UGA Recruiting Daily 20-July-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 20-July-2016

Tyreke Johnson - 5-star recruiting prospect from Jacksonville
Tyreke Johnson – 5-star recruiting prospect from Jacksonville
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#13 Junior CB
Trinity Christian High School
Jacksonville, FL


Riverside Military Academy High School
Gainesville, GA


Hialeah High School
Hialeah, FL


#89 Junior TE WR
Gulf Coast High School
Naples, FL



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

245 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 20-July-2016

  1. dirtydawgs

    Too much koolaid all those guys are probably being recruited by Clemson. Just 2 more weeks till we know

  2. Dawgnation89

    Maybe I am reading too much into this, but this sounds good for the good guys in my opinion on Mr. Lawerance. 

    He listed several guys he going to recruit after he commits: Jamaree Salyer, Derrik Allen, Zamir White, Justin Mascoll, and Nolan Edmonds. 4 of those 5 are seriously considering UGA if not leaning that way. 

    What do you guys think, too much koolaid?

  3. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  PTCDawg the only thing she has mentioned is child advocacy but she really doesnt have a clue. As she realizes how expensive life is she may look at private practice a little harder. :>)

  4. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  PTCDawg Actually thats very encouraging for me. sounds like exactly the kind of environment she is well suited to thrive in. Loves to read and is very perceptive. I appreciate the information. Hope you are well!

  5. tmdawg12

    PTCDawg tmdawg12 Thats great! Professors and law school personnel will tell her 1L is miserable. The important thing is to know what kind of learner you are and what kind of student you are. 1L is all about trying to break you down and get you to think differently. They pile on a lot of reading and expect you to read everything, brief everything and be ready to discuss everything.  If you need to do that then by all means, but if you can read and get the exact law from each case you will be fine. Learn to extract the law and learn how it applies in the bigger picture. 1L is bad if you read everything and brief everything. If you can learn to extract rules and apply them then you wont necessarily have to read every single case to the fullest, you may get embarrassed in class but the only grade is the final and the final will be based on laws pulled from cases, not reading every case.

    Hope that makes sense

  6. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  PTCDawg she graduated UGA but is at Emory Law. We just moved her into her apt, first time she has ever not had a roommate.

  7. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  PTCDawg yessir. my daughters starts Aug 9, I hear the first year is a real booger, and I dont mean McFarland.

  8. Doc R

    Red Dawn It’s probably like with the cell phone towers and IP addresses and such—just ask our corrupt govt—-they can probably tell you when you last took a dump

  9. dsw61

    1mandawgpack dsw61 PTCDawg Last I checked there’s no risk in being early or late hitting a golf ball because it’s just sitting there waiting to be hit…which is why a “hitch” doesn’t matter. The reality is that what Furyk does is not a hitch. It’s external rotation of the back arm at the beginning of the downswing, which is ideal. When Furyk takes his back swing the club head is almost over his head. It’s a steep or almost vertical back swing. Guys like Hogan had a flatter back swing. Both Furyk and Hogan use their back arm the same way when they initiate the down swing…but their shafts are on totally different planes at the start of their down swings; which is why they look different. Here is a slow motion clip of Furyk. Notice how smooth he transitions from the back swing to the down swing. He can do this because the shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint and he can work the club in two different planes simultaneously…and do it seamlessly.

  10. TeeHDawg

    Evening guys. With the late signees talk, I really wish we could have signed Darvis Holmes, signed with Missouri late. Went back and looked at the 2016 rankings and he is now listed ahead of EJ Price and Ben Cleveland. How would anyone compare those three?

  11. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG PTCDawg Very well thought out post. Hard to make a case against it. 

    I could be wrong, but with the running back situation they way it is (primarily because of Michel’s injury), three new members to the OL, the coaches will end up going with the more experienced Lambert to start the season. I also think Jacob will get a shot to do his thing against UNC if circumstances are favorable.

  12. Score Check

    Pretty good guess.
    I have often wondered what had become of Mykelle McDaniel.   He just sort of disappeared from the public’s consciousness.
    This guy is an absolute beast with around 30 big time offers.

  13. JaxDawg

    Someone needs to wish Jacoby happy birthday with a UGA graphic on Twitter! Don’t want to see these stupid Alabama people wishing him happy bday

  14. PTCDawg

    MMCSDAWG PTCDawg “not sure I have read anyone slamming Lambert”…hahaha, good one MMCS!

  15. converted 1981

    Frankly 1mandawgpack Same O Line all year?????  Right.  Same O Line that allowed Lambert to go 24 of 25 against south cacka lacky?????   Yet it is OK to “Throw the O Line Under the Bus”  But we cannot criticize or question the QB’s.  Let alone use HIS stats from last year (as well as at Virginia) to COMPARE his abilities to the other QB’s

    I HAVE AS OF YET TO HEAR ANYBODY ON THIS BOARD “BAD MOUTH LAMBERT”.  I have heard plenty of people talk about what a Great Dawg he is and what his abilities ARE.  Nobody has unfairly criticized him as far as I have seen.  We do have the right and opportunity (presented by BI) to voice our “Opinions and feelings” if done Respectfully.  I have seen unwarranted posts deleted and have deleted some myself while I was a moderator on LHB.  

    We ALL Love our Dawgs and want them to WIN EVERY GAME BY 50 points or more – realistic – NO.  However that is what we want.  We all want what we FEEL is the best player at Every position.  However as you have pointed out WE are Not the Coaches.  However there are MANY MANY people with great knowledge of how the game is played, what the abilities of our players are as well as those that are quite capable of breaking down players by position.

    I very much appreciate your defense of any and all players, especially if there was any unfounded or unfair criticism of them.  However I have not seen it so lets keep it going and support our Dawgs wherever and however we choose.

  16. godawgs678

    I see on Twitter 247 is reporting a 2016 recruit is visiting this weekend who hasnt signed yet. I’m assuming its probably Mykelle McDaniel. Just a guess.

  17. Frankly


    Right!  And can do a standing back flip!  That kind of athleticism at TE will be a lethal weapon.

  18. DawgByte

    BroDawg By what recruiting service? Does this mean he’s going to get his 5th star?

  19. 66DAWGnNC

    Thanks 36. Mom died the end of June. Had Dementia for over a decade. That is a horrible disease. Dad died last September. Both had been failing for 6 or 8 years. I have put some miles on my vehicles in those years. Dad was 84 and mom 83,so I had them for a number of years. Dad’s mind was still sharp. He knew a great deal about UGA football. I miss our pre and post game chats.