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UGA Recruiting Daily 24-August-2016

(photo Jalil Irvin - Twitter)
(photo Jalil Irvin – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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CLASS: 2017
Jefferson High School
Jefferson, GA

Highlight Video – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2017
Westlake High School
Atlanta, GA

2016 Highlights vs Milton – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2018
Stephenson High School
Stone Mountain, GA

2016 Highlights vs Carver – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2018
Colquitt County High School
Moultrie, GA

Highlight Video – CLICK HERE





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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

545 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 24-August-2016

  1. JaxDawg

    I’m going to throw in my prediction!! I think UGA wins bc we don’t know if Stanley Williams will be healthy#### boom mind blown, drop the mic

  2. JaxDawg

    These pundits are driving me crazy!! On SECN, they picked Kentucky over Georgia. Their reasoning was, WELL, we don’t know if Chubb or Sony will be healthy. Really?!! I don’t know a lot of things and I don’t know if Kentucky’s players will be healthy either. So does our team only consist of Sony and Chubb?? We have other great players ya know. Smh

  3. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 lochte must be hurtin for money to go on this show knowing what they will be talking about the whole time

  4. haws1178

    We snack on them the whole time they are cooking. Starting off with ha hand full of raw ones

  5. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg  Definitely one of the venues I would like to visit. I have an aunt and uncle that live about an hour or so outside of Austin.

  6. AllDawg89

    I’m excited like a fat kid getting a My birthday is Saturday for my birthday I wanna go Get a G on My biceps

  7. bahits

    dsw61 Greg Poole Some people are good at verbal testing.  Hopefully, it will involve physical on field work with defenses giving different looks.

    I can’t imagine Smart and Chaney just relying on verbal quizzing.  lol…. i hope.

  8. Bulldawg Bob2

    AllDawg89  I hear that! Only 10 days to go … well, technically a little less than that; so, we can say we are in the single digits!

  9. AllDawg89

    I am so ready! I’m ready to see the Kirby Era of UGA football,I’m ready to crush the tar heels I’m 100 percent sure we flat line them.

  10. Bulldawg Bob2

    Avon Barksdale  This a photo from the Tax Slayer Bowl vs Penn State from Greg Poole. 
    Christian Payne is 47.

  11. Bulldawg Bob2

    Avon Barksdale  The two most likely guys would be Christian Payne and Glenn Welch. Both played last year. Payne was actually the starter till he broke his leg in fall camp.

  12. Bansai buckeroo

    Many years ago we had a guy transfer from California to the Atlanta office. One of the first thing he asked was where were all the peanut trees…. 🙂

  13. PTCDawg

    Decided we are going to watch for opportunities to go to Austin City Limits. Except I cant go during the fall for heavens sakes. So will have to anxiously wait for after new years. kinda excited about going though, should be awesome. And, very surprisingly, tickets seem reasonable. Noticed Jerry Jeff Walker is there during Vanderbilt…and the best tickets in the house are only $65.

  14. 1mandawgpack

    When we lived in London, I found a small importer that charged 10 pounds (about $20 at that time based on the exchange rate) for one of the small jars of Peter Pan, which I gladly paid (and I’m a Jif guy).

  15. dsw61

    Greg Poole  Lambert is going to ace that test. The unfortunate reality is that Chaney needs a QB that he can depend on to put in the work week to week to learn the game plan for each game. You know Lambert is going to be good at that.

  16. Avon Barksdale

    Any idea who our fullback is or I guess who the RB will run behind in I-formation/goal line?

  17. 1mandawgpack

    Didn’t see a similar post below before I posted. However, I also don’t get to see how CKS interacts with the media and so your insight there was very helpful.

  18. Greg Poole

    Kirby presser all cut up and loaded to YT. I going to get ready to crash because 5 AM is just around the corner.

  19. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack  I don’t think it is about UNC. Kirby would just say that they have picked one and they ain’t tellin’

  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12   Evening TM.
    That is a  show I am going to have to my watch list from all the rave reviews it is getting

  21. 1mandawgpack

    Complete speculation but the coaches may have an idea of who they think will emerge and are playing games with UNC so that they have to do some preparation for all 3. I suppose that it’s also very possible that there just hasn’t been any separation in the 3.

  22. 1mandawgpack

    The’re good raw as well. When I was growing up and cropping tobacco during summers, we’d go and pull them up and eat them raw.

  23. PTCDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 haws1178 MMCSDAWG if I had to pick one it would be boiled but I wouldnt say no to any of them…

  24. Greg Poole

    My take away from practice today is the the QB battle is still going on but the OL is close to having a starting group. RG is probably the last truly open spot.
    Kirby mentioned in the presser that they are going to test the QBS with the game plan starting tomorrow. This position will shake out soon.

  25. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole Yep.
    But Burham is not the first fan out there that thinks that if Coach Smart doesn’t start Eason, he doesn’t know what he is doing.
    Of course, those fans have always existed.
    Fans, along with us in the media, are going to have to get used to the fact that Coach Smart is not going to be coy like CMR was. If he says he doesn’t know, he means what he says. And if he does know, he is very likely to say he knows but he isn’t going to share that info.

  26. 1mandawgpack

    Yes lots of QB experts who can better assess a player’s abilities than the coaches who spend countless hours with these young men throughout the year, including durIng the offseason.

  27. Greg Poole

    rugbydawg79 It is getting close RD79. Patrick Garbin and I were talking about that leaving B-M today. It is going to be an exciting season – many unknowns on the team and in the staff.

  28. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2 Some guys just tweeted in reply to my tweet that CKS already knows who will start but is not telling us… So, you’re saying he’s lying? People have the strangest ideas about CKS. He is the most straight forward coach ever. If he knew he would say he knew and would say that he is not going to tell UNC who it is. 
    The man has no problem telling us what he thinks or saying he will not talk about certain things.

  29. Bulldawg Bob2

    OT, but haws1178 and MMCSDAWG talking about peanuts down below peaked my curiosity. How do you prefer you peanuts?
    Boiled or roasted?
    Spicy, sweet, salted, or plain?

  30. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 getting close to Watermelon time !  after practice as you pointed out earlier — Do not know when I have been more anxious for a season !!!

  31. Bulldawg Bob2

    EastTXDawg  Not bad news. A lot of prospects put off their announcements once high school football season and school starts.
    He and his family may have a specific date in mind to announce as well.

  32. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2  Inept, huh? Opening a Twitter account turns people into experts on everything

  33. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2 Yep. Everything is getting stale. Photos, stories, it is time to see some action.

  34. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole  No doubt. This is about the time into fall camp when the players are ready to start hitting the opponent and not each other, and the media has beat most every story in preseason to death  by now.

  35. Bulldawg Bob2

    Listen to the Kirby Smart Press Conference August 24, 2016 on BD Illustrated ON-AIR at SoundCloud

  36. Avon Barksdale

    Yeah it’s interesting. Some guys show up basically All-SEC ready: AJ, Massaquoi, Gibson. Others just seem to get better and better and hit their stride as upperclassmen: Reggie Brown, Sean Bailey, Tavarres King…

  37. Bulldawg Bob2

    Coach Smart he has been dinged up off and on during fall camp. He was dealing with a sprained ankle lately but is practicing

  38. DawgLink

    Gotcha B. I guess it just surprises me is all. We have a good crew of WRs including Chigbu who was not mentioned

  39. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  10-4. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Godwin is in Smart’s doghouse as much as Reggie Davis and Isaiah McKenzie are stepping up and being leaders as a senior and a junior … which is a good sign. And I think the coaching staff is just pushing Godwin because they realize the potential he has.

  40. Bulldawg Bob2

    1mandawgpack DawgLink Agree about development of WRs out of high school. There is an art to using the hands and arms to get off the LOS against press coverage and to running routes. 
    Coaches are often the hardest on the players they see that have the most potential. With Godwin, he has a ton of potential with his athletic ability and his hands.

  41. RumRunnerDoogie

    1mandawgpack Bulldawg Bob2 and that valdosta guy, the one who was already really small for a OL when he came in

  42. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgLink In the last week or two, CKS has given Godwin some tough love via the media.  Said he wasn’t going all out on every play, not blocking as expected, etc.

    I know a lot of people on this site love to place last year’s passing woes squarely on the shoulders of Lambert (and some of it is certainly his responsibility), but just like it takes a little time for OL to develop at the college level, it also takes WR some time as well, particularly those who were “athletes” in HS and don’t have good route running skills, etc. coming into the college game.  I honestly think that’s part of Godwin’s issue.

  43. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2 Geez, I almost never hear of anyone getting mono anymore, except on the UGA football team.  Didn’t we have another OL or DL that had mono in the past year or two and dropped a ton of weight and had no energy for what seemed to be forever?

  44. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgLink  Haven’t seen any mention of Godwin in Coach Smart’s doghouse.
    He just made a comment that senior WR Reggie Davis and junior WR Isaiah McKenize are the leaders of the receiving corps. Makes sense, since they are they upper classmen.

  45. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2 Certainly great to hear, but I’d really like for us to be in a position to put a red shirt on every one of the OL we signed this past February.

  46. DawgLink

    I saw the post on FB about the WR corp will be by committee. No mention of Godwin. Makes me wonder what he did to get in CKS’s dog house? He’s supposed to be the next go to WR

  47. RumRunnerDoogie

    freddawg RumRunnerDoogie i remember it was almost half the coverage team didnt even have a scholly

  48. freddawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Richt started using more starters on kickoff the last couple of years.   He used to have a bunch of walk-ons playing.

  49. freddawg

    Kindley will pancake some folks before he’s done.  I’d even like to see what he could do at nose guard on D.

  50. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie probably why ST coverage has been so horrible at uga for years

  51. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Aye. You play your best players. Doesn’t matter what phase of the game it is.

  52. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 always liked this philosophy,  worked wonders for myers when he was a gatuh

  53. RumRunnerDoogie

    its nice to see lamont getting a good shot on OL, thought he would fall victim to the side of the ball switch

  54. freddawg

    1mandawgpack  Less than 8 wins would be disappointing, but not shocking.   I won’t call it an unsuccessful season if we start a freshman qb.  New staff, new schemes, new qb isn’t a recipe for great success. UNC, Ole Miss, UT, UF, and Auburn are all reasonably tough opponents.  Missouri, USCe, and GT may not be walkovers.

  55. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    DawgLink my favorite point she made

    “What Georgia has that no other school has, is a great director of
    player development. The fact that they have Jonas where he is at, with
    what he is doing, that really is head and shoulders above the rest.
    Without me saying where Georgia stands – Georgia has Jonas – nobody else
    does. So I will be looking for Jonas anywhere else we visit, and if
    they do not have him, it will be really easy for what bug I put in Aubrey’s ear.”

  56. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bansai buckeroo  Aye. I’ll feel much better once he runs vs UNC and takes some hits, making it through the game A-OK. I think you, me, and the rest of Dawg Nation will hold our breath those first few hits he takes.

  57. Bansai buckeroo

    Thanks Bob…. I guess we have to defer to the experts. He just came back from this injury so quickly, I have some concern…

  58. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bansai buckeroo as bob said it does have a sleeve, could also be a mental thing to show him his knee is strong

  59. RumRunnerDoogie

    PTCDawg RumRunnerDoogie its probably just one of those monkey see monkey do CB’s. Seems to happen quite often

  60. PTCDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie PTCDawg I wouldnt have thought much about it Rum if it werent for the 3,782,463 CBs we have gotten for him since his announcement. Thought maybe it was looking to be a flip rather than just a decommit.

  61. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bansai buckeroo  He still has on a support sleeve, but he would only work without the heavier braces if his doctor and the team doctor cleared him do so.
    At some point during the recovery process of a knee injury, you have to leave behind the knee brace, and it maybe that time for Chubb.

  62. RumRunnerDoogie

    PTCDawg doubt it, dont normally see a decommit this far from signing day and instantly put up a commit date

  63. Bansai buckeroo

    I know nothing about this so someone explain to me why working without the brace is a good idea. Especially in a practice…

  64. Bulldawg36

    Would love to see us win the east.. I think we win 8-10 games. We can beat unc if we aren’t very sloppy with false start penalties and turnovers.

  65. PTCDawg

    Has there been any word on time expectation on Solomon re-commit or is he just keeping quiet for now?

  66. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36 To me, those are basic “met” expectations results and if we don’t do those things, I might actually label it as an unsuccessful season.  I’m not one of those fans who is going to compare the current staff to the previous staff in defining success, but I look at our schedule and see 8 wins as likely (including Tech) and don’t see a team that is so dominant on both sides of the ball that we should get blown out.  I think the Ole Miss and UT offenses will be good and can score points, but I think we’ll score points against both their D’s as well.

  67. Bulldawg36

    Jake Rowe said for Kirby to have a good season he must win 8 to 9 wins. Not get blown out & beat teach at the end of the year. Sounds kind of reasonable!!!!!!!!!

  68. 1mandawgpack

    DawgByte DB, I hear you, and appreciate your work in researching their DL.  I’m certainly not comparing UNC’s defense to Boise State’s, but both of our lines significantly outweighed Boise’s opposing  line and we got handled.  While it’s good to be big (can’t teach size or speed), technique, quickness and athleticism also has to be there, and that’s where Boise won the line of scrimmage in the game against us a number of years ago.  Many times, the LOS is won based upon the player who keeps his pads lower and gains leverage, which is usually the issue with younger, inexperienced linemen.  Given that our OL is experienced and has now been Pittman’d, I think our OL will also be fine opening holes for whichever RB is toting the rock and protecting whichever QB is dropping dimes on the UNC secondary.

  69. Bulldawg Bob2

    Michael Pope  Heard TE Charlie Woerner was back in a regular jersey and participating as well. Can you confirm?
    And also saw that Nick Chubb did not have a knee brace on during warm-ups and drills?

  70. dsw61

    freddawg dsw61 It’s all good. I always enjoy reading your comments. Sorry if my post came across in a way that sounds combative or anything along those lines. If it did, I apologize. I’m actually enjoying the conversation. Gives me an opportunity to get some of my QB thoughts off my chest:)

  71. RobDawg

    Bobs podcast on Huck’s Corner Interview has over 1,500 clicks today. That’s a bunch. Well done

  72. dsw61

    bahits dsw61 freddawg Yeah, pretty sure it was Eason. Made some bad decisions but was still able to make it work. Not what you want in a perfect world, but the end result can’t be ignored. It’s a similar thought process that Chaney uses with evaluating receivers. The receivers with a bigger catch radius can do things not quite right, but still make the catch.

  73. RobDawg

    I saw further down it was National Waffle day. I really like that there is a day devoted to them. Well maybe I don’t. Yeah I guess I do…. Then maybe I’m not sure. Ok yes it’s a good idea… Well, then again….

  74. DawgLink

    I was arguing with a Vol on another site today about that crappy field. Should be spelled Kneeland

  75. RobDawg

    It usually gets ugly in the stands too. This year might be especially bad. I had to physically move seats one year with an elderly distinguished lady on our row who was being crowded and bothered by a red neck T wearing guy spitting his dip between his feet on the concrete walkway. Me and another fairly big guy moved so I was beside and he was behind this guy and forced him and his buddy to settle down. My first thing was to say stop the dipping and spitting right now. I said do you spit like this in your own stadium and he replied in a drawl, “matter of fact yeah I do”. And I said well you ain’t doing it here so put it up now.

  76. Michael Pope

    Bob posted what I saw at practice today but i’ll expound on it. Sony Michel and Sam Madden were both in non contact jerseys but Michel seemed to be having a much more active role than Madden. Madden never participated in a drill from what I saw and seemed to just be doing some light jogging. Juwuan Briscoe and John Atkins were both in normal jerseys and were full participants today, which is great news since they should both be defensive starters. On the offensive line it seemed from what I saw that maybe Isaiah Wynn is moving back to a more permanent role at LG rather than LT with Catalina at the LT spot. From what I saw in the very short media period today, it seems that the first team o-line is like they (from left to right): Tyler Catalina, Isaiah Wynn, Brandon Kublanow, Lamont Gaillard, and Greg Pyke. Dyson Sims seems to be challenging for the RG spot as well and I also believe that two freshmen are challenging for the 2nd string LG position and they are Ben Cleveland and Solomon Kindley.

  77. bahits

    dsw61 freddawg I am guessing it is Eason that he was talking about.  He said some similar things directly referencing him back in the spring.

  78. freddawg

    dsw61  Yeah, I agree.  I probably should have started a new thread instead of responding to your analysis.  Just thinking about all the factors coaches are looking at.

  79. bahits

    freddawg bahits It irritated me to no end when I heard they intentionally ran the sprinklers all night before one of our games to slow our skill guys down.  If that isn’t cheating, what is?

  80. dsw61

    freddawg dsw61 As Kirby has mentioned several times in his pressers, at least one or more of the QBs in practice have thrown to the wrong receiver or made a bad decision, but still made the completion because they have the arm talent to get away with it. He clearly doesn’t think that’s ideal, but it is something the staff considers in their evaluation. IOW, it’s both a shake your head moment and wow moment at the same time. You shake your head and wonder how the QB could have made a decision like that; while at the time marveling at the fact the QB was able to fit the ball in and make the completion.

    Lambert can’t do that. He has to be correct on his reads almost 100% of the time and have receivers that are very open; because he has a long throwing motion. Then you hope the ball doesn’t get batted down because with his long arm path the D-Linemen have plenty of time to get their hands up. You also cross your fingers that he doesn’t throw it at the receiver’s feet because when he traps the ball behind his head with his shoulders already rotated to where his chest is almost square to his target, the release is such that there is a tendency to throw low. I don’t see any indication he has fixed those issues.

    Chaney always has the option of simplifying the playbook in order to get the most talented QB in the game.

  81. freddawg

    bahits  And you know that’s intentional too.  I’m guessing they wear special cleats to compensate.  How can a team in 2016 have a crap field for several years in a row?

  82. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  Good for you Bob.   It was less of a cheap shot than  Sutton took on Keith Marshall.  Sutton had plenty of time to decide and planted his shoulder right into the side of Marshall’s knee.  Just like Kubs hit, it was legal, but he did it with a much higher chance of causing injury than what Kublanow did.

  83. rugbydawg79

    Bulldawg36 hey my brother 36 – I would like to talk – Greg and them can give you my e mail —- all good stuff

  84. bahits

    Bulldawg36 Their biggest cheap shot and one that has injured a lot of players and even their own is that crappy joke of a field.

  85. Richmondawg

    AlphaDawg we have one out in the county, and a new, more casual one down the street from here in Scott’s Addition, with a slightly different menu

  86. freddawg

    AlphaDawg  He didn’t just make a comment, he sent video to the league is what I read.  I don’t even think Kubs hit caused Tuttle’s injury.  He was falling and put his foot out and his long cleats caught on that crap turf.  If you look at the video on youtube, Kublanow barely grazed Tuttle’s leg as Tuttle tried to avoid the block.  It’s about 1:56:30 in the video.

  87. AlphaDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg Just saw it was recently RT by some people I follow. Oh the days where twitter didn’t allow you to swap accounts. I remember many folks losing jobs over PR nightmares tweeting thinking they were on their own accounts.


    Bulldawg Bob2 I’m counting today as a done deal, that makes us single digit midgets!  ###   It’s TIME TO GATA!

  89. AlphaDawg

    freddawg AlphaDawg I am willing to bet it gets ugly regardless. Butch doesn’t sound like the type of coach to say “hey lets win this one fair and square” If I remember correctly, he even made a comment about the hit after the game. Those hills have eyes folks don’t have an ethical bone in their body and will do what it takes to win; even if that means injuring players. I’m expecting at least one injury during that game.

  90. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG haws1178 Ditto. I like both roasted and boiled peanuts, but I prefer boiled and spicey.

  91. AlphaDawg

    freddawg Right. the hit on Theus was just as “cheap” but he didn’t get hurt  so nobody talks about it.

  92. freddawg

    Starts with the head whiner, Butch Jones.  He coaches a dirty team and then complains to the league about regular plays.

  93. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Toward the end of the article they twice cited that we have to play Georgia, that is very hard to do when we are actually playing florida that game.

  94. Bulldawg Bob2

    Because of his off the field issues, I don’t know if Georgia will. He would have to sit out a year as well per transfer rules.
    I would not be surprised if he headed to a JUCO school

  95. Richmondawg

    AlphaDawg Easy. Print out a copy of their schedule and writem”sucks” across the bottom in bright red ink.

  96. RumRunnerDoogie

    Lucas Rogers RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg could just be the type who doesnt care for attention

  97. Lucas Rogers

    RumRunnerDoogie Lucas Rogers AlphaDawg yeah last thing was prayer hands to lecounte for his head injury

  98. RumRunnerDoogie

    Lucas Rogers AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie i dont think see either but just really nothing written about him and his twitter seems dead too

  99. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie hes got to be a well put together kid to be able to go to the admiral Farragut academy. Granted he transferred out this year

  100. Lucas Rogers

    AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie he’s quiet, but I haven’t heard anything to make me think he’ll decommit


    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG RumRunnerDoogie  It seems like Coach Coley is a pretty cool customer and he is connected in S. Florida, so I would be surprised if he’s keeping him happy!  He might not be one of those recruits that wants the limelight all the time.  Who knows…

  102. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie oh don’t get me wrong. I hope he does too, just seems disconnected. I’m all about a 6’5 receiver.


    AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie I actually hope he does.  I like those S. Florida kids.  They play some of the best HS level football in the country.  I hated played against them as a coach!

  104. freddawg

    AlphaDawg Happens every year.  Every team on our schedule predicts they’ll either beat Georgia or lose a nailbiter.  But, we still win about 70% of the time year in and year out.

  105. freddawg

    MMCSDAWG  That’s why I figure Eason won’t play the entire game.  He’ll more likely have a select number of plays that he’s well prepared to execute, instead of hitting him with everything right out the gate.

  106. AlphaDawg

    Bansai buckeroo When I wear UGA stuff on like a cruise I get people ask me where I got a black greenbay shirt or something…I think they might hear my eyes roll

  107. freddawg

    DawgByte  It’s hard to grasp how much mental processing a great qb does in those 15 seconds or so.  Get the call, know every offensive player’s responbility and how they should line up, walk up to the line and look at the defense, estimate how the defense will move after the snap, and immediately know where the best opportunity and danger lies, or if the play needs to be changed.  That’s where most college quarterbacks hit a wall in their career.


    freddawg dsw61 Being in the right play and/or checking into the right play can make the difference in a 2 yd gain or a 20+ yd gain!   Your so right Fred…  When we take the field on Sept 3, the person starting the game will be the one that our staff feels is best prepared to execute our game plan against UNC.   Nothing more, nothing less.   Our game plan may call for more than one QB to play in that game, but we won’t find that out until the game is played!

  109. DawgByte

    freddawg dsw61 Agree. It’s all about Football IQ… make the right decisions before during and after the ball is snapped. Joe Montana had an average arm at best, but is arguably the greatest NFL QB of all time.

  110. haws1178

    I wish I lived closer to my family in South GA . They farm peanuts and I could get them for free

  111. freddawg

    dsw61 We all focus on mechanics and how pretty a pass looks, but that’ll be a small part of the game one decision.  You know Chaney is locked in on how these guys think from the moment a play is signalled in from the sidelines.  They don’t have much time to figure things out at that point, and lack of hesitation pre and post snap will determine success of the play.  That’s why this decision is so hard to predict for anyone not privy to coaches’ information.


    haws1178 Yeah, I boil up a batch or two every football season!  only problem is finding raw peanuts down here in FL isn’t always easy!

  113. Bulldawg36

    Like I said! The Georgia Bulldawgs are the greatest team ever created on gods green earth!!!! Woooooooooo


    haws1178 I like a good boiled peanut!  I like them a little spicy.  Makes cold beer go down nicely!

  115. AlphaDawg

    DawgLink If Eason shows out, I think we get him. He’s said over and over that he was amazed by Eason’s talent. Also, Fromm is “in” his circle. I see them tweeting/RT each other occasionally.

  116. dsw61

    DawgByte haws1178 There is a also a lot of chatter that Lambert is checking down to the point where he’s being told to throw the darn ball.


    Bulldawg Bob2 DawgByte haws1178 EXACTLY!   I read a LOT of info and there is one thing that happens over and over,  One observer will say Eason looked good, another will say Eason looked poor, both observing the exact same session or practice….   And the thing is, NO ONE (except the coaching staff)  knows, regardless of the result, exactly what the QB was supposed to do based on the defensive reads and final alignments, so Eason, Ramsey or Lambert may have made a great throw and our WR was able to make a great catch, but that doesn’t mean that the play was executed properly and to the right read.

  118. dsw61

    DawgByte haws1178 There has been a lot of chatter suggesting that Ramsey has been the best at moving the team. INTs are only one part of the equation. Just heard a quote from Jimbo Fisher saying that he has always preferred a QB that you have to reel in than one who is too cautious. He’s also said he never tells his QBs to “protect the ball” because it sends the wrong message. He tells his QBs to “be smart with the football”. Same phrase I used when I coached fastpitch and still use when I teach hitting.

  119. Bansai buckeroo

    My father in law would say that’s a Green Bay waffle. Kind of like my red Green Bay cap…smh

  120. dsw61

    This isn’t an exact comparison because the recent image of Eason is a longer throw than the throw from Eason from the Elite 11. There’s always going to be more tilt on longer throws than shorter throws. However I’ve seen enough recent shorter throws from Eason to make me think his shoulder tilt has improved on all throws. I’ve been quiet on Eason because I’ve always felt his lack of shoulder tilt would cause issues. If his shoulder tilt is indeed improving, it has to mean he is throwing the ball better. His accuracy may be off slightly as he’s adjusting, but it could just as easily be a case where the change is so gradual that he’s just showing steady gradual improvement with any falloff. If he keeps on this path, it’s going to be hard to keep him off the field IMO.

  121. Bulldawg Bob2

    DawgByte haws1178  What stats though? We haven’t been getting any “official” stats from the coaching staff. We have gotten observations from third parties on how QBs have done, but nothing that is concrete or that can be confirmed and verified.
    What the media sees in warm-ups and drills before practice and scrimmage is not telling either.
    The only people that know how the QB race is going are the coaching staff and the quarterbacks.
    The rest of us are making educated guesses at best.

  122. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2  I’m hoping McKenzie can fine tune the receiving skills that Switzer has learned.  If he does, he’ll be a valuable tool in our receiving corps.  I know Chaney’s pushing him to do that, so we’ll see.

  123. BenKellam

    RobDawg I’ve been out of the loop for the last few weeks. Been crazy busy with work. Whats the current word with Sony? He looking like he may be a go for game one? I know a friend that talked with him about a month ago when he ran into him downtown and he made it sound like he wouldn’t be able to be back for game 1. Obviously things may have changed a good bit since then though.


    DawgByte  And from what I’ve garnered, the 6-5 kid is the youngest and a new starter.  There experienced DL are 6-2 to 6-3.  They are also  starting  2 new OL that have had zero experience.  I would think provided we are healthy we can win the LOS against UNC.   If our DB’s can cover in space a little better, we should be able to put a ton of pressure on Mr. Trubinsky!

  125. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg Aye. I just wanted to post the vid for folks who haven’t seen him play and maybe didn’t know what we were talking about.
    You make a good point on the competition.

  126. DawgLink

    When all is said and done, Michigan can not hide those rough winters and a lot of great sons of the south don’t want none of it

  127. Bansai buckeroo

    Close does not give me any confidence. Are they close because they are all good or are they close because they are all crappy. Or somewhere in between……I want a clear cut leader and I want him now…####

  128. DawgByte

    Yesterday I checked out UNC’s defensive line roster and their biggest interior DL is 6’5″ 315 lbs., they rest are in the 6’2″ – 6’4″ and between 280 – 295 lbs. I think we should be able to control the line of scrimmage on the Tarheels and win the battle of the clock.

  129. DawgByte

    Bulldawg Bob2 bahits PTCDawg That and I think people are starting to realize that Harbaugh has two screws loose and is short three Aces from his deck.

  130. haws1178

    I’ll have the last part regardless who starts and probably multiple before that. It’s a full blown celebration of the start of Dawg football

  131. DawgByte

    haws1178 You’re missing the INT stats in fall practice and scrimmages. That’s why he’s not included in the conversation. He just can’t seem to get over the mental hump.

  132. WillieWalden

    Nico Collins and holloman would be a great haul at wr.. Paired with Blount and the kid from Florida… Webb also being a possibility… Great group

  133. haws1178

    I agree 100% we have to develop a rhythm with the receivers. I think that’s the very thing that hurt us last year

  134. dsw61

    Greg Poole I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Lambert is the best option to start against UNC. There is enough chatter floating around to make me believe that Lambert is performing behind the other two. When I watch last year’s Pitt’s offense against UNC, I just don’t see how Lambert makes some of the throws that Peterman made; and I don’t consider him a great QB. It looks to me that the Pitt receivers were coached to find soft spots in the defense rather than run very specific routes. IOW, the receivers looked to have some freedom to vary their routes slightly. Have to have a QB who is decisive and has a quick release in that type system.

    If Lambert starts, I’ll have an adult beverage at the ready, because I have a hard time watching him play.

  135. freddawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 I’m not saying he’s no good, Bob, but he’s not a gamechanger as a WR IMO.  His speed is decent, ran track for several years in HS and had a PR of about 11.2.  But he’s not as quick or as fast as IMac, IMO, and I’d rather have IMac as a PR.  Now as a pass catcher I’d say Switzer’s definitely shown better hands than McKenzie, so no debate there.  But still, Switzer got nearly half his 700 receiving yards last year against Pittsburgh, Duke and Delaware.   I just don’t fear many small receivers unless they are really dangerous.


    Greg Poole Handing the ball off 35-45 times a game is NOT going to prepare our team to beat UTk, Ole Miss or UF.  We might be able to beat UNC that way, but we will not be able to win the SEC east doing that and it will do absolutely nothing to develop our young WR corp.   No matter who is our starter in game #1 I sincerely hope to see a versatile and multi level attack from our new offensive staff and players.  I believe we will, I believe Kirby knows we might need to score 30+ points to beat UNC depending on our defensive front 7, so again, no matter who starts, I want to see an offense that does more than hand the ball off.

  137. haws1178

    I appreciate the insight if Lambert is indeed the starter I hope it’s because he has improved and not because the other 2 are worse

  138. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG Jeez, we body language experts now. I don’t know about that level of reporting.


    haws1178 I can’t quote the info that Radi and some others have passed along from practice reports and stuff over on Rivals as it’s behind the pay wall, but, I will say that Ramsey appears to be enjoying the QB competition much more than Lambert is…   Body language was referred to on more than one occasion and let’s just say, Ramsey is showing positive body language.  He might not win the starting job, but there is a definite role for him on this team!

  140. Greg Poole

    haws1178  Smart has continued to say that the 3 QBs are “close”. One thing is sure, we will know how it shakes out in a little over a week.

  141. haws1178

    I am surprised at the way most people are just writing Ramsey off based off hunch or last year’s or the year before that’s performance. Unless I’ve missed something he should be right there in the running

  142. RobDawg

    Yeah come to think of it someone from Lee County who grew up in close proximity to all the good middle Ga BBQ and near Big Pig Jig locale would have laughed at them I bet

  143. PTCDawg

    IMO…why I feel really good about us winning the East this year…is because of the schedules. I think we could lose to Tenn and still win the East . I dont think Tenn will win the East if they lose to us. Same with Fla. 

    I reject the idea that we aren’t likely to win the East due to any perceived weaknesses on our part. If you have 59 issues and the other guy has 60, you are good to go. All that matters is whether you are better than the other guy on a given day. 

    Looking at the schedules, I think we have more Saturdays where we are better than the other guy, than the other guys have. 

    Let’s do this!

  144. Bulldawg Bob2

    bahits Bulldawg Bob2 PTCDawg  The “shine” is wearing off those Michigan satellite camps that prospects visited. They’ve had time to think things over and for mom and dad and friends and families along with other schools and coaches to get them to think about things.

  145. Bulldawg Bob2

    freddawg MMCSDAWG  Switzer is every bit as good of a returner on special teams as McKenzie and he maybe a better receiver.
    But Switzer is not UNC’s only good returning WR. The Tarheels do have two big and experienced receivers on the outside: senior WR, Mack Hollins who is 6-4 and around 215 lbs along with senior Bug Howard who is 6 foot 5 and 215 lbs.
    They also have a pretty good sophomore TE who is 6-4 and 250 lbs – Brandon Fritts

  146. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg asked about 2017 WR Nico Collins yesterday and if Georgia had a shot at him or were the Dawgs on the outside and looking in.
    I thought Georgia was a longshot here, but after talking to some other folks on Collins, it seems the Bulldawgs have now moved up as one of his top 3 schools along with Alabama and Michigan.

  147. RobDawg

    You mean the info on Sony, the wrong Natty count, or the ridiculous Kentucky upset alert? Which one?

  148. freddawg

    Greg Poole If you’re referring to the one national championship they cite, they probably gave the other one to Alabama.

  149. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Anything’s possible, but that is asking a lot of a first-year head coach who could potentially be asking a true freshman QB to play a lot of minutes this season; not to mention the questions at kicker and possibly punter along with a young team overall.


    Bulldawg Bob2 RobDawg IYH_BI I mentioned it on the dedicated page, but where did @IYH_BI play his college golf?  lol!

  151. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  It’s possible. I don’t think Georgia could lose more than 2 SEC games in order to do so though, and I don’t think they can have 2 losses against East division teams.
    The Dawgs could lose to Ole Miss, but they would still need to beat either Tennessee or Florida in order to capture the division title.

  152. Bulldawg Bob2

    TeeHDawg   I think Georgia could take six o-linemen whether Dixion decommitted or not, but they could pick up another d-lineman …. Solomon.

  153. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG freddawg bahits  Hood didn’t have but 14 carries in the game because Larry Fedora for some unknown reason went away from running him. After watching that game last year, I wondered if he had stuck with Hood if the Tarheels would have upset the Tiggers?

  154. SonofHenry

    AlphaDawg I am still livid that that scrub from Auburn was awarded best center in 2014. David Andrews was the best center in CFB by a landslide. Reese Dsimukes can barely get teams to look at him. Howcome these kids can’t see that our players are NFL ready when they come out of UGA and the players coming from Auburn, Bama, etc are a bunch of duds?

  155. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Thanks RobDag. IYH_BI and I had a lot of fun doing the show. Looking forward to the next one

  156. freddawg

    bahits  It helps that college players don’t have enough time to prepare for a more chaotic gameplan that a running qb requires.  In the NFL, those guys know their assignment in every situation.


    freddawg MMCSDAWG Let R. Smith or Natrez catch him coming across the middle on a delayed cross or slant….

  158. bahits

    MMCSDAWG freddawg bahits I have always believed that in college, a running QB is better than a pocket passer.  It often takes too long to develop the timing and understanding between him and the rest of the team vs. the NFL pocket passers are better because they don’t get pounded as much.

  159. RobDawg

    Bob did an excellent job with the interview with Huck which is a Soundcloud out today. It was very entertaining and the addition of the movie soundtracks was spot on. Huck’s comments were great and informative. Very impressive job Bob

  160. freddawg

    Bulldawg36 You’re gonna need to put football out of your head for a while.  Embrace the change.

  161. freddawg

    MMCSDAWG Yeah, and that Switzer kid doesn’t strike fear into my heart.  Five foot 10, decent speed but not a blazer.

  162. Bansai buckeroo

    You could always pay the doctor to slow down the labor…your wife would love you for that…..#####


    freddawg MMCSDAWG  Exactly, they also lost one of their top receivers from last year who went to Detroit in the NFL.  Quished Davis.   It should be an interesting game, but if our team can control the LOS on offense and defense, it will be a long day for the Powder Blue!

  164. Bulldawg36

    Ole Walt Deptula thinks he will be better than Williams. That shows you how much of a troll Walt is. Y’all should call his show and tell em off. Frustrate the man! Do it for me!!!

  165. freddawg

    MMCSDAWG  Not having that potent running threat from the qb changes the entire gameplan.  Receivers have to run different routes against tighter coverage, OL has to block differently, defenses change their schemes.

  166. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36 That girl wouldn’t dare come during a Georgia game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Bulldawg36

    I agree. I’ve just prepared myself because their is gonna be many bumps in the road with Kirby being a first year coach. But who really knows for sure, we could get lucky like that ole gator coach and win the east!

  168. freddawg

    Bulldawg36 Too many unknown variable right now for me.  If we get competent quarterback play and stay healthy on the DL, we have a decent shot.

  169. Bulldawg36

    I’m scared of em!!! I may miss the game anyways if my wife has our little girl!!!!! I hate the Tar Heels!!!

  170. Bulldawg36

    Not many replies to my question about UGA winning the east!!! I guess y’all don’t have the faith or the rainy weather had scared everybody off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    freddawg bahits Not even close, here are the stats for Williams last year, so who replaces the lost production?  

    Passing: 3,072 Yds / 24 Tds / 10 Int
    Rushing: 948 Yds / 13 Tds
    Receiving: 37 Yds / 1 Td
    Total: 4,057 Yds / 38 Tds / 10 Ints

    I know a lot of people think Trubinsky is going to be as good or better, but I don’t believe that to be the case, he may be a better “pocket” passer, but he is not nearly the running threat and he hasn’t faced an SEC caliber defense.  He played a total of 1 play against Clemson in the ACC championship game.   Who lead UNC in rushing against Clemson in the ACC championship game????   That would be M. Williams with 18 carries for 81 yards compared to E. Hood with 14 carries for 65 yards.

  172. freddawg

    bahits It’ll be interesting to see how their offensive success carries over with a new quarterback who’s not as good of a runner.

  173. freddawg

    DawgByte They caught us at a low point in CMR’s career.  It seemed like the losses to Bama and UT just took the wind out of our sails, both players and coaches. Maybe the only times I saw a Mark Richt team coast through the last half of a season.  It seemed like the staff had short timer’s syndrome at that point.

  174. Avon Barksdale

    Totally agree with you, but to play devils advocate they did lose their starting QB and replace him with a guy who could only produce against us…


    bahits TeeHDawg LOL!  Would you want a 240+ lb guy jamming you at the LOS and still able to run with you on a go route.

  176. bahits

    TeeHDawg With McBride’s speed and size, that kid could play anywhere.  Inside, outside, safety.   CB would probably be pushing it a little.

  177. DawgByte

    bahits It was the tale to two seasons for the Gators. They damn near imploded towards the end and finished off the season with a crushing defeat by Mich. They looked horrendous in that bowl game, even embarrassing.

  178. Greg Poole

    DawgByte  Jeff knows a hot-button click generator when he stumbles over one.  Despite the hysteric tone of the post, using Jeff’s numbers, if the Richt regime has signed one more top 15 in-state player per year they would have been at 40% – the magic number according to the article.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish that UGA could sign all of the top 15 every year and 40% seems like a low target.

  179. bahits

    Any of you see that McElwain interview on the 60 minute show?  

    Suit, dress shoes, no socks = DORK

    smh, they sure lucked out last season.  I see why recruits are not jumping on board his bus.

  180. TeeHDawg

    I agree. I think we finish with McBride, Warner, and Grant. Grant and Warner could also play outside.

  181. DawgByte

    TeeHDawg I think the remaining priority of the 2017 class is ILB’s. We’re thin on size and talent IMO.

  182. TeeHDawg

    I’m thinking that if he wanted to transfer closer to home, other than A&M, he probably could have. I’m not sure on the other restrictions, it sounds to me he will follow Kirby and Tucker, he wants his restrictions lifted, and also wanted to play immediately and not sit out a year.

  183. Bulldawg36

    I think we will have to sweep the east to win it. Because I don’t see tenn losing to anybody but maybe UGA & fla. we could possibly win the tie breaker with one loss in the east if we beat Tennessee

  184. bahits

    Hobnailboot aka RobG I bet Buck Belue still doesn’t find it very funny.  I would pay to hear someone call into his show and ask him about it.

  185. TeeHDawg

    Morning guys. With the decommitment of Dixon, I don’t see him coming back on board with this class. If we are signing at least 27 for this class, i feel they should go for 6 OL instead of 5 now? For me, that would be a combination of the juco Traora and Wilson/Leatherwood/ or another T that’s high on our board.
    Also, do most on here feel like we sign Kendall Sheffield also?


    Bulldawg36 I’m a Dawg shine drinking, Red blood bleeding Dawg, so like Buck I think they win the SEC every year as well!  Seriously, I think we have a good chance to win the East this year, and look out come 17 and beyond!

  187. Bansai buckeroo

    I guess I don’t have a sense of humor….. Don’t remember that being particularly funny

  188. freddawg

    Greg Poole  If they’re gonna regulate all that, they should create a rule to keep Derek Barnett from hitting the quarterback late 6 times a game.  Oh, wait, I forgot that is a rule.

  189. Greg Poole

    DawgLink  I know you don’t mean it in this way, but no longer can a QB be hit low…or high…or hard…and you can not say ugly things to him.   Okay, I made up the last two.

  190. freddawg

    DawgLink I’d probably be a miserable failure, but I’d much rather attack a running qb than lay back and wait on him to turn into an open field runner.  And wasting a LB’er as a “spy” is the dumbest concept I’ve ever heard.

  191. Bansai buckeroo

    Fred I figure he realized what worked in high school was not going to cut it in college. I think he will be just fine..

  192. freddawg

    Bansai buckeroo Glad to hear Rochester’s working hard and lost some weight but if pre-season accolades were worth anything Khalil McKenzie would’ve been all-American last year.  JR will have to keep working hard because it appears that guys who take plays off will be quickly recruited over.


    Bansai buckeroo It’s cold for maybe 5 days a year and the funny thing is it would be in the upper 30’s- 40’s one day and dang near 75 the next.   Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ever want to live in a really cold climate again, but Ga at least normally has 4 seasons!

  194. Bansai buckeroo

    I’ve talked to some people who absolutely love the Jacksonville area and wouldn’t live anywhere else. And you do get some season change there. I’ve been there when’s it’s been down right cold..haha

  195. freddawg

    AlphaDawg  I haven’t watched them that much, but the games I watched from last year they didn’t blitz much.  I hope Kirby blitzes more this year, because right now our defense needs that to succeed IMO.


    Bansai buckeroo It has it’s moments, but I’m seriously considering moving back up to Ga in a couple of years.

  197. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Aside from needing to pressure the QB it seems Bama plays assignment and disciplined football to have such great defenses, but low sack rankings.

  198. freddawg

    dsw61  Not completely under the radar.  Barrett Sallee says we have no talent on defense, so obviously he got a good look.

  199. freddawg

    dsw61 Yeah, tackle counts aren’t a particularly useful stat for several reasons.  I hope our defensive players do have fewer tackles than last year.  That would mean opposing offenses ran fewer plays (and hopefully didn’t score quickly).

  200. Greg Poole

    Sacking the quarterback will get you to the SEC championship game:
    Last season, the teams that played in the SEC championship game – Alabama and Florida –
    In 2014, the division champs were Missouri in the East (first in the league in sacks) and Alabama in the West (fifth in sacks).
    In 2013, the title game had Missouri and Auburn. Missouri was first in sacks, Auburn third – and first among West teams.
    In 2012, the SEC title game had Alabama (third in sacks) and Georgia (fifth).
    In 2011, LSU (first in sacks) and Georgia (second) played for the SEC title.
    In 2010, South Carolina (first in sacks) and Auburn (third) squared off in Atlanta.
    In 2009, the championship game featured Florida (first in sacks) and Alabama (third).
    In 2008, Florida (second in sacks) and Alabama (seventh) played for the SEC crown. It’s the only time in the past decade a division winner didn’t rank in the top five in the league in sacks.
    In 2007, LSU (second in sacks) and Tennessee (fifth) played for the conference banner.
    In 2006, Arkansas (second in sacks) and Florida (third) made the trip to Atlanta.

  201. Bansai buckeroo

    Don’t think I could live in Florida unless it was on the beach with a constant breeze…. 🙂

  202. Greg Poole

    dsw61  That is the same a predicting success/failure of returning starters. It sounds way more helpful than it is.


    Bansai buckeroo Florida too!  Course we don’t get much winter or actual Cold weather around here anyway.

  204. dsw61

    Greg Poole godawgs678 After watching his presser, Roquan strikes me as a super star in the making. There is a vibe about him that is just different. Seems like some of Georgia’s young LBs are seriously flying under the radar right now  with the national media.

  205. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole That’s a substantial about of money by donors. Shows you it should and could have been done a long time ago.

  206. Greg Poole

    godawgs678  I stood directly in front of him during the interview yesterday. He has, obviously, put on weight, but looks trim and fit. I think he said he is at 230 now, but don’t remember esatly.

  207. dsw61

    Does anyone else think it’s weird to have beat writers and pundits fret over the number of total tackles a team is losing when players graduate or get drafted. For instance, I keep reading how many combined tackles Georgia will be missing because Jenkins, Ganus and Floyd are gone. Are Natraz, Reggie Carter, Bellamy, LoCar, and Roquan not going to be tackling this season? Everyone also keeps leaving out the fact that Jenkins was limited much of last year because of his groin injury. He had zero tackles in the Tennessee game, and didn’t even play in the second half. Just saying that there is a decent chance that the LB group this year is going to be as good or better as a whole as  last year, when you factor in Jenkin’s injury, and the fact that Ganus relied more on his experience and football IQ than his athleticism.

  208. dsw61

    godawgs678 Notice how Roquan Smith is getting very little national attention prior to the season. If he stays healthy, watch what happens to his stock as the season progresses. same with Natrez, although I have heard one national pundit mention his name as a player everyone will be talking about by the end of the season, provided he stays healthy.

  209. Colonial Dawg

    haws1178 Oh, it has been brutal here too, and the heat returns tomorrow.  That’s why I’m looking forward to (hopefully) a little relief!

  210. godawgs678

    Saw a picture of Roquan yesterday. The strength staff is certainly doing their job. Doesn’t even look like the same guy from a year ago.

  211. dsw61

    Just a heads up that the IMG vs Grayson game is being televised on ESPN2 in the Atlanta market if you have Comcast. I keep reading it’s being shown on ESPNU, but that’s not what I’m seeing locally. Still can’t decide if I want to go to the game or avoid the traffic mess and just watch it on TV.

  212. Bansai buckeroo

    I’m ready for summer to be done right after July 4th… August is just miserable in Georgia.

  213. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I’ve never been more ready for summer to be done with, I’m actually tired of all the OT I’m getting

  214. dsw61

    Sitting here SMH after watching the Reggie Davis interview and hearing him say that he is learning the offense as a “concept” rather than him just learning to play a position. I try not to make assumption, but it sure sounds like that’s not how the offense has been taught in the past. I also recall in the spring Sony saying that he’s being taught in the same manner. He specifically mentioned that he’s becoming a better runner because the coaches are teaching where him his blocks are coming from, rather than just teaching him what hole to hit. If Chaney is good at using the “concept” approach to teaching, I expect Eason’s development to be sped up. It’s just a much better way to teach. Pruitt used the same approach with the defense when he got to UGA.

  215. Bansai buckeroo

    Was in Ontario about 3 weeks ago and the weather was perfect….though I was a good bit further north near Red Lake…

  216. haws1178

    It’s been so long I don’t remember what 65 degrees feels like summers in the south are brutal

  217. Colonial Dawg

    Driving up to Kingston, Ontario tomorrow for a wedding.  Although it is 65 in Williamsburg this morning I am very hopeful for a little cooler weather in Canada.  Happy Humpday Dawgs!!

  218. haws1178

    The fact that crew were working on a Saturday tells me they are putting in OT to get the job done or stay on schedule

  219. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Great pics, glad to see so many of the linemen.  The big uglies need lots of love too.  🙂

  220. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole That is pretty awesome.  I do hope they can get in a few practices this year in the IPF.

  221. Greg Poole

    Tyler Catalina, Isaiah Wynn, Brandon Kublanow, Lamont Gaillard and Greg Pyke will likely be your starting OL for UNC. Note the word “likely”.

  222. Greg Poole

    Coach Kirby Smart told the Touchdown Club of Athens on Monday night that it’s possible the team will be able to practice in the facility for some bowl practices in December, which he said would be “huge.”
    Said McGarity: “We’ll just have to wait and see how the schedule (works). Sure everybody wants to get in there as soon as possible. We’re moving right along. We’re on schedule.”
    That means the facility being completed sometime in December or January, McGarity said.
    McGarity can see the $30.2 million building go up outside his fourth floor Butts-Mehre office window. Georgia has raised nearly $29 million for the project from donors.