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UGA Recruiting Daily 23-July-2016


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#9 Senior DE DT
Paramus Catholic High School
Paramus, NJ


#6 Senior WR CB
Bishop Gorman High School
Las Vegas, NV


#44 Senior RB CB
Montgomery Bell Academy
Nashville, TN



#2 Junior RB SB
Lovejoy High School
Lovejoy, GA



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

197 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 23-July-2016

  1. Frankly

    This is where I would love for Georgia to differ with Alabama, get the big uglies AND the star QB.  Clemson went toe to toe with all those 5 stars for 60 minutes and as far as I could find,  had never had a recruiting class ranked higher than #9 ( I didn’t really look into  too thoroughly).  What they did have was elite talent at a few key positions and an elite QB.

  2. dsw61

    RantingDawg I think Lawrence is smart enough to know that Jamaree is a big Georgia lean because of Thomas.

  3. RantingDawg

    Guys I just don’t have a good feeling about TLaw. I will be thrilled if we get him but I’ve already written him in at Clemson in my mind. I would LOVE to be wrong on this though. I will say I am super excited about our future at QB with Eason and Jake “from state” Fromm. I don’t think missing out on TLaw will be a really big blow, I would rather get the 5 star big uglies. Alabama wins with nobody great at QB every year.

  4. Colonial Dawg

    tmdawg12 I am with you there TM.  I cut the back yard and part of the front today.  Can hardly move now.  99 degrees with heat index of 110.

  5. Avon Barksdale

    I think slightly north of 50%. And the more hungover he is tomorrow, the higher that percentage increases…

  6. dirtydawgs

    Anyone in the know have any idea on what our percentages are with Trevor Lawrence?

  7. dentaldawg

    Remember when the Volnuts thought Lawrence was a UT lock. VolNation is now posting that CJ Lewis,2017 dual threat qb has committee too UT. 6’3.5″, 205 lbs. #40 dual threat QB; #1633 overall rank for class of ’17.

    “All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.” in my best Pink Floyd impersonation.

  8. DawgDaddy

    DawgLink We know that and I am thinking he does too.  Clemson is not much of a town either IMO.

  9. DawgLink

    Fox 5 has a video on Facebook about Grayson High school. The assistant coach Kenyatta Watson is no longer at the school. Sounds really fishy. Investigative report Monday night

  10. Doc R

    Hobnailboot aka RobG Doc R Greg Poole There are a couple channels on my directv that show it a lot so I watch more now than when it was current airing

  11. Doc R

    tmdawg12 I’ve been doing outside projects for 2 days, and feel like I’m about to have a heat stroke

  12. DawgLink

    Not much comparison to me. Better school. Better chance to NFL. Better degree. And much better looking women

  13. Score Check

    Its my understanding CKS & CJC are going to ride with him to and from the University of CLEM.

  14. JaxDawg

    So Lawrence is in fact in Athens today and will spend the night and head to Clemson tomorrow. They get the last visit

  15. Doc R

    Greg Poole The other part of that quote is:  “But if they don’t score we’ll never lose”—-Erk

  16. Frankly

    I think this is a matter of perception more than reality.
    This has been looked into several times over the last few years. The average recruiting position for GA hashas been around 10th. When you rank overall records and average final ranking over the same period, Georgia is also around 10th.
    I would agree however that the last few years, the program has underachieved but “Top-10 ” recruiting can easily still be 4th/5th in the SEC. That statement really should come with an asterisk.

  17. PTCDawg

    bahits Bulldawg36 We have lost a Heisman Trophy candidate every year for the last 3 years. If people want to ignore that they can, but would Alabama have won even the SEC last year without Derrick Henry? How would LSU have fared without Fournette? I would guess most teams would look like underachievers if they lost a Heisman caliber player.

    On the other hand, I also think having great skill players but losing the line of scrimmage is also a factor . Just means our margin of error is much smaller than it should be. The Easons and Hardmans matter, of course, but I think it’s Ben Cleveland, Andrew Thomas, et al, that gets us to the next level.

  18. rugbydawg79

    bahits Thanks some don’t realize that most kids can’t even get in to UGA these days.

  19. bahits

    I like Leonard Warner’s Dad!  Although the article tossing around the question about UGA academics bothers me a little.  I know it is great, and I also know it doesn’t mean a hill of beans outside of your first job or two.  It really doesn’t matter, if you love to learn and keep pushing yourself.   (GT masters degree here)   I suspect that is the angle several schools use… including my alma mater. 

    Either Georgia or Tech would give the kid incredible post school benefits, if he decides to stay in or around Georgia.   Stanford, I don’t know.  It wouldn’t be much of a benefit, if he came back home, but California is neat – minus the high taxes and nanny state politics.

    Any way, I hope he chooses our Dawgs.

    Academics wise, what does he want to study?  Tech is better with a lot of engineering and possibly science.  UGA is great in a whole lot of fields.  The options are broader at UGA.

  20. bahits

    Doc R DawgDaddy Greg Poole do you think that thing will ever be worth anything like this other upside down mistake?

  21. bahits

    Bulldawg36 No.  We came within a hair of a national championship when we had Bama on the ropes in the SECc.   We would have worked ND over just as easily as they did

    Now, if you want a candidate for over rated, how about Notre Dame?

  22. Doc R

    Hobnailboot aka RobG basically they had a couple staff members who were doing work for 2 football players, including writing 10 papers for them, and a few other things

  23. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 Not necessarily, it depends on what you say is over rated.  To be picked an fail miserable like gtu or AU last year is what I call over rated.   To be picked but still make it to a bowl – not so much.  

    Of course opinions are like some other things, everyone has one.

  24. RobDawg

    I love the Dawgs but it’s kinda hard to argue with consistent top ten recruiting classes and not much to show besides a couple division titles.

  25. Bulldawg36

    Big lead said UGA was the most overrated cfb team in the last ten years. Sorry can’t post it from the tablet.

  26. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Well I just made myself feel really stupid trying to understand all that legal mumbo jumbo

  27. bahits

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Isn’t Cat holding one of the new fangled tablet computers?  He makes it look like my tiny cell phone.

  28. Bansai buckeroo

    I haven’t heard a date but Aug 1st being a Monday might be a good date….maybe Top has heard something…

  29. fesx

    Greg Poole Love that idea….but lets wait and surprise someone with this….Vols or Ole Miss.  Let Chubby get 100% and we will have many Defensive Coordinators with sleepless nights trying to stop this package.  Great mismatches with the talent we have accumulated at the TE position!!!!

  30. dawgmum

    Dawgnation89 That was quite a discussion you had there. Luckily, you are both in agreement.

  31. Jesse1

    haws1178 Greg Poole First, you’ll have to find one who acknowledges football was played before 1990. That does greatly reduce if not eliminate finding one. Because until SOS arrived, nobody would admit to being a gator fan. Easier to find a Merritt Island Mustang or Ft Pierce Central Cobra fan in the late 80’s.

  32. haws1178

    Greg Poole haws1178  Given my options I will continue my efforts to talk with the Miami guys. The odds of finding a rational gator fan in Florida are slim to none

  33. Jesse1

    Greg Poole haws1178 Unless they’re playing FSU, UF, Notre Dame, or a Top-5 opponent, you can buy a seat on the 30 yard line for a song.

  34. Jesse1

    Bulldawg36 Time to rough em up in Cola City. 92′ and 06′ were the last years we went off on em in the Chicken Coop.

  35. Jesse1

    haws1178 Jesse1 Bulldawg36 A few Not complaining about 10 wins, but as an aside, probably good we had Ga Southern in the November sacrificial lamb spot as opposed to say Ga State. 😉 A few bad hops and 15′ would have been one of those years. Felt like it at times anyway. Mizzou, GSU, Barn, Atlanta Trade School. Not advocating we give back the wins, but even the 74′ team was fun to watch.

  36. haws1178

    I’m down in gator country and haven’t seen the first Dawg fan outside of may family. I seen a guy decked out in the U gear and asked him how he felt about CMR and he had no idea what I was talking about. So much for conversating with the locals.

  37. Bulldawg36

    Done watched it 6 times… Don’t think I’ll watch it again. Ready to see us beat em down in 2016

  38. haws1178

    Jesse1 haws1178 Bulldawg36 I’ve seen seasons that would have us wishing for one like last year so I’m not going to complain to much. Hopefully we are in store for some brighter days

  39. Jesse1

    Have to line up properly though. Easy to have an ineligible receiver downfield. Or illegal formation. The diagram was a nice inclusion.

  40. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole When I saw the thread title on The DawgBone this morning I had decided not to open it.  I am glad you posted it here, very cool.

  41. Joe Dawg

    Dawgnation89  Chauncey Manac. Big, strong and FAST! Should add another 20 – 25 pounds and will be a nightmare for opposing QBs!

  42. Greg Poole

    Johnsonville announced its three-year sponsorship of the SEC (Southeastern Conference) and SEC Network, as part of its brand strategy to grow in a part of the country not so familiar with the family-owned company based in Wisconsin.
    “Johnsonville is a staple for passionate sports fans and tailgaters in the Midwest, but people in SEC-country aren’t as familiar with us,” said Ryan Pociask, Johnsonville’s Sr. Director of Marketing. “So, we’ll head south to witness the great traditions and rivalries first-hand, learn how fans do things in the SEC and see if the sausage our members make every day can earn a spot on those awesome tailgate spreads.”

  43. Greg Poole

    Dawgnation89  Ridley is a good choice and Michael Chigbu has the look of a kid who can make major strides in 2016.

  44. Dawgnation89

    75tranzam Dawgnation89 Well unfortunately I got busy at work for a short bit. When i get busy its not a good thing for my site.

  45. 75tranzam

    Dawgnation89 You’ve got a lot more things you can do.

    Just post random “Hunker Down you hairy Dawgs!”, update us with what you’re doing or where you’re at or just add a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! points at the end of your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Dawgnation89

    OK OK I cant keep going! hahah, I am so bored at work on nights its unreal! Someone needs to wake up and get on before I go crazy!!!!

  47. Dawgnation89

    Yes Nation. Eason is going to throw 3 TDs, and Imac is going to return the opening kickoff back.

  48. Dawgnation89

    What kind of lead do you think we will have at the end of the 1st Quarter, Dawg?

  49. Dawgnation89

    Well they will both play but we are going to jump out to a massive lead before the 1st quarter is over, so we will rest them and let them ease back into play.

  50. Dawgnation89

    That’s good insight there Nation. I’m looking for Holyfield to have 100+ yard game against UNC!

  51. Dawgnation89

    Thats a good question Dawg, I think Riley Ridley explodes on the scene in a big way for us! I am also hoping we break the CC curse and wims shows out too.

  52. Dawgnation89

    Working night sucks! I think i am just going to talk to myself on here to pass the time…