UGA Recruiting Daily 3 MARCH 2018: Georgia’s Three-Point Stance

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UGA Recruiting Daily 3 MARCH 2018: Georgia’s Three-Point Stance

Jadon Haselwood - 2019 WR - Cedar Grove High School, Ellenwood, GA
Jadon Haselwood
– 2019 WR –
Cedar Grove High School, Ellenwood, GA


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Georgia’s Three-Point Recruiting Stance

1: Land a top Defensive Line Class:

Georgia’s main focus for the 2019 class is the defensive line. The Bulldogs went light in this position for the 2018 and 2017, so they must make it a priority for 2019. Trey Scott seems to be all over the place recruiting big-time names and its only March 3. Georgia needs to sign at least four linemen but I think it’ll aim to take five. 2019’s defensive linemen class is one of the most talented in recent years. Kids like Zacch Pickens out of South Carolina, Justin Eboigbe from Georgia, Derick “Rambo” Hunter from Florida are just three names that stick out in this position.

The Bulldogs, in my opinion, must land at least two of the three mentioned above. Derick “Rambo” Hunter appears to trend Georgia right now, which would give the Bulldogs a great start. However, one guy that would fit perfectly into the Bulldogs scheme is Pickens. The No. 1 player out of South Carolina, Pickens is a 6-4.5 273 pound defensive end. He attacks the edges like some college players do now. He’s one of the most talented football player’s I’ve seen in a while. Justin Eboigbe is another player Georiga must make a priority. Eboigbe is a four-star defensive end that stands at 6-5 261 pounds. He’s fast on the edges and he’s got the talent to cause quarterbacks havoc.

These are just three guys that in my opinion should be high on Georgia’s radar. Again its quite early in the recruiting process, so things could change in the next few weeks.

2: Keep Top Wide Receivers:

Next major emphasis is the wideouts. Georgia already has the No. 1 and No. 2 receivers in the country and look to add two-three more to the class. The Bulldogs need big bodied, strong route running receivers in this class. In the 2018 class, the addition of 6-5 WR Tommy Bush helped Georgia have another big receiver to fill Javon Wims shoes, but it must continue that trend in 2019. Jadon Haselwood is 6-3 187, which is the range I expect Georiga to stay in. However, guys like Dominick Blaylock, that stands at 6-0 are must takes too. Regardless, the Bulldogs need tall sure-handed wideouts in the 2019 class.

A couple names to keep an eye on at this position are Jaelyn Lay, Jashawn Sheffield, and Frank Ladson. Lay could be considered a tight end, but his route running skills are impeccable. Sheffield is a fast slot receiver that will be a force wherever he plays. The big name left out there is Ladson. He’s the No. 3 receiver in the country and is 6-4 170 pounds. He’s skinny, but the height excites me. Ladson has sure hands and loves a good jump ball. He’s fast and runs crisp routes. Could Georgia land the No. 1, 2, and 3 receivers for 2019? As of today, I say yes it’s a pretty good chance.

3: Land Another Five-Star Running back:

D’Andre Swift, Zamir White, and James Cook are all a part of Georgia’s deep running back depth chart. However, that shouldn’t stop the staff from going after another five-star running back. The Bulldogs are clearly RBU and expect to keep it that way. They must sign a 4 or 5 star back in the 2019 class. A lot of people are skeptical about bringing in another highly touted running back and if it’s even possible. I think its possible and here’s why these prospects want to be a part of winning programs and Georgia’s shown how well it can do. Another thing is, the Bulldogs showed they will use more than one back equally through a season.

These 2019 backs could come in and compete and earn a spot to play right away. Swift will be a junior and could declare for the draft after that season, so these players have a shot.

Georgia seems to have its eyes on Trey Sanders, Noah Cain, and Quavaris Crouch. Any of the three would fit perfectly in the Bulldogs system. However, Crouch excites me the most. He’s 6-2 224 pounds and runs a 4.6 forty-yard dash. Crouch is a tall running back that’s elusive. He makes guys miss and is so exciting to watch. His speed would come up if he loses a little weight, but with the right nutrition program, he could turn into a monster. And we all know Georgia’s success in North Carolina and taking the best backs from there, well, Crouch is from Harding University in Charlotte, NC. I fully expect all three of these guys to get recruited hard from Georgia, and the race will only get more intense as football season approaches.



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