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UGA Recruiting Daily 25-August-2016

Jacobe Burrell (photo from Norcross Varsity High School football)
Jacobe Burrell
(photo from Norcross Varsity High School football)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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CLASS: 2017
Norcross High School
Norcross, GA

2016 Highlights vs Walton – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2017
Cairo High School
Cairo, GA

Highlight Video – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2018
POSITION: No.26 Athlete
Carver High School
Atlanta, GA

Highlight Video – CLICK HERE



CLASS: 2018
Crisp County High School
Cordele, GA

Highlight Video – CLICK HERE





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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

505 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 25-August-2016

  1. Bulldawg Bob2

    Welcome to Bulldawg Illustrated’s College Football Pick’em 2016. Do you have what it takes to test your prognostication skills against your fellow Dawg fan? Can you defeat the likes of Greg Poole or the mighty prognostication skills of Bulldawg Bob2 ? Do you dare go up against MMCSDAWG , RumRunnerDoogie , RobDawg , or Hobnailboot aka RobG ? If so, game on!

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hey ToddBrazzell .
    Yes indeed. I’m burning the midnight oil.
    Here’s the info on college pick’em:SIGN UP TO PLAY
    We have created a private group named BulldawgIllustrated for our posters and readers over at ESPN. The group ID is 42331. Since it is a private group, you must use a password to join. The password is GODAWGS! 
    The password is case sensitive. It is in all caps and includes the exclamation mark. 
    If you played last year, you should still have an ESPN account. If you don’t have one, it’s FREE to create one; so, just and log-in.

  3. ToddBrazzell

    Anyone on this late?  I was trying to find the college pick-em contest.  (SavannahDawg1967)

  4. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg Bob2  Reshad really started to “blossom” in 2013 and had that spectacular Pro-bowl season last year. He’s looked good in preseason so far.
    Falcons offense looked anemic again tonight.  Not that confident in the dirty birds again this season … sigh

  5. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 amazing how he was almost out of the league at cleveland now hes a pro bowler

  6. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgDaddy RumRunnerDoogie idk was just listening to southern football or something like that

  7. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg Bob2 RumRunnerDoogie didnt know the AJC was so worried to know about UM football they would send a reporter down there#

  8. 66DAWGnNC

    Yes they have. Had a report on the local sports news last night. Of course Fedora talked about what a great guy, man of integrity, friend,etc. Sports guy said that with the NCAA microscope on the UNC athletic dept, they didn’t need any more negative press. Should be interesting to see if the program gets into hot water with the NCAA again.

  9. RumRunnerDoogie

    lol just heard chip towers on ESPN radio and he spent almost the first 10 minutes talking about going down to miami to check on richt

  10. Bulldawg Bob2

    Switched over to the Cowboys at Seahawks preseason game.
    Dak Prescott is looking good for Dallas.

  11. Bulldawg Bob2

    Chattooga has extended their lead on Cedar Bluff in the second half. Now, up 35-7, late in the third QTR.

  12. Bulldawg Bob2

    tmdawg12   From reading that thread and some other UNC fan boards plus from what IYH_BI has told me from what he has heard from UNC fans up in Charlotte, they are concerned about Nick Chubb running the ball on them, but even more so, they are worried about Georgia’s pass rush.

    Should be a fun game. Hopefully, our Bulldawgs come out on top with the W.

  13. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie tmdawg12   Fedora and UNC took a lot of heat from the media and the court of public opinion for bringing on Tim Beckman.

  14. Bulldawg Bob2

    Mt. Zion played a heck of a second half and almost came back from being down 24-7 to beat McIntosh, but the Chiefs hold on and win 24-21.

  15. Bansai buckeroo

    Both dates are good for me Bob as far as I know…. Of course I might better check with she who must be obeyed…. 🙂

  16. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole PTCDawg I’ve got some stale saltines we can put the sardines on. We can use the old door as a table propped up on some cinder blocks.

  17. RumRunnerDoogie

    what…..? literally one of the best pure LT to come out of the draft in years and they stick him at guard….

  18. RobDawg

    I just read ESPN is now saying he will report to redskins after saying earlier he might retire. Bottom line though Falcons Wong get him

  19. RumRunnerDoogie

    RobDawg yea the jac radio guys were talking about him and said he was the worst interviews they had ever done.

  20. RobDawg

    No it’s pretty clogged up in the middle. He is better hitting edges with full head of steam

  21. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bansai buckeroo Aye. The other option is the Ragin’ Cajun game on November 19th the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

  22. Bulldawg Bob2

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole Larry Fedora ran some read option with Marquise Williams at QB, but I’m not sure how much he will with Mitch Trubisky. IYH_BI talked about that on the podcast the other night.

  23. Greg Poole

    Overheard Sam Pittman tell this guy, “I’ll sing Happy Birthday” to you if you keep blocking like that!

  24. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole  I was about to post it again lol.  In that one, freshman walk-on RB Ian Donald-McIntyre (33) takes handoff from freshman walk-on DB Caleeb Roberson (16).
    Here is another pic of them working on defending against the spread option read:

  25. Greg Poole

    Bob has probably already posted this but it is a change in practice focus. Today the LBs were getting a look at the spread option from Caleeb Roberson (16) a freshman WO from Burke County

  26. Bansai buckeroo

    Leaving the 19th of Oct. for Europe so should be fine with me. Would be great meeting some of the guys…

  27. Greg Poole

    Sony was live in the ball security drill today. This is the first time I have noticed them hitting him with the gloves.

  28. Bulldawg Bob2

    Asked this question earlier, but I want to kind of get a feel who could make it (so I’ll probably ask over the next few days again) … If we were to have a BD Illustrated get together this season, How many of you could make it for the homecoming against Vandy on Oct. 15th? That game would likely be an early game.

  29. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  Aye. It should be on NBC. Think the Cowboys vs Seahawks game is on NFL Network

  30. RobDawg

    No neither team does, but Ottowa’s team is named “RedBlacks” so guess who I am pulling for

  31. RobDawg

    Still trying to find out but I’m doubting it. Last I checked we had barely anyone playing up north

  32. Bulldawg Bob2

    Couple of NFL preseason games on tonight.
    Atlanta is at Miami. Kickoff is a 8 PM ET.
    Dawgs in  this one are SReshad Jones (Dolphins), TE Arty Lynch (Falcons), NT Chris Mayes (Falcons)

    And Dallas is at Seattle. Kickoff for that one is 10 PM ET
    Dawgs in this one are DE Chris Clemons (Seahawks), DE DeAngelo Tyson (Seahawks)

  33. Bulldawg36

    Kirk Herbstreet thinks unc will beat us anyways. He also picked auburn as a dark horse to win the sec. Wow some crystal ball Kirk has. Smh

  34. WillieWalden

    After looking at this preview show I’m starting to lean towards lambert for game one starter… No good reason just think that experience out the gate may trump talent in game one snap one.. We will see every blitz Carolina has to offer… Lambert may be better option… Unless you put Eason in the shotgun… Just my opinion

  35. Bulldawg Bob2

    Some high school football on tonight:
    Chattanooga Indians are on the road at Cedar Bluff to take on the Tigers at 7 PM.
    East Laurens are on the road at Johnson County at 7:30 PM.
    McIntosh Chiefs taking on Mt. Zion on the road at 7:30 PM.

  36. Bulldawg Bob2

    Remember Aulden Bynum was moved from OL to TE last year. Well, he’s back mainly on the OL andg gotten bigger up to 292. He is also looking meaner:

  37. Bansai buckeroo

    Just meet at a bar and through back a few then go over to Tops house and watch it on the big screen… Sound like a plan?… 🙂

  38. Greg Poole

    Avon Barksdale I can see them very well and quickness is one of the few things that we can judge. Both look really quick and also look stronger.

  39. Bulldawg Bob2

    revtizzy  Congrats Rev. Hope both he and the team have a good game and have fun. You’ll have to give us a post-game report 🙂

  40. revtizzy

    Heading out to my son’s first middle school game for his school!  It’s finally starting to feel like football season – with real games!

  41. Bulldawg Bob2

    Coach Sam Pittman & a couple of his offensive linemen: Brandon Kublanow (54) & Isaiah Wynn (77)

  42. PTCDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 PTCDawg well dang…looked right at my handy helmet schedule and got it backwards anyway…

  43. Bulldawg Bob2

    RobDawg  And Vandy is the homecoming game too boot.
    Didn’t realize Georgia ends up finishing the regular season with three home games in a row vs Auburn, Ragin’ Cajuns and then Tech.

  44. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  PTCDawg Greg Poole rumors spreadin round in the Georgia town, bout that shack outside Lagrange…

  45. RobDawg

    PTC we do play Vandy here this year. That prob will be best opportunity. Likely be 1:00 game unless moved to noon for SECN

  46. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg Bulldawg Bob2  Let’s see. Kentucky is an away game this year. Vandy is at home. Unless I’m looking at the wrong schedule. LOL!
    So far, the two most likely choices are Vandy or the Ragin’ Cajuns.
    Tech is at Sanford this year too, but that is the week fo Thanksgiving; so, might be hard to wrangle enough folks

  47. PTCDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 PTCDawg probably shouldnt pick the Vandy game, unless you know a good place in Nashville to meet up! :>)

  48. PTCDawg

    tmdawg12  Greg Poole Yo TM. So far we havent fielded any panic calls from our 1L girl. We go to ‘Family and Friends’ day on Sept 23, word is we get to attend the Civil Procedure class. All sounds very exciting!

  49. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg Bulldawg Bob2  Good suggestions. And aye. I think it is going to have to be one of those games versus a game like Tennessee or Auburn.

  50. Avon Barksdale

    Are you able to gauge how quick Patrick and Roquan are? Or is it hard to distinguish the different guys?

  51. Greg Poole

    Best tidbit of practice – the focus has shifted to game prep. Linebackers were getting looks at spread option plays in the last period we saw. Pics coming

  52. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36 If I had to guess, they are probably on the side road that goes into the practice fields at the complex. There are a couple of ponds off that little road.

  53. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  The UGA Club Sports Complex is off of South Milledge just after the State Botanical Gardens. I wouldn’t say it is in the country, but it is more “rural” or not as built up as inside the Athens perimeter.

  54. Bulldawg36

    Oh I didn’t get it. Thought he was joking about being on the Kirby cruiser. They must be headed to practice..from the pic it looks like they’re in the country

  55. Bulldawg Bob2

    If we were going to try to do a Bulldawg Illustrated get together at one of the games this year, which game would you guys and gals want to try shoot for?

  56. haws1178

    The bad part about it is I threatened to quit last week and he beat me to it lol. It’s gonna be alright though I’ll get even with him one day jk

  57. Reddawg13

    Mykel Tubbs Grandmother came in again today and told me that we have started recruiting Mykel. She told me that McClendon was on him pretty hard. He is a 6’3 190 pound WR. She said her and his Mom want him at UGA!

  58. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole Good stuff right there – dang time is crawling by – ya’ll know once the season starts it will fly by.

  59. Bulldawg36

    I joined this BI message board when I was 36 and tomorrow I’ll 39 years old!!! Man, does time fly by or what???!!!!!!!!!

  60. bahits

    revtizzy Cool page.  When you go to it, open your console (Chrome, right click, inspect, click console panel) and paste = “#CC0000”;

    then return.  Ugly LSU purple changes to beautiful Bull Dawg Red!

  61. DawgByte

    Greg Poole 9-3 would be a good opening season for Kirby… add a good bowl victory and Dawg’s go into 2017 rolling.

  62. DawgByte

    bahits Greg Poole I’ve heard the same. Kirby pipes in motivational speeches while the players are resting.

  63. DawgByte

    haws1178 My advice… don’t appear to be taking advantage of the situation. See how it plays out over the next couple of weeks. If you’re doing a third more work and a replacement isn’t forthcoming then go see your boss about a compensation increase.

  64. Bulldawg Bob2

    Verne, Gary and Rick talking about how unusual it will be to not see Steve Spurrier coaching a college team on the sideline this season, and how fortunate that Will Muschamp is to be coaching another FBS program in the SEC after not succeeding at Florida.

  65. haws1178

    They already tried to hire more welders and there are none willing or able to work here. On a side note I would love to see the look on their faces considering I just got a raise and schedule to get another one in October

  66. Bulldawg Bob2

    VERNE LUNDQUIST and GARY DANIELSON, and RICK NEUHEISEL on the CBS SPORTS 2016 COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICK-OFF CALL talking about how many QBs transfer now, and how that has changed the QB competition at the FBS programs.

  67. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2
    Well Said, well said!  Anyone putting on The Georgia Bulldogs Uniform has Earned the Right to Wear it and Earned the Respect of the Coaches.  

    Be a Supporter NOT an “Athletic Supporter####

  68. revtizzy

    haws1178 If you are doing more work, as a result, I say yes.  That said, I would wait a week or two – this is a new situation for everyone.  Do your job well, in the meantime, and then broach the subject with a supervisor/boss.  Presumably, however, they are going to replace him?

  69. haws1178

    We had a guy quit this morning which leaves me as the only electrical welder on the job. So would this be a good time to hit them up for a raise?

  70. converted 1981

    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG DawgDaddy
    Does Kirby have any eligibility left?  He throws a pretty mean spiral and probably knows the playbook pretty well#####

  71. bahits

    I know politics is off limits.  This is a neutral observation not supporting any candidate, just observing.   Things have really gone supper ugly and is as crazy as any WWW pre-match or boxing shout down.  

    It has suddenly become a blood sport.  lol

  72. bahits

    Greg Poole Kirby doesn’t want our guys to sleep.  It is the biggest feud going on inside of our football program.  Sinclair demands our guys go to bed, Kirby demands they study playbook when not practicing.

    It is a battle of strength vs. will.

  73. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG DawgDaddy He is and that video does not really capture it. He blisters them if they do not pay attention and he seems to be everywhere. He does spend more time with the DB than anywhere else.

  74. DawgLink

    I’d hate to have to feed him daily. I bet his parents’ grocery bill went down by 50% when he left for UGA

  75. AlphaDawg

    Reddawg13 AlphaDawg Just saw this red,
    I didn’t make it, it’s actually for sale! Can get it on Fanatic’s website.

  76. Avon Barksdale

    Yeah, he’s got such a high ceiling! HUGE impact on the defense if he really steps up this year!


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Avon Barksdale  Like the song goes…  Little less talk and a LOT more action!!!


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Especially on the Defensive side of the ball! ###  not so good on the O though…

  79. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG Avon Barksdale   Agree guys. I think the ILBs will be fine if the depth holds up.  The Cater that I’m really interested in seeing is Lorenzo. He has been put on the spot by this staff. As I see it, he has been told to grow up and get mean – we’ll see.


    Well, Bulldawg36  just got the itinerary for my sons teams trip to SC next week (Sept2) to play against Andrew Jackson HS in Kershaw, SC.   They will be touring USCe facilities on next Friday from 12:45-2:45pm.  You know I hate the chickens, but it’s nice for them to host an out of state school for a tour.


    Avon Barksdale Me either I think They are going to hit some people!  I just hope they can pick up their reads and responsibilities on the RPO and passing plays!


    Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2 I understand your sentiments and I agree that being paid as a coach opens you up to critique by those that support and ultimately pay your salary.  But, I don’t agree that booing a team that takes the field for the first time is ok…  Your guys booed because they were upset with the result, which by the way I still don’t agree with for a HS team. But when our Dawgs take the field there will be no result to Boo, your booing because you don’t like the coaches choice without giving them the chance to justify that action on the field of play, to me that is just wrong.  If you don’t want lambert to start and your not happy with it at the start of the game, then just don’t say or cheer or anything, although again, pretty shallow IMO.  We can all judge Kirby and our program once the games are played.  Booing a team taking the field is wrong IMHO.  I have also coached and I have been on some teams and coached at a HS that had some really bad parents.  It was nothing to be cursed and tormented while walking the sidelines if our team wasn’t performing or doing what they expected. I took it and never once got into any type of altercation with those parents/fans.  That was my job and I choose to take it.  However, if someone or anyone booed, attacked or chastised a player on that team or any team, I took strong offense to that.   Greyson Lambert is a player at UGA and as far as I’m concerned a DGD.  I’ve said all along that I believe Eason will start and still expect him to start, but I won’t boo if Lambert or Ramsey take the field.

  83. AlphaDawg

    Avon Barksdale Drives me crazy when we boo the opposing players when they walk onto the field. Hey let me invite you to our stadium to play football and then boo you. Dumb. Let the boys do the work on the field.

  84. Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2

    I’m a coach. I know that fans who are atrending a game have expectations. I know my job is not to please them. I also know that if I make a decision that displeased the fans it will be booed. No matter what level. If someone is being paid to coach every decision they make is up for criticism both publicly and privately. My team lost 34-7 last friday. We were booed by fans boosters and parents. We know they aren’t booing the players. They are booing us. If kirby decides to start lambert his decision can be celebrated by those who wish and criticized by those who wish. Those 3 million a year will soften the blow

  85. AlphaDawg

    Reddawg13 Hocke? I feel he was in over his head. I still follow him on twitter and he hasn’t updated his profile to a new position. He tweets occasionally, but I don’t think he’s with any program right now. He kind of just ended up in a bad place at the right time.

  86. Avon Barksdale

    I think we throw in a few wild dawg plays with Godwin and a couple of end arounds with McKenzie. The short passing game can substitute for the run game…up to a point.

  87. Greg Poole

    Smart rattled off five running backs who are in line for carries, but the one who was noticeably absent was junior Sony Michel, who is still recovering from a broken arm suffered in July.
    “I don’t know if he can play or not,” Smart said. “If he can, he’ll definitely be in line. But he’s got to be cleared before I do that.”
    With Michel’s absence unknown, Chubb is the only member of that backfield who has logged consistent first-team carries, with Douglas being the most experienced behind him. Because of that, Smart and Chaney might be forced to lean on him more than they initially planned simply to keep the Tar Heels offense off the field and prevent the game from becoming a shootout that its yet-to-be-determined quarterback has to keep up in.
    Chubb’s presence not only makes Georgia even more of a contender in the game against the Tar Heels and the SEC East, but it also takes a ton of pressure off Smart and Chaney’s pending quarterback decision.

  88. Bulldawg Bob2

    bahits Avon Barksdale  Cannot remember the last time I listened to 680 “the Fan” except to listen to a game.

  89. Bulldawg Bob2

    Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2  That is still in the same category as booing the player in my opinion.
    Boos are for the opponent, not for the players or coaches on the Georgia team.

  90. Greg Poole

    Ching must have seen more “on-field performance” than I have.
    What to watch: Keep an eye on what happens with Chubb and Michel as they return from their injuries. If Smart and offensive coordinator Jim Chaney expect one or both of those stars to be available in Week 1 against North Carolina — and it seems like Chubb is the more likely participant in the opener at this point — they might be more willing to give Eason a shot against the Tar Heels. They might prefer a veteran quarterback’s leadership in the opener if the running game is more of a question mark.
    Next in line: Even if he is not Georgia’s quarterback of the present, Eason is almost certainly the quarterback of the future. He’s the only quarterback on the roster who is an underclassman. Lambert is a senior this season and Ramsey is a fourth-year junior.
    Grade: C. Based upon on-field performance to this point, Georgia’s preseason grade is as low as it has been in years. Lambert is an average quarterback and while Ramsey has a higher ceiling, he also struggles with his decision-making at times. Eason’s potential at least gives Bulldogs fans hope that the quarterback problems of 2015 will soon be behind them.

  91. SonofHenry

    converted 1981 Bulltoad MMCSDAWG I hope our first 8 plays are all runs. That’s demoralizing and if we run that many in a row that means it is working.

  92. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    I’m glad you had a good time, if they were giving away 100 dollar bills I still would not have gone

  93. converted 1981

    Bulltoad MMCSDAWG
    Put your Strength on the field First!  Question is What is our Strength.  
    Great RB’s — QB = ?????
    Great DB’s — DL = ?????
    Not sure what Georgia’s Greatest Strength is Before the Season Starts.  What I do know is NC’s Greatest Strength is their Offense and we Need to keep their O off the field as much as possible.  So I am going with taking the Ball and giving them “Hopefully” more Nick and Sony (?) than they can handle.  Pound them down the field and hopefully chew up 6 or 7 minutes of the first quarter with the first possession.  Make their O wonder IF they will Ever get the ball.  Once they finally do, they Must know they Have to score a TD or face the same pounding and be Down by 14 and into the 2nd quarter Before they will get the ball back.  Defeat them physically and mentally with Our first two possessions.

  94. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole we are 2nd in others receiving votes so I guess they think we are about 18th.  Sounds about right to me.

  95. SonofHenry

    OT: For all of those that made jokes when I mentioned going to the Braves game last week when Dansby Swanson got called up, I caught Dansby’s first foul ball in his MLB career.

  96. Bulldawg36

    I agree Byte! Some fans act like it isn’t a big deal. But if we want national respect and to remain in the top 25, we got to win. This is basically a home game. I have bad visions of us losing in the GA dome that need to be erased!!!!!!!!!!


    So, It’s time for kick-off, UGA wins the toss.  Do we Defer our option to the second half or do we choose to receive the ball??????    

    I’m deferring to the 2nd half and kicking the ball off to UNC.  The crowd will be LOUD and the offense is going to have a hard time communicating no matter who receives the opening kick off.   Plus, i’m a defer always type of guy anyway!

  98. DawgDaddy

    DawgByte He is a DGD too, he works hard with the talent he has to try to win.  I never boo the kids.

  99. Bansai buckeroo

    @DDaddy… I had the problem yesterday on 2 different browsers… Then all of a sudden it would start working… I was beginning to think Top was getting tired of my bs…

  100. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 I agree but they should be the only team to be allowed to wear it as homage to the great Jim Brown.


    RumRunnerDoogie That’s what I’m Talking About!  If that don’t get your blood pumping this fine Dawg morning nothing will!  IT”S TIME !

  102. Avon Barksdale

    Drives me absolutely crazy when our ‘fans’ boo our players!
    I remember several years ago, Massaquoi was having a rough game and the boo birds came out. When someone subbed in for him our fans started cheering. I was livid!
    Coincidentally, I got the chance to meet Massaquoi at work a couple years ago. Was literally sitting in my cube and my boss walked by with him – was caught totally off guard! Only talked to him for a minute but real nice guy!

  103. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole bahits Avon Barksdale Kirby expects more. Hints why he’s always saying “he’s done what we’ve asked.” That’s about all of the praise you’re going to get.

  104. RumRunnerDoogie

    a few weeks old but these were probably where most fights started in high school lol


    bahits Greg Poole MMCSDAWG I;’ve been predicting and justifying starting Eason forever!  But, I will not boo anyone that takes the field wearing the Red and Black.  No one!  If Lambert starts there is a Good reason and I will trust Kirby and Chaney to make the BEST choice for our program!

  106. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam Me too! Always nervous to see big time player make moves like that. Doesn’t always end well

  107. DawgByte

    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG I hope nobody boos him, because that’s incredibly lame! He’s a Dawg just like everyone else. We need to support the QB regardless of who it is.

  108. Bansai buckeroo

    SoH….my wife is from Wisconsin and I get that all the time… Those people are all about the Packers. Don’t even know what college football is about….


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Me either bozz!  I would probably loose my mind if I were in the stands and it happened around me.

  110. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. No problem, lets just hope we’ll be in a position to give Jacob 3-4 series during the game.

  111. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG DawgByte Bulldawg36 I agree… the keys to our D will be Bellamy and Carter. If they get pressure that will be huge in disrupting their offense. I agree with you that Kirby dials it up.
    Another factor is going to be the noise inside the Dome. Dawg fans are going to be jacked!!!

  112. AlphaDawg

    SonofHenry WillieWalden Haha we had that convo yesterday. I get it too. Especially when I’m on vacations.


    DawgByte Bulldawg36 Put PRESSURE on their new QB, he hasn’t face any stiff competition. Get him rattled and hit him OFTEN!   There OL is replacing 2 or 3 starters and one of the expected starters is hurt as well.  Kirby will bring pressure against Mr. Turnbinsky like he’s never seen before, we might get burned once or twice, but in the end UGA wins.  38-24.


    Bulldawg36 I don’t care if it Sonny Jergenson,  Whomever takes the field for the Red and Black will be my QB and I will support them til the end!  I hope all red blooded DAWG fans feel this way,  I DO NOT want to hear a boo come from the 58,000 fans in the Georgia Dome when and if Lambert or anyone else takes the field!  If your a DAWG you will support them ALL!

  115. DawgByte

    Greg Poole BenKellam OL starting prediction: LT: Catalina, LG Wynn, C Kublanow, RG Gaillard, RT Pyke.

  116. SonofHenry

    WillieWalden I have enjoyed this season as well. Gurley looks Great. Ogletree looks great. The whole show has been praising our UGA Alum. And Ogletree was featured wearing that UGA shirt most of the episode this time. Great exposure. However, people out there and up north always ask “Where did you get that weird Green Bay shirt?” I got that all the time when i was living in Chicago last year.

  117. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG RumRunnerDoogie and im recording it since i will be floatin on a boat this weekend

  118. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I sound like a broken record, but this is a really important game that we cannot afford to lose. We rarely lose to ACC competition and although UNC is talented they simply cannot stop the run and we’re going to pound the rock down their throat, keeping their talented O off the field.

  119. Bulldawg36

    It’s my reality post of the day!! Just preparing the fella bi members for sept3rd. It will be here soon!!!

  120. Greg Poole

    DawgLink  ‘Doghouse’ implies some kind of semi-permanent place and I don’t think that is the case. Kirby just does not gloss over the criticisms that the players hear at practice when talking to the media.

  121. WillieWalden

    I would pay that guy anything to get him on my staff.. He is the type of coach that his players would run through a brick wall for…. I see why he is one of the greatest of all time.. Dude is in his 50s or 60s still doing drills better than the players

  122. Greg Poole

    bahits Avon Barksdale  Kirby called him out for his blocking. “Doghouse” is probably a stretch. A lot of these guys are not used to being coached hard. They thought they were though

  123. RobDawg

    Won’t be going there. So you restaurants better have your game together. These reviews don’t mail it in

  124. DawgLink

    I have a running argument on another board with a Vol. He says Booch can spot the good 3* and coach em up. I say he better win the Natty with all the love fest. Booch sucks


    DawgLink I think it’s kind of like Red said, I don’t think Kirby has a Dawg house, he is a determined, full speed, unfiltered coach that expects excellence from his players, if your not performing up to his expectations, you are going to hear about it from him, but he is also going to let you know WHY and HOW to get where you need to be!  He won’t shuffle you to the side and put you in a proverbial  dawg house.

  126. WillieWalden

    Watched hard knocks for the first time and mike singletary is really coaching ogletree hard.. Says he has all the tools to be great… Singletary is still a beast at his age now.. Dude looks like he could play now…

  127. RumRunnerDoogie

    im sure half the UGA staff will be too

  128. Bulldawg36

    I want UGA to pound unc!!! I don’t want to lose to any team that has Carolina in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Avon Barksdale

    I think it’s a combination of Kirby trying to motivate Godwin and expectations for him probably being a little too high.

  130. Greg Poole

    bahits Bansai buckeroo  The server went down for about 30 minutes a few days ago.  there seemed to have been some residual effects from the outage. I got 502 errors intermittently for a couple of days afterward.


    Reddawg13 If you’ve folled the photo’s Greg and company have posted you can’t help but see the transformation!


    Reddawg13 bahits Avon Barksdale A GREAT example of this type of mentality is the progression and performance of one Solomon Kindley!  Who thought he would be running in the 2 deep this year and looking at getting significant playing time?  No body but HIM!  You go big man!


    Reddawg13 bahits Avon Barksdale  Exactly, you either meet expectations or you don’t and he’s not going to start you just because.  You earn that spot and you work your tail off to keep it, otherwise someone else who’s working harder and performing better will take it, there are no givens or guaranteed spots.   I like it!  Some player might not, but if you wanna win championships you will understand and strive to be your best every day, otherwise you will be passed by someone else!  Go DAWGS!

  134. Bansai buckeroo

    Watching the Georgia preview on the sec channel…. Kirby says. ” Gentlemen, I would appreciate it if you held on to your balls today”…. I think he was talking to his running backs…haha

  135. Reddawg13

    bahits Avon Barksdale I don’t think Kirby reall has a Dog house. Best 11 play period. If you are not on the field, “get better.”

  136. BenKellam

    I’m glad Gaillard is getting it done on the OL. I was worried about him when he made the switch from defense. Hope everything works out for him.

  137. bahits

    Avon Barksdale No, saying it seems he is in Kirby’s dog house.  Maybe, not doing it right during practice?  Kirby mentioned 7 receivers in last presser, no Godwin.

    Maybe it is Kirby trying to motivate Godwin, i hope.

  138. Reddawg13

    I can even remember last years S&C guy, but he did an admirable job! However Sinclair and Ellis have taken what he did and built on it big time! In case y’all haven’t noticed this team is beginning to look very physical. “Take No Prisoners!”

  139. Bansai buckeroo

    Was having the same type of problem the last couple of days… Seemed to be intermittent.

  140. Bulldawg36

    Former Bama qb picked unc to beat us!! Last night on the preview show if anybody watched!!! Some are picking unc!!! I hope we will prove these haters wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Greg Poole

    freddawg  You have not been blocked and we have not made any DNS changes.  The problem will surely resolve itself.

  142. Reddawg13

    AlphaDawg Score Check I have always been with you on this one! Give me choices and surprises. And I am an older fart at 57, but the only tradition I like and would never change is winning.

  143. Reddawg13

    AlphaDawg I like options on uniforms period. If the players like it and want to play in it, then let it rip! It helps with recruiting too. Oregon wasn’t worth a toot until Nike money gave them great facilities and many many options on uniforms. I like that jersey, why didn’t you put some pants and helmet with it?

  144. Bulltoad

    Reddawg13 AlphaDawg I just hope the NCAA takes there sweet time and it lingers all the way past signing day.

  145. bahits

    Greg Poole How well is he using his left hand?  How much strength has he regained?  How is his grip?

    Those are as big a factor as being medically cleared.

  146. freddawg

    Greg, for some reason the only way I can access the BI website is via proxy server.   Can’t think of anything I’ve said to get blocked, but thought I’d ask anyway.   Maybe a DNS problem somewhere.

  147. Greg Poole

    Reddawg13 Yeah, offering former recruits immunity for testimony is gonna make things frosty for Freeze.


    AlphaDawg It’s gonna be HAMMER time…  Bring out the old MC Hammer meme lol!  If Ole Miss escapes this one without some serious penalties, the flood gates are open and the old days of the SW conference will be back in full force!

  149. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg UNC will be a good team and will be ready to play. Georgia will have to beat them up on the LOS.

  150. AlphaDawg

    dsw61 AlphaDawg I agree with the more comfortable offense, however, they’re replacing many of the important offensive players. QB being the main, and some on the OL.

  151. Bulldawg36

    Barrett Sally picked the tide vs FSU in the Nt game with FSU winning. Wish the ref didn’t have him on!!!!!

  152. dsw61

    AlphaDawg The primary advantage they have is that they have a boat load of eight players returning on offense and they are familiar with the offensive scheme that they run, so they should be able to play fast and not make a lot of mistakes. Georgia on the other hand is dealing with a completely new staff on offense and probably won’t be able to install everything Chaney wants to install in time for the UNC game. Talent wise though, I think UGA blows UNC out of the water, on the lines of scrimmage, LB, safety, and at TE. UGA also has way more talent at RB if Chubb and one or two of the other backs are healthy.

  153. AlphaDawg

    Off topic I know, but given I rarely get to see color photos from the 50’s I thought it was neat.

  154. AlphaDawg

    Looking at previous recruiting signees at UNC makes me feel better about this game. Not saying 3stars can’t out work our guys, but Hood is the best player they’ve signed in years and now you see why he is the highlight of the entire team. If we can control the LOS with a good running attack, we keep the ball in our hands, control the clock, keep their offense off the field we’ve got a recipe for success. Have to convert those 3rd downs!

  155. converted 1981

    Had to go get my Florida DL yesterday, company required it!  That’s OK, this is the shirt I wore.

  156. converted 1981

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole
    Georgia favored against all except Old Pizz;  gUT to Lose Two and the Gey Turds to Lose Five!…..
    WOW, hope they are right.

  157. dsw61

    AlphaDawg  Fun seeing the reaction by Tennessee fans to the possibility that Gibbs may actually choose to stay in state and play for UGA. Their fan base has to be the most delusional fan base in college football. Some of their fans were claiming that UGA had no chance with Gibbs and that he was “all Vol”. I have no idea where Gibbs will end up playing, but clearly UGA is in this one. Some might even say that UGA leads Tennessee.

  158. Doc R

    Greg Poole not to mention the fact that they can’t have blunt force trauma due to splenic susceptibility, thus NO contact for something like 6 or 8 weeks

  159. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG my bad I thought we were trying to convert him to DT. still learning the LOS


    AlphaDawg Greg Poole In a 3-4 scheme I see him as SS DE.  Opposite which ever OLB we have playing at or on the LOS (Carter/ Walker).   

    Some people classify the 3 down lineman in a 3-4 as NT and 2 DE’s.

  161. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Don’t know how you mean that but he is about 275 now. I think UGA is calling him a DE.


    DawgDaddy AlphaDawg Right, he’s been 17 and taking on SEC caliber players since January!  He will be fine, give him a year or so and he will dominate some DL in this league!

  163. Greg Poole

    haws1178  Allan Williams 6-7/350 is practicing but has a way to go before contributing.  I doubt the roster is up-to-date yet.

  164. AlphaDawg

    Score Check AlphaDawg it’s all subjective. I’m a new fart. I think these with a black pants w/red stripe and a red helmet could look really sharp.

  165. DawgDaddy

    AlphaDawg Man, hard to believe he is only 18.  He is a full grown man.   Happy Birthday Ben.

  166. Greg Poole

    I just added 2 more photos to the practice gallery. First is punter Marshall Long shown throwing a pass. They were, obviously, practicing for a bad snap. 

    The second is Sam Madden, who was just watching yesterday.

  167. Score Check

    I guess I’m just an old fart ’cause I don’t like alt uniforms.
    I think our traditional uniform is the best in the country.

  168. AlphaDawg

    after listening to the BI podcast with Kirby’s presser from yesterday, I was wondering how long it would take Chip to put out a dumb article about visors.

  169. haws1178

    What’s the story on the big walk on olineman from Bailey GA can’t remember his name and don’t recall seeing it on the new roster


    Greg Poole My answer will always be Florida!  We have GOT to beat the Gators this year and EVERY year!

  171. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I like their projections.   I would take that as we would be in the dome in CKS’ first year.  GATA

  172. Greg Poole

    Guide to the Heisman race:
    Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia. Chubb rushed for over 100 yards in each of the 14 games he started before a serious knee injury ended his season against Tennessee last October. As a freshman, he ran for 1,547 yards despite backing up Todd Gurley to start the season. As a sophomore, he ran for 747 yards in five games (plus one carry in a sixth game). The 228-pound Chubb averages a ridiculous 7.4 yards per carry in his career, and while there has been plenty of skepticism all offseason, it appears that he might be ready to return to the lineup for Georgia’s opener against North Carolina. If fully healthy and back up to speed, he’s capable of making an argument as the best running back in the country and, thus, a leading Heisman candidate.

  173. Greg Poole

    At the press conference yesterday Kirby mentioned that Sam Madden has mononucleosis. He is probably set-back to mid-season of longer.  It is hard to recover the missed conditioning and reps.

  174. Greg Poole

    Jesse1 Looks like they will have an 8 player potential rotation. They’ll need it – injuries will happen.

  175. Greg Poole

    Jesse1 One of the pay-site guys told me yesterday that he think IMG drills them. It’ll be fun.

  176. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole “He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do” – heard that one a few times lately. lol

  177. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Hearing CKS mentioning him along with Kindley and the Marist kid, tells me Pittman is extracting the talent that made these guys wanted in the first place. Having 7 or 8 guy capable of going when it’s now or never is a bonus we weren’t expecting.

  178. Greg Poole

    Smart answered questions about Julian Rochester in exactly the same way answer questions about Nick Chubb. “He has done everything we’ve asked of him.” We know Chubb is playing, my guess is Rochester plays also.

  179. Greg Poole

    Don’t sleep on Aulden Bynum for serious playing time this season. CKS has mentioned him several times this camp.