UGA Recruiting Daily 24 MAR 18: Elias Ricks & Kendall Milton Interview

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UGA Recruiting Daily 24 MAR 18: Elias Ricks & Kendall Milton Interview

Kendall Milton and Elias Ricks Edit by @bunterwagner
Kendall Milton and Elias Ricks Edit by @bunterwagner


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*Any rankings or numbers listed below come from 247Sports latest rankings.*

TODAY’S FEATURED PROSPECTS: Elias Ricks and Kendall Milton

Today’s featured prospects are Elias Ricks and Kendall Milton. I chose to put these two together because they claim each other as a brother instead of a friend. The two began this friendship in 7th grade while they played in a youth all-star game. Throughout the years they grew closer by playing on all-American teams and All-star games together. Milton lives in central California while Ricks lives in Southern California, but that doesn’t matter to them. Despite the distance, the two consider themselves brothers. Some might say a package deal.

Elias Ricks

Ricks is a 6-2 180-pound five-star cornerback from Santa Ana California. In the latest 2020 rankings, he ranks as the No. 18 overall player in the country, the No. 2 cornerback in the country and the No. 5 player in California. Ricks holds 15 offers currently, with one from Georgia on March 3rd. He visited LSU back in February but has yet to visit the Classic City. I expect a visit to the east coast to happen before the end of summer. His recruiting seems to be wide open right now, and I expect that his offer number will double by the end of his junior season.

Kendall Milton

Milton is a name all of Bulldog Nation needs to remember. He’s a five-star 6-2 210 pound running back from Clovis, California. In the latest 2020 rankings, Milton ranks as the No. 9 overall player in the country,  the No. 2 running back and the No. 3 prospect in California. He already holds 26 offers, yes 26. The latest offer comes from Michigan State on March 13. Georgia offered him on February 27th. Milton’s received interests from Alabama, Penn State, and so many others. He’s a name to remember and should have a break out junior season. I expect that offer list to get in the 30’s at least.

I spoke with the two 2020 prospects about a special project they’ve got going on along with their thoughts on Georgia.

Milton and Ricks Interview:

Q: How is the overall recruiting process going for you so far?

R: “The recruiting process is going very well right now I am taking it slow.”

M: “It’s going good, a little busy right now but enjoying the process.”

Q: What do you think of Georgia?

R: “Georgia is an amazing school.”

M: “I think Georgia is a great football program who produces lots of running backs to the NFL and that’s something I look for.”

Q: What would it mean for you Kendall to play for RBU?

M: “It would be great, especially to follow in the footsteps of some great running backs.”

Q: How hard are they recruiting you? And what are some things they are telling you?

R: “They’re recruiting me hard. I call them like every other day and they ask me to come out there.”

M: “They’re recruiting me pretty hard. They have told me I am the best running back in the country regardless of class.”

Q: Who’s the primary recruiter for you at UGA? Tell me what you think about them and what you think about head coach Kirby Smart.

R: “Kirby Smart is an amazing coach and coach Tucker is my primary recruiter.”

M: “Coach McGee is the coach that’s recruiting me and so far from the conversations we’ve had he is one of my favorite coaches.”

Q: Have you decided when you’ll visit Athens? Anytime soon?

R: “Me and my brother Kendall got something coming, and I should visit the Dawgs in the summer.”

M: “I will be planning to get out there soon.”

Q: What are the key factors that will go into your decision?

R: “The key factors in my decision are what is best for me and my family.”

M: “Playing time, academics, and life after football.”

Q: Have you decided when you will commit to a school? If so when?

R: “The earliest you can hear a decision is after my junior season.”

M: “I will commit sometime my senior year.”

Q: How long have you two been friends? Do you guys plan on going to school together?

R: “I met Kendall through a youth all-star game in 7th grade. He is like my brother though.

M: “Yes, me and Elias plan on going to school together as a ‘package deal.'”

Q: You mention that you and him have something coming, is there a timeline for that? Can you go into any minor details about it?

R: “I can’t go into detail like that it’s secret business but just now we got something special coming!”

M: “Yes we have something special going on that’ll be in store.”

Q: Anything you want to say to dawg nation?

R: “Just tell the dawg nation family to follow my social media and cheer me on through the recruitment process. My Instagram is @elias_ricks and Twitter is @Eliasricks2020.”

M: “Just let them know they’ll see me soon in Athens.”

Elias Ricks & Kendall Milton’s Film:


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