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UGA Recruiting Daily 11-August-2016

No.56 Fred Hansard (photo Fred Hansard - Twitter)
No.56 Fred Hansard
(photo Fred Hansard – Twitter)


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CLASS: 2017
Hun High School
Princeton, NJ


Coffeyville CC
(Graduated from DeSoto High School, KS)


CLASS: 2017
Poly Prep School
Brooklyn, NY



CLASS: 2018
Ridge View
Columbia, SC









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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

485 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 11-August-2016

  1. Doc R

    I had picked MM as my sleeper player for a potential Off. ROY with my son who likes to bet on such things.  Hope it’s not serious as his skill set with Brady at QB, I think he could put up some huge numbers in that offense.
    Back when Sheldon Richardson was drafter by the Jets, I told him that I felt like he would fit that D well, and he ended up with Def. ROY—-he bet $20 on that in the preseason, and won like 600 or so—forget the exact odds, but anyway, told him to do the same with Gurley—paid off for him, and MM this year.  Hope he is OK as he seems like a great kid and role model for our youth.

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    biggityben GaSoldier  That is actually good news considering how bad it looked. Thanks for the update Biggity

  3. Bulldawg Bob2

    Joe Dawg Thanks for the update Joe. Aye. I talked with Murray Poole and he said the same thing and reports are he is going to A-OK. Good news. That was a really scary moment

  4. Joe Dawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  Was there tonight. Scary for a while but RL III was back on sideline in the 3rd quarter.

  5. Bulldawg Bob2

    revtizzy GaSoldier  Agree. Awful for that to happen to anyone, but just tears at your heart for it to happen to MM in his first preseason game no less. But you are right Rev, he’ll come back from it.

  6. Bulldawg Bob2

    revtizzy Aye Rev. Talking with Murray, most schools will have their first game next weekend except for those have have a bye week during the first week.

  7. freddawg

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2

    I believe, but not certain, that being knocked unconscious is a concussion by definition.


    Where I was this afternoon. Went to visit my mom and grand parents graves today. How did chandler look at tackle.

  9. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2 Yeah. He said he couldn’t tell for sure what happened from his view in the press box, but LeCounte went down for a block is when he got knocked out.

  10. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG I’m guessing he got knocked out since they were so worried about injury, may have caught a crown of a helmet under his facemask

  11. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Bulldawg Bob2  No doubt. Murray said that the report from the hospital said he didn’t even have a concussion which is even better news.

  12. JaxDawg

    Really sucks man, I’m not surprised. It seems like some of our players have had bad luck with injuries. Hope it’s nothing serious

  13. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 good to see they were cautious and went the extra mile to make sure he is alright

  14. WillieWalden

    Hate this part of the game… Great young man I’m sure he’ll bounce back whatever the injury is

  15. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  Me too DawgLink. Both Malcolm and Chris Conley. Just two outstanding receivers, football players, students, and men.

  16. Bulldawg Bob2

    Just got an email from Murray Poole on Richard LeCounte

    “Just got report he was released from hospital with no serious injuries. Maybe just sore neck, not sure. Looked bad when it happened cause stopped game nearly 30 minutes on first series.”

    About to talk to him about what happened. We’ll have that audio up later on tonight and for tomorrow.

  17. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hopefully it’s nothing serious and he can enjoy his Sr year in HS like a normal kid

  18. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole brother Greg – you know I live up here, Wake Forest no longer Affiliated with Baptist Church -I am not Baptist but my understanding is that the Church left the University —  The Hospital is still called Wake Forest Baptist — I always pull for them as they only have 3,500 students.  Very good school.

  19. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12  LOL tm.

    We’ve been talking about the LeCounte injury down below and from several of the pics in the Tweets, it looks like he was being well taking care of … although the EMTs almost turned the stretcher over as they got ready to put him in the ambulance.

  20. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG RumRunnerDoogie freddawg pretty much describes me to a T

  21. freddawg

    RumRunnerDoogie  He did a joke (true story I think) about having his tires changed at the tire shop.  Drove about a block and one of his wheels fell off.  He said the tire change mechanic was absent for “lug nut day”.

  22. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie Hobnailboot aka RobG i made that mistake, the dreaded “flip them over to see if the straps worked”

  23. Greg Poole

    RumRunnerDoogie When I was 16 the legal age in SC was 18 and there was no such thing as a photo ID. An easily manufactured draft card was all the proof one needed.

  24. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg Bulldawg Bob2  No way. Wow. 

    I dreaded IV training for contrast procedures; not because I had a fear of needles or shots …. they don’t bother me; but I did have a fear of some of my fellow students when we got to having to perform the procedure on each other.

    Some of those folks had shaky hands!

  25. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  Kind of funny, I did actually have a bad experience volunteering for an ATLS (advanced trauma life support) class many years ago.  Ended up with a dilated pupil for two weeks because they used the wrong eye drops.

  26. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole 10-4 and thanks for sharing the report.

    Hopefully, LeCounte will be OK. Those are all good signs.

  27. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG ….LeCounte is OK from the hit he sustained during the scrimmage but will need seaon ending shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff he sustained from being dumped out of a stretcher ####……that’s luck like I have

  28. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 Hobnailboot aka RobG  Just FYI for any of those that decide to go to school to work in the healthcare industry as a healthcare professional.

    During your ER rotation, do  not volunteer to be the “patient” during backboard training.

  29. Greg Poole

    I just talked to Murray who is in the press box at the game in Brunswick. He said that when LeCounte was on the stretcher he was moving his hands and talking to people. 

    Bob, Murray is going to call you later when he gets a report from the hospital. If you have enough material you might want to do a little post for tomorrow morning. You might just record what Murray has to say and posted SoundCloud

  30. freddawg

    RumRunnerDoogie  lol, you’ve been stealing Ron White’s material.  But a good paraphrase nonetheless.

  31. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG I was wondering if anyone caught that at the end. It’s funny but not really you know.

  32. Bulldawg Bob2

    dawgmum Yes it is. He’s not supposed to be moving around and doing that, but it is still good to see.

  33. freddawg

    RumRunnerDoogie freddawg Bulldawg Bob2 I couldn’t remember for sure, just that it was a very scary for about 5 minutes.  Hopefully RL will be up and about soon.

  34. RumRunnerDoogie

    freddawg Bulldawg Bob2 he just had a really bad concussion, it causes the muscles to tense like it did with him

  35. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Who was the georgia db that got momentarily “paralyzed” a few years ago?  Was it Rambo?

  36. Bulldawg Bob2

    Keep in mind folks, that the trainers and medical staff will keep his head still with this type trauma. He will have a neck brace put on and be immobilized on a backboard until a c-spine trauma protocol is performed on him at an ER by docs and multiple x-rays to determine if he has any injury to the c-spine.

  37. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole That sounds somewhat reassuring if he’s actually moving his arms.

  38. Greg Poole

    Terrible news from Murray Poole in Brunswick:
    Game stopped on first series. Richard lecounte down with what looks like serious neck injury trying to throw a block. Still waiting on emt’s.

  39. dawgmum

    Hobnailboot aka RobG dawgmum It’s reported that another player accidentally kneed him in the head. He’s moving his arms and legs. EMTs are there now.

  40. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    dawgmum Hobnailboot aka RobG hopefully he just got knocked out and only has a concussion, I pray it’s not a spinal injury

  41. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG  I think there was a perfect storm of circumstances that led up to Tim Kimbrough’s situation at UGA which led him to the point of having to leave or be dismissed from the team.

    Not sure we will know the whole complete story, at least in the immediate future, but aye RobG. It doesn’t look good in regard to Kimbrough’s side of the story.

  42. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Yes. Watching the UP channel through my phone …. got it propped up on a clip next to the computer monitor lol.  Just have the sound off so I don’t get so distracted from work lol

  43. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    good evening Dawg Nation!!, I just read an article that doesn’t paint Kimbrough in a very good light IMO, If it is true then I know why he was asked to transfer or leave

  44. RobDawg

    Are you watching the Atlanta broadcast? I think these are local announcers on what we are watching and not Theisman

  45. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie rugbydawg79 yup as did japan. GB is known a lot more for its 15s rugby instead of 7s

  46. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 rugbydawg79  So in other words, GBR had a heck of an Olympic run.

  47. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie rugbydawg79 put it nicely most people didnt expect great britain to make it out of pool play let alone the finals

  48. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 rugbydawg79  Ah  ……….  That helps it explain it.

  49. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 rugbydawg79 RumRunnerDoogie finals are 20 min matches. and Fiji is the best in the world. To put it into perspective Great Britain isnt probably a top 6 team in the world. USA is ranked 5th in the world but kinda fell flat in Rio.

  50. Bulldawg Bob2

    rugbydawg79 RumRunnerDoogie Did  I just read this Olympic Rugby score right?

    Fiji over Great Britain 43-7 in the gold medal match?

  51. Bulldawg Bob2

    rugbydawg79 No doubt. Harris is a mean blocker and Blazevich can block as well as catch. I just hope to see the TEs used more as receivers than they were last year.

  52. rugbydawg79

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2  RRD  I wonder if Coach Belichek was watching any of those 6 7  270lb  Fijians  that can flat out run –as Fiji destroyed Great Britain to win the Gold  !

  53. Richmondawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Move to Virginia and it would be…..Can’t make any promises on the heat though…going to be at least 95 through Tuesday

  54. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  The battle of the remotes will wage across the homes and couches of the US tonight as couple vie for control of the clicker.

  55. RobDawg

    Glad you mentioned it or I would have only watched olympics tonight. Now I can make Mrs RobDawg mad as I am switching back and forth

  56. Bulldawg Bob2

    One position I am curious about is full back. Who are the two guys that are going to be that head knock’n, mean son-of-gun, I’ll knock your cleats off blockers for our tailbacks this season?

  57. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  You and me both RobDawg. I weighed maybe 135 soaking wet with pads on in high school. Worked out really hard and took full advantage of the meal plan at UGA and gained 20 lbs my freshman year.

    Now, I am the size of a hefty full back 🙂

  58. RobDawg

    Funny thing is I remember drinking these awful supplement chalky weight gain mixes my dad used to make me drink with milk in late 70s when I was about 9-10 playing youth football to gain weight. Now I got no problem in that department.

  59. DawgByte

    Wow the heat index was 128 degrees in Sanford stadium for last Saturday’s open practice. There’s some good nuggets in this video report from Chip & Seth.
    Check it out:

  60. Bulldawg Bob2

    Wish the Redskins vs. Falcons preseason game was on TV tonight.

    Wouldn’t mind watching some former Bulldawgs compete.

    Arty Lynch and Chris Mayes are both on the Falcons’ roster, and Kedric Golston and Keith Marshall are on the Redskins’.

    Maybe it is live streamed online somewhere …… hmmmmmm

  61. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 freddawg Thanks Bob.  Looks like all the charges were dismissed with good behavior, and a couple months early to boot.   Looks like the wheels of justice grind faster in some cases than others.

  62. converted 1981

    Bulldawg Bob2 freddawg I have a GREAT pic for just this sort of thing with tenn.  Unfortunately borderline pic for BI.  Can send it directly to anyone that wants to see it – Guaranteed to get a WTF and a Laugh out of you – just can Not post it on here.  Let me know.

  63. Bulldawg Bob2

    And more news out of LSU 

    “ ‘Yeah, Popeyes was putting a lot of weight on me,’  Dural ”
    “ ‘I went home one day, and my mom was like, ‘Man, you look stuffed. So, that’s when I knew it was time for change. I was almost 230 pounds in the spring, and I played at 203 last year. ‘ ”

  64. freddawg

    Tennessee reinstates their new DT Alexis Johnson, who was convicted of, I believe, felony assault and some kind of imprisonment charge last spring.  His charges were lowered to misdemeanor assault and imprisonment was dismissed as long as he kept his nose clean for 6 months, which coincidentally was about the amount of time until fall practice began.  Then his lawyer apparently pushed for an early ruling by a student judiciary committee to get him approved for reinstatment earlier than the October date that had been mentioned earlier.  

    Those are just my rough take on a complicated set of dealings which resulted in newfound DT depth for UT.  Could be inaccurate on the exact details of what transpired, but it all fits within a familiar pattern, IYAM.

  65. Bulldawg Bob2

    “LSU sophomore wide receiver tweeted Thursday he is transferring.

    Johnson, who prepped at Warren Easton High School, played in nine games and caught nine passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns last season.

    LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette confirmed Johnson’s decision and said the school has given him a release.”

  66. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  A lot of throws and grappling to take down the ground in Judo, especially in competition level Judo at that level.

  67. RobDawg

    Watching Olympic judo which looks to me to be Greco Roman wrestling just not in the tights. I was thinking I would see some kicks or something

  68. RobDawg

    That was a comment Kirby made a week or so ago as an analogy of past habits and work ethic I think.

  69. Greg Poole

    True freshman cornerback C.J. McWilliams has a torn ACL and will miss the season according to his high school coach, Tim Neal. McWilliams was not at Thursday’s practice.
    He is one of three cornerbacks the Gators signed in their 2016 class and was expected to see the field in some capacity as a freshman.
    With him out, Florida now has seven players in the secondary who can play cornerback this season.

  70. Greg Poole

    Coordinator Jim Chaney’s dilemma is deciding whether to stick with senior Greyson Lambert, who won 10 games as a starter, or hand the offense over to freshman Jacob Eason, who is raw but can make throws most college quarterbacks can’t. If Nick Chubb (knee) and Sony Michel (arm) can return healthy from injuries, the running game will take pressure off the quarterbacks. The front seven is young, and new head coach Kirby Smart will miss the depth he left behind on defense at Alabama. If Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy can rush the passer nearly as well as Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins, the veteran secondary should allow the Bulldogs to fluster opponents’ passing games.

  71. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Hmmmmm …. don’t know.

    Greg Poole have you noticed Rochester’s shoes? 🙂

  72. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgDaddy Hey DawgDaddy. Pretty good. Although, I’ve got a mad craving for some pulled pork because the smell from a local BBQ joint has drifted all the way over to my house.

  73. RobDawg

    You deserve one though. I know for a fact that you were on the job around 1:30 this morning cause you were responding to me

  74. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Hey, hey RobDawg. You finally get settled down last night from your day and able to catch some winks?

  75. Bulldawg Bob2

    GaSoldier  John Atkins, when healthy, should be the starter at nose, and freshman Julian Rochester looks to be holding his own in practice in place of Atkins while he has been hurt.

    Trenton Thompson and DaQuan Hawkins are the two other “veterans” on the d-line. Freshmen Tyler Clark and Michail Carter have looked good in practice.

    Michael Barnett coming off the edge along with Jonathan Ledbetter. David Marshall will push for playing time and then a lot of people forget about redshirt freshman Justin Young.

    There are talent and athleticism to boot on the d-line this year, but a lot of it is young and inexperienced.

  76. BroDawg

    GaSoldier Agree.. my thought is, even if it were as close as KS has said…. go with the future and build from there. I mean if it is even…. but I have a feeling there is a lot of smoke and mirrors to not do NC any favors.. Let them prepare for all 3 instead of narrowing the focus to just 1.

  77. GaSoldier

    You can say the same about Rochester. He has some unnecessary fat. Conditioning would be an issue

  78. freddawg

    GaSoldier Carter sounds like he’s in the best shape of the freshmen.  But when you compare  his arms to the upperclassmen, you definitely notice the difference a year makes.  I’m guessing he’ll play, but maybe not regular rotation early on.

  79. Greg Poole

    GaSoldier I saw and spoke to John for a minute yesterday as I was leaving Butts-Mehre. He has no limp or issue walking – looks like he be back shortly.

  80. GaSoldier

    I think the big questions are at Dline. I have no clue besides Adkins (if healthy) and Thompson.

  81. rugbydawg79

    freddawg rugbydawg79 GaSoldier was a great on defense – it would be so tempting to put him at Star and let him roam

  82. freddawg

    rugbydawg79 GaSoldier I know Woerner is strictly a TE, but he seems like a guy that could play about 4 positions in a pinch.  Good blocker, good receiver, good runner, good tackler.  Just an incredibly agile athlete for a big man.

  83. GaSoldier

    Yes sir Nauta is SEC ready already. We’re blessed with the TE’s. Hope we will take advantage. Woerner will blow right past you, he has deceptive speed. He burnt my high school team.

  84. AlphaDawg

    GaSoldier Forgot about Chig. I dunno. Just have a feeling Ridley is like his brother and is a major threat and can’t find a reason to sit him. 

    All are going to be rotation and we’re blessed. Godwin is the only one I could say is cemented in

  85. AlphaDawg

         Mackenzie  Ridley     Catalina Wynn Kubs Gilliard Pyke     Blaze                 Godwin

  86. GaSoldier

    When it comes to it, I think he wants the best cover guys on the field who can also make a tackle. Fenteng from what I’ve seen is ok

  87. Greg Poole

    freddawg  The video is not behind their pay-wall, right?

    Does he have sources he doesn’t trust? JK

    I have contended all along that Eason is the man. If one were reading tea leaves one could see Rusty’s report as the start of conditioning the fanbase for Eason’s take-over. 

    Here is another point of interest. One of the pay-sites posted a video of Eason receiving “assistance” from a trainer. They were contacted by UGA and asked to take it down. Think about that one — why get it taken down?

  88. freddawg

    GaSoldier What about Fenteng?  I haven’t heard his name much, but he seems to fit Kirby’s mold.  Maybe wishful thinking on my part that we’ll finally have a JUCO db pan out.

  89. GaSoldier

    Briscoe and Parish I think will start at corners with Baker coming in as well. McGraw will shift in at safety too. Interesting to see about Smith if he is granted a transfer

  90. freddawg

    GaSoldier Other than qb, defensive backfield seems most up in the air.  No doubt Tucker and Smart will want to transform that group to their own likes.  Other than Sanders, it should be a big battle for spots back there.

  91. GaSoldier

    Alright we’re three weeks out and I’m getting pumped! Any predictions out here on the starting Defense and Offense. Got to keep busy talking something until Sept 3rd

  92. freddawg

    Rusty Mansell has a youtube interview on 247 where he says sources he trusts tell him Eason has really upped his game in the last 3 practices.

  93. Greg Poole

    Got this text from a friend and reader today:
    “Was at Tech on Tuesday and drove by the practice fields while locating a parking space. Team was working both inside and on the outside fields. What was odd was gates were open and no security so anyone could walk in and watch or take pictures. Guess the genius is either so confident in his offense he doesn’t care if people see it or more likely no one cares as they travel into obscurity so it’s not worth closing the gates or paying security.”

  94. GaSoldier

    I believe the team with the most sound defense wins the East. If we can stay healthy on offense we can put up points. I’m interested to see how our defense plays.

  95. RobDawg

    Agree with Greg that it won’t happen. Some traditions need to just continue if nothing else for sake of tradition

  96. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg dawgmum While it is true to some extent, that depth and an over abundance at a position on a team can have an impact on where a prospect decides to play, that is not true all of the time and it varies for each position. 

    Nick Chubb and Sony Michel committed to UGA when Todd Gurley was on the roster.

    Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien signed with the Dawgs even though Chubb and Michel are here.

    As Greg Poole stated, there is an awareness now for young running backs that may not have been there 15 years ago, or even 10, that being able to share the load equates to staying healthier and increasing their longevity in being able to play football at a high level.

    That, and talented players that are serious about competing …. they don’t mind the competition.

  97. Greg Poole

    Scott Sinclair is a lot different than Hocke at practice. Hockey was constant chatter, Sinclair is constant vigilance.

  98. freddawg

    Greg Poole I  read that Carter asked for fewer carries in HS to limit the toll, don’t know if that’s true.  Hopefully they all understand that even 3 great RB’s is not too many.

  99. Greg Poole

    freddawg dawgmum – Running backs know that they need to be in a situation where coaches are not tempted to run them 30 times per game. They have all gotten the message about the short shelf life of RBs in the league.

  100. JaxDawg

    I’m excited we are getting Jamyest back on campus this Saturday before he decides! I hope we can pull him and Gibbs and call it a day!

  101. freddawg

    dawgmum Bulldawg Bob2 My “fear” is that Holyfield shows out so much this year that he influences either Carter or Swift’s decision.

  102. AlphaDawg

    dawgmum Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg If Penn State wasn’t in a slump with Franklin right now, I would have it less. But it seems they’re having trouble with recruiting him

  103. dawgmum

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg dawgmum I’m going with AlphaDawgs guess on this one. I like that number better. ##

  104. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg dawgmum Yup. I stuck with 80 when he didn’t visit Bama. I always leave 10% for “anything can happen” with recruiting.

  105. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg dawgmum So far, especially since spring, everything is pointing towards Swift picking Georgia.

    Percentage wise …. I’d say I’m over 75% confident and feeling good he will do so, but as always, recruiting, she can be a fickle lady.

  106. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg But we all know how package deals normally end up, so I’m not holding my

  107. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole He wants to whoop an SEC school and then tell them all the secrets. He’s going to make UGA’s life miserable one day if he’s on the East or at Auburn.

  108. dawgmum

    Bulldawg Bob2 What’s your gut on that one? Feeling pretty good? (Percentages of probability of committing to UGA welcomed.)

  109. freddawg

    ronaldo77  They’ve sort of painted themselves into a corner, financially and talent wise.

  110. ronaldo77

    freddawg As much trouble as they are in now, just wait till they fire CPJ and go back to a traditional offense. They will be eaten alive for the next 3 years at least after him. Those 230 Lbs OLinemen will get destroyed

  111. Score Check

    freddawg Score Check
    I understand your point and do not totally disagree, but they are in a power 5 conference.  I have always felt our scheduling issues stem from playing uf in Jacksonville every year.  McGarity (sp?) has made it abundantly clear that’s not going to change under his watch.

  112. Bulldawg Bob2

    TtownDawg  Aye. They are, at least as far as SEC teams like Auburn, Bama, Florida, LSU and Tennessee. State of Texas football is the same way. We just happen to be focused in on Georgia because we are such big Bulldawg fans; so, it seems like the spotlight is brighter on UGA.

  113. freddawg

    Score Check  The only reason I enjoy beating Tech is because their fans are so obnoxious.   But for the sake of our program as a national contender and recruiter, I’d much rather have the scheduling flexibility.

  114. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg Greg Poole  I understand where you are coming from Fred, that freeing up the game versus GT would enable Georgia to schedule a more high profile national opponent.

    It definitely has its pros and cons, but Old Fashioned Hate Week and the Bugs vs the Dawgs is a rivalry game that has too much tradition as well as financial implications for that to probably happen.

    I maybe a little biased, though, because I look forward to the Bulldawgs putting as much of a hurt’in on the North Avenue Trades School.

  115. freddawg

    Score Check 
    No doubt GT would hate to lose the game.  The dream of beating Georgia gives their fan base a reason to exist.

  116. Score Check

    Greg Poole freddawg
    I agree it won’t happen.
    When played in atl its a cash cow for their struggling program.

  117. freddawg

    Greg Poole dsw61 A few years ago, Rolling stones excluded UGA from the list of best party schools in the country.  They explained that professional partiers couldn’t be included in a list of amateurs.  That’s obviously the case here.

  118. freddawg

    Greg Poole 

    If I was Kirby, which you may have guessed I’m not, I’d start a campaign to end playing them every year.  It’s a bad subject for our fans, but there are so many good things we could do with that extra game.  Penn State and Pittsburgh did it and I doubt they regret it now.

  119. dsw61

    Greg Poole I think there’s a slide missing…I didn’t see any of Tennessee’s freshman listed.

  120. Greg Poole

    freddawg  It started when he was hired. It just took a minute to the talent to drain away.

  121. freddawg

    I hate to write an opponent off, especially a historically important rival, but does anybody get the feeling Georgia Tech is in a state of terminal decline under Paul Johnson?  Their recruiting is really starting to drag.  The new has worn off and his scheme is just not attracting enough talent on either side.

  122. freddawg

    Greg Poole LOL, that was pretty terse.  I think what he meant to say is this issue formally closed.

  123. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Her is one of his statements from the AP that may just be The most telling…

    “”In the spring I earned my starting job,” he said.”

  124. Frankly

    Kirby seems to want to get away from the 250lb ILB due to all of the spread offenses. Natrez had to cut his weight down to be able to play every down.

  125. PTCDawg

    dsw61 AlphaDawg I wish my girls would have that attitude. They both felt like they were having to ‘settle’ for UGA, which really kind of pissed me off. Thankfully it wasnt TOO long before they realized how fortunate they were to be there.

  126. freddawg

    PTCDawg DawgByte JaxDawg

    I’d like to see what he can do there.  Seems to have the size and speed for it, just a matter if he’s ready to be a physical presence in the middle.

  127. PTCDawg

    DawgByte JaxDawg I like the Chuks answer too because of the size. Taylor is listed at 214, Amaechi at250. Dont see Rankin, ONeal or Laguins stepping in to that 4th ILB spot. And we still have plenty of studs at OLB.

  128. bahits

    Greg Poole If he doesn’t get UGA now, Tennessee will quickly fall behind us in the overall record as I don’t think they will be beating us the next few years.

    I just hope they get that crappy field fixed before we play them again up in volnut land.  Injuries are part of the game, but there is no need to unnecessarily contribute to it with a sorry field.

  129. 1mandawgpack

    freddawg Greg Poole  I agree.  It’s definitely an unneeded distraction this close to the beginning of the season, but if he walked off the practice field for no reason and already had several “strikes” against him (which I’m guessing was the case given the bowl suspension last year and missing some of Spring practice due to academic issues), he effectively forced CKS to make a decision regarding the impact of this behavior on the rest of the team.

  130. freddawg

    bahits Yeah, this quote puts things in a different light.  TK’s earlier comments made it sound like he chose to leave.  But if he repeatedly bucked the staff’s authority to the point of becoming a distraction, then this is best for all concerned.

  131. bahits

    freddawg Greg Poole yep.  I have always liked Kimbrough and hate to think that of him, but his chemistry and the new staff apparently didn’t mix.   I wish the best for him.

  132. freddawg

    Greg Poole That makes it sound like an accumulation of factors that just came to a head, and Kirby made the decision.

  133. Greg Poole

    Georgia senior linebacker Tim Kimbrough said Thursday he will transfer to a Division II school after being forced off the team by coach Kirby Smart.
    “Coach told me he was going to kick me off the team or I had to transfer,” Kimbrough told The Associated Press in a phone interview.
    He said Smart’s edict came after Kimbrough left practice on Tuesday. Kimbrough did not say why he left practice, though he said, “I’m not injured.”

  134. Greg Poole

    I think the SEC East is in for a really close race this season. Florida, Georgia and Tennessee have very little separating themselves and I believe that the SEC East could come down to who wins the Tennessee/Georgia game.
    Only one game separates the Dawgs and the Vols in their all-time series as the Vols hold a one game edge. Recent history has been very kind to Georgia. Tennessee won the last game but Georgia has won 5 of the last 6 including 4 straight wins in the Athens.
    The road to the SEC East goes through Athens because that wonderful college town will be the host of the Tennessee/Georgia game in 2016. Is this the year that Butch Jones gets Tennessee to the top or will Kirby Smart take Georgia to a SEC East crown in his debut season.

  135. Greg Poole

    In this case, what’s best for a college graduate such as Smith should be decided by Smith and his family, but if someone’s going to decide what’s best for the SEC, better it be Greg Sankey than Saban.
    Sankey has made it clear he wants to be a commissioner who focuses first and foremost on the wants and needs of the student-athlete. Go back to his address at SEC Media Days when it only felt like he mentioned by name every single player in every single sport the conference offers.
    Here’s his chance to put his words into action with the whole college football world watching.
    First, he should grant Smith the waiver to play this season at Georgia. If, as an SEC statement on the matter said, he needs “circumstances that demonstrate a clear reason for granting an exception” to the league’s rule requiring intraconference transfers to sit out a year, how about these circumstances? A young man played by the rules and contributed to the league’s premier football program while earning his undergraduate degree in three years.
    You say you value education? You say a college degree is more important than a championship ring? Prove it. Smith’s the kind of student-athlete the SEC should be celebrating, not handcuffing.

  136. freddawg

    rugbydawg79 freddawg Bulldawg Bob2 GaSoldier

    Exactly.  I’m not sure they can transfer after school starts, but it would definitely be a concern after they have a copy of the latest playbook coaches have put together for the new season, or even worse, the game plan for that opponent.

  137. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 GaSoldier They probably will change the rule, but there may still be some limitations.  Suppose, for example, a quarterback waits as long as possible to see the new year’s playbook installed, and then decides to transfer to an upcoming opponent.  I can see why a coach would oppose that.

  138. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  You may be right, Bob.   That’s why I put in the disclaimer about not having the facts.  Kimbrough may have been suspended for part or even all of the season, for academic or disciplinary reasons.  If that’s the case, there wouldn’t be much Kirby could or should do to change his mind.

  139. Greg Poole

    DawgByte It’s actually 15-21 minutes,  but you’re right. Any media outlet that tries to draw broad conclusions from what is seen in, what amounts to, warm-up drills is playing games with its readers. Of course, refraining from doing so cuts down on click generating headlines. 
    You will not find anything in our practice reports that is not based on eyeball reality.

  140. DawgByte

    Greg Poole That’s why we have to take Practice Reports with a grain of salt. The media only gets 10 minutes, that’s not enough time to get a sense for what’s going on with all the position groups.

  141. Bulldawg36

    I did my friend!! Is the Kirby presser louder than the one on YouTube? I could barely hear it on YouTube

  142. DawgByte

    JaxDawg I was thinking Chuks Amechi would be a good candidate to move inside. He’s got the size and speed to play that position.

  143. DawgByte

    freddawg DawgByte I agree that every situation presents a learning experience. As I said last week, Kirby today is not going to be the same as Kirby at the end of Jan. 2017.

  144. Bulldawg Bob2

    I know some of you skip down through the content above to get on down here to the comments section to see what is being discussed and participate in the conversation, but if have missed any of our podcasts or the latest interviews from coaches and players, they are up top just above the comment section in a SoundCloud playlist. If you have never taken the opportunity to listen to the shows we produce on BD Illustrated ON-Air, I encourage you do so.

  145. Bulldawg Bob2

    GaSoldier   This is going to force the SEC to look at the grad transfer rule that they changed back in 2011 to be stouter than the NCAA mandate. South Carolina a couple of other schools tried to no avail to get the conference rule to match the NCAA rule back in 2014.

    Coaches and ADs see how Nick Sabana and Alabama looked in this situation and do not want to come across as being “bad guys” in the PR department; so, I strong feeling that if the proposal to change the rule is brought up in the offseason, it will get the support and votes this time in order for it to happen.

    But you are correct. The SEC doesn’t have to grant the waiver to Smith. Their are no special circumstances that we know of. However, it would be a PR nightmare for them.

  146. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Hopefully, cooler head will prevail. This is definitely emotional for him as he does love UGA.

  147. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg  Good post Fred, but I do not believe this was due to roster management; although, I could be wrong.

  148. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte AlphaDawg  Most players know, including the high school players, that when there is a coaching change, that it usually results in some players not being happy and deciding to transfer to another team.

    I don’t think it affects recruiting as much as say what happened with Maurice Smith at Alabama.

    I don’t think that is the whole story, but it is definitely part of it.

  149. 1mandawgpack

    GaSoldier  Our history with those who “regulate” us has been less than stellar (i.e., AJ Green, Gurley, etc.), so I certainly understand your reservations.  However, the NCAA and SEC at some point are going to be held accountable for “talking out of both sides of their mouths” and cannot in one breath say that they want what’s best for the student (who, by the way, also plays sports) and then continue with some of these ridiculous rules that put athletics first.  Fingers crossed.

  150. JaxDawg

    I keep forgetting we got Juwan Taylor. He played pretty well last year. I think Kirby will be able to move someone else inside to be a good reliever

  151. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg Correct Greg Poole . Kimbrough Sr. said Tim Jr. is transferring and Jr. has stated he is considering a D2 school so he doesn’t have to sit a year. He only has the one year of eligibility left.

  152. AlphaDawg

    GaSoldier LOL Possibility. I said it over and over, It’s hard to believe Saban has bowed to anyone.

  153. GaSoldier

    Got a feeling the SEC will not grant a transfer for Smith. Saban just did this, to clear his name. Him and SEC are working hand to hand.

  154. 1mandawgpack

    DawgByte AlphaDawg  DB, I’m actually ok posting his tweets.  It appears from one of them below he had a problem getting along with the current coaching staff.  I think most of the staff who came from ‘Bama realize that the quality and depth of talent, while good by the standards of most teams, aren’t at the same level as ‘Bama.  Accordingly, I would have to believe that this staff asked a few very simple requests of our current players and particularly, the upperclassmen:  buy into the system and go hard every rep (I.e., a play in practice, a rep in the weight room, etc.).  If he wasn’t doing those simple things (and we really don’t know, but can only guess based upon TK’s own tweet which indicated issues with the current coaching staff), then I don’t have a problem with him voluntarily leaving (or being asked to leave) and don’t think that will impact recruiting in a negative way.

  155. dawgmum

    1mandawgpack dsw61 AlphaDawg When my girls were at Georgia, we had a strict “we won’t drop in unexpected on you if you don’t drop in unexpected on us” rule.

  156. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 Good morning Bob. Probably a good idea to monitor the Kimbrough Tweets coming out. I don’t think it reflects well on him, coaches or team. Clearly the kid is bitter, so this doesn’t make for good recruiting material.

  157. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 AlphaDawg  Most college students’ worst nightmare (i.e., a surprise visit from parents after a hard night on the town socializing).

  158. freddawg

    DawgByte  Yeah, I didn’t mean to absolve Kimbrough of any of his shortcomings.  Just pointing out that Kirby may learn something here too.  He definitely has a learning curve in front of him.

  159. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 1mandawgpack Greg Poole  Agreed, but defenses are doing lots of things to try to confuse QBs ability to make reads by lining up in one formation and then shifting to the true formation/cover scheme at approximately the same time that the ball is being snapped.  QB is definitely a very hard, demanding job, but the ones who have spent the time honing their craft (Brady and Manning immediately come to mind) make it look easy.

    I’ve said on here time and time again, but part of our problem on offense last year had to do with the fact that we had athletes (IM, TG, etc.) playing WR and also not understanding and being able to read coverages.  As the game has evolved. the pattern that a WR runs on a particular play as called in the huddle or via an audible is a “strong suggestion” as they are supposed to modify those routes if the coverage is taking away that route.  That’s why it is so critical for the QB and WR to be reading the same thing and be on the same page, which I think added to the frustrations last year in attempting to throw the ball successfully.  I’ve given a number of examples during the Florida game where Bauta made the correct read and the WR or TE did not adjust the pattern, resulting in an interception or incompletion.  Part of the issue relates to the QBs and WR being comfortable with each other, which I’m hoping will improve in the current year based upon another year playing together and better development of players by coaches.

  160. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg Okay, it’s time to stop posting Kimbrough’s Tweets! It’s obvious he’s bitter and we don’t need our recruits seeing this stuff. He’s no longer on the team… time to move on.

  161. dsw61

    AlphaDawg dsw61 She’s an over achiever:) She’s getting letters of interest from all over. She just chucks them though. She has always liked the idea of going to UGA. Fine with me because we live so close and can visit anytime.

  162. DawgByte

    1mandawgpack freddawg This will no doubt force us to take someone from the outside and move them inside. Not a bad thing. It will also give R. Smith more PT, which is also a good thing.

  163. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Boy that’s music to my ears!!! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I think CMR and his DC’s were recruiting guys with not enough size at ILB. I like the SC model with guys like Ray Malaluga… huge players that can move, cover and clog the middle. I realize they’re not easy to find, but SC gets them every year.

  164. Greg Poole

    dawgmum I can not see why the League would object when the school has signed off. A conspiracy theorist might say that Bama made a deal with the SEC to get themselves off the hook – with the SEC becoming the bad guy….but I doubt that.

  165. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 AlphaDawg Happy thoughts my man!! If she’s getting into UGA you’ve raised a smart cookie.

  166. DawgByte

    freddawg To your comment about roster management, as a DC at Bama I’m sure Kirby had some input on defensive roster management. I think Kirby is a tremendous motivator based on coaches and former player comments. 
    Regarding Tim’s situation, I don’t think we’re ever going to know what happened, unless Tim uses social media to provide more details, however my guess is UGA has asked him to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Remember Kimbrough ran into some issues under the last coaching staff and was not available for the Bowl game. I honestly do not believe this is a Kirby Smart issue, but rather a Tim Kimbrough issue. I wish Tim all the best in the future. It’s time to move on with the guys we have on the roster.

  167. 1mandawgpack

    freddawg  Given where we are in terms of depth and number of players on the roster, I really wish we could have kept Kimbrough too as he was a senior and wouldn’t occupy a scholarship spot next year anyway.  However, much (if not most) of what CKS has brought to UGA resulted from his apprenticeship under Saban, and ‘Bama virtually never had an upperclassman on the roster who wasn’t contributing in a significant way (and not just a few special team plays per game as they put their best players on the field in all circumstances).  So, once CKS builds the depth that he desires (and hopefully does a bit better job in evaluating talent so that there are fewer “misses” who will progress through the program without significant contributions), I don’t see a lot of scenarios similar to Kimbrough’s going forward (i.e., in 2 to 3 years), but I agree with you that it might come back to bite us a bit later in the season depending on fatigue, injuries, etc. given our thin depth at many positions.

  168. dawgmum

    Greg Poole dawgmum Is it pretty certain they will give him the go ahead? The paper today (AJC. I know, I know) made it seem like it was iffy.

  169. dsw61

    1mandawgpack dsw61 Greg Poole I’ve made the point before that a large portion of NFL QBs throw to their first read due to the fact that they know where they’re going with the ball pre-snap. I’ve never played QB, but I understand concepts really well, and I don’t understand why a kid like Ramsey can’t figure it out by now. An argument can be made that Lambert hasn’t exactly figured it out either.

    In the Vandy game last year there was one play where Lambert gets under center and surveys the defense. Vandy’s safety is in the middle of the field. Lambert takes the snap, does a play action fake, turns around, and throws the ball to a receiver running a post pattern to the middle of the field. By the time Lambert turned around the safety was clearly dropping back. The ball was thrown directly to the safety, but somehow he dropped it. I don’t get how a QB doesn’t see the safety in that situation. Like I said, I’ve never played QB before though. On the surface it just seems like an easy concept to spot the safety, and if he’s cheating towards the area of the field your first read is suppose to run towards; then just forget about trying to make that throw and go to your second read, check it down, or just run.

  170. AlphaDawg

    Michael Pope This one is the most interesting to me… If actually true and not over-reacting, that should eliminate the depth chart conversation.

  171. freddawg

    Probably get some disagreement with this because it may be critical of Kirby (depending on a lot of facts I don’t know) but, after readiing a few articles,  I wonder if Kimbrough’s transfer was avoidable.  Some fans criticized CMR of being too loyal to upperclassmen, and pushed the “play the best man” idea.  That’s fairly simple to say, but complicated to actually do.  Upperclassmen, in addition to having the advantage of experience, do not like being passed on the depth chart, especially if they have NFL aspirations.  Some tend to disengage from the team once their dreams are dealt that kind of blow.  Maurice Smith and Tim Kimbrough are both possible examples of that.

    There are ways to keep less talented upperclassmen engaged, e.g., letting them start but work the backups into more playing time as the season progresses.  That irritates fans who want to see the new phenom play right away, but it pays dividends in team morale and a hierarchy that includes paying your dues over time.  There are trade offs either way, but it’s hard to deny that if Kimbrough could have been kept happy while still working younger guys into the lineup, we’d have better depth at ILB this season.

    Roster management is a new thing for Kirby and he may change the way he handles these things over time.  Keeping the more mature players motivated and engaged is important.

  172. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 Greg Poole AlphaDawg This is true, but how many kids are willing to transfer and start over with a new staff? Smith is a special situation given Kirby’s move and the previous relationship. It’s like your cable company or insurance company. You hate them, but you know the hassle of leaving is greater than just accepting them.

  173. Bansai buckeroo

    From his tweets he seemed like he was dealing with it but who knows what was really going on…. Well…I wish him good luck.

  174. Greg Poole

    dawgmum My guess is SEC will do it today. I’m sure everyone wants this thing to go away.

  175. dawgmum

    1mandawgpack dsw61 Greg Poole AlphaDawg Has he been cleared by the SEC yet? If not, any idea how long that will take?

  176. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 Greg Poole AlphaDawg  If you’ll look at Saban’s roster, historically he has not had juniors or seniors who are not playing extensively as he would have figured out a way to get rid of them much earlier so they’re not occupying a valuable scholarship position (a much different stance than UGA, which has publicly stated that our scholarships are for a 4 year term).  So, I don’t think this will impact him significantly.  Additionally, the young man seeking to transfer has played extensively and, through Spring, was projected as a starter, so a bit different fact pattern and likely an anomaly as the young man is transferring for some reason other than lack of playing time.

  177. Greg Poole

    dsw61 AlphaDawg  Could be but how many 5*s are sitting at Bama or elsewhere. The real key is that schools don’t own the players and they reserve the right to kick them off scholly at any time, without cause.  When it is a five-year deal with no cuts (except for cause), I will be more sympathetic.

  178. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 Greg Poole  His pretty passes have a tendency to look great through the air on the way to a player in a different color jersey.  I don’t know if he has trouble reading defenses or doesn’t put in the time to study and break-down film, but a QB like Tom Brady knows where his throw is going on the vast majority of plays when he steps to the line of scrimmage and reads the defense.  His ability to apply the mental aspects of the game is why he rarely gets sacked (and has an extremely high completion percentage and QB rating) even though he’s not mobile and typically doesn’t have the highest paid offensive linemen, WR or RB in the league.

    In my opinion, that’s the part that we as fans (myself included) miss in applying our armchair QB extensive knowledge of FB in attempting to determine who is the most capable QB as many get hung up on the “pretty throws” that happen in a practice or spring game.  What we need is the QB who possesses both skillsets (e.g., Aaron Murray), which I’m hoping the current coaching staff will continue to develop.

  179. dsw61

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg I think Saban knows that if he starts allowing grad transfers, he’ll end up with depth chart issues as more and more 5* who aren’t starting will be looking for a way to leave.

  180. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole That is why I wanted Manac to get ILB reps. He has the size and athleticism to give some serious thump!

  181. godawgs678

    I’m assuming Kimbrough left because of losing ground on the depth chart? I haven’t read a whole lot about it, but going from the leading returning tackler to the 4th or 5th option at ILB has to be tough. My feeling is Mel and Kirby want 3 down linebackers who have the ability to cover a little bit. That’s where Tim was a liability. He will always be a DGD. Wish him success in his future endeavors!

  182. dsw61

    Greg Poole dsw61 Yeah, some kids just don’t have the intellectual curiosity at their position to excel. Most people call it lazy, but my experience has been that some kids just aren’t interested enough in what they’re doing to learn their position to the max.

  183. Greg Poole

    Georgia’s lost 20 pounds to get more explosive. Davis said he spends time participating in defensive-back drills to create faster hip movement and more quickness on the balls of his feet. Coaches harp on endless cone drills to improve quickness.
    “As much as it changes, it stays the same,” Smart said. “I promise you, if you ask LSU what they’d rather not face, it’s that big, physical presence in there that they gotta go up and block and hit their fullback with.
    “That’s what we’re trying to recruit to. You want to have enough space players in your linebacking corps, but you better have some thump.”

  184. converted 1981

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole My wife likes the commercial with the ladies sitting by the pool and the husbands attempting to use the net as a pole vault…… OUCH!

  185. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg On the most basic level, Saban is acting as if player are property. A terrible message, that.

  186. Bulldawg36

    Yup. Also it’s not like losing smith is gonna hurt Bama..because it’s not. They’re so deep they won’t even know he’s gone.

  187. Greg Poole

    dsw61 He is the best athlete of the three – by far. The light just has not gone on for him yet – maybe it will.


    Morning everyone in McDonough this morning nice to be back in God’s country. Heading up to Toccoa in a few. Terrible news on Kimbrough wish him the best. Time to GATA and #ATD! check in later. GO DAWGS!

  189. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 If I was guessing it would be the PR. Looks bad for recruiting, especially to the parents. Basically telling a parent, hey your kid earned their degree, but I don’t care, I don’t want to risk an advantage and your kid is just another number on my roster.

  190. dsw61

    Greg Poole I’m still a fan of how Ramsey throws the football. Very smooth. Good sync. Nice shoulder tilt and follow through.

  191. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg Yeah I’m not sure Saban should have let it go this far. The rule, imo will be changed now. 

    However, I’m still weary on the idea Saban isn’t benefiting from this…

  192. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 I haven’t watched much of his film but he was rated a high 4star DB and has been in rotation at Bama for 3 years. I would think he’s talented enough and holds an edge over some of the other DBs just because he knows Kirby’s book.

  193. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36  Starting doesn’t matter in today’s game, anyway. He will add high quality depth to the rotation.

  194. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg It could be a significant positive since he was willing to go through all of that public crap to play for Kirby

  195. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Does he actually say he’s transferring though? I haven’t heard that, just that he’s not going to be at UGA any longer.

  196. TtownDawg

    1Dawg under God  Good morning!  I’m in a state of semi-shock with the news of Kimbrough leaving as well as not being a morning person to boot.

  197. AlphaDawg

    Rusty’s video regarding M. Smith is intriguing. He states that he fully expects Smith to come in and start game one even after missing UGA camp. I wonder how that would impact our CB recruiting if any at all? Is he a one and done?

  198. freddawg

    It’s just a piece of clothing with a different dye.  If the players and fans like the look, why not wear them once a year.  Not too often because red is UGA’s color, but avoiding black jerseys for any other reason is silly.

  199. dsw61

    Looks like Florida lost a RG for the season with a knee injury. Their OL depth is similar to Georgia’s DL depth. A lot of freshman and Sophomores.

  200. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Glad for the Young Man – HE EARNED his right.  To bad he is not an ILB with Kimbrough leaving – lol.  Don’t be to greedy Wayne.

  201. converted 1981

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole My position has been as long as the Players EARN it then give them the privilege one game – EARNING it is the operative word.  The players did Not earn the right against the Gumps and we know the result.  Prove it on the field so you are ready when the other team takes offense.

  202. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole As long as they wear UGA colors I don’t get excited about it.  I understand that the recruits & players like it so that makes it ok with me.