UGA Recruiting Daily 23-May-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 23-May-2016

UGA football – Monty Rice at Kirby Smart
Monty Rice With Kirby Smart
Photo: Monty Rice Twitter


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread

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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

143 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 23-May-2016

  1. Lucas Rogers

    lagadawg DawgDaddy Greg Poole yeah I know some of the people personally in the record books. Guys that played against my highschool, which is not a talent rich area. It’s a serious joke of a game

  2. lagadawg

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole The difference is it’s Chattanooga area against NW Ga. area. Not many powerhouse High Schools in NW Ga. It’s probably about 3 to 1 population advantage to Tn.

  3. ZippyMorocco

    Greg Poole 
    Sorry, but count me not impressed. I have heard this BS before.

  4. DawgDaddy

    DawgByte DawgDaddy Greg Poole UT is one of the schools that MUST get quality recruits from other states to compete, I think it is really that much better.  Guys that make it to the NFL from Georgia far outnumber those from Tennessee.

  5. DawgByte

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Is it really that much better or are there just more schools?!

  6. DawgDaddy

    crazydawg87 CRAZY!!!  I just got in from playing golf out of town.  Good to see you bud.

  7. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 It was relaxing and entertaining at the same time. We stayed at the Wynn Encore for the first time and I have to say their service was impeccable across the board. When we checked in they asked where we had stayed in the past and offered us a Suite upgrade at minimal cost. We took them up on the offer. It was a beautiful room accessed by a special entrance and its own Concierge and other hotel staff. We also had access to a private pool and wait staff. The food was also quite good at the hotel, however all our dinners were at other hotels, including the Venetian, Bellagio, Caesars and Aria.

  8. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I see Tennessee has a huge winning record in these games, are we even sending our best kids to these things or are they Tennessee’s best against just some kids from Georgia?  There is really no comparison between the talent in Georgia high schools and those in Tennessee.

  9. Bulldawg36

    Tyler Simmons maybe our fastest WR in 2016! Thank the heavens that he flipped from Alabama! Way to go Kirby!!!

  10. Greg Poole

    ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia men’s basketball coach Mark Fox announced Monday that Juwan Parker has been awarded a medical redshirt for the 2015-16 season and Osahen Iduwe has been granted a release to transfer from the University of Georgia.

    Parker, a 6-4, 205-pound guard from Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be a redshirt junior with two seasons of eligibility remaining. He played in Georgia’s lone exhibition game against Armstrong State, posting two points, six rebounds, two assists and a block in 19 minutes of action, but did not play in the regular season.

    “We are pleased that Juwan has officially been awarded a redshirt,” Fox said. “We are eager and excited to see him back on the court.”

    Parker originally suffered the injury midway through the 2014-15 campaign. He started the first 14 games that season and averaged 4.9 points and 3.7 rebounds, including season highs of 11 points and seven rebounds in the SEC opener against No. 23 Arkansas. Parker sustained the injury in the Bulldogs’ next outing at LSU. He played limited minutes in four games thereafter, including the regular-season finale at Auburn and in the SEC Tournament semifinals versus Arkansas.

    Iduwe, a 6-10, 245-pound forward, played in 29 games over the past two seasons. During the 2015-16 campaign, he played in 18 contests and averaged 0.5 points, 0.4 rebounds and 2.7 minutes per game. 

    “Osahen and I talked late last week, and he has decided to transfer,” Fox said. “We want Osahen to find the greatest fit for him both academically and as a player. I understand and support his decision and wish him nothing but the best. He has been a terrific teammate and will be missed.”

  11. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I’ll ‘byte’… yes, I’m more than ready to win a SEC title. However, I’m also realistic about the short term prospects. As I’ve stated many times, Richt did a good job of bringing in serious talent at the skill positions, but didn’t build a lot of depth. I think it’s going to take a couple of classes to get the type of players to bring us on par with Bama and LSU. 

    Over the weekend I read an interesting article about Florida’s offense. The stats were not kind and the prospects for improvement this year seem limited at best. A real test of Kirby’s coaching capabilities will be to remove the mental block and beat a very beatable Gator’s team.

  12. DawgByte

    How’s everyone doing?! I’m back after my trip to Viva Las Vegas… and no I did not win any money, but ate like a KING!

  13. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg36 Well it bothers me too. But I think that changes now. Richt took us up a notch pretty quick and then the last 5 years faltered some. I believe Kirby learned from the best and wants badly to be the best. Yeah we had a good record as long as we were not playing the top 25, but we know one must beat them to win a championship.

  14. Bulldawg36

    Good post MMCS! I’m not sure tho it bothers everybody. Some are just fine with 9-3 as along as we win the right way which is understandable. But I think UGA can do more and I sure hope they will in the near future! Go dawgs!!! Oh yeah I will probably have a melt down in August because the baby will almost here!!!!!!!!

  15. Bulldawg36

    Ahhh nothing against whiskey drinkers but I just can’t handle it…don’t think I’ve even ever tried before

  16. dsw61

    DawgLink The one on the right is a very low level swing. Easily exploited by good pitching. The guy on the left is Ted Williams. One of the most dominant modern day fast pitch hitters ever…Kaitie Cochran…tailored her swing after Ted. She obviously doesn’t swing as well as Ted did, but the light weight bats in fastpitch are way more forgiving and easier to swing than wood bats.


    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg36 And Me…  Bulldawg36  will have his hands full with a little 36!  let’s see how his nerves are this time a year from now!  lol.   

    It’s been way to damn long since UGA has won the SEC and/or a NC.  It frustrates every one of us to a certain extent!  I believe we may have gotten the right man at the right time and I expect we should rectify that pretty soon!

  18. dsw61

    BahitsAgain Bulldawg36 Beacuse…Chubb is the thunder…and Sony is the lightning…and they are both warriors:)

  19. Bulldawg36

    Thanks for the kind words T-town! Naw I don’t have an ulcer either but I do get high blood pressure from UGA football in the fall. It’s just hard going into a season basically knowing we probably aren’t gonna win a title this year if you go on our history with first year head coaches and almost every other D1 schools. As a dawg fan it’s hard to accept the fact that the chances are low especially with our proud tradition with guys like Herschel & Trippi amongst others. I still believe the dawgs will have their day again. But not knowing when I guess is a bitter pill to swallow. But it’s always great to be a Georgia bulldawg & and I will enjoy the off season!!!!

  20. TtownDawg

    Bulldawg36  Ok I’ll bite…Yes deep down it does bother me that we haven’t won a championship in a while. I’m not going to develop an ulcer worrying about it though. With the pct. of winning and consecutive bowl games we have, I believe there are teams out there that would trade places with us. I do love your enthusiasm bd36 and am proud you are a dgd!

  21. Bulldawg36

    If we are who we say we are and who we could possibly be!! Then we have to end this 10 year drought without winning the sec!!!!! It’s time for UGA to take it to the next level. Many of you might not like to talk or think about it. But deep down inside y’all know it’s burning you up! Ya know it’s time for UGA to win a title. Sept the 3rd will be my 30th Aniversary as die hard UGA fan!! So can Kirby smart do it!!!!?????

  22. Bulldawg36

    Well’s the time of the year where not much is going on so other topics will be brought up

  23. Bulldawg36

    I told Brooklyn the thunder would win the series and it’s looking like they will. The thunder is gonna lighting strike the Warriors right out of the playoffs!! Lmao!!!

  24. DawgLink

    My daughter has been going to hitting lessons for many years. It took one college season for the head coach to ruin her swing. I have her back in lessons again. He teaches like the one on the right. Hands close to your body. Bat head at 10:00. Knob to the ball. Follow through.


    Bulldawg36 Gurly better natural RB, but chubb is something special…  If I were forced to pick 1 as the “Best” i would give slight edge to Gurley for top end speed.

  26. deltonadawg

    ZippyMorocco AlphaDawg This is how silly PETA is.

  27. deltonadawg

    AlphaDawg PETA euthanize’s animals.

  28. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 I’m pulling for Chubb. Great attitude. Team first. Love Gurley, will probably name a dog after him, but if I could manufacture Chubb 1000 times I would.

  29. Bulldawg36

    Who is the better RB? Todd Gurley or Nick Chubb? It’s really hard to form an opinion here because both didn’t really play a full 3 seasons. But I gotta go with Gurley because of the swag he ran with..his vision and speed. But I think Gurley is only slightly better. Who do y’all think is better??

  30. rugbydawg79

    AlphaDawg this is sad -they have built a beautiful environment for him across from the stadium – they Love their Mascot too.


    Greg Poole This kid is going to do the work and I can’t wait to see him take the field come Sept against UNC!!!


    Bansai buckeroo Yeah, i know what you mean, I lived out there when I was young.  My mom and dad split and her brother lived out in SF so we up and moved from Atlanta to SF!  What a culture shock for a young southern boy!

  33. Bansai buckeroo

    Morning Chief….doing good…temp in the 60’s weather is great…..but these hills in San Fran are ridiculous…going to be in shape when I get home…haha

  34. AlphaDawg

    Lucas Rogers godawgs678 Do we have the room to take Stevens, Poole, Gibbs, AJ? Aren’t they all CBs? Or is Stevens going to play WR?

  35. dsw61

    MidtownTeacher One of the kids I’m working with now has been told in the past by more than one coach that he was not “coach-able”. I’ve been working with him for two years now, and he is one of the most coach-able kids I’ve ever worked with. My experience has been that the coaches who label kids “not coach-able” have an authoritarian approach to teaching. I use an educational approach. I spend a lot of time on the “why”, which results in a two way dialogue between student and teacher. The kids I work with know more about the bio-mechanics and physics of hitting a baseball than their current coaches…which is actually a problem for them. If a kid has a barrel path like the guy on the left, but his coach teaches the barrel path on the right; there is a major conflict. If the player insist on sticking with the barrel path of the guy on the left…which follows the proven science of how the human body works as well as Newton’s laws of motion…he will be labeled “uncoach-able”.

  36. Lucas Rogers

    Bulldawg36 possibly. He is a pretty quiet guy. He is “plan” is Janurary/February. He is really trending to Georgia though, so if he takes some visits over here during the summer, it could happen then.

  37. Bulldawg36

    Some people are saying it will be Mcbride. But I don’t believe it. He won’t commit till the all American games

  38. Lucas Rogers

    godawgs678 Lucas Rogers I think by mid-June there should be at least one more in fold

  39. AlphaDawg

    Not sure if I’m the only one, but there’s been a few hype videos made by Miami fans on twitter talking about how the “U” is back. lol they go on to show the players taking off their helmets on the field, late hits, and fighting in their highlight videos because apparently that’s how they have to play to be great like the 80s. I’ve got news for them. Richt will either not let any of this happen or the Richt era will be very short lived. Good luck U!

  40. MidtownTeacher

    If a coach tells someone they are unteachable, what it really means is the coach doesn’t know how to coach. I had many teachers say the kids I taught couldn’t be taught. But, in my class they had the highest test shoes of any students in Georgia. Next time you here a couch say that to a kids stand up for the kid and tell the adult to learn how to coach. Sadly our is not socially acceptable to stand up for kids that way, but it is very important to a kids development to not be beaten down with unexecutable admonishments.

  41. DawgLink

    Sometimes a coach lets things go to their head. I saw it many times with my daughter’s venture in travel softball

  42. dsw61

    Was at the cages Saturday working with one of my hitters. Coach in one of the adjacent cages was throwing batting practice to his team. Looked like a 10u age team. Heard him say to one of his hitters: “You need to do as I say and be coach-able.” I’m not a fan of coaches who play the…”your not coach-able”…card; or the; you need to be…”more coach-able”…card. I feel bad for kids who get labeled as being “not coach-able”.