop Wood High School
Warminster, PA


2018 Class, No.9 RB
Starrs Mill High School
Fayetteville, GA


2018 Class, No.11 ATH/WR
Peach County High School
Fort Valley, GA




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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

616 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 08-August-2016

  1. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie ehh not sure but i think they were expected in the bronze match

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2  Did they do better than  expected? Would have been cool if they could have at least gotten a bronze.

  3. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie yea usa lost to the eventual silver medalist new zealand in the quarter finals. Beat france to win 5th

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    and the Private Class A Preseason All-State

    QB –, Wesleyan
    RB –, ELCA
    RB –, Tattnall Square
    RB –, Landmark Christian
    WR –, Aquinas
    WR –, Tattnall Square
    WR/TE –, Athens Christian
    OL –, Savannah Christian
    OL –, Mount Paran
    OL –, Landmark Christian
    OL –, Mount Paran
    OL –, First Presbyterian
    K –, ELCA
    ATH –, Calvary Day

    DE –, Stratford Academy
    DT –, Calvary Day
    DT –, Prince Avenue
    DE –, Holy Innocents’
    LB –, Brookstone
    LB –, Mount Vernon
    LB –, Pinecrest Academy
    LB –, Savannah Christian
    DB –, ELCA
    DB –, ELCA
    DB –, Savannah Christian
    DB –, Landmark Christian
    P –, Holy Innocents’
    – See more at:

  5. Bulldawg Bob2

    And finally the GHSA Football – Class A Preseason All-State (Public)


    QB –, Macon Co.
    RB –, Clinch Co.
    RB –, Taylor Co.
    RB –, Macon Co.
    WR –, Macon Co.
    WR –, Charlton Co.
    WR/TE –, Pelham
    OL –, Macon Co.
    OL –, Commerce
    OL –, Randolph-Clay
    OL –, ECI
    OL –, Pelham
    K –, Charlton Co.
    ATH –, Terrell Co.

    DE –, Clinch Co.
    DT –, Johnson Co.
    DT –, Turner Co.
    DE –, Randolph-Clay
    LB –, Macon Co.
    LB –, Commerce
    LB –, McIntosh Co.
    LB –, Dooly Co.
    DB –, Irwin Co.
    DB –, Clinch Co.
    DB –, ECI
    DB –, Commerce
    P –, Treutlen
    – See more at:

  6. Bulldawg Bob2

    Just got finished regarding a BD Illustrated ON-Air podcast with Murray Poole and David Rosenberg. It is a little long but we had a lot to cover. Some really great insight and info. I’ll put it up as soon as I have finished editing it and it is uploaded.

  7. RumRunnerDoogie

    RobDawg doubt NBC exactly wants to piss off the people hosting them and showing them around

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    1mandawgpack Congrats 1man. Looking forward to the game. Ready for the Dawgs to beat the Tar out of the Tarheels

  9. 1mandawgpack

    My buddy at the chick-fil-a peach bowl took care of me for the UGA/UNC game with 50 yard line club level tickets. Can’t wait for the Dawgs to rock the dome.

  10. RobDawg

    So with al the pre Olympic news about half built facilities and rampant crime – either they are doing a good job hiding it or it’s not as bad as people wanted to believe.

  11. PatriotVeteran

    dsw61 It’s Jacoby’s problem now, he had his chance to be successful and blew it.    He’ll end up seeing UGA beat him at least once during his stay at LSU.     His loss, not our’s.

  12. Bulltoad

    Bulldawg Bob2 Freeze should be gone.  Cars, Hotels, grades, and cash payments.  Is there anything he didn’t do?

  13. haws1178

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgLink Hobnailboot aka RobG DawgDaddy RobDawg haws1178 on top of that if Kirby has an outstanding year it could push some schools to cut their losses sooner rather than later

  14. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  I still think Georgia is in the pole position here, but recruiting; she is a fickle lady.

  15. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink Hobnailboot aka RobG DawgDaddy RobDawg haws1178 

    Those are all good picks. All those coaches; Gus, Sumlin and Butch are on the hot seat IMO.  It could be very plausible that we see at least three head coaching changes in the SEC after this season.

  16. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    RobDawg I can’t stand that show, almost as bad as I can’t stand wrasslin’

  17. RobDawg

    it is more like Pro Wrestling. There are absolutely “characters” that have scripted roles and comments with the ebb and flow of latest trends. They try to pass them off as fans that call in but if you watch it semi regularly there are truly not random callers but these reoccurring actors. There are representatives for each school that act as these characters except Vandy and Missouri that sometimes play the hero and other times the Heal. UGA has a couple – Darryl in Ga is the most dramatic. It is absolutely staged and I know that but just like I used to watch Ric Flair, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat etc I get amused by this too

  18. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 I hope Sgt Carter stays in Knoxville, I say Gus but if Sumlin has even a mediocre season I believe his seat will be scorching

  19. RobDawg

    I’m picking two – both from the West…. Gus and Sumlin both can’t fight off alumni tired of their extra drama and no trip to Atlanta

  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    GHSA Football – Class AA Preseason All-State

    QB –, Heard Co.
    RB –, Fitzgerald
    RB –, Benedictine
    RB –, Chattooga 
    WR –, Callaway
    WR –, Screven Co.
    WR/TE –, Fitzgerald
    OL –, Benedictine
    OL –, Spencer
    OL –, Fitzgerald
    OL –, Chattooga
    OL –, Elbert Co.
    K –, Heard County
    ATH –, Fitzgerald

    DE –, Bryan Co.
    DT –, Screven Co.
    DT –, Laney
    DE –, Southwest
    LB –, Vidalia
    LB –, Benedictine
    LB –, Callaway
    LB –, Bleckley Co.
    DB –, Heard Co.
    DB –, Hapeville Charter
    DB –, Elbert Co.
    DB –, Fitzgerald
    P –, Rabun Co.
    – See more at:

  21. Bulldawg Bob2

    Which of these coaches will not be back coaching a SEC team in 2017 after the end of this season:

    Butch at Tennessee

    Freeze at Ole Miss

    Gus at Auburn

    MIles at LSU

    Saban at Bama

    Sumlin at A&M

  22. Doc R

    Reddawg13 Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 RumRunnerDoogie BahitsAgain missed it by “that” much!!

  23. DawgByte

    Michael Pope Bulldawg36 Rochester is missing from your list. He shouldn’t be suspended for a single game IMO.

  24. PTCDawg

    Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG Sounds to me like your argument is that experience is irrelevant at the QB position in the SEC. If I am misunderstanding that point, then you can obviously understand how people who think experience does matter might see that Lamberts experience could outweigh Eason’s ‘weaponry’ as it relates to providing the potential to win the UNC game.

  25. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2  Yep. That is part of the technique and coaching up he will need.

  26. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Of course he is trying to stir the pot. Finebaum’s call in show is essentially the Jerry Springer of sports radio.

  27. Bulldawg36

    I’m turning it now! Because their is just nothing going on with this show. Now he is talking about drinking!!

  28. Michael Pope

    Bulldawg36 Marshall has been getting work in with the defensive line and it has to be a little bit encouraging that Ledbetter is back at practice. The defensive line is definitely thin but at least we have not seen any major injuries at this position and most guys should be back very soon. As of right now, I would project that we would see Thompson, Atkins, and either Michail Carter or Daquan Hawkins starting the first two games. Those guys have done well in practice and after the first two games the Bulldogs should be good to go with Ledbetter back in the rotation. Although guys are having a few minor injuries, I do not think it’s time to go in full panic mode just yet.

  29. Bulldawg36

    247 is reporting that Hawkins left practice to jog on the sidelines!!!! Our DL is way to thin!!! Is David Marshall gonna be a DE?? Is Kenyon Browna DE??????

  30. freddawg

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 I agree with your redshirt prediction for Wyatt.  Most DL need one anyway if possible.  Hawkins was underrated IMO, maybe because of grades and the chance he’d go JUCO.  But his senior HS video was pretty  impressive.

  31. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte He’s also going to have to work on pad level and lowering his body at the point of impact. Tackling is becoming a lost art. Everybody is tackling up around the shoulder pads instead at the midsection or legs.

  32. Bulldawg36

    Finebaum said their is bad blood a brewing between Kirby & Saban!!! He is trying to stir the pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2  Aye. Wyatt will definitely have to work on his technique to be successful at the collegiate level. Right now, he is using his speed and power, his pure athleticism to beat blockers and opponents. He will have to learn to use his hands and arms as well as work on his foot-work, but the potential is definitely there, especially once he is coached up and gets in a collegiate S&C program.

  34. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 Glad we have him, but I see a RS in his first year. Very, very raw. We need to keep looking for another large highly rated IDL.

  35. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2 DawgLink  Shed the body fat hanging on for dear life and  remaining in his big toe ####

  36. DawgByte

    Michael Pope It was me. I was wondering if they were trying to make a Center out of Hardin. Apparently not.

  37. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgLink Looks like he’s reduced body fat. He didn’t have much before, but he looks leaner and stronger than last year.

  38. Bulldawg Bob2

    Another plug for the Devonte Wyatt recruitment and commitment to UGA:

    Wyatt has a similar ranking and rating for 2017 as DaQuan Hawkins did for 2015 and David Marshall in 2016.

  39. dsw61

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgLink Updated roster has him at 228lbs. Sony at 222lbs. Holyfield at 215lbs. Crowder at 228lbs.

  40. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 RumRunnerDoogie BahitsAgain Imagine how loud that slap was!

  41. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 No, I am not close to Alabama. I love winners. Saban and Bama are winners. I like his style and the way his teams play football. The game against the Vols last year is a prime example. The Vols were rested and Bama was tired but when Bama needed it they manned up and got it. They also found a way to beat Clemson for the Natty, when they may not should have.

  42. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  They have played well over-seas. Whether or not that translates to more wins in conference play this season, we will have to wait and see. Hope so though.

  43. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 RumRunnerDoogie BahitsAgain he should of just did a cannonball, would have made a smaller splash

  44. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 RumRunnerDoogie  I bet that had to sting something fierce

  45. Reddawg13

    BahitsAgain Reddawg13 Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG I believe that too. Ramsey emerges as number two this year behind Eason. Lambert is the guy in the ball cap signalling for Chaney. We will be playing a different kind of football this year. Tentative is gone.

  46. Bulldawg36

    How’d you start liking them? Is Vienna close to the Alabama st line. Just wondering??

  47. BahitsAgain

    Reddawg13 Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG I would be really surprise if it will be Lambert on day one.  CBS loved Lambert’s brain and hair.  Must be something to do with Brain and Brian being so similar.

    Anyway, it seems more good things are being said about Ramsey by this coaching staff than they are about Lambert.

    If it isn’t Eason, my bet is it is Ramsey.

  48. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 I like you too! But, next to my Bulldogs which are my big number one, I love Bama football. Not their fans mind you.

  49. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg Bob2 Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG I firmly believe Eason can do just as well as Lambert, from day one.  Lambert can not play the type of ball Eason can, but Eason can easily play the kind of ball Lambert plays.

  50. BahitsAgain

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg36 Find a girl that’s not pregnant.

    (just kidding Ms. BD36!  I don’t want Bulgarian frog eating death chickens sent after me.)

  51. Bulldawg36

    I like you red!!! But no way!! You don’t have to hope too much, because they always make it there

  52. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg36 Well, if they don’t, then they can blame Kirby and I will happily agree with them and enjoy their pain.

  53. Bulldawg Bob2

    Reddawg13  Eason certainly has the potential and talent to run that type of offense, but how consistent will he be to start with running it?

    The coaches are going to go with who they think gives the the best chance to win vs UNC. That could be Eason, but it is more likely Lambert or even possibly Ramsey.

    Chaney did make a point as well as Kirby that they don’t know yet, and it was just the first week of practice. Most of the speculation on who is starting is from fans and media at the moment. 

    And even if Lambert is the best chance to win vs UNC, that could change as the season goes along as well. It certainly did in 1991 with Eric Zeier and in 2006 with Matthew Stafford.

  54. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Reddawg13 I am with ya Buddy! Eason is the one with that “it” factor which makes him a weapon. And a weapon is not a weapon on the sideline. Everyone that says Lambert starts says he is a game manager which is not a weapon.

  55. Bulldawg36

    I hope Bama doesn’t make the national title game this year!!!! So tired of the tide!!!!

  56. Bulldawg36

    Bama fans going after Kirby on finebaum!!!! About the comment Kirby made about he would let a 5th year transfer to the sec!!!!!!


    Reddawg13 The SEC is still a ball control LOS league, so like you, I see Eason being the starter game 1.  Run, run, run, pick brand new ILB apart, run, run TE seam, run, run, first down at the 32 yd line, play action fake to Chubb, Eason rolls slightly to his right and hit R. Ridley on a deep post.  TD.   Next series, run, TE, run, first down, play fake toss sweep to Sony, Eason reverses out and hit T. Godwin for a home run on the stop and go to the short side of the field!

  58. Bulldawg Bob2

    Michael Pope  I remember seeing Natrez Patrick go to the sidelines with the trainers and gettting worked on, on Saturday during the open practice on fan day. Reports were that it was minor, and your report from today’s practice would indicate that as well.

  59. Michael Pope

    Also, I remember someone asking about Sage Hardin a few days back and it looks like Hardin is working with the third team at right tackle. It seems he trails Greg Pyke and Kendall Baker at that RT position with Pyke starting.

  60. Reddawg13

    AlphaDawg Except for now that we have Kirby we will put the next recruit in there and fill up with reserves hoping to get in. If one wants to play for the Bulldogs he best commit and stick!

  61. Michael Pope

    If you follow me on twitter you may have already seen this update but here is what caught my attention at practice today. Starting with injuries, we saw Sony Michel and Shaquery Wilson participating in normal drills, which is encouraging news for the Bulldogs. On the defensive side of the ball, John Atkins was still missing and Natrez Patrick was doing light work and stayed on a stationary bike for most of the time. Jonathan Ledbetter was also back participating in normal drill work and that is very encouraging since the Bulldogs are missing a big piece in Atkins for the time being. Other than this news, everything else at practice seemed to be up to par. I’ll have a story coming highlighting what the depth chart seems to be at this point coming tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great day.

  62. Reddawg13

    So I keep hearing that some folks think Lambert starts because he can manage the game and protect the ball, especially with us using multiple TE’s. Well, that means one expects us to use short passes and the run game. Which means that Chaney is actually managing the game and the turnovers with low percentage plays. Well a QB with NFL talent can certainly do that as a freshman in my mind. Now if we were going to run the spread and make it complex and try and score every third play I could see Eason needing time to mature. But running low percentage passes and using our backs to control the game? Two out of the three can do that and maybe now the third one too. I just don’t see Kirby and this staff playing safe ball. Kirby can’t tell his players to be aggressive, play strong, push for that one more rep, raise the ceiling and then try and tip toe to victory. That is JMO and I still think Eason starts.

  63. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg M. Carter is a big dude. He’s going to get significant PT this year along with Rochester and even Marshall.

  64. BahitsAgain

    AlphaDawg BahitsAgain Bulldawg36 If you will fund it.  🙂

    At some point, I actually want to get back on the weather app code/app/browser extension code.  When I do, I will hit you up for what you think would be a good composite.  😀

  65. freddawg

    AlphaDawg   QB’s and top DL bug me the most.  I really wanted Derrick Brown, so that one stung.  But, I always figure that anybody who commits to Auburn is lacking in either good sense or integrity, so that took away some of the sting.

  66. AlphaDawg

    freddawg no one player makes or breaks a team. It hurts worse when it’s a QB, but even those are replaceable too.

  67. AlphaDawg

    lol but everyone knows recruiting is never over. Be on the lookout if Miles is on the hot seat again, which is what caused Stevens to decommit in the first place

  68. AlphaDawg

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg36 I need a weather composite like 247. Gather weather data from 3 national sites and average out the info. HELP!

  69. DawgDaddy

    dsw61 Expected so there is no disappointment here.  Being as this is his second time to commit to them I would be surprised if he does another decommit.

  70. freddawg

    MMCSDAWG  I was watching one of Tennessee’s games a week ago, and focused on Khalil McKenzie for a few plays.  I noticed once that the OL shifted and he got blocked from the side.   Looked like he was on a skateboard.   Straight ahead he’s hard to move, but maybe those big legs don’t work so well when he gets pushed laterally.


    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2 Raw, but quick.  Listen to the words Rocker says right when the tape ends!  He crossed his feet.  That is a HUGE no no for anyone inside the tackle box!  or anyone for that matter!  one push and you will fall down.  It’s amazing how much technique is overlooked at the HS level when a player can just survive on raw talent alone.


    DawgByte MMCSDAWG Yep….  that’s what I was implying!  There’s been rumors about him since he was here in July.

  73. freddawg

    I hope that’s true.   I was bragging him up on this board after his commitment last year, just because he looked very quick and could jump like a kangaroo.   McGhee, LeCounte, Hardman, Poole could be the core for a great secondary.

  74. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2

    Lucas had his eye on a high tech career if I recall.    He’ll probably come back and buy Greg out one of these days.

  75. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg  He is in college but he does drop by and pop some recruiting nuggets on us from time to time.

  76. Bulldawg36

    I looked, best chance of a thunder storm in Athens according to is around 9pm!!!!!!

  77. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  There is a 60% of thundershowers and thunderstorms this evening according to Wunderground.

  78. freddawg

    Does Lucas still work here?  He could fix them up with one of those bouncy party tents.

  79. AlphaDawg

    freddawg I’m actually surprised Kirby didn’t call in for one of those circus tents as a work around. LOL


    freddawg Like Tyrique McGhee!  All I’ve heard is good things about this young dawg since camp began!

  81. Doc R

    freddawg a lot of athletes have HOCMP–and the lethal arrhythmias get them.  We usually hear about a couple HS players across the country each year that do this as well.  Very sad indeed

  82. Doc R

    Bulldawg36 I heard that they hired the UT Buttchuggers Grounds Crew to do the field prep…

  83. freddawg

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one.   Fortunately, if we’re wrong the state of Georgia produces a lot of good dbs.


    freddawg Your not alone Fred…  He is a talented Athlete but he is very raw.   I wouldn’t trade RC or WPIII for him.   I hope he picks Dawgs, but if not, we will be Fine!

  85. freddawg

    That’s possible too, since contact practices are underway.  That would be even more horrible for the family since it was preventable.

  86. AlphaDawg

    websater Heard about that. Don’t know the situation but they say not to go to sleep if you have a concussion. He may have suffered one and didn’t disclose that.

  87. freddawg

    I’m probably the only one, but missing on Stevens doesn’t bother me that much.  He has great size and is a good athlete, but I just don’t see the quick feet and acceleration that make a great defensive back.  Not good form for a message board analyst to disagree with dozens of top coaches, but that was my opinion when I watched his hudl film.

  88. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2  I don’t have any stats other his track stats. I messaged him to see if he had any he could point me to.


    So is this Kirby initiating a preemptive strike to keep Dawg nation in check in light of most likely bad news with regard to Jacoby this afternoon????   If so, well done Kirby!

  90. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 I don’t see on 247 anything about his tackles, tackles for loss, or sacks.  Also, nothing if he did any cross over work on offense.

    Do you have any info?

  91. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Bulldawg Bob2  He could depending on the season he has, but I don’t think he goes to a lot of the pay sites’ camps.

  92. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain Got to take that with a grain of salt… look at who was running in that race. Both are Mensa math majors! 😉

  93. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2  He is probably closer to 285, but that is still impressive either way.

  94. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 Any chance this kid earns a 4th star this year or is his school too small?

  95. Bulldawg Bob2

    BroDawg Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain Hudl list him clocking a 4.6 forty. That is probably an unofficial self-reported time, but he is fast for his size.

  96. BahitsAgain

    BroDawg Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain 247 has him listed at that, but there is no way in the world that can be true.

  97. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain lol, that little track dude looked to be giving it more than he had in him.  It has to be embarrassing to lose a track race to someone who weighs 150 pounds more than you do.

  98. Bulldawg36

    Use him like we did Charles Grant!!! I believe he had a 66 yard TD run vs Kentucky in 1999

  99. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain Yeah, is this the kid that we had the video of a couple of weeks ago burning down the track?

  100. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain  Naturally gifted athlete who has a lot of potential and upside. He displays quickness off the snap of the ball and good lateral movement along the line of scrimmage, and he has the speed to close quickly on the ball carrier.

    In addition to football, Wyatt also competes on the Titans’ track team in the discus, shot put and 100 meter.

    He ran a 12.42 second 100 meter time which is pretty darn fast for a 6 foot 4 and 285 to 295 lbs guy his size.

  101. BahitsAgain

    MMCSDAWG BahitsAgain Yeah, I suspect he is of better value than most 3 stars and many 4 stars.

    Just looking at his numbers, he is listed at 6-4 300 and #23 DT on 247 composite.

  102. Bulldawg36

    I like anything we take away from South Carolina…even if we flipped Justin Bieber… It’s a win IMO!!!! Hate the chickens!!!!!!!!


    DawgDaddy MMCSDAWG How about that round by Jim Furyk this weekend.   Only man alive that has shot 2 sub 60 rounds.  Might not hit the ball 300 yards but when he’s on, that loopy swing is pretty darn good!


    BahitsAgain Not bob, but all I know is that Kirby and company were on him hard after he came in and worked out back in July.  So, if they wanted him, I want him!

  105. DawgDaddy

    MMCSDAWG I just got in from a round of golf, great news and welcome aboard Devante, I don’t believe you will ever regret becoming a Dawg!


    Dang…  take a little break from the page and WTH…  We got a Commit!  We need DL like a fat kid needs food!  Welcome home Mr. Wyatt!   Now GATA

  107. Bulldawg36

    LMAO!!! Whyatt knows what’s up!! He knows it’s better to be a dawg than a chicken!!! Now go to Columbia and kick some chicken taill!!!!!!

  108. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg BahitsAgain He doesn’t show on the 247 UGA commit list or reflected yet on the team ranking, but if you search his name, they have a big beautiful G beside him.  Funny how sites don’t have things linked together.

  109. diving duck

    Bulldawg Bob2 CJC: “What was that 4th ball?”
    QB10: “Came out funny”
    CJC: “Quackity quack quack”

  110. BahitsAgain

    Hobnailboot aka RobG BahitsAgain jwp1983 Bulldawg Bob2 play the cat compilation video below, first.

    PETA might get all over us for it.  lol

    I love one near the end where the cat goes all ninja paw on the cucumber in the veggie basket.  rotf.  I might have to get a cat just to play cucumber tricks on it.

  111. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsAgain Hobnailboot aka RobG jwp1983 Bulldawg Bob2 not sure anyone would understand it

  112. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsAgain Hobnailboot aka RobG jwp1983 Bulldawg Bob2

  113. BahitsAgain

    Hobnailboot aka RobG BahitsAgain jwp1983 Bulldawg Bob2 When we play Auburn, we should have the band do a skit with a big cucumber and Hairy Jumping out of it.

  114. BahitsAgain

    Kirby, “Hey, Boom, my man.”
    Muschamp,  “Yeah, Kirb, what do you want.”
    Kirby, “Flip”
    Muschamp, “Flip what?”
    Evil Smart, “Your commits!!!!! ha ha ha!”

  115. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsAgain jwp1983 Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 that’s freakin’ hilarious, didn’t know the cucumber was a feline’s arch enemy

  116. Bulldawg36

    Take that you yard birds!!!!! What about that flip!!!!!!!!!!! Go dawgs!!!!!! We just skinned another chicken and the season hasn’t even started yet!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha

  117. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2  Aye. Waiting for more confirmation, but I am pretty sure if Scout put it out there that it has happened and will be officially announced shortly.

  118. BahitsAgain

    jwp1983 Bulldawg Bob2 One of those guys is down in Miami to do a special on all the former UGA coaches that are now on the Hurricanes team.  I don’t know if it is Carvell or another one.  Still, a good gig, but a little hot.  It would be better to do it in November or December.

  119. Bulldawg Bob2

    GHSA Football – Class AAA Preseason All-State

    QB –, GAC
    RB –, Westminster
    RB –, Calhoun
    RB –, Cedar Grove
    WR –, Pace Academy
    WR –, Peach Co.
    WR/TE –, Fannin Co.
    OL –, Pace Academy
    OL –, Pace Academy
    OL –, Cedar Grove
    OL –, Cedar Grove
    OL –, GAC
    K –, GAC
    ATH –, Liberty Co.

    DE –, Crisp Co.
    DT –, Morgan Co.
    DT –, Towers
    DE –, Westminster
    LB –, Jackson
    LB –, Long Co.
    LB –, Calhoun
    LB –, Cook
    DB –, Cedar Grove
    DB –, Appling Co.
    DB –, Long Co.
    DB –, Cedar Grove
    P –, Peach Co.
    – See more at:

  120. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Michigan probably has the best chance in the B1G to beat Ohio State, but we shall see. I don’t think they do either Bahits

  121. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 Michigan isn’t getting to the play-offs, much less the championship game.

  122. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie  Hard to tell, but that is what it looks like. 

    The men’s race the other day claimed a lot of riders too.

  123. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie looking at it again, it looks like she just misjudged the turn.  The thing that flashed on the screen looks like a tree limb that the camera had an odd angle on.

    I am sorry for her.  It is a dangerous sport.

  124. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie what the heck happened?  Was that a dog or other animal that ran in front of her or just the camera catching a branch?

  125. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain honestly if the 2017 commits are tweeting normally like lecounte then that should tell u everything

  126. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsAgain RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole all we got in rugby are these helmet covers essentially. Biggest difference is not a lot of people wear them and most wear them for ear coverage on hoping not to get a eye brow gash

  127. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg Bob2  You’re most welcome. He is expected to pick LSU, but crazier things have happened when it comes to recruiting. If not LSU, then it will probably be Bama  or UGA, but I think him picking the Dawgs is a long shot ATM

  128. BahitsAgain

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg Bob2 The cheerleader under britches?   Cool!  Can’t wait to see that!

  129. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg Greg Poole i mean they sponsor even Uga lol im sure they sponsor the cheerleaders

  130. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain Thanks.  I lost track of his name, after everyone declared the he is going to LSwho.

  131. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg I think you are right Rummy. Greg Poole might know for sure.

  132. BahitsAgain

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole We forgot what to do when we left the Leather Helmet Blog days and put face masks on to protect our beautiful noses.

  133. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie  Yikes! That was a bad crash if it was the one of the two I watched yesterday from the Olympics. Hope she ends up healing and recovering from those injuries.

  134. RumRunnerDoogie

    gezz that dutch rider who went over her handlebars fractured her lumbar in 3 places and a severe concussion

  135. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Do you know if the cheerleaders get their uniforms made by Nike too? They just introduced a real nice silver that Nike should make for the britches in Football.

  136. PTCDawg

    revtizzy PTCDawg At one time I thought you were in Conyers for some reason, and I thought I would come visit one Sunday and say hello. But Meridianville may be juuuust outside my ‘swing by for a visit’ range. :>) 

    great to hear you are doing well, keep up the good work!!

  137. Bulldawg Bob2

    How’d they look on Saturday?
    And I doubt the Georgia helmets for game day uniforms will have chrome finish.

  138. revtizzy

    PTCDawg revtizzy Thank you.  And yes, sir.  Technically, Meridianville – which is just north of Huntsville and very much a part of the area.

  139. RumRunnerDoogie

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 he might be referring to a tweet where one of the helmets looked like a shiny finish but it was most likely just a different camera lens or filter

  140. AlphaDawg

    ALSO, Jack Sears the only decent QB left on the table for them committed to Duke leaving them with the 1588 player in the country at QB for 2017. LMAOOOOO

  141. Bulldawg36

    Our practice helmets look chrome!!!! Could that mean our game helmets will also ge chrome??????????????

  142. revtizzy

    PTCDawg revtizzy Doing well.  Good reports, health wise, recently (almost 3 years of remissions status under my belt).  And yep, still got my Sunday gig going!  Been at my church for a little over 7 years now.

  143. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole its amazing what happens when they dont have plastic against plastic..almost like rugby knows what its been doing since the 1800s#

  144. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them being implemented into helmets for game day use.

  145. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole Clemson was their first client and have been using them for years. I’m glad UGA is.

  146. Bulldawg Bob2

    Many of you asked about the “funny” caps the Georgia players have been wearing over their helmets in practice, and this is something Greg Poole has written and talked about before, but they are designed to reduce impact and repetitive concussions. Here is more on the caps, which have actually been around for several years but are becoming more prevalent and seeing more widespread use.

    I know some of you have had questions on how effective they are or if they work, and the article does a good job of explaining how they work.
    Local company is fighting football’s concussion problem with new helmet wrap:

  147. PTCDawg

    I guess its an indication that football is nigh upon us when the ‘classics’ start showing up. Just in the last couple of days I saw posts from Brannon and Signal Mtn Dawg and today there is even a MoF post!!! 

    Really good to see you guys back. And there are plenty of posters I wouldn’t say that about!!   :>)

  148. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 It’s an easy pick. Safe…so they think. Let’s see them perform to expectations.

  149. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I’m with ya. I can’t stand the Vols and their fans. I want them to implode in spectacular form this year.

  150. Bulldawg Bob2

    Four-star Class of 2017 DL/DE  prospect out of Oxbridge Academy, JonathanGarvin,  committed to the University of Miami.

  151. Doc R

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2 Booootch the Butt Chugger!!!!     Can’t spell that without “UT”

  152. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2 When you’re used to playing Rutgers, Miami (ohio), and USF, you’re just not SEC caliber. He would have been a dummy to turn down the UT job, but UT is the dummy for picking a coach that was getting job offers with schools like Colorado and Purdue. lol

  153. Bulldawg36

    Kirk Road Street picks 10- R-C to win da East!!! I hate the Vols!!!!! I hope they crumble under all this hype!!!!! I hope they go 0-12!!!! Butch Jones Stinks!!!! He looks like the Sargent in Goomer Pile!!!!!!!

  154. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 The gift that keeps on giving.  Why they have any recruits at all this season is a testimony to the dumbing down of America.

  155. Bulldawg36

    Ramsey just needs like u said better decision making and it has to start soon if he wants to unseat lambert this year. Like to see em do it


    Bulldawg Bob2 Booooootch SUX!  He is a terrible in game coach and I hope we beat the inbred hillbilies into submission this year, no one score games!

  157. Bulldawg Bob2

    Best and worst college football coaches in close games entering 2016 –
    Best: Les Miles, LSU — Miles’ career winning percentage in one-score games (.648) ranks third among active Power Five coaches who have coached in at least 25 one-score games. Only Meyer and Brian Kelly ( have done better than Miles. Perhaps this explains why Miles has been so reluctant to open up LSU’s offense, even though a change is likely necessary for LSU to better compete with higher-scoring offenses.

    Worst: Butch Jones, — Normally this spot would be reserved for’ Bret Bielema, but he may have turned a corner in 2015 by going 3-3 in one-score games to end an 11-game losing streak in such contests. Bielema even won a close game at Tennessee where Jones is 6-9 in one-score games and has lost too many close games that are really important. Jones is 1-6 in one-score games against Georgia,, Alabama and Even when he won consecutive Big East titles at in 2011 and 2012, Jones was only 5-4 in one-score games. He will need to win more tight games to survive long-term in the SEC.”

  158. AlphaDawg

    godawgs678 Hobnailboot aka RobG AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG In fact, there’s a good battle between UGA and USCjr.

  159. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg godawgs678 Hobnailboot aka RobG MMCSDAWG Just trying to follow the rules!

  160. BahitsAgain

    We need a little button beside threads where those of us who don’t give a flip about fantasy football or the olympics can just click and hide it.  🙂

  161. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain driving in his truck and doesn’t care too much for Auburn….


    I’ve been reading a lot of practice reports from multiple sources this morning and there is one name of defense that keeps coming up.  Tyrique McGhee-   This kid might be the sleeper of this 2016 Class.  Making plays all over the field from what I’ve been able to ascertain.   GO DAWGS!

  163. BahitsAgain

    The talk down below about early commits not getting recruiting ranking love makes me wonder if that is part of why we have all the rumors about our silent commits and Kirby strategically having them announce.

    Use them too early, their rankings drop.   just rambling before getting another cup of java.

  164. BahitsAgain

    dsw61 Bulldawg36 Lambert – Over analysis… i.e. analysis paralysis during live action?

  165. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    and we can set up multiple leagues if needed so everyone that wants to participate can

  166. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG RumRunnerDoogie cool, we have plenty of time, I can always post the link and password again

  167. dsw61

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg godawgs678 You wouldn’t happen to know who IMG Academy is playing on Aug 27th would you:):)

  168. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie  Thanks. I featured your post up top; so, folks should be able to see it all day today and this evening without having to search for it down in the comments.

  169. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG RumRunnerDoogie I don’t mind doing it every year

  170. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie  Nah. No worries. That means one less thing on my plate, and you do a good job with it. Appreciate man.

  171. dsw61

    Bulldawg36 Yup, said weeks ago that Ramsey’s pocket presence is the best of the group. He’s also the best at selling the play action pass. Agree he throws the best ball. Oh; and he’s the most athletic. Despite all those attributes though, he apparently still struggles with his decision making. I happen to believe Lambert struggles with his decision making also; albeit in a different way.

  172. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie Hobnailboot aka RobG My bad Bob, I figured I’d do it again everyone that played seemed to enjoy themselves last year. and we can set up as many leagues as needed to accommodate everyone that wants to play

  173. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG MMCSDAWG  This ^^^^. It is strange how much differently you start to watch and follow the NFL after you start playing fantasy football.


    Hobnailboot aka RobG MMCSDAWG Yeah, I’ve watched my son’s and GF’s son play and her son is the WORST.  He lives on NFL redzone on Sundays!lol

  175. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    MMCSDAWG Hobnailboot aka RobG you may become addicted, it will at least give NFL games some meaning for you, but you will find yourself to be cheering for odd things, like the QB to throw all of his TD’s to one WR and have like 5 INT’s at the same time

  176. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Hobnailboot aka RobG  I was going to, but since RobG already did, we’ll just go with his unless more people want to play than we have room for, and then I’ll make a second one.


    Hobnailboot aka RobG Alright RobG. I’ve signed up, this will be my first fantasy NFL experience so you’ll take it easy on an older fellow!  lol

  178. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg godawgs678 Hobnailboot aka RobG MMCSDAWG  You guys are a trip. LOL. Got me cracking up over here.

  179. AlphaDawg

    godawgs678 Hobnailboot aka RobG AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG BTW, UGA isn’t a lock by ANY means.

  180. godawgs678

    Hobnailboot aka RobG AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG  I think I’m starting to figure it out. You’ll have to excuse me…I’m a little slow.

  181. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Got to remember it was a scrimmage, but aye. That  was an impressive performance.

  182. Bulldawg36

    I feel sorry for perry. Jake Fromm lit em up! Lol. Don’t know what kind of team perry will have. Hope they can recover. Know doesn’t count on the regular season.. But it don’t look good.

  183. Bulldawg36

    Looks like Lawrence won’t commit before the season starts. Most guys are now concentrated on their teams now. High school football is already having scrimmages!!!!!

  184. Bulldawg36

    Ramsey looked the most comfortable in the pocket. Overall I thought Ramsey threw the best ball…minus the picks.

  185. Bulldawg Bob2

    godawgs678  They maybe referring to Jacoby Steven’s announcement today at 2:30 PM CT (3:30 PM ET) but he is likely to pick LSU with Bama and UGA being long shots.

  186. godawgs678

    according to 247, a prospect is very close to committing. No idea who it is. Anybody else have a sub?

  187. Bulldawg Bob2

    websater AlphaDawg Yep. No drama or news for the pay sites when there is no debate on where a prospect is going.

  188. websater

    Hobnailboot aka RobG websater ill make it happen whenever, cool thing is, is you can draft on your phone really easily.

  189. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    websater Hobnailboot aka RobG and I can change the draft date and time to better suit everybody, since you are on the west coast 8 pm et may be early for you

  190. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 I love seeing things like this. Glad our marketing team is realizing the importance of showing internal meetings to fans and recruits. It helps shed a light that they are more than a person with a helmet

  191. websater

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg Bob2 Yeah when you are committed and arent seen as one of the favorites, no sense in hyping him up anymore. Dumb if you ask me, but I sure am glad he is committed to UGA.

  192. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    websater Hobnailboot aka RobG cool, I’m doing this league for just those on here at BI


    godawgs678 He has always been the Wild card!  I believe ole Radi also predicts Ramsey as our game 1 starter…   It wouldn’t surprise me, although I’m going to stick with my early prediction of Eason.  The one thing that Ramsey has is mobility and it seems Chaney likes that.


    Bulldawg Bob2 This kid is going to be a good one!  I want TL and I sincerely hope he chooses the Dawgs, but having Fromm will take away some of the pain if he doesn’t.  There is something about this kid that screams winner.  He seems to be a great team players and someone I believe that will put a team on his back and lead that final drive to the end zone when it’s needed!

  195. Bulldawg Bob2

    2017 QB Prospect and UGA commit Jake  Fromm off to fast start | by Rusty Mansell | FREE at

    “UGA QB commit and US Army All-American got his team started off right on Friday night with a 55-0 win over Perry in a scrimmage game.

    Fromm had 5 touchdown passes before he was taken out in the blowout win.”


    Bulldawg Bob2 Hope the kid is alright and recovers, but I can’t help but feel little to no sympathy for Awburn!

  197. Bulldawg Bob2

    WillieWalden  He’s definitely a very talented football player who has a lot of potential that would be a big get for any school for the class of 2017, including UGA, but him being a native of the state of Louisiana, LSU was also going to be in the mix in his recruitment.

  198. WillieWalden

    Gonna sting to see jacoby go to lsu.. If it’s one thing they don’t need it’s defensive backs

  199. Bulldawg Bob2

    One reason every SEC West team will suck in 2016:

    “WHY LSU WILL SUCK: Fournette bursts into flames on his 400th carry

    Out to prove that Leonard Fournette is indeed a better runner than that Henry, Tigers coach Les Miles ditches the passing attack entirely. At the season’s midway point, Fournette is already past 1,700 yards on the ground. His weekly workload is somewhere in the vicinity of 45 carries.

    But just five attempts after breaking Henry’s record of 395 in a season, Fournette spontaneously combusts in Week 10 after being tackled by Alabama’s Reuben Foster. With the Heisman front-runner reduced to ash at Death Valley, Brandon Harris delivers a four-game losing streak and a pink slip for the beleaguered Miles.”

  200. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Nah. Mushcamp will leave South Carolina to Auburn to become the War Tiggers new head coach ######

  201. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG I hope not, they might end up getting a good coach then

  202. UGA83

    Morning fellas…have some down time at work this morning. Lurk almost every day to follow but have not posted in quite some time….I see the train coming down the tracks!!! 26 days left


    dsw61 You are a sadist DSW…  isn’t the Vandy game where he went 0-7 or 0-9 in the first half??


    Bulldawg Bob2 dsw61 I think that is pretty good indicator no matter what game you talk about…  Turnovers will kill any team.  Ask Alabama, especially after the Ole Miss game!

  205. Bulldawg Bob2

    GHSA football – Class AAAAA Preseason All-State

    QB –, Grady
    RB –, Stockbridge
    RB –, Ola
    RB –, Bainbridge
    WR –, Jones Co.
    WR –, Stockbridge
    WR/TE –, Grady
    OL –, Woodland
    OL –, Carrollton
    OL –, Buford
    OL –, Warner Robins
    OL –, Ola
    K –, Jones County
    ATH –, Buford

    DE –, Rome
    DT –, Carrollton
    DT –, Rome
    DE –, Miller Grove
    LB –, Woodland
    LB –, Kell
    LB –, Buford
    LB –, Arabia Mountain
    DB –, Clarke Central
    DB –, Woodland
    DB –, Carver Atlanta
    DB –, Dutchtown
    P –, Carrollton
    – See more at:

  206. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsAgain Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 UpStateDawg they sub contracted UT’s grounds crew

  207. BahitsAgain

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain UpStateDawg what was up with the painted field problem this weekend?  lol

  208. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsAgain UpStateDawg You like watching football period…as most of us do

  209. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG Greg Poole My parents went to one of the places he featured in Truckee, Cali, while they were snow skiing, and said it was fantastic

  210. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole  Did not know that.  Guy features some good places to eat on that show too.

  211. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG Greg Poole They have been featured on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives, they are the real deal

  212. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Hey RobG. Just talked with Greg Poole and he said the guy at the camera store recommended the Marietta Diner as well.

  213. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg Bob2 UpStateDawg I like what they have done to the Oregons and USCs through the years.

  214. Bulldawg Bob2

    UpStateDawg  Stanford likes to run that heavy formation with the 3 TEs and the FB with HC David Shaw and OC Pep Hamilton, which Hamilton ran while he was Stanford’s OC from 2007-2010. They like to “out-physical” and wear down opponents.

    And if you have the personnel to run it, it can create mismatches in short yardage and goal line situations.

  215. UpStateDawg

    I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting to see a fullback in that set.  I guess you bring in the fullback if you’re looking to primarily ground and pound or you can have a wideout instead of the fullback if you just want to create chaos for the defense.

  216. Bulldawg Bob2

    dsw61  Since it is the opening game, I think it comes down to which team is more ready to play. The great equalizer in the UNC game will be the turnovers. I think whichever team commits the fewest mistakes wins.

  217. Bulldawg Bob2

    Not sure if any of you stayed up to watch the Olympics last night, a few of us on the Night Crew did, but the US Women’s Gymnastics team absolutely dominated in the qualifying rounds, finishing first by nearly 10 points to make it to the finals. That kind of margin of victory in gymnastics is just unheard of.

    And the Men’s 4×100 freestyle relay swim team put on a heck of a performance as well. Phelps killed it on the second leg helping the US finish first and win gold.

  218. UpStateDawg

    I love hearing Chaney talk about multiple TE sets.  It makes me think of the Patriots’ dynamic offense before Aaron Hernandez went to prison.  I’ve heard talk of three TE sets, and I can’t remember ever seeing that.  Can anyone think of a team (college or pro) that has utilized three TE sets?  Bonus points if you can find video.

  219. dsw61

    After listening to Chaney’s comments about the TE group’s aptitude to learn; I’m still wondering how UNC is going to match up with Georgia’s TEs; knowing that their two senior starting LBs graduated last year. On paper it just seems like a winnable match up for Georgia.

  220. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  Although it can be and would be risky, a double reverse would be fun to see with IM and MH.

  221. DawgLink

    Agreed Bob. I said the other day that we need both IM and MH in on the same play for offense. Picture a jet sweep with both coming around the back and handoff to either. Damn they are fast

  222. dsw61

    The best part of Chaney’s presser for me was I do not believe he said “Obviously” one time:)

  223. dsw61

    AlphaDawg dsw61 Right. I just liked how he turned the “three OC in three years” narrative into a positive for Ramsey; stripping Ramsey of the “woe is me” card. Very clever.

  224. dsw61

    Hobnailboot aka RobG dsw61 Agree. When he was hired I watched several of his pressers from prior stops, so knew what to expect; but it’s fun watching him talking about Georgia’s players and program.

  225. dsw61

    Welp; watched the first half of last year’s Vandy game, getting ready for the possibility of Lambert starting..SMH. May way last year’s Missouri game to really get me pumped.

  226. Bulldawg Bob2

    Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship sustained injury in Saturday’s practice, expected back soon | The Telegraph 

    Rodrigo Blankenship was noticeably absent when Georgia worked on field goals during the final moments of Saturday’s open practice at Sanford Stadium, considering he’s in an ever-important competition for the starting place-kicker job.
    Blankenship was unable to finish practice and was even spotted with a trainer during the day. But Blankenship, a redshirt freshman kicker from Sprayberry, isn’t expected to be out for too long as he only experienced a minor injury during Saturday’s practice, according to a source familiar with the situation.”
    Read more here:

  227. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 Which is true, he’s very diverse. He’s been exposed to many offensive styles now.

  228. dsw61

    Chaney cracked me up when he got the question about Ramsey having three OC in three years. He basically said, so what, I’ve had three new jobs in three years, that’s life, time to grow up. Then he went on to explain how that is an advantage for Ramsey not a disadvantage.

  229. converted 1981

    Greg Poole We were living in Huntington Beach, CA at the time.  When the torch came through I got to hold it after the ceremony there.  We then packed up the Family and took a month long vacation driving with 4 kids in a minivan to Georgia for the Olympics.  Spent way to much money on Olympic paraphernalia…. Olympic Cokes and way way to many Olympic Pins.  Went to Swimming and Rowing events, did not make it to Athens though.  We were at Centennial Olympic park the night before the bombing- right where the bomb went off.  Great Trip, kids were Great and will Never forget it.

  230. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Colonial Dawg Hobnailboot aka RobG They were dismissed nothing they could do to stop them from going to AU

  231. dsw61

    DawgDaddy dsw61 Jim McElwain is one coach who is not buying into all the Tenn hype. He’s already taken some verbal jabs at Tenn. One thing is for certain; every SEC team that plays this year will be up for that game.

  232. Colonial Dawg

    Hobnailboot aka RobG  Except when you read the comments the Bammer mentality comes out big time.  I’m torn on the issue.  I got ticked every time we faced Nick Marshall or Tray Matthews (does Matthews have one more year?) but we play Auburn every year.  We don’t even play Bama this year unless we happen to meet them on the first weekend in December.  And that’s a LONG shot.

  233. Greg Poole

    If you have not seen/heard any of the. Chaney presser, you want to check it out. Links below and above.

  234. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole It is working now, “I just felt in my heart that I wanted to be a Bulldog and there was no need to waste any time. ”  Love it.

  235. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Greg Poole If you are up there at Lunch time check out the Marietta Diner, they have some very good food and their service is good too

  236. dsw61

    Bulldawg36 I really like Chaney’s philosophical approach to coaching. It what makes him easy to relate to.

  237. converted 1981

    Hobnailboot aka RobG DawgDaddy UNLESS the University Signs a 4 Year Scholarship – which most do NOT.  Then when the kid graduates the school he is graduating from should have ZERO decision on what he does with his 4th year of eligibility.

  238. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole  Hey, hey boss man.

    I’ll have two fried eggs over easy with buttered toast and some bacon

  239. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Greg Poole ahhh cheese eggs with HB scattered, smothered and peppered for me please

  240. dsw61

    AlphaDawg dsw61 Try this link

    Click on the “On Demand” button. Then find the “Bulldog Coaches Review First Week of Practice” video…currently the fourth video but changes as more videos are added.

  241. DawgDaddy

    dsw61 If they don’t do it this year (and I am not sold on them at all) they will become quiet again for quite a while.  After this year they lose their best players, so it is now or never as far as the foreseeable future goes.

  242. Jay2033

    Valdosta’s Zacoby McClain OLB should be up there. He’ll be up there in the end I bet.

  243. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    dsw61 There’s a reason they are called Volunteers…….no one good enough to get paid

  244. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG Not sure why he had the on again/off again relationship with us but I wish him the best.  He and LeCount would have been an awesome pair back there.

  245. dsw61

    Hilarious reading some Vol fans defending all the 3* verbal commits Butch Jones has secured this year. One fan said “Butch knows what he’s doing”. As if he’s purposely passing on 4* and 5* for 3*. Some of their fans actually believe that Butch can do a better job coaching up 3* than Saban and Meyer can do coaching up their 4* and 5* players.

  246. Bulldawg36

    It looked like Isaiah mcgenzie & Holyfield were the fastest on the team. Mcgenzie can turn that corner. He is one quick Dawg

  247. Bulldawg Bob2

    GHSA Football – Class AAAAAA Preseason All-State

    QB –, Houston Co.
    RB – Sprayberry
    RB –, Creekside
    RB –, Northgate
    WR –, Brunswick
    WR –, Houston Co.
    WR/TE –, Valdosta
    OL –, Brunswick
    OL –, Lanier
    OL –, Stephenson
    OL –, Glynn Academy
    OL –, Houston Co.
    K –, Allatoona
    ATH –, Glynn Academy

    DE –, Lanier
    DT –, Lee Co.
    DT –, Dacula
    DE –, Tucker
    LB –, Lanier
    LB –, Langston Hughes
    LB –, Allatoona
    LB –, Lee Co.
    DB –, Stephenson
    DB –, Creekside
    DB  –, South Paulding
    DB –, Northside-WR
    P –, Glynn Academy

    – See more at:

  248. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Aye. That is where it appears he is headed to. He is originally from Louisiana; so, it makes sense.

  249. dsw61

    Liked Chaney’s comment on how the staff is telling I-Mac to tone down the jabbering and let his on field play do the talking.

  250. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Got to remember that when Kirby has the public’s ear, he’ll take that opportunity to motivate players in “subtle” and “not so subtle” ways.

  251. Bulldawg36

    Surprised he would say that about Bellamy. Just not sold on Carter. Something happened to him after his freshmen year. I believe Natrez will be our best LB if he can stay healthy

  252. Bulldawg Bob2

    Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney has track record of adjusting to running back injuries | by Jason Butt | The Telegraph 

    ” ‘Now, it is disappointing, certainly because I think Sony is a super football player,” Chaney said. “And there were specific installation plays that I’ve slowed down and pushed back a little bit, depending on his health. But at the end of the day, I feel comfortable Sony will be back and he’ll be ready to roll and I’m excited about it. I love the kid. I love his spirit. I love his attitude. Things happen, man, they happen. You move on. It’s not for me to worry about too much.’ ”

  253. Bulldawg36

    Yeah we sat in the shade too. No way we would have lasted in the sun for 3 and half hours. I got in the door at 1:30…just to get in the shade. Hope you had a great time dawg link? Did you go with family?

  254. DawgLink

    Agreed. It was as hot as fire Saturday. We sat in the 600 section as close to the 50 as possible. The 600 is shaded

  255. Bulldawg36

    Holly smokes!!! It was so hot at fan day!!!!!! Don’t know how the players lasted!! Looks like Chuks Amachi was first team and Lo Carter was 2nd team. It might not mean nothing but it could. Amachi is underrated!!!!

  256. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    DawgDaddy Hobnailboot aka RobG I agree, once the kid graduates he should be free to transfer where he pleases.

  257. DawgDaddy

    Hobnailboot aka RobG I can too really, I just think being a graduate should give the kids leverage in these cases.

  258. DawgDaddy

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Morning Rob, seems everyone has an opinion on this one.  I like this writers thought.

  259. Greg Poole

    Avg. tenure for SEC West coaches is 5.86 seasons vs. 1.29 for the SEC East

  260. Greg Poole

    Good Morning! I have to go to Marietta this morning. Bob will be along shortly to bring the shock and awe.