UGA Recruiting Daily 25-May-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 25-May-2016

UGA football recruiting prospect Ondario Robinson
Ondario Robinson
Photo: Ondario Robinson Twitter


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread

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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

145 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 25-May-2016

  1. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    75tranzam BahitsAgain now I’m craving Greek food….that looked really tasty

  2. 75tranzam

    Spent half a day Saturday painting my porch Dawgs Vince and Larry, getting them ready for this fall!

    Man do I miss football…

  3. 75tranzam


    You can’t go wrong with either a Kamado Joe or BGE. IMHO you get more for less with the Joe because you get the Divide and Conquer cooking system with it, you don’t with the BGE.

    Of course I’m biased, just cooked gyros this weekend!




  4. Bulldawg36

    Heck yeah dawg daddy!!! Got to take unc down in da dome! It’s our team it’s our state!! Why not us!!!!!

  5. Greg Poole

    Hobnailboot aka RobG  Yoder is a common name among Mennonites in Western MD and PA.

  6. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Yeah the Yoders have a wifi connection too, but they are definitely not portable. To get one delivered it would have to come via a lift gate truck.. The small one weighs like 300 lbs. My cousin got one the week he got back from Memphis in May, and sampled some food cooked on one. It does cook good. You are gonna love cooking with those pellets

  7. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Man I want a pellet grill so bad, but there is not a Yoder dealer in Atlanta or Georgia for that matter, my cousin that lives in San Antonio has one and it is awesome.

  8. BahitsAgain

    Reddawg13 ZippyMorocco AlphaDawg BahitsAgain I think you can get the eggs in various colors.

    My dad passed before the BGEs had a huge cook out at the motor speedway.  I would have loved to have taken him to that event.

  9. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain well, it was a 100+ year old oak. 

    At the time, my parents were on a cruise in Alaska.  The tree leaned away from the house, but that storm that came through pushed it back into the house destroying the BGE, the chimney on the house and lots of roof damage.  It took a crane to lift the limbs off the house.  I am amazed it didn’t bring the house down.

    That storm was crazy.  I think we might have been clipped by the bottom of a tornado.  My property is across the road from them and I had a couple of 100+ year old oaks go down the same direction and the tops snapped out of some others. 

    Weather ain’t nothing to take lightly.

  10. AlphaDawg

    Reddawg13 ZippyMorocco AlphaDawg BahitsAgain YEAAAAAHH buddy. That’s what I’m talkin bout

  11. Reddawg13

    ZippyMorocco AlphaDawg BahitsAgain I am going to purchase soon but will probably do the Joe since it comes in Black, green don’t go with my Club 90 Red and Black.

  12. Greg Poole

    BahitsAgain I surprised it did not deflect the tree – those things look stout.

  13. BahitsAgain

    ZippyMorocco AlphaDawg BahitsAgain My dad had one for years.  His office gave it to him for retirement.

    He loved it.  Then a tree fell on it.   I don’t know how many turkey’s he cooked on it, but they sure were good.

  14. BahitsAgain

    RumRunnerDoogie BahitsAgain lol, some days, she tells me to do that, but I am too smart for that and know it is a set up.


    BahitsAgain Dawgnation4 MMCSDAWG I only see Chubb getting a hand full of carries in this one regardless of his “readiness”…  Like you said, I believe we will bring him along slowly at the beginning of the season.  Maybe 8-10 carries if he’s available.

  16. AlphaDawg

    BahitsAgain I saw Costco had a deal on Kamodo Joe, but I’m not in the market for a grill right now. Wish I was!

  17. BahitsAgain

    Dawgnation4 MMCSDAWG I can’t imagine Chubb being 100% of what he was until he gets a few games down.  He is super human and I can’t say he can not do it, but it seems unlikely.  I think that until he gets his game legs, Sony, Hollyfield, Crowder and Herrien might all give us a better punch.

    I know we are likely to only have Chubb this final year, but I don’t want to rush him.

  18. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG  I’m sure yet about how to score it. Dawgs win. They will be better prepared and, I think, you will see some very aggressive defense and an offense that gets the ball to the available playmakers. Attention to detail wins it.

  19. BahitsAgain

    Wife gave me the go ahead for a new grill!!  Ordered a GMG Pellet grill and I hope it gets here before the weekend.

    I am thinking I will make a beer can roasted chicken and some steak on day one.  Burgers, etc. day 2. Fish day 3…..


    Little dead right now so here goes nothing….  So what is the final score on Sept 3 when our Dawgs take on the Tar Heels in Atlanta???

    My prediction is UGA-38 UNC-27

  21. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Not happening, there is going to be less access to the program this summer (until August), so there will be more stuff published about Chubb and Eason.

  22. DawgDaddy

    AlphaDawg Bulldawg36 I should have read down before making my comment below.  I agree AD.

  23. Lucas Rogers

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole As of right now he is pretty solid with Oklahoma. I believe we have/had a few backs higher on the board anyway. Akers,Swift, Toneil Carter for example. Trey also has some serious health concerns. He broke his back I believe last year, so yeah.

  24. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole It’s more like ADMc is giving them $1M,  that contract last year was insane.

  25. Reddawg13

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole Yeah, why go get blown away by a Tornado when ya can stay home and win a championship!

  26. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Is Trey Sermon solid with Oklahoma, I had thought he was a UGA lean before his commitment.

  27. Reddawg13

    DawgLink I don’t get all the love for them anyway. Auburn was given a lot of off season love and the floundered like a carp thrown up on a sunny river bank!

  28. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Reddawg13 Greg Poole Yeah Laguins is special too. I believe Holyfield turns out really good, better than some think. I like the way things are going now, Kirby gets it!


    Reddawg13 Greg Poole  Another Eason Starts aye!   I’m interested in Manac and our boy from Oconee as well Laguins!  This incoming class could be one of UGA best ever when it is all said and done.  We might not have a T. Gurley or N. Chubb, but the quality across the board is excellent!

  30. ZippyMorocco

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole 
    That’s a tough call. I can’t imagine pulling for the lizards.

  31. ZippyMorocco

    RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG ZippyMorocco 
    The charges were dropped because the cop screwed up.

  32. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole Fromm is just a winner period! Eason is da man Fromm is da man that will push Eason!

  33. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I am adding Manac to the list. I am a big Manac fan and believe he is too much of a beast to sit, he helps this year. And, Huck is right Eason starts the first game!

  34. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg36 I’m guessing 1 of the 4 million UGA gave him is where it’s coming from


    RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG ZippyMorocco  Then the entire football team would be under suspension.  There are tons of photos of players appearing to be intoxicated on instagram and other social media sites…  Pretty sure Mr. Eason was sat down by Kirby and the boys including Jere, and told to stop allowing photos to be posted on these types of sites where he looks drunk as a skunk…  My understanding is all charges were dropped…  Just don’t like seeing suspensions for things that could and should be handled internally!

  36. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG ZippyMorocco my guess is just because they dropped the charges doesnt mean he wasnt drinking underage


    ZippyMorocco Kind of confused as to why the suspension is being kept in place??  Something about alcohol?  seriously…

  38. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg I think one full season as Miami head coach will do the trick

  39. RumRunnerDoogie

    AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole just build it in havana, its probably closer than the dolphins stadium haha

  40. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole Man that would be impressive. A floating practice facility. At least until the first hurricane obliterates it.

  41. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole well now to find donors, idk why any team in FL doesnt have one considering spring and summer its thunderstorms literally every single day. Then again finding a place on that cramped campus might be a issue

  42. BenKellam

    RumRunnerDoogie BenKellam I’m ok with that. No reason to make a huge deal about it. No other program does.

  43. RumRunnerDoogie

    BenKellam probably wont hear much about these type of punishments anymore

  44. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    It has slowed down there are a few late spawning fish still shallow but 90% of them have moved back into a little deeper water getting ready to suspend in deep water for the summer. I caught a few fish this past weekend the biggest was about 4.5 lbs

  45. BenKellam

    Did we ever get news on what the punishment for Rochester was? Or is that being kept quiet until the UNC game?

  46. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole At least that writer understands that they are not a given to win either at Georgia or hosting UF.  I hope they lose both.

  47. DawgLink

    I for one am tired of this UT love. Butch will lose a game that he should not and all will come crashing down