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UGA Recruiting Daily 20-August-2016

Isaiah Buggs - Class of 2017 WDE (photo Isaiah Buggs/Twitter)
Isaiah Buggs – Class of 2017 WDE
(photo Isaiah Buggs/Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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CLASS: 2017
Mississippi Gulf C.C.
Perkinston, MS


CLASS: 2018
Ridge Point High School
Missouri City, TX


CLASS: 2017
St. Thomas Aquinas
Pompano Beach, FL


CLASS: 2018
Ola High School
McDonough, GA






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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

589 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 20-August-2016

  1. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie McEachern really controlled the game for most of it, but not too bad. I just got to listen to it on radio stream and follow on social media though.

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    And just when I say that, Archer comes back with a TD to cut the McEachern’s lead back to 13.
    McEachern still on top 27-14

  3. biggityben

    RumRunnerDoogie RobDawg I actually wish he could go to the Saints.  He is a Brees clone-ish.  He has a quick release, has good accuracy, and…a brain.

  4. RobDawg

    Foles was throwing behind, high, and just not leading his receivers. I don’t see the attraction

  5. biggityben

    RobDawg I wish Murray could go to another team.  I don’t think he ever plays in KC.  Honestly I cannot imagine that Foles is better than him.

  6. JaxDawg

    Had no idea tyreke hill is playing for the Chiefs! I remember his recruitment when we wanted the speed and he bounced around schools!! Crazy!

  7. Bulldawg Bob2

    biggityben McEachern vs Archer didn’t start till 10 PM ET because of the previous game in the Corky Kell Classic ran an hour over. They were supposed to start at 8:45.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bailey Hockman at half-time has 74 yards on 9 of 13 passing with 2 TDs. Longest pass was 21 yards.
    Tyler Smith has 5 catches for 31 yards and had caught both of Hockman’s TD passes.

  9. RobDawg

    This LA rookie QB is not living up to billing. And the center….??? What the heck is wrong with that guy? He may be asked to go on into the locker room now

  10. Bulldawg Bob2

    biggityben Yeah. Fromm was lights out, especially in that first half. He was putting it on the money. 
    And I am on the edge of my seat for the Dawg’s season to start, but these high school football games have really gotten me amped up.

  11. biggityben

    Bulldawg Bob2 biggityben I watched most of Fromm’s game the other night.  He is THE TRUTH.  He has the arm, the moxy, and the head to be great.  I’m very happy with his commitment.  

    OMG.  All the High School games, preseason NFL, and scrimmages have me in a tizzy.  

    Two weeks, fellas! (and ladies if you’re here)

  12. haws1178

    RobDawg would have made that first down if Murray was in. They don’t know what they are doing lol

  13. Bulldawg Bob2

    biggityben RobDawg  Saban called ESPN and said his PR had taken a hit lately and needed a little love ####

  14. biggityben

    Bulldawg Bob2 RobDawg Seriously, there were plenty of great games, why show that game?  Oh I know why #Bama

  15. biggityben

    RobDawg Haha..yeah and Marshall Faulk was texting in the middle of the broadcast telling someone he would have taken the punch in preseason because they aren’t getting paid yet, haha.

  16. RobDawg

    Try Fox Southeast channel. Or the 2nd half LA v KC NFL game about to start. Conley looking good and I bet Murray up next for qbs

  17. Bulldawg Bob2

    Well the Braves and Braves postgame show has superseded the McEachern vs Archer game on FoxSportsSouth on Dish in my area; so, I’m a wee bit miffed.

  18. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12  They should have at least had the courtesy to black out the replay for the state of Georgia.

  19. Bulldawg Bob2

    Frankly Pretty new. Think it was built sometime around 2004; so, 12 years old now. When the Hamilton Mill area exploded in population in Gwinnett County they needed a school in that area.

  20. RobDawg

    Yes. Did you see the hilarious exchange between Rams 56 and KC 87 blaming each other for false start flag?

  21. haws1178

    Anybody notice the Hennessey commercial. Guy talks about how much GA football means to him and he’s sporting Bama clothes. Enough to make me sick. I bet you can guess who I won’t buy a vehicle from

  22. biggityben

    I’m on the west coast, so I’m watching the Rams/Chiefs game.  Lots of Dawgs in this game.  TG3 looks GREAT.

  23. biggityben

    dsw61 biggityben I agree.  Also, just hearing Chubb say that he feels like his top end speed is there is really great.

  24. dsw61

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Went to the local beverage store several months ago to buy some whisky. Got talking to one of the employees who knows whisky and he directed me to a lone bottle of whisky on the shelf that was distilled in Colorado. Can’t remember the name. They had just the one bottle left. He said one of the regulars who drinks whisky saw it on the shelf and bought pretty much the whole batch. I ended up buying that last bottle to try it. It’s been so long I don’t remember what it tasted like though. The one whisky I remember most is probably the “Whistle Pig Rye” 119 proof that my wife bought me. It’s too expensive though for an everyday drinking whisky. That one will sneak up on you if you don’t check the proof prior to drinking it and drink it like you would 90 proof whisky.

  25. biggityben

    I’m sure Kirby could have still said some things he wanted to see more of, but he actually sounded a little bit like he was holding back on some of the good things the offense was doing.

  26. haws1178

    Hobnailboot aka RobG only drink Canadian club grew accustomed to it because its what I could steal from my dad when I was young lol

  27. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Any of the whisky connoisseurs here ever had Colorado Whisky from the Breckenridge Distillery, I’m not a fan of blended whiskys but this one is pretty good not great and definitely not like small batch but it has a really nice vanilla finish and isn’t as hot on the front side as I’d expected

  28. Frankly


    I agree.  Kirby says he was behind conditioning-wise because of concentrating on grades but he is a talented RB.

  29. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie bahits haws1178 yea and a lot of the islands arent known for the consistency with alcohol %. They can be all over the place

  30. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie bahits Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 Most any fruit soaked in spirits will do that.
    I know those coconut rum balls I had on a cruise trip tour to the Appleton Estates rum distillery in Jamaica when we were docked there were very sneaky

  31. RumRunnerDoogie

    bahits RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 rum soaked pineapple is really good but they sneak up on ya

  32. bahits

    RumRunnerDoogie bahits Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 With enough rum, does it matter?  Heck, soak them in rum before putting those slices on rum soaked bread and enjoying a repeat of a past UGA victory.

  33. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2  Off of Braselton Hwy in Hoschton, GA.
    Region 6 AAAAAAA ball.

  34. Bulldawg Bob2

    JaxDawg If they do, it will most likely be a closed scrimmage with not even media allowed to watch warm-ups and drills.

  35. RumRunnerDoogie

    JaxDawg probably not with just 2 weeks away. im sure they will start game planning from now on

  36. JaxDawg

    Doesn’t say how bad the sprain is, I’m hoping he will be ready in 2 weeks. That’s really quick though, I do think Sony will play. It would be nice to give Holyfield some runs on the big stage

  37. Joe Dawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  Colquitt had like 21 seniors starting last year. I wondered how good they would be this year.

  38. haws1178

    Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 bahits RumRunnerDoogie mmmmmm pineapple sandwich haven’t had one of those in awhile

  39. Bulldawg Bob2

    haws1178 bahits RumRunnerDoogie would be in this one, but he went to the kitchen to fix a pineapple sandwich ###

  40. Bulldawg Bob2

    dsw61  O-line has really been practicing with a chip on their shoulder this past week. Very physical. Bodes well.

  41. PTCDawg

    Looking for the bright side, this is a great Kirby quote talking about Catalina, Sims and Gaillard, “Those three are all playing what we consider to be winning football…”.

  42. haws1178

    Frankly haws1178 OK so they going through a rebuild year. I didn’t watch any highschool ball last year just going off what I’ve heard about them

  43. Frankly


    I saw Propst on TV yesterday.  He said they have something like 4 guys that played in the championship game last year so they are starting from scratch.

  44. Bulldawg Bob2

    There is no confirmation on whether or not Elijah Holyfield suffered an injury in the 2nd scrimmage today. Rumor is it is an ankle sprain, but again, this is through 3rd parties.
    If it is indeed an ankle sprain, it will depend on how severe it is and if it is a high ankle sprain or a lower one. High ankle sprains tend to be worse and take longer to “get well.”
    If it is isn’t a severe ankle sprain,he should be good to go against UNC though in two weeks.

  45. RobDawg

    Is Dawgnation only outlet reporting that Holifield injury news? I don’t see it anywhere else. Are our guys hearing anything at BI

  46. Frankly


    Its tough when they play a good team in a higher classification.   7-A  teams have a lot more players to draw from than 5A.

  47. Bulldawg Bob2

    McEachern vs Archer game coming up at 8:45 PM ETPreview:

  48. haws1178

    Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 it wasn’t pretty on their end. Norcross looked like they could be even better further into the season

  49. Bulldawg Bob2

    haws1178 I’ve just seen bits and pieces, but aye. What little I did see, Walton was fighting an uphill battle in that one.

  50. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie They ran into a buzz saw of a Roswell team. Might be a “down” year for Buford, but I still expect them to make the playoffs.

  51. bahits

    Greg Poole I would rather it be that than the speculated injury to Hollyfield up above.   Or, some other injury.

    This rain really stinks.  That IPF is going to be gold.

  52. haws1178

    Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 Michael Pope Greg Poole Greg and Michael should have recruited some of those blow hards from the ajc to dry the field and move the clouds out

  53. Bulldawg Bob2

    haws1178  Georgia held their second scrimmage, all be it a wet and wild one.
    A lot of prospects in town from scrimmage.
    Michael Pope got a baptism by fire asking his first question today in the post-scrimmage presser.

    Greg Poole discovered a new sport outside the Butts-Mehre today, called track-boxing ####

  54. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    haws1178 Rob Dawg is having a drought at his house, Bob’s satellite is out, and 36 hates Clemson

  55. JaxDawg

    Man I swear injuries are the worst! I just want to field a 100% healthy team but that’s unrealistic

  56. Jesse1

    RobDawg That is an elite program. Mill Creek isn’t chopped liver either. So I’m not expecting them to not come out raring to go. But it probably won’t be enough.

  57. RobDawg

    I saw them play last year and their sideline was set up and managed better than teams like Louisianna Monroe or Southern, etc… That we have played. They have top notch technology and equipment and have the process down to a tee

  58. Jesse1

    JaxDawg Gumps were having more fun than Flipper last October. Right there on the very same field.

  59. JaxDawg

    That could be true, on the flip side maybe today should be taken as an additional tool to evaluate. Who can overcome and perform better even when there is rain

  60. haws1178

    Just got back from a fish fry fundraiser for my daughters softball team. Have I missed any good news?

  61. Jesse1

    Bulldawg Bob2 Always angry, mean, focused and looking  to take a bite out of whatever team is in their way. Win or lose. That is what most us want to see. And we’ll know it’s working when we beat em twice in a season. Lose to UGA, and be so beat down, teams lose the following week.

  62. Bulldawg Bob2

    Maybe the team will channel Coach Smart and play angry and mean as hell against UNC U0001f44aU0001f4aa

  63. Greg Poole

    Can guess you guys noted this, but Kirby was not in a good mood at the presser. I got the impression that he was mad – more dejected. I told Patrick Garbin it was because the weather affected the evaluation they wanted to accomplish today – guessing, of course.

  64. Bulldawg Bob2

    Different officiating crew meant more tackling for Nick Chubb
    In Georgia’s second scrimmage on Saturday, Chubb was tackled to the ground and didn’t have any plays blown dead before taking any hits.
    Head coach Kirby Smart said a lot of that had to do with the different officiating crew on site for the Sanford Stadium scrimmage.
    “No, we had a different crew today,” Smart said. “I didn’t mess up and tell them to blow it when he went down. I didn’t tell them anything. They were fine. He did a good job. He got some carries and the officials didn’t — I was ready to blow it quick a couple of times but they didn’t.”

  65. Bulldawg36

    Hate that’s it’s out man….that stinks. I tell ya norcross maybe headed for a special season

  66. Bulldawg36

    Clemson is also a lucky team….why didn’t they have a return matchup vs ND…at ND??????? Their toughest games will be at auburn and at FSU. Win both of em and they probably finish the regular season undefeated!!!! Hate them dang tigers!!!!!!!!

  67. RobDawg

    Guess what – I hear heavy rolling thunder to the southwest of me. I mean heavy and frequent. Maybe we will actually get a soaking rain

  68. RobDawg

    “UGA has several recruits that visit rainy Saturday practice and none commit because of weather”

  69. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Bulldawg36 Looking forward to an early February when we know offensive linemen will be pretty much an automatic red shirt. Occasionally a fraek of nature will land on campus (Mitch Hyatt, Cam Robinson, Trinton Sturdivent) who can’t be kept from the field. But with things running the way they should, seeing a true frosh playing early on the line will be a novelty. And a sign we’re in trouble.

  70. Jesse1

    Bulldawg Bob2 The truth. From the man who brought 21st century football to Georgia high school football.

  71. revtizzy

    Using ecdawg’s AJC Headline Generator™, we should be getting the following article tomorrow:

    “Georgia scrimmages in the rain, still doesn’t have a dome.”

  72. DawgByte

    Here’s an interesting set of stats as outlined in the Clausen article on Dawg Nation.

    “According to research done by, 15 true freshmen ended up as their team’s starting quarterback in the SEC over the last 20 years. The average record for those teams at the end of the year was 7-6 (4-4 SEC). The average passing stats were 1,464 yards with a 54.4 completion percentage, 10 touchdowns and nine interceptions.”

  73. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  Coaches are often hardest on those they see with the most potential and talent. That and even though Godwin is only a sophomore, he is looking to be one of the primary returning WRs for Georgia.
    But all the WRs have had an up and down fall camp through the first couple of weeks with consistency and drops.

  74. DawgLink

    CKS has been vocal lately about Godwin and saying that he needs to pick it up as the go to WR

  75. freddawg

    DawgByte  Me too.  All we need is a marginal improvement at QB for the offense to improve.  Defense is a bigger question mark.

  76. DawgByte

    Greg Poole I agree. I think our offense improves significantly this year. Better coaching, more depth at WR/TE, bigger stronger OL and with Chaney behind the scenes I think we get better QB play.

  77. DawgByte

    1mandawgpack Based on what I read yesterday it looks like Rochester is not going to miss any games for the BB gun incident. That’s good news and I agree with the call. I’m sure he paid the price with internal unpublicized discipline.

  78. Greg Poole

    Georgia’s offense — Georgia’s offensive numbers were modest in 2015. The Bulldogs averaged about 26 points per game last fall, good for ninth in the conference.
    Quarterback play late in the season was the primary culprit, but it’s an area that should be improved.
    If last year’s starter, Greyson Lambert, hangs on to the job, he can build on his plus-10 touchdown-to-interception ratio and the fact that he was, despite his struggles, the fifth-rated passer in the SEC in 2015.
    If the highly touted Jacob Eason supplants him, it will be because he plays better than the fifth-year senior.
    With a good supporting cast, a bump in production seems likely in either case.

  79. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Michael Pope 
    Greg Poole got a good pic of senior FB Kyle Lestrange

  80. Bulldawg Bob2

    Aaron Fields making sure RBs hold onto the ball even in the pouring rain. (right to left)Sony Michel(no.1), Brian Herrien(no.35) and Brendan Douglas (no.22) is getting harassed by Kirby Choates(no.33)

  81. Bulldawg Bob2

    (right to left) Tae Croweder(no.30), Nick Chubb(no.27), Christian Payne(no.47), Glenn Welch(no.46). Not sure who the fifth guy is on the very end on the left.

  82. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Michael Pope  Kyle Lestrange is a senior walk-on FB (no.48) out of Milton, GA. Transferred from UAB and was on scout team last year.

  83. Michael Pope

    He was Jake Ganus roommate at UAB and they both transferred from there to UGA. He is a full back and he should compete with Christian Payne and Glenn Welch for the starting role.

  84. Michael Pope

    On the recruiting side of things, a few big name commits and targets were out there today. 2017 QB commit Jake Fromm was spotted today and also 2017 OT commit Andrew Carter was out there today too. OLB target Malik Herring was also at the practice and he just had a game against Fromm last night. Andrew Carter also brought a friend with him and that was 2018 OL recruit Jamaree Salyer who was sporting some UGA gear. Another 2018 commit was also spotted in Rome High school’s OLB Adam Anderson.

  85. DawgDaddy

    MMCSDAWG Well  done, I had a 78 at Signal Hill on Wednesday, could not get a birdie putt to drop to save my life.

  86. Michael Pope

    There’s not too much to report from the scrimmage other than a few big name recruits were present and a brief injury report. Starting with injuries, I did not spot Woerner out there but John Atkins was out there in a black non contact jersey and seemed to be a full participant for the most part. Other players were in non contact jerseys including Juwuan Briscoe, Kyle Lesteange, Sony Michel, and Sam Madden. All players seemed to be full participants except for Madden, who seemed a little more limited than the rest.


    Hey DD went out and shot 73 this morning 1 birdie and 2 bogeys rest pars. Funny thing is a didn’t feel so this morning and was thinking it was gonna be a rough round. Took all the money and all the greenies!

  88. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 1mandawgpack They should be glad they were not in Georgia then, I think if you have a gun with any type of illicit drug it automatically becomes a felony, @tmdawg probably knows for sure

  89. RobDawg

    I’m going to go with the first game in Sanford against Yale. Us packing the place, burning them out in their dark blue sweaters, then the whole experience about traveling by train. Beating mighty Yale would have been great to witness

  90. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg Bob2 don’t know what happened but this was supposed to be under the malik post too.

  91. Bulldawg Bob2

    Brookwood’s Dante Black has close to 100 yards rushing, if he doesn’t already, and a couple of TDs in the first half against North Gwinnett HS

  92. 1mandawgpack

    Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Long-time, well-respected former HS coach. If he gets Carter and Swift, I don’t really see any issues with the hire as we were not going to retain Coach Brown.

  93. RobDawg

    Yes Freddawg that and me washing the car – oh wait I can’t do that because water restrictions in my county

  94. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Weather can be so strange and weird. Same thing happened at my dad’s earlier in August and at the end of July when Christi and I were getting afternoon and evening showers and storms, but my dad who is just 20 minutes away didn’t get diddly.

  95. RobDawg

    Why is Athens getting all the rain? It’s almost everyday. We need it desperately and I’m only :45 away. Hasn’t rained here to speak of in I don’t remember last time. Neighborhood looking brown and dry

  96. 1mandawgpack

    Agree that other than Colquitt County, many of the Region 1 teams across all classifications have been down a bit for the past couple of years. Valdosta and Lee are both 6a teams, though.

  97. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 I didn’t really understand the choice at RB coach, but I guess Kirby had his reasons.

  98. Bulldawg Bob2

    Rush Probst breaks down UGA staff | Kipp Adams | 247
    “I think Kirby did a good job putting his first staff together because that first staff is always very difficult,” Probst said. “You have a million things going through your mind, and you are getting a bunch of information all at once. I am sure he was trying to bounce a bunch of things off of Nick, and then Nick is trying to protect Alabama. Then Kirby tried to hire Cochran and all that went sideways, then basically, before it is all said and done, you are out on your own. Then you are making decisions, and some of your peers and your mentors are not helping you because you are in the same competitive wars.”
    That is not to say that Probst is not a fan of Scott Sinclair and Ed Ellis, the new strength and conditioning coaches for the Bulldogs.
    “I think the strength hires he made were huge,” Probst said. “That was something that had been lacking at Georgia. I think Kirby cleaned that up. I think Kirby cleaned up everything that had been broke there.”

  99. Bulldawg36

    Does unc have an IPF??? Man I don’t like us missing all this practice. Thunder stay away!!!!!

  100. 1mandawgpack

    I think your point is valid for HS football as well. It’s ridiculous that HS sports have begun in the middle of the dog days of summer where a late afternoon and/or early evening thunderstorm is the norm and not the anomaly. The game I attended last night didn’t kick off until almost 9 pm which is ridiculous. We need to get back to the days where HS football doesn’t begin until after Labor Day.

  101. Jesse1

    1mandawgpack It’s early but 1-AAAAA isn’t as stacked as some years, talent wise. Even with Valdosta, and Lee moving down.

  102. Bulldawg Bob2

    Jesse1 Bulldawg Bob2  The only one I know of for sure this fall camp is the one earlier this week on Wednesday. They got to practice but only for a half-hour.

    Just got a report from Greg that it was pouring cats and dogs, but no lightning so they had started warm-ups and drills getting ready to scrimmage.

    We’ll have some pics in a little bit

  103. 1mandawgpack

    They’ve clearly been down which is completely unacceptable given the talent there, but they’ve been trending up the past couple of years and many expected a close game last night. As for the offense, that veer is tough to stop as many teams stack the box to stop the run and WR are generally wide open the 6 – 8 times a game that the ball is thrown. TCC has a solid QB for the first time in several years who has an excellent arm and shredded the Worth secondary last night when the ball was thrown.

  104. Jesse1

    Bulldawg Bob2 It would be interesting to know, how many practices UGA has lost, or had shortened due to the geography of straddling the Gnat Line? Weather prognostication is iffy in these zones at best. And to think. There are still some folks who believe we wasted money building an IPF.

  105. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie 1mandawgpack yea they have but the whole stolen gun and drugs that all american at bama had is pretty bad to not get charged

  106. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie 1mandawgpack  Georgia players have had their charges dismissed before, but they were still handed out team punishment. It just isn’t as big of news as when they initially get arrested.

  107. 1mandawgpack

    He’s all Dawg!! However, I respect that his parents understand what the term “commitment” means and are asking him to try to be objective as he takes his officials and weighs his options.

  108. Bulldawg Bob2

    1mandawgpack  Aye. I understood. I just don’t see all those charges being dismissed, especially Butler’s.

  109. 1mandawgpack

    @Bulldawg Bob2, I wasn’t suggesting that the players would be dismissed from the football team and instead was stating that the charges would be dismissed or that the players won’t miss any playing time.

  110. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgDaddy rugbydawg79  That is a great game that I wouldn’t mind also traveling back in time to see. Classic one with two Georgia legends.

  111. 1mandawgpack

    Don’t sleep on my TCC Yellow Jackets this year as they’ve been a bit down by their standards by not making deep runs into the playoffs the past couple of years. However, their D is lights out as they gave up a total of 2 first downs in their scrimmage game last week and absolutely destroyed a historically strong Worth County team last night. It was 41 – 0 at half and the D had given up only 2 first downs before the starters were pulled early in the 3rd quarter and the JV played the remainder of the game.

  112. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg Bob2 01-01-1943 to see UGA beat UCLA 9-0 for the 42 MNC, would loved to have seen Sinkwich & Trippi run over the Bruins.

  113. Bulldawg Bob2

    1mandawgpack  The players arrested for weed and the handgun, those are misdemeanors according to the AP news report; so, not sure if they get dismissed, but probably only a 1 or 2 game suspension. 

    The other player arrested, Devin Butler, faces more serious charges that include battery of a LE official and resisting arrest. Those are pretty serious charges.

  114. Jesse1

    Jay2033 Demons at their lowest since the year before they hired Hunnicutt. That would be 50 years ago, to be exact.

  115. rugbydawg79

    Bulldawg Bob2 Probably The Rose Bowl against UCLA 9-0 victory Get to see Sinkwich and Trippi.

  116. 1mandawgpack

    Would anyone like to wager that the 6 ND arrests last night get dismissed before their opening game? I get sick and tired of all of my non-UGA family, friends and acquaintances constantly reminding me of UGA’s off-field issues but we appear to be one of the few programs that holds our players accountable.

  117. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Jay2033 Hyber would be pleased. Bazemore would look at the record book, ( 2008) and ask aloud, why didn’t you go for 58?

  118. Bulldawg Bob2

    If you could jump into a time machine and travel back to any Georgia Bulldawg football game in the history of the program to experience and watch from the stands, what game would you pick?

  119. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgDaddy Thanks DD. She’s having a good weekend so far. We went to visit her dad and stepmom yesterday up in Toccoa. Had a good visit and trip.

  120. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg Bob2 Great, got back home yesterday afternoon from PCB and just catching up on things that need doing.  Hope the little lady is doing doing great.

  121. Bulldawg Bob2

    North Gwinnett on top of Brookside 7-0 in 1st QTR on a Ryan Lovelace rushing TD followed by a good PAT.

  122. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgDaddy Pretty good DD. Getting ready for Georgia’s second scrimmage at 1 o’clock in just about 45 minutes and then later on, if it doesn’t rain I’m going to take on my lawn.
    How’s your weekend shaping up?

  123. 1mandawgpack

    Jax my advice is to absolutely go if you can. I attended the 2012 Olympics in London and it really is a unique experience. In addition, Tokyo is a really clean, beautiful but ridicously expensive city and would add an additional experience to an already really cool trip.

  124. 1mandawgpack

    I really love and am thankful for what CMR did for our program, but am really excited about what the new staff is doing and some of the changes that have been implemented.

  125. Greg Poole

    Franklyn Revenue is the answer at the end of the CMR era but it is clear that the philosophy has changed with the hiring of CKS.

  126. 66DAWGnNC

    Greg Poole Yeah, I know it was Auburn. Wayne Johnson did a masterful job at QB that night. Nobody believed we had a chance except Vince and the UGA team. Was a joy to watch. I guess I confused you when I called them “yardbirds,” maybe implying that bunch of chickens from Columbia. The War Eagle was grounded that night, thus my reference lol.

  127. Frankly

    Greg Poole 
    This gets back to the debate of whether it was a change in philosophy or more revenue that loosened the purse strings at UGA.  Either way, it began before Kirby got here.

  128. Reddawg13

    How is Kirby Choates doing? I remember him wanting to be a Bulldog really bad, so I am pulling for him!

  129. Bulldawg36

    Yep, you were close my friend!! I didn’t know that about frank!! Our heisman winner!! I’ll have to tell my wife about that!!

  130. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Bulltoad Greg Poole DawgByte She also needs an attitude and a reputation as a bad omen for the opposition and a wild supportive home field advantage for the good guys. Not saying it isn’t in some ways, but it could be better.

  131. rugbydawg79

    Bulldawg36 oh well I was close I guess -wanted to point out that the first SEC Heisman winner The great Frank Sinkwich of Georgia was originally from Croatia

  132. JaxDawg

    You’re right 36!!! Let’s go!!! Hope we take what we’ve learned and use that today to make us better and look to improve on that!!

  133. JaxDawg

    Yes that’s right! De-recruiting! From day 1 you need to prove yourself and work hard. It starts clean slate

  134. JaxDawg

    I think once they get here they should be treated like fresh recruits in the army. Haha BUT I think if they have a place to relax after the day ends that is good. Kirby is like saban and will make them pin their ears back, listen, perform, and say YES SIR, but after the day they can relax with their buddies in a nice place on campus, in our facilities away from the temptations of the night HAHA

  135. Greg Poole

    Frankly I really don’t know much about IPTAY, but all big time programs have cash these days. If the staff has the ear of the administration and the clout to get its way, it will have more success than the same staff w/o the dough.
    UGA is late to the party. For whatever reason, Kirby has been able to change that. I think he is just getting started. The future is bright

  136. JaxDawg

    And if we do win a ship in the next 5 years, I can see us bundling in a recruiting room with a facelift and repainting, cleaning up the facade of the stadium and also a possible expansion.

  137. Bulldawg36

    Yup. Watching it on fox sports south east. It’s strange..yesterday they didn’t show the games here on the tube

  138. JaxDawg

    Okay, good to hear that our IPF will be the leading edge. I agree with you guys, keep charging forward with the next steps and innovate on it! I’m in same boat. And I think we do have a staff in place who can get that done. I think the ceiling for UGA is the highest in the country next to Texas, Florida and Southern Cal. We can do this!

  139. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Are you watching the game because I cannot get it in my area. Listening on radio stream.

  140. Frankly

    Greg Poole 

    Yes but If I’m understanding this correctly, they are benefiting from a private booster organization and the money they are spending.  That’s very different from the coaching staff outworking everyone else.

  141. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte Greg Poole Well, at UGA, the “pampering” usually ends when they enroll and become another student-athlete trying to compete for playing time and a start … if the practices are indication.

  142. Bulldawg36

    I’m praying brother!! We need all hands on deck to beat the Tar Heels!!! 1-0 just sounds so much better than 0-1!! Go dawgs!!!!

  143. JaxDawg

    Morning gents! Had my coffee and ready to go. Prayers for the players today that we have an efficient and healthy scrimmage!

  144. Greg Poole

    JaxDawg  True, but UGA needs to innovate rather than follow. I think Kirby will do just that.

  145. Jesse1

    JaxDawg It will be state of the art. But can’t rest on the laurels. Gotta keep moving. Forward. Charge!

  146. Frankly


    Given that they were the second best team last year, there is no argument on that.  Don’t know what “ring team” is

  147. JaxDawg

    Yup, UGA is trying to play catch up. They got the indoor facility which I thought was going to be the nicest in the land, I think it still will be but its not an amenity center. Next thing UGA I think is planning is that recruiting room, but we need to update all facilities and locker rooms, add our nap rooms and waterfalls etc.

  148. Bulldawg Bob2

    Tucker picked off Kell. Have the ball on the Longhorn’s 28. Opportunity for the Tigers to tie up the game or go up on top.

  149. Greg Poole

    Bulltoad DawgByte That is the next project and that $1 million figure that ADGM talked about was just for the plans. Make no mistake this addition has very little to do with the need for a new locker room at Sanford, this is about recruiting. The lounge for recruits and parents will be the major focus. Of course, recruiters will want to show off the plush locker room too.

  150. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Who knows? This team, if they are an angry team, will catch lightning in a jar once or twice. Revenge Tour begins Sept. 6..

  151. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Jesse1 Bulldawg36 I feel confident the current staff won’t be allowing any moss to gather on their rolling stones. That said, the reason we’re where we are today, is due to recruiting whiffs 3-4 years ago. It really is that simple. Some folks just can’t see the forest for the trees.

  152. Jesse1

    Frankly Jesse1 Reddawg13 To be specific, Clemson, recently, has done a better job in this and other areas than UGA. And most everyone else not named Alabama.

  153. Bulltoad

    Greg Poole DawgByte  Looks like the next major project is the LockerRecruiting room at stadium.  It would be cool if we could come up with something cool and unique for the entrance to the field.  Something that cannot be missed.

  154. Jesse1

    DawgByte 66DAWGnNC With Chad Kelley, there is always hope. He has a tendency to celebrate too early, and kick himself when he goes cold.

  155. Jesse1

    Frankly Reddawg13 They aren’t. Clemson identifies their needs, and goes after the payers they need. not just  stud who happens to be available. CKS has spent some time, and recently, “touring” that so called Auburn with a Lake school just down the rod.

  156. Greg Poole

    Frankly True, but the point is that they are a middling ACC team traditionally. Now they have a system that is putting them into the national conversation and spending is very much a part of getting there.

  157. Reddawg13

    Frankly Reddawg13 Well, I don’t believe they are recruiting like everyone else. The teams that get those elite players that gel together work harder and do more than the teams that don’t.

  158. Greg Poole

    DawgByte It is economics 101. These things are not happening to pamper kids. There is price fixing at a time when circumstances are pouring more money than ever into college football. Teams do not have shareholder to pay dividends to and they can not bid more in salary for players. The money will be spent. Smart spending is that which brings the best players to campus.

  159. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Frankly Jesse1 A very aggressive staff, an an alumni foundation that poses one question to the staff. “What do you need?”

  160. RumRunnerDoogie

    Reddawg13 RumRunnerDoogie Frankly Jesse1 miami could be a factor with richt now but they have been pretty irrelevant for years

  161. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Reddawg13 Bulldawg36 But is incumbent on our staff to field one that can be the tar out of them and only outworking them ensures that!

  162. Frankly

    Jesse1 Greg Poole 

    I’m not discrediting their success but the point was that it wasn’t that they had the right mix of PLAYERS to get them there.

  163. Jesse1

    Reddawg13 Jesse1 Bulldawg36 It isn’t incumbent on our rivals to field a lousy team we can beat the tar out of.

  164. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Bulldawg36 You nailed it buddy, Dabo wants to be the best and will put in the work to get there, previous here? Well we know that answer.

  165. Greg Poole

    66DAWGnNC  My pre-season prediction on a podcast with Vance and Dantzler was 10-2. I still think that is a good guess. I’m just not sure that quality depth will allow a better record.

  166. 66DAWGnNC

    Greg Poole Not sure either, but I know it has happened “after” a game with UGA fans storming the opponents field. I hope we hose them yardbirds again this year.

  167. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole RumRunnerDoogie seems like schools are essentially creating a one stop shop for these kids, then again if they are at the football center the chances of being arrested for something stupid goes way down

  168. Greg Poole

    66DAWGnNC  That kid has come along well since he started a blog called Jay’s Bulldog Blog several years ago.

  169. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Frankly And a mindset that Clemson isn’t going to take a beating and thank you for the pleasure.

  170. Reddawg13

    66DAWGnNC My prediction is this team will play with more discipline, will play harder, will be stronger, will be more innovative, will be more physical and will surprise a lot of people. Is that 8-4 or 10-2 or 12-0? I don’t know. But, “It Damn Sho Can Be Us!” And we will “Take No Prisoners!” In my mind the only game that could be a concern is Ole Miss and they may implode. Of course JMO.

  171. Greg Poole

    Frankly True but last year happened. You have to get there and in today’s recruiting environment they are playing a smart game. Bama put in waterfalls, Clemson is pointing the money toward players – I guarantee you the high school kids that roll through there will be impressed.

  172. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Jesse1 Bulldawg36 Living in No Mans Land, East Central Georgia, on the state line,means finding out what happens up there isn’t hard.

  173. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Reddawg13 Greg Poole Sure won’t, and most times neither will size, the two things you can’t coach, but durn sure can use!

  174. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Money and UGA haven’t been the problem. The will to use resources? That is a rather long debate.

  175. Greg Poole

    Jesse1 Bulldawg36 …and that athletic facility is not about an IPF. IPFs are not a recruiting tool any longer, they have been an expected amenity for years. 
    UGA’s administration missed the point for decades. These facilities are what is happening in lieu of paying players. The NCAA has imposed price fixing on player costs. Now that money is going into lavish facilities. Programs that resist spending will be left behind.

  176. Frankly


    I don’t think its really that deep.  They have gotten some elite players at key positions such as on the lines and  most importantly at QB.  Before last years team falling flat on your face in a big game was known as Clemsoning.

  177. Bulldawg36

    I can’t believe that. I hope in the future the UGA admin will spend more money to try and build up the program. We have the money! Now spend it!!!

  178. Reddawg13

    Jesse1 Greg Poole And why with all the athletes Lowndes has would you run such an antiquated system! Coaching has to keep up and be innovative!

  179. Bulldawg36

    Our IPF will still be better once it’s built!!!!! Still no excuse not to have before Clemson!!!! We should of had one years ago!!!!

  180. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Our TE’s are second to none and will finally be used as weapons of mass destruction!

  181. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 An administration who listened to the fan base, before there was a new administration in place. We whiffed on players and their development. Dabo, and staff have done a much better job of projecting a players development than the former staff here did. Nothing nefarious or dirty. Since 2012 they have outworked us, and nearly everyone else for that matter.

  182. Reddawg13

    dsw61 Bulldawg36 Same here friend, my wife tells me I cook better than all the restaurants we can eat at, and I do love to cook!

  183. liliverson03

    That is going to be a great selling point for recruits. The area will also allow the recruits to stay close to team facilities in their leisure time .

  184. Greg Poole

    RumRunnerDoogie True but they are recruiting kids. I know you are kidding but the point of these projects is to wow 15 to 18-year-old kids.

  185. Jesse1

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole What the folks who comprise IPTAY understand is there won’t be any Wells Fargo trucks in the funeral procession. 30 years ago they were giving double what any program not named Texas were contributing.

  186. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 He will one of them. Big John one he 100% and of course TT will definitely shine, but so will Carter and Clark!

  187. Bulldawg36

    I hate em!!! I hate Their IPF!! I hate their mascot!!! I hate that they’re a playoff team!!! How’d they get that much better after we put a whooping on em in Athens in 2014?????

  188. dsw61

    Bulldawg36 Yeah, we eat pretty good. Everything homemade from scratch. Rarely eat out anymore because what we cook at home is hard to beat. My two girls have also become good cooks as a result and it’s good to see them have fun with cooking.

  189. Greg Poole

    Doc R I think that was the police using the term – Schlabach used ‘weed’ – in his sentence, to be clear. ;-}

  190. Jesse1

    Greg Poole When it comes to being proactive in this area, Clemson is the new Gold Standard in the deep South.

  191. dsw61

    Greg Poole This is an example of poor parenting. Always teach your kids never to drive more than 9 miles over the speed limit:):)

  192. Doc R

    Greg Poole Why does the press call any illegal substance a “narcotic”??  Weed is NOT a narcotic

  193. Reddawg13

    I was stoked when we added Daquan “Muckle” Hawkins and after listening to him I am even more stoked! That kid is a player and will shine in the “Take No Prisoners” season!

  194. dsw61

    Greg Poole I just made Belgian Waffles this morning. We have a round Belgian waffle iron and I make those things once or twice a week. Gotta have them with real New England maple syrup though…or strawberries and whipped cream:)

  195. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Love Tucker’s defense. They get after folks.Shame they run a Stone Age offense. The talent there is elite. On both sides of the ball.

  196. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Kinda happens when playing a team bigger, faster, stronger, deeper, and better. 24-7 doesn’t give the complete picture of how completely Roswell dominated Buford.

  197. Greg Poole

    Slow news day this morning, but that will pick up with those who get to see the scrimmage reporting on it and Kirby’s presser afterward. There will be plenty of QB questions, but I think Kirby will say that he and the staff need to watch the film and make some decisions.  The team will get Sunday and Monday off as the staff starts to get its depth chart worked out.

    This scrimmage is a really big deal.

  198. Jesse1

    Greg Poole And whoever is the quarterback has an embarrassment of riches at TE to play ball with.

  199. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Complete tail kicking.  But before I get excited about the Big Cats win, have to remember Lowndes is another extinct species. A Wing-T team in 7A. See Camden County last night. At this level, the Wing-T is DOA!

  200. Greg Poole

    “I think it’s an exciting time to be playing tight end in football,”Blazevich said. 
    Blazevich said about the year of the tight end possibility. “I think the position is evolving. I think people are trying to make tight ends more versatile.”

    “We always try to be Tight End University, that is what we try to promote, that is what we try to claim,” Blazevich said.