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UGA Recruiting Daily 13-July-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect – Christian Tutt
Christian Tutt
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#2 Junior CB FS
Thomson High School
Thomson, GA


#17 Senior WR SS
North Springs High Varsity Football
Atlanta, GA


#55 Junior T DT
Houston County High School
Warner Robins, GA


#70 Junior T G
Woodland High School
Stockbridge, GA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

367 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 13-July-2016

  1. 1mandawgpack

    dentaldawg 1mandawgpack RumRunnerDoogie dsw61  Agreed, and my point was that putting up big numbers in some of those mickey-mouse offenses really doesn’t do much for QBs.  TL has the size and intangibles to play on Sunday, and what he needs is to learn how to read defenses and execute in a pro-style offense as spread offenses just don’t work in the NFL.

  2. 1mandawgpack

    DawgDaddy granger35  The talk isn’t even given their offensive identity, the talk is even given the caliber of WRs that they have signed in the past (Watkins) and have committed in the future.  I could see where that would be attractive to a QB and frankly, don’t understand why, other than our perceived identity as a run-first team, we haven’t gotten more high-profile WRs, particularly after AJ Green’s time at UGA and given how popular he is in the NFL as well as the caliber of QB that we’re bringing in with Eason and Fromm.  However, Clemson also has some really good QBs currently on campus and committed, so that certainly can’t be hurting them in attracting high-caliber WR.

  3. 1mandawgpack

    dsw61 RumRunnerDoogie  Well, I grew up with and am good friends with Charlie Ward.  While Richt was the OC at FSU, they never really had a reputation as having mobile QBs.  While Charlie actually didn’t run that much, he ran just enough to cause issues for DCs planning for games and LBs and safties trying to cover multiple threats during games.  My point is this – most great OCs will figure out a way to highlight a great QBs strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  While I certainly believe that TL would be a better fit in a pro-style offense, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Clemson utilize more of a pro-style offense if they were able to sign him.  That said, let’s hope that TL picks the good guys, which I think he will.

  4. DawgDaddy

    granger35 The talk is about how Clem’s son is even in the talk given their style offense.

  5. dentaldawg

    1mandawgpack RumRunnerDoogie dsw61 We damn near killed Colt Brennan in the Sugar Bowl. I’ll bet he still has nightmares about Marcus Howard.

  6. DawgDaddy

    dsw61 Of course nothing says that Clem’s son would not modify the offense for the 3 years TL would be there.  That may be the thinking.

    Having said that it seems to me that he would rather just plug into an offense already built to showcase his skills.  But what do I know?

  7. dsw61

    RumRunnerDoogie dsw61 Agree some put up big numbers, but a lot of that is due to them scrambling around waiting for a receiver to get open. I don’t think Trevor has that type of athleticism. QBs like Watson and Dobbs cover up deficiencies with the OL. The other thing QBs like Watson and Dobbs benefit from is that the D-Linemen tend to be a little less aggressive in their pass rush in order to try and contain them. With Trevor, the D-Linemen are going to come after him because his ability to escape the pocket is not on the same level as a Watson type QB. Hopefully he’ll think though all this stuff and come to realize that he and Watson are not in the same mold and not interchangeable in Clemson’s offense.

  8. Backwudz

    He looked outstanding to me… pass breakups that caused int’s and int’s… him and J. Williams seemed as if they have been playing together for years. CB is the money position and most likely the reason we lead.

  9. 1mandawgpack

    RobDawg  Ghosts in that stadium.  Too many strange coincidences have occurred that allowed ‘Dosta to win games than can be explained as “normal” activity.

  10. 1mandawgpack

    PTCDawg  Gibbs didn’t have a great showing at The Opening.  While I’ve said before that the format of The Opening should not be used strictly to judge a recruit (as there are no pads, no blocking, etc.), several people who are fairly knowledgeable wonder if he’s playing out of position at CB and should be playing safety instead.

  11. 1mandawgpack

    RumRunnerDoogie dsw61  The QBs at Hawaii used to put up big numbers in the June Jones era, and how many of them play or played in the NFL?

  12. RumRunnerDoogie

    dsw61 would be a weird fit since the pass run option isnt really for him. But at the same time the QBs at clemson do put up some big numbers

  13. dsw61

    I’m kinda surprised that the Clemson staff was able to convince Trevor Lawrence that he fits their system as well as a pro-style system. I see Trevor more in the mold of a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Joe Flacco, than a Deshaun Watson. Hope Chaney and Pittman can sell him on the offensive line that will be in place by 2019. This is from Pittman’s Bio:
    “From 2012-15, a Pittman-coached offensive line has led the SEC in fewest sacks allowed—three years at Arkansas and one at Tennessee. Arkansas allowed only 1.00 sacks per game in 2015, 1.08 in 2014, and 0.67 in 2013. In 2012, Pittman coached the Tennessee offensive line that led the SEC with just 0.67 sacks allowed per game.”

  14. PTCDawg

    IF…and realizing how big that IF is…but IF we can keep what we’ve got and pick up Stevens, Swift and Gibbs, we will have four 5* and 7 commits from the top 50 nationally. I like that idea so much I’m going to vote we just go ahead and do that.

  15. Bansai buckeroo

    @Frankly… You are exactly right…razor close. Maybe if we can get Holloman it might push him a little closer to the good guys..

  16. Bansai buckeroo

    Maybe I should start tweeting… I could report breaking news like that….##

  17. Frankly

    Score Check AlphaDawg

    I was just about the mention his love of Clemson’s WR recruiting which worries me. He also mentioned how they would use his talents.  I think this is going to be razor close.   Would be nice if UGA could get a top 100 WR in this class.

  18. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole Ask You and Bobby Bowden.  How many championships did missed field goals cost him and fsu.

  19. Bulldawg36

    I thought the contract said he couldn’t leave for the same type of job. He could leave if he was offered a higher level job

  20. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    BahitsDawg BenKellam MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Saban, hell Finebaums ears are as tall as Saban

  21. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  Not true – he is only stuck if he wants to go to work for another SEC program, but can otherwise go to any of the other 100+ teams in the nation, it appears.

  22. Bulldawg36

    I wonder why Enos signed that crazy contract. He is basically stuck at Arkansas with that jerk till his contract is up

  23. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg36 Our state and regional talent pool vs. what Arky has and what Pittman was able to do.  I am licking my chops.

  24. Bulldawg36

    Brett is a huge crybaby and he does realise what he lost in Pittman. I couldn’t imagine what he would of said about smart if he could of gotten Enos from AR-Kansas. That’s who I wish smart could of gotten if it wasn’t for than non compete clause..whatever it was

  25. TeeHDawg

    My thoughts all over the place with OL talent. I just want the best players possible. If I’m a high ranking player, I would see where I can make an impact the fastest. As bad as it seems, some of the kids are looking for the fastest way to the NFL, which I can’t blame them. I would go somewhere where I could play, showcase my talent, and move on.

  26. DawgDaddy

    TtownDawg I remember it, he was not having a good time nor really paying attention to anything or anyone.

  27. RumRunnerDoogie

    TeeHDawg oh i have no idea about the being too far from home but OT isnt so much of a system that fits as say a QB

  28. DawgDaddy

    AlphaDawg Sometimes those highs have a way of lasting all week after the win and then the team comes out flat.  If ewe tee does beat uf I hope they hit Athens as flat as a 50 year old spare tire.

  29. TeeHDawg

    I don’t know if he knows him either. I just know they both from the state of Washington. Didn’t know the kid didn’t want to go that far from home either. I was just saying, the staff should reach out and try to get at least one of them.
    I like our chances with Wilson though. But I’m a firm believer that the 4 OL we have should redshirt. Only Thomas and Johnson should be able to contribute.
    We also need a guy that can step in and be no worse than 2nd string next year. I also forgot about juco players and transfers. The 4 we have would be able to jelly better and we would have depth for the future and be able to bring in guys like Salyer in 18 to build even more depth. I want there to be little or no drop off in talent from 1st to 3rd string. ( being greedy as far as talent too)

  30. DawgDaddy

    1mandawgpack If I still gambled that is the one game I would go big on with the points.  Free money from free shoes university.

  31. Score Check

    IMO a committment from Holloman would go a long way in nudging him close to the DAWGS.
    Apparently he loves the WRs committed to Clem.

  32. RumRunnerDoogie

    AlphaDawg so the countdown begins… i wonder if i can find these pre written articles to see if one is for him#

  33. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg BenKellam MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Pawwwwwllll will probably have to take a lot of mood drugs or be administered them after this beat down.

    He probably will have to be dragged out of bed at noon tomorrow.

  34. BahitsDawg

    TeeHDawg I wonder if Eason has ever talked with Sarrell.  That would be a HUGE get and kind of a neat story.

  35. RumRunnerDoogie

    TeeHDawg not every top guy is going to like a school just because of the coaches. Dont really see sarrell even looking at UGA because of distance and doubt hes ever met eason so idk how that would play into it

  36. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Absolutely. His show is basically the Bama show. Pawl looks at Saban like a god. It will be interesting to see if his tone changes towards him now.

  37. TeeHDawg

    Afternoon guys. Haven’t had a chance to post much in the last couple of weeks. I wanted to ask about the possible 5th OL spot for the 17 recruiting class.
    Since we have secured the 4 we want and seemingly are going after Isaiah Wilson and Jedrick Willis, why not go after the other top tiers of Foster Sarrell, Alex Leatherwood, Walker Little, Trey Smith, and Calvin Ashley. We have one of the best recruiters in Pittman and we could focus on these seven guys with Tony Gray and Caleb Chandler being the next guys up.
    We should have an advantage with Eason being from Washington with Sarrell and with the rest of the guys we have Pittman.

  38. DawgDaddy

    PTCDawg and it will give him a bigger voice when talking to uncommitted recruits.  I love it!

  39. DawgDaddy

    PTCDawg He made it according to what I saw about a half hour ago.  Beal retained his 5th star too.


    BahitsDawg I saw enough to know I like what we have in this kid!  He’s not coming here to be a career backup either.

  41. DawgDaddy

    BahitsDawg If he had flipped the days for his good and bad performances he would have gone up.  He is still the solid kid he was going in.


    Greg Poole Who care’s about the Marijuana…  What about the two loaded firearms that were in the car, one of which was STOLEN!  Is there any doubt why UGA hasn’t been able to compete with Alabama, UF, Auburn  in the SEC since the Jan Kemp era.  Say what you want, but there is an unfair advantage in CFB and it is a direct reflection of a lack of control by the NCAA and it’s membership.  When acts like this are forgiven by a “Crazed” prosecutor and then N. Saban…  Never mind,  my blood pressure is going up… haha!

  43. BahitsDawg

    I am surprise Fromm moved down and not up after his performance at the camp.
    43 down 2 Houston County (Warner Robins, GA)

  44. BenKellam

    BahitsDawg I think the composite score is the one that is being referred to. Najee is #3 overall in composite.

  45. BahitsDawg

    The updated list doesn’t have Sarell at #1.  Still has Bama recruit.  Saban’s warpath must have terrified the 247 folks.

  46. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole not a smidgen of corruption… marijuana… never mind, wrong fearless leader…

  47. BenKellam

    MMCSDAWG BenKellam Greg Poole It’s odd that the little spat happened. He should probably not bite the hand that feeds.


    BenKellam MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Pretty sure that’s all he’s ever done is ride the strap for Alabama…

  49. BenKellam

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I was under the impression that he was on Sabans jock. Didnt he do some local bama reporting at one point?


    Greg Poole Like how the guy waved back whomever is filming this…  LOL.  Ole PAWWWWWL might be run out of town if he crosses Saban too much!


    AlphaDawg From the frying pan to the Fire…  God bless this man for being a gluten for punishment!

  52. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole BenKellam it matters to LeCounte. And I think there is a certain amount of momentum that bragging rights can bring.

  53. BenKellam

    Greg Poole BenKellam I’m not a big believer in the whole star system anyway. The only reason I feel that it is still even a thing is because its flashier than just having a straight numerical ranking system and it makes info easier to convey to the masses who cant be bothered to read anything. It’s just a hype tool.

  54. Greg Poole

    BenKellam It doesn’t matter because nothing changed about LeCounte – the ranking just caught up with the reality of his talent.

  55. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg BenKellam Man it’ll be nice when we get Jeffrey Okudah, Isaiah Wilson, Cam Akers, and Jacoby Stevens, and Dandre Swift too.

  56. PTCDawg

    AlphaDawg BenKellam sweet! in the time it took me to type that post above, they updated the composite and it put him at 29!!! 

    Thanks for catching it!!!



    1.- whoever is coaching Florida
    2. Freeze- I hate cheaters.
    3. Butch Jobnes- I dislike car salesman
    4. Gus-  Although we are beating him on the field, he’s dirty like Freeze.  He keeps R. Garner around for a reason.

    5.- K. Sumlin-  He has no respect for CFB and has lost control of his team!  Can’t tell me Johnny football wasn’t running amuck down there while he was in college.

  58. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg Right. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s fun to have multiple 5 stars

  59. PTCDawg

    Congratulations to Richard LeConte!!

    For those that are seeing LeCounte at 37, that is the composite ranking. he went from 62 to 19 in the 247 ranking. You can see it if you click the Top247 tab at the top of the table. 

    Whats interesting is Sarells updated ranking IS reflected in the composite, but LeCounte’s is not. Must be a timing thing and it just hasnt happened yet. May move him up a few notches. He will need to move up 5 spots to get his 5th star in the composite.

  60. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole i accidentally deleted the video lol

  61. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack The big problem will be pass pro. The staff will have to avoid making the freshmen RBs primary protectors but they can still contribute.

  62. 1mandawgpack

    MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole  Well, unlike prior years, we actually have a coach focusing on it (who has the ability to go to one of the best ST coaches in history – his father – for input and advice).  So, while it likely wont’ be completely fixed this year, it’ll get a lot of attention and should certainly get pointed in the right direction.

  63. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg Oh man. Beal and Swift are sitting there right at the border. Not that it really matters.


    AlphaDawg BenKellam Greg Poole LeCounte got that 5th Star!  Well done young dawg!

  65. BahitsDawg

    BenKellam I am glad he is favored to go to Wisconsin or Stanford.  If we can’t get him, he needs to stay out west or up north – minus OSU/Michigan


    1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole My biggest concern right this moment is our kicking game…  I know everyone has heard me say it before, but I will repeat…  The kicking game is DIRECTLY responsible for a difference of 6-8 points per game.  That’s pretty dang important if you ask me!

  67. 1mandawgpack

    revtizzy Greg Poole  Agree regarding your transition statement.  However, if we’re relying on EH to get a significant amount of playing time, I think we’re in trouble, not because he’s not a good RB, but just simply because of maturity and being ready for the speed of the game in CKS’ first game as a HC against a good team on a national stage.  If we opened with Nicholls State, he would be able to make some mistakes and get away with it.  I don’t think he’ll have that luxury against a team like UNC who is hungry to prove that they belong in discussions regarding good football programs.

  68. BenKellam

    Think we could talk that giant OT Foster Sarell into coming down to join his fellow Washingtonian?

  69. BahitsDawg

    Bama zombies aren’t going to be happy.

    With the move, Sarell becomes the third No. 1 player in the 2017 recruiting cycle. Before him, linebacker was the top player before running back

  70. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG godawgs678 PTCDawg i dont think they are teammates but are actually cousins

  71. revtizzy

    1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole When was the last time we didn’t worry about some aspect of ST’s.  Seems like eons.

  72. revtizzy

    Greg Poole I know it can’t help to have Sony & Nick hurt, but transition from high school to college seems to be about the easiest at RB position.  EH will def play and I think we will be okay, even with the uncertainty at the position.

  73. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg 1mandawgpack Greg Poole  LOL – I like where our program is headed and hope that CKS and this great staff can turn our current roster into overachievers (and maybe, just maybe, have a bit of lady luck on our side for a change), but I do agree that we have some issues in key areas on this team (he left out the kicking game, which is also a bit of a mess at the moment).

  74. 1mandawgpack

    BenKellam 1mandawgpack Greg Poole  LOL – since he’s a UGA commit, it’ll get taken from him again when they need an extra star to award to one of the Ohio St. or ‘Bama commitments.

  75. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  Auburn over Clemson – give me some of what those guys have as it must be the really good stuff.

  76. BenKellam

    1mandawgpack Greg Poole That may be true but I’ll take it anyway lol. It might even help make him an even better recruiter for us with that magical 5th star.

  77. Greg Poole

    “It will take several years for Kirby Smart to get Georgia to a national title contender.  You look at Georgia and there are some real significant issues on this team.  Not the least of which is their backup running back Sony Michel broke his arm in an ATV accident last week and now you have lost all of your margin for error in the run.  Nick Chubb is going to come back but we don’t when or how good he is going to be.  Georgia is very thin on the offensive and defensive lines.  They are uncertain at quarterback, so I think Georgia has a chance to finish second or third on the East but they are not good enough to win a championship.”

  78. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole  Over the past few years, he only had to devote time babysitting Kiffin.  Now he has to split that time babysitting Kiffin and Pruitt (I’m appreciative of what Pruitt did for our team, but he is another who appears to be extremely difficult to work with, based on the stories I heard coming out of Athens from an extremely reliable source).  Not a position that a guy Saban’s age wants to be in, for sure.

  79. BenKellam

    BahitsDawg BenKellam Greg Poole Its still showing him at 37 when i click that. Dont know whats up. Are you seeing different?

  80. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole The old man is getting edgy.  The loss of Smart might be getting to him more than anyone suspected.

  81. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  I’m happy for RL as he should have always been a 5* as he is clearly a very special, gifted athlete.  However, as I said below, I think way too much emphasis is placed on the Rivals and Nike elite camps and I’m much more interested in seeing a kid play in real game situation in pads with hitting.  It’s easy for a WR to go over the middle and make a catch when he knows he’s not going to get thumped by a hard-hitting LB or safety.  That all changes for many of these WR when the defense is in pads.

  82. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg 1mandawgpack BenKellam Greg Poole  IM wasn’t identified at a camp – he never visited UGA before committing, primarily based on the hard-sell that Sony put on him.  The only reason we were able to take IM is because we had unfilled slots available.  I don’t see CKS having unfilled slots on NSD.

  83. BahitsDawg

    1mandawgpack BenKellam Greg Poole I hate the thought of missing out on a kid like Isiah McKensie, but you have to play the odds and Bama has certainly shown the way.

  84. Greg Poole

    BenKellam Not you – I didn’t make it clear with the sarcasm font indicator (##)

  85. Greg Poole

    This North Carolina newspaper considers the UNC/UGA game to be the Tar Heels 2nd most important game of the season:
    2. vs. Georgia (in Atlanta), Sept. 3
    Is this the most important season-opener in school history for UNC? The case can be made. A victory on this kind of stage, against this kind of opponent, could do wonders for the Tar Heels. A loss and the national perception will be set – true or not – that UNC is more pretender than contender.
    Read more here:

  86. BahitsDawg

    1mandawgpack BahitsDawg Greg Poole Reminds me a lot of GT years ago with Ralph Friedgen and   O’Leary was a #1 jerk in those days and took all the credit while Friedgen was the real force behind their victories.

    I loved it when he went on to Maryland and beat O’Leary.

  87. 1mandawgpack

    BenKellam Greg Poole  Unlike prior years where we didn’t have a lot of our more pressing needs already met, that is not at all the case this year as we currently have 15 announced commitments for the ’17 class with likely a few more silent commitments if I was a betting man.  So, for a class that will likely end up between 27 and 30 (on the very high end) and a bunch of our top targets still having us in the programs that they are strongly considering, I just don’t see us taking a kid who was previously completely off the radar as we did under the previous staff.  Plus, the current staff has “thrown such a wide net” that I don’t see that many prospects that would have otherwise been “under-the-radar.”  With where our class currently sits, I would think that the staff could be very selective in who they take commitments from as I’m not sure UGA is going to have a “grey-shirt” fallback plan that CKS was accustomed to at ‘Bama when they had more players commit than they had slots available.

  88. BahitsDawg

    Rank your top 5 SEC coaches that you can’t stand, but your level of disgust for them.

    My least favorite starts with Freeze because of his dirty recruiting.

    1. Freeze
    2. Bielema
    3. Butch
    4. Gus (but, it is good that he is our whipping boy)
    5. ?

  89. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg Greg Poole  So weak that a bunch of players and other coaches went over to his house on a weekend morning and begged him to not take the UGA offer.  Also, if he was so weak as a teacher and technician, why wasn’t he fired?

    BB is such a tool that I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to work for that man.

  90. BenKellam

    Greg Poole BenKellam I’m pretty terrible with the sarcasm online. I’m pumped about this camp though. I’ll be waiting around to see the recruit list for the event. Should be a good one.

  91. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole I wish there was a hate button…. but, then I would be too much like Beilema

  92. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole lol, even though Saban should suspend those players, it is refreshing seeing anyone stand up to talking heads.

  93. Greg Poole

    BenKellam  Yeah, meant my comment to be somewhat sarcastic – I’m thinking he’ll be there – maybe not as a camper though.

  94. BenKellam

    I don’t know the guest list at all. But if this whole silent commit/announcement planning thing is real, I could see this weekend being a good time to use one if we don’t get a commit directly related to the event.

  95. Bulltoad

    rugbydawg79 Greg Poole Bulltoad  WLOCP can be our party.  We invite new teams every year.  We allow recrutis for both us and our opponent to attend the game.  We invite the Ohio States, Michigans, Notre Dames to join us in the WLOCP.  We just don’t invite Florida anymore.

  96. BenKellam

    PTCDawg Might be Smart keeping the announcement in his back pocket. Gotta keep the hype going.

  97. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole Bulltoad WLOCP is one of the reasons that it is Great to be a Georgia Bulldog !

  98. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  I think CMR is going to struggle with disciple issues on that team and in that part of Florida.  I really hope not as I wish him the best, but think that some of the “culture” on that team (that started back in their national title days) is going to take a monumental effort to change.

  99. Bulltoad

    Doc R I want to see the off air video.  Apparently Saban went off on the whole crew.  Sounds like it was an eye opener to Dahri

  100. 1mandawgpack

    Bulltoad  I actually hope that we play in some different places like JerryWorld in Dallas.  I would really like to visit that venue and would really like to do it with a team playing that I actually cared about, like the Dawgs.  For that reason alone, I wouldn’t be a fan of locking into the same venue for a multi-year contract.

  101. 1mandawgpack

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole  As the old saying goes, “you can’t fix dumb” and unfortunately, IC has shown a tendency to not put much thought into many of his poor decisions, so I’m not sure Watson can actually help him.

  102. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole Hopefully, they will love Athens, will be very successful, and will want to stay a long time.

  103. BahitsDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg I think we all have what Arky currently has as HC figured out too.

  104. 1mandawgpack

    godawgs678 MMCSDAWG PTCDawg  I agree 100% with taking Webb.  While it is true that taking Webb increases our chances with Swift, I don’t at all see this as a “cootie-ship” as Webb is a very attractive prospect on his own.  Some of his ratings were listed in another response and his skillset is of sufficient quality to get an invitation to The Opening.  So, if he wants to commit (which seems to be the case as he says we’re his clear leader), then I think we take him even if Swift makes a different decision.

    While I really enjoyed watching The Opening, I don’t think that it is as important to determining if a kid can compete with other “elite” talent as others seem to think.  For example, I think that a mobile QB is at a disadvantage in a 7 v 7 format because they can’t use their legs to help increase the effectiveness of their passing.  That said, I enjoyed seeing Fromm’s armstrength, leadership skills, etc. and would still be excited to have him on our team even if he had been rated last at The Opening.  I was a little disappointed in the number of balls that Holloman seemed to drop as I’m of a firm belief that if the ball touches a WRs hands, it should be caught.  However, he may have things keeping him occupied this Summer and may have been a bit rusty going into the competition, so if that’s the case, some of the drops may be understandable.

  105. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole This article reminds me of something I read a few days ago from Football scoop – The 7 unwritten rules of the coaching profession. This is #2 of the article. Your article made me think about how 2 people trying meshing their ideas together as one can go well or terribly bad. It’s wonderful to know our two already work well together there. HUGE plus

    2 – Understand the importance in putting personal differences to the side for the sake of the kids, and the program
    Coaching football is a unique profession because it brings together people from all different walks of life – and that goes for both players and coaches. That means that chances are really good that at some point in your coaching career you’re going to have to coach alongside someone that you don’t see eye to eye with on life, drills, scheme, and/or overall coaching philosophy. However, if you both understand what is best for the kids, and the program, and can get on the same page (along with the head coach’s vision) with that in mind, it makes working together much, much easier for all involved.

  106. BahitsDawg

    Bansai buckeroo Crowell isn’t known for great ideas.  That stolen gun with the scratched off serial number says a lot.

  107. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole That history was the reason we got them! and Hopefully get to hang onto them for a long time! They both said the money wasn’t the factor it was working together.


    Doc R He should be ASHAMED!  Of course he won’t be…  i all about the “Process” but I’m not about this!

  109. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole We play Ole Miss away before them. They play UF home before us. It’s kind of a wash to me. If they finally beat UF after 11 years, they’ll be on a high like no other

  110. Doc R

    saban just got testy with the guys about the lack of discipline/suspensions etc—funny to watch

  111. godawgs678

    MMCSDAWG godawgs678 PTCDawg Yes sir. And he’s not too shabby. #15 WR Nationally according to 247 and #11 according to Rivals.

  112. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG godawgs678 PTCDawg Correct. I’m with the assumption we get Holloman and Webb and the WR class is done….for now

  113. Doc R

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Agree—Ben Watson seems like a class act all the way—-unlike Crowbar


    godawgs678 MMCSDAWG PTCDawg  oh yeah, that’s our prospective RB’s teammate right??


    Greg Poole Not Savy enough to keep him from putting his whole leg in his mouth!  Very disappointing episode for Mr. Crowell.   On the other hand, I didn’t see it live, but heard about Ben Watson being on Fox news show last night and let me tell you, he is very articulate and has a future in broadcasting or public speaking.  I re-watched his interview with one of their host and it was Impressive!  I suggest maybe he give Crowell a call and offer him some advise!


    Bulltoad I live in Jax, so I have a very biased opinion.  Although, after last year, I was definitely ready to end the WLOCP!  I say we keep the  WLOCP and play a neutral site top level game as a season opener, thereby getting the advantage of recruiting in Jax and in Texas, Miami, Orlando, or where ever else they want to do one of those games!


    PTCDawg I think we take Holliman and done, but if Nico wants to come, there will always be a spot for him.  There’s one thing that we have to get used to, we are going to be included in a lot of targets top 3-5!  Recruiting is definitely different now!

  118. PTCDawg

    Saw in a dawgnation article that we still had a decent shot at Nico Collins. I havent been keeping an eye on him for some time thinking we had no chance. THAT would be a nice surprise!


    Greg Poole AlphaDawg    Act like you’ve been there before, opps, I forgot, none of you have been there before.

  120. Bulltoad

    Greg Poole Bulltoad I could see this as helping in recruiting.  If we could get big time teams agree it could become a great tradition.  I don’t see playing in Atlanta or Texas as being more beneficial to recruting as playing in Jacksonville.

  121. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg I’ll be completely shocked if you ever see a Kirby coached Georgia team behave like last year. He was on the field when UGA players were taunting Bama last year. You can bet that did not go unnoticed.

  122. Greg Poole

    Bulltoad  I think Kirby is going to continue to schedule kickoff game but he is not going to do it in one venue. I look for the Dawgs to follow Bama’s lead and play anywhere possible. When CKS makes a decision the first question to ask is, “In what way does this help recruiting?”

  123. Bulltoad

    What is evervones opinion of kickoff game in Jacksonville every year after the current contract expires with Florida.  I was listening to Gary Stokan? on Finebaum yesterday and he was talking about the many positives of the kickoff game and why they have become so popular.   Why not establish a new tradition of us playing a neutral site game in Jacksonsville on Labor day weekend.  The game could be a primetime game at 7:30pm or 8pm so temperature would not be an issue.  We could invite a different oppenent every year.  The South Georgia georgia fans could still have a game close and with it being a long weekend it would be a nice way to end the summer and usher in football season.

    It would enable us to go home and home with UF and eliminate the advantage we have given them.  Thoughts?

  124. TtownDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg Greg Poole  That photo of him at the Bball game told me he wasn’t coming here, just something about that look.

  125. Bulldawg36

    I think we will be fine and dandy without Pruitt. In our biggest games the last two years our defense failed to stop the run. Just want a defense who will shine in the big moments got to be able to stop the run in the sec.

  126. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg dsw61 Good maybe we’ll act like business professionals when our opponents come onto our field instead of jumping in their faces about to start fights and get thrown out.


    Greg Poole dsw61 MMCSDAWG If there is ONE thing I hope Kirby can fix this year, it’s the WLOCP!  I am being selfish I know, but I’m tired of suffering down here in Jax.  Show up,  punch them in the mouth, GATA and take it back to Athens when your done… PLEASE!

  128. Greg Poole

    dsw61 MMCSDAWG  There is another factor to the staff disarray last year. We were told that CMR was going to be fired shortly after the Florida game. I have to believe that Richt and staff members were hearing things well before that. It is just my opinion but one would think that all staff members started developing exit plans and thinking about their futures around that time. 
    When the coaches are preoccupied, gameplans will suffer. The Florida debacle had to have been influenced by those things.

  129. Greg Poole

    BahitsDawg dsw61  I haven’t seen much of that kind of talk. I can tell you that practices are considerably different organizationally (no wasted time) and in term of staff attentiveness to the smallest detail. The difference is clear if you saw both…there is a different ‘feeling’ to the scene as well. It’s business on the practice field.

  130. dsw61

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 “Mess” is a good word to describe last year’s staff. Dysfunctional also comes to mind. Pretty sure we won’t see Pruitt shooting daggers out of his eyes and mouthing off to Saban on the sidelines this year.

  131. dsw61

    BahitsDawg dsw61 Don’t think Kirby can get Bama results this year with the current roster no matter what he does. As Ted Williams said…”it ain’t the arrow, it’s the indian”. With that said, Ted also said that that you can take a .230 hitter and get him to hit .270 for a few weeks or even months. Hopefully Kirby can get the most this season out of what he has to work with.


    dsw61 If there is one thing I am certain in, it’s that our staff was a mess last year and I’m NOT specifically talking about CMR, I talking about the entire staff and the coordination and focus of the entire group.  I thought CBS would be a good OC, however, I should have realized he wasn’t being allowed to run his offense and/or select his coaching staff.  There were WAY too many rumors of a disconnect for there not to have been a real problem inside B-M.

  133. BahitsDawg

    dsw61 Until I see the results, I stopped buying into the “this is the most …. ever” talk.

  134. dsw61

    So apparently the practices under the new staff are more intense, more efficient, with more attention to detail…SMH.

  135. BahitsDawg

    dsw61 Greg Poole Jets got a steal.  He was beasting it until he got hurt, then he still played through but it was obvious he needed an off season to recover.

    Dumb Falcons.  They would have gotten a great player and a huge PR win had they grabbed him.

  136. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG BahitsDawg Greg Poole It would still be good to have him to add to depth.  That’s Ok.  We will have a great DL soon.

  137. dsw61

    Greg Poole Amazes me how the journalist rarely mention that Jenkins played injured much of last season. Pull up the stats from the Tennessee game and you will find he had “zero” tackles. I remember watching that game and wondering where Jenkins was. He tried to play through his groin injury in that game and was eventually pulled in the 2nd half. According to the stat sheet, Chris Mayes didn’t play at all in that game because of his turf toe injury. On top of that, big Trent was battling through ankle injuries much of the season. Just saying that Georgia had to depend a lot last season on guys like Atkins, Hawkins and Bellamy.


    BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I honestly never felt confident about him and didn’t like the way his recruiting was going…   I stated it back then, I wanted M. Carter more than D. Brown  and I honestly believe he will be the better of the two when it’s all said and done.  Nothing against Brown, but it just didn’t feel right.

  139. BahitsDawg

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Brown really screwed up by getting on the Gus Bus.  He would have had a great opportunity to be on a special team and a special D, if he had become a Dawg.


    Greg Poole Me too!  We definitely need some good health along the DL!  Two of the new kids will have to step up.  I hope Rochester can get himself straight and I know M. Carter is a man ready to mix it up come August 1~!

  141. Bansai buckeroo

    Ok guys I’ve got to go cut up a big limb that fell the other night before it gets too hot….later

  142. Greg Poole

    Kirby on the defensive line:
    “I’m praying,” Smart said. “To be honest with you, I’m scared. We don’t have that edge, we don’t have that size, we don’t have that depth at defensive line. That certainly makes your secondary better. We got a lot of secondary back, but secondary stats aren’t just the secondary.”


    Bansai buckeroo LOL!   I kept them secret for a LONG time, but my dad was OCD to a degree with his tools, guns, everything, well, I got careless one time and didn’t put them back EXACTLY like they were and my dad called me into his workshop…  lol!

  144. Bansai buckeroo

    My older brother had the Playboys. He said he would kick my butt if I messed with them. I had my butt kicked on a regular basis…. 🙂

  145. dsw61

    Greg Poole If he picks Georgia the ’18 Class could be special with Max Wray already committed and Sayler very likely headed to Georgia. If Lawrence wins the job outright in 2019, the OL should be going into their fourth year with Pittman and should be rock solid. Seems like a pretty good setup for a QB.

  146. ed603

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg BahitsDawg ed603 Bulldawg36  Like one of my Grand Sons said to me; “What does common sense have to do with fun, Mister ED?” I gave up and joined in!


    ed603 Bansai buckeroo Dang..  That was rough!  My dad has his collection hid in his workshop and finding his stash was like Christmas to a 10-12 yr old boy!

  148. ed603

    Bansai buckeroo  The biggest tragedy in my teenage life was when my mother found my Playboy collection, and burned em all! I even had the original Marilyn Monroe edition…heartbreaking, I tell you!


    AlphaDawg BahitsDawg ed603 Bulldawg36 Not a lot of that “Common Sense” going around these days!

  150. AlphaDawg

    BahitsDawg ed603 AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 That’s unfortunate, but for those who are wandering into private property and businesses, USE SOME COMMON SENSE!

  151. ed603

    Bansai buckeroo  Left in the dark is good sometimes! My Grand Daughter just graduated from College…had to sedate the wife when she would get on facebook and hear all about the week-end! I advised my GD to un-friend her NaNa, LOL

  152. Bansai buckeroo

    He visits one more time before his decision. Kirby and co. Will be him like white on rice…..haha

  153. ed603

    Bansai buckeroo  If I were his Dad, I’d spank that Arse, and discuss how much I was laying out for him to go there and act like an idiot! Least he could stay in the crowd, and be just one of many!

  154. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole That was a crazy good run.  I hope he takes several to the house this year.  I wonder what Beamer’s impact will be?  Can he devise any better openings for IM?


    Bansai buckeroo Me too!  With Eason, Fromm and hopefully Lawrence our foundation is set for building a tremendous program!

  156. BahitsDawg

    ed603 AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 several were lured into secluded areas and robbed at gun point.

  157. ed603

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36  Recently been some kids injured when going into private property to collect the stuff…I thing one was shot by a scared homeowner. Not a good thing…like Dungeons and Dragons, kids get sucked into a fantasy world!

  158. Bansai buckeroo

    This one appears close with a slight lean toward the good guys. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  159. BenKellam

    haws1178 That game was kinda like the gayturs losing to Southern. Citadel attempted 3 passes in that game.

  160. ed603

    Greg Poole ed603  I expect carrying that camera and bag feels a lot like it, though…GATA

  161. Greg Poole

    ed603 Well, it is tougher old us old farts, but I’ve got a lot of micro fibre clothing and a couple of big hats.  I’ll live- at least, I don’t have to run and block and tackle in the heat.

  162. ed603

    Greg Poole ed603  Fall camp will be a real tough slog for you guys that keep us on top of all things DAWG! I, for one, appreciate what you do to get the stories!


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack That;’s what I’m talking about!!  Recruiting is NOT going to be a problem with this staff.  Now, let get these Dawgs ready to attack our opponents and never let up!

  164. AlphaDawg

    1mandawgpack Seems we were in it with him in the beginning but have lost luster since. I’m hoping that’s because we’ve got Gibbs

  165. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG 1mandawgpack  Let put it this way – We have 6 commit announcement articles written and sitting out drafts folder. I do not expect to use all of them but we were confident enough to take the time to write them in advance.

  166. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 It was a card collecting game back when I was a kid. It’s fictional animals called pokemon that you try to “catch” and collect. You train them and fight with other pokemon collectors. The Japanese created the app to help with our obesity problem in America


    1mandawgpack JaxDawg Me too, I like the kids measurable’s and he plays in S. Florida, those kids can play down there!

  168. Bulldawg36

    I’m kind of afraid of the answer. Why do people play it? It was a kids cartoon back in the late 90’s

  169. 1mandawgpack

    JaxDawg  Well I’m personally glad that we took Brini’s commitment.  In too many past years, we had all our eggs in one basket and when we didn’t seal the deal, we were left with virtually no contingency plans.  Brini was on CKS’ radar at ‘Bama, and that’s good enough for me to think he will be a fine addition to this class.

  170. Bansai buckeroo

    Hey Ed…..I think my first crush was Annette Funicello from the old Mickey Mouse Club. Karen wasn’t bad either. I think I was 6…haha


    1mandawgpack haws1178 There’s truth in them there rumors!! lol.  How much?  We will just have to wait and see. All I know is I like where our class is now and I believe it can only get better from here!  Now win some games and this party might get out of control!

  172. 1mandawgpack

    haws1178  I just wonder how many more silent we have.  When one of the recruits mentioned a month or so ago that UGA had 7 or 8 slients, I think everyone thought he was just drinking the Kool-Aid.  But now that more details are coming out, it seems as if Thomas has been a silent for about a month. and Toneil appears to have also been a silent since the last time that he visited UGA, which has been a while.

  173. Bulldawg36

    What is this Pokemon stuff? Somebody said lambert was an ace at this Pokemon game.

  174. JaxDawg

    Yea I think we are not his leader. With the Brini commitment that could have pushed him away to another program as well. Hopefully we can close with Gibbs and Stevens

  175. 1mandawgpack

    Saw an interview that one of the recruiting analysts who focuses on UGA did with AJ Terrell at The Opening and unless he was wearing his poker face and doing a really good job of bluffing, it didn’t appear that UGA was in his top 2 or 3 programs.  While we certainly have some time to change that as he’s now saying he’ll commit towards the end of the season, it appears we have some work to do.

  176. ed603

    Bansai buckeroo  For me it was Bridgett Bardow(sp)!!! not spelled correctly, but if you are my age, you get the idea!

  177. Greg Poole

    ed603  I have started walking in the midday heat to get acclimated for fall camp. It’s going to be brutal in August.

  178. ed603

    Good morning BI…hope everyone surviving the heat, because the Dawgs are going to bring the heat shortly!!

  179. dsw61

    BahitsDawg When I was a teenager I never thought of her as being too skinny…now that I’m older I do think she is a little too skinny. Funny how that works.

  180. BahitsDawg

    oh, good grief

    I new an NFL player posted the disgusting and highly offensive picture of a police officer having his neck slashed, but until seeing the headline on the AJC DawgNation, I didn’t know it was former dawg Isiah Crowell.


  181. BahitsDawg

    Bleudawg BahitsDawg lol – after posting this, one thing stood out and I realized it wasn’t her smile or skinnyness.

  182. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole That would be a cool upset.  I was watching UGA 2015 in 60 minutes last night and I had forgotten how close Georgia Southern had us.   That would have made their eternity and would have been a long lived nightmare for us.   I still laugh at Florida losing to them.

  183. BahitsDawg

    A bit too skinny for me, but I saw you all mentioned the old famous Farrah Fawcett poster last evening.

  184. Greg Poole

    So it seems an FCS team was able to deflate a team that was supposed to go compete for a championship. Say, who is Tennessee’s first opponent this year? A former FCS team and current Sun Belt conference member – Appalachian State.
    The Mountaineers went 11-2 last year. They know how to win and I’m sure that nothing would make them happier than to upset the Vols at Neyland Stadium in week one.
    The timing is perfect. The Vols, completely consumed in their Battle at Bristol against Virginia Tech and Florida in week four, look past the feisty Mountaineers team and are pushed to the limit, bringing up questions on if they can handle the hype.
    Don’t ask for my head just yet. Do I think that Appalachian State will beat Tennessee this year? Of course not. Will fellow Sun Belt conference member Ohio sneak past the Vols in week three as UT prepares to break the Florida curse? Yeah, right. That’ll never happen.
    I’m just saying the Vols should be careful here. That four game stretch of vs Florida, at Georgia, at Texas A&M and vs Alabama in late September-early October is brutal.

  185. DawgLink

    I really enjoy hearing our DGDs giving back to their communities. AJ was a once a decade type of player but a better person

  186. DawgLink

    The recent development of details about Sony’s injury makes me wonder if he will be back in time for the first game. Compound fracture with both bones coming out of the skin. Ouch

  187. dsw61

    Greg Poole The only way I can see Kirby making that statement about the OL is if Pittman told him there’s enough talent on the roster to put together a solid OL.

  188. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I actually saw some GT fans in the stands of that last one so we must have been at Grant Field.  haha.

  189. Greg Poole

    More time off for college athletes:

    The concepts put forth by the P5 leagues, as part of what’s been called the “Flex 21” plan, which could be customized further by individual conferences as they are more fully shaped, give athletes more time away from their sports, starting with 21 additional days during the academic year with no athletic activities — seven immediately following their respective seasons and 14 more through the academic year.
    In addition, during the season, athletes would weekly get one full day off, in which they have no required activities. That is not a new rule, but, as is, some teams use that time as a travel day. Under these proposals, that would not be allowed.
    Also, there would be a consecutive eight-hour overnight block that would fall between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., during which no athletic-related activities could be required.

  190. Greg Poole

    “I actually feel better now than I felt going in the spring,” Smart said during his Tuesday session at SEC Media Days. “I think that’s because I just know more. I don’t think you’re ever comfortable. If you ask any coach in the SEC if he’s comfortable with his offensive line, nobody has enough tackles. There’s just not enough of them. You want a 6-5, 6-6 guy, they’re hard to find.”
    “I feel much better now going into fall camp having watched what we had in spring and watched those guys improve under Coach Pittman’s tutelage. And Tyler Catalina coming in as a transfer, we hope to give us some competition there for a starting job.”

  191. Greg Poole

    When asked if tailback injuries would dictate the QB starter, Smart said:
    “Well, you say if you don’t have either back, which I certainly hope that’s not the case, does it become a situation where you’ve got to go throw the ball better? We’ve got to go look at the long term, not just the first game. There’s more to this season than the first game. We’re not putting all of our eggs in the first-game basket. We’ve got to figure out who’s going to be our best leader and give us the best opportunity to win. I don’t think that’s dictated by who the back is or if there’s a back healthy or if there’s two backs healthy.”