UGA Recruiting Daily 26-July-2016

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UGA Recruiting Daily 26-July-2016

Billboard depicting Georgia recruiting prospect Jamaree Salyer


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

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#69 Junior G DE
Pace Academy High School
Atlanta, GA


#55 Junior T DT
Houston County High School
Warner Robins, GA


#2 Junior RB
Chaminade High School
West Hills, CA


#77 Junior G T
IMG Academy
Bradenton, Florida



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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

312 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 26-July-2016

  1. rugbydawg79

    MMCSDAWG I was young and there but to exhausted to party after that one –felt like I played every down –plus we had been partying for several days —seems like yesterday, time flies


    Defense wins championships has never been more apparent than that game! Buck completed 1 pass total. Defense won the game for sure!

  3. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    dirtydawgs AlphaDawg I was thinking the same thing, looks like a booming punt will reach the rafters no problem

  4. dirtydawgs

    AlphaDawg Is it just me or does it look short? can we raise the height by 15 feet?

  5. JaxDawg

    I called the ticket office and they will be mailed with regular season tix in early August

  6. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole  I got my tickets from a buddy who works for the CFA Peach Bowl, so I don’t want to call and bug him about the tickets if they haven’t been printed yet.

  7. 1mandawgpack

    For anyone going to the UNC game, do you know if tickets have been printed and mailed yet?

  8. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole I realize there is a desire by some to blame Richt when it rains anymore, but I dont see even a hint of him blaming anyone in this quote.

  9. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole They deserve that an more IMO.  I hope they never are good again.  In 1982 when we lost to Penn St I was about as alright with losing to them as I could be to any team in football not named UGA.  Joe Pa’s image was of an honest recruit,  good coach with a near perfect graduation rate.  Now they rank below Notre Dame, the team I had always disliked the most.  That took some doing to fall that low.

  10. RobDawg

    Today’s drivers are to NASCAR heritage much like today’s Country music stars are to that heritage. Making it PC and watered down. They are both losing core audiences in waves because of it

  11. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG I was in Asheville NC buying furniture when this game was played. The Dawgs played extremely well in this game. 
    Glad Richt got rid of the black stripe in the middle of the helmet.

  12. Greg Poole

    converted 1981 Not sure it was after he committed but it was far too late – like a year or more too late.

  13. converted 1981

    DawgByte MMCSDAWG You mean they turned their backs on the “Shine Runners”!!!!!

  14. converted 1981

    1mandawgpack DawgByte AlphaDawg Can think of 3 top flight running backs that almost had their career ended on that turf just in the past few years.

  15. converted 1981

    DawgByte AlphaDawg Greg Poole IF I remember correctly we did Not show any interest in DW until After he had committed to clemsux.  Which was/is a shame!  Imagine If UGA had had him at QB the last 2 years.  Anybody see a difference in us moving the ball and scoring points.

  16. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole Completely agree. Cannot pass the buck on the Watson recruitment. Now, we may never know if DeShaun had any interest in UGA or if he was a Clemson guy from Day 1, but as the head coach when you have an in state talent of Watson’s caliber you have to be actively engaged in recruiting him and not delegate.

  17. Richmondawg

    1mandawgpack DawgByte AlphaDawg we have the same issues here in central Virginia. Too cold for most southern varietals, too hot for the northern ones.

  18. AlphaDawg

    biggityben AlphaDawg Greg Poole Same as Greg. Reading he’s not going to qualify

  19. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole Blame all you want but you’re the head man, and you do what’s best for your program.

  20. Greg Poole

    Subtle shift of blame to Bobo by Richt?
    ” Mark Richt on recruiting Deshaun Watson to UGA: “I told (OC) Mike Bobo, this guy is going to take someone to a national championship.” Richt said he was convinced as soon as Clemson signed Watson, they’d be great. His take on Watson’s TD pass vs Georgia in his first career game: “I was glad they took him out after that.”

  21. 1mandawgpack

    biggityben MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg  I really hope this young man flourishs under the new staff.  When he was signed, everyone thought he’d be a beast but he just hasn’t been able to see much playing time.

  22. 1mandawgpack

    DawgByte AlphaDawg  Tennessee (the State in general, but particularly the middle of the state and north) is a tough place to grow grass as the hot weather grasses (i.e., what we’re generally accustomed to – Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, etc.) typically don’t do well there (a bit colder winters, etc.), while the cool weather grasses (primarily fescue) do a bit better when the cooler weather sets in (and do ok in warmer weather so long as large volumes of water are dumped on them constantly), but aren’t as thick and plush and have poor root systems (as one seed represents one individual blade of grass and there are no “runners” that fill in bare spots, etc.).  UT has one of the foremost turf experts in the world on staff at the University, but the athletic department has refused to consult with him on their field problems.  Also, they kept expanding that stadium to be one of the biggest in the country (and have a huge debt burden – as well as paying several head coaches at the moment), so had no money to devote to the playing surface.

    Given the amount of money UGA has spent on injuries sustained playing on that awful field, when coupled with the fact that UT has actually admitted that it has had major issues with the turf in the stadium, I’m not sure why we don’t sue them for negligence in allowing our student athletes to play on a subpar surface that even they admit is prone to cause more injuries.

  23. dsw61

    AlphaDawg Sure wish I could borrow one of those lifts for a day to trim some tree limbs.

  24. DawgByte

    Doc R DawgByte MMCSDAWG I watched about 30 minutes of the race on Sunday and was bored to tears. I couldn’t believe how small the crowd was for a race at Indy.

  25. biggityben

    MMCSDAWG biggityben AlphaDawg That sounds right.  The article just says Sophomore…or I skimmed it too quickly haha.

  26. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG DawgByte Couldn’t agree more.!
    As you point out, NASCAR went PC when they went to the cookie cutter car template, restricted carburetor and muffled exhaust. They wanted to appeal to women and potential fans outside of the SE and in doing so have alienated the very people who helped get them to the pinnacle of their popularity. It’s like Bill France & Co. sat in a board room in Charlotte and said, “Alright fellas, we’ve got fast American cars that people buy on Monday’s, capacity crowds, huge sponsor dollars and the most loyal fan base of any sport in the U.S. Okay, now it’s time change everything!”

  27. biggityben

    AlphaDawg Greg Poole What’s the story on the DL that is attempting to qualify for the 2016 class?  Not the Hawaiian fella.

  28. biggityben

    AlphaDawg Is Keyon Brown really only a sophomore?  I feel like he’s been on campus for ages.


    DawgByte It definitely ended for me when they went away from “STOCK” cars and went to a one fits all template car.  NASCAR forgot who their fans were and removed races from N. Wilksboro,  Rockingham, and only 1 race at Darlington now.  Did you watch any of the race at Indy this past weekend?  I record them and watch a boring ass race in about 45 minutes.  The stands were virtually empty, I would estimate 30% capacity.  NASCAR is definitely in decline and not sure how long they survive once the current TV contracts expire. 

    Get rid of the down force and return the horsepower, make the drivers lift and actually us driving skills to succeed and not engineering and 1.5% drag in a wind tunnel.

  30. AlphaDawg

    DawgByte AlphaDawg in recruiting nobody is a lock! unless you’re a UT fan, then there’s exceptions. To explain his twee: Someone tweeted saying they thought he was a UGA favorite and he responded with the Bama icon and the 100 symbol which usually means “keep it 100″ or ” keep it real”

  31. DawgByte

    BahitsAgain DawgByte tmdawg12 Looks like something that lives in Hillary’s knickers!

  32. DawgByte

    IYH_BI MMCSDAWG I thought he was going to say, “I have no problem doing away with squib kicks.”

  33. DawgByte

    MMCSDAWG 65%/10% As you accurately point out, we have way too many question marks with our starting units, but that’s not what’s giving me cause for concern. What concerns me the most is lack of depth.

  34. DawgByte

    AlphaDawg I don’t understand the Twitter world, so I don’t have a clue what this means. I’m assuming it’s not good for us, however I thought he was a UGA lock at one point.

  35. qbcoach13

    No surprise here….right, right, right. He saw first hand how a kick off will lose you a rivalry game.

  36. converted 1981

    AlphaDawg BenKellam Noticed he puts the “100” at the Backside of the elephunt……  maybe he is saying the Gumps are 100% POO!

  37. Doc R

    ronaldo77 I think recruiting has already gone up a few notches, but once we see the results on the field, it will take another jump

  38. Doc R

    Greg Poole revtizzy BUT everyone knows that 78.9365438% of all statistics are made up on the spot!!!

  39. ronaldo77

    We are now about to enter the put up or shut up time of year. Its time to do the talking on the field, win some games, show the people that Kirby knows what he is doing, and we will be fine. Once people see that Kirby is not Richt (for the better hopefully) we will see recruiting go to another level

  40. Bansai buckeroo

    Haha…good point lagadawg…didn’t think about that…that would be a shame if we lost that part of the game…imo

  41. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg My guess is he does, but all of these players are coming off visit highs

  42. BenKellam

    AlphaDawg BenKellam Yea Hopefully he is playing. He has to know how thin we are on the D line. Why wouldn’t he want to come win an early starting job?

  43. AlphaDawg

    BenKellam AlphaDawg Hope he’s playing around but man if he’s not that could be 3 players of ours that Bama sucked up that were thought of as UGA leans

  44. converted 1981

    MMCSDAWG OR OL or DL.  Beause he certainly never placed much emphasis on them either!

  45. Greg Poole

    1mandawgpack My source specifically said that the suspension was for summer activities and  not game time. The amount of game time he misses is another matter. He is working out on his own this summer.
    It is going to be interesting to see what CKS means by us being surprised by how much time he misses. Of course, everyone takes that to mean it will be longer than expected – but that may not be the case – we’ll see.

  46. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Bulldawg36 After all these years your butt still has an “Amateur Status”????

  47. converted 1981

    Bulldawg36 I came up as an Electrician.  Like to wager how many Construction Workers are injured and lose the ability to continue in their profession versus NFL Players……Let alone how many are Killed Every Year.  There are hazards in every profession – even if it is just the ravages of carpal tunnel from over typing on rants or tweets.  Who on here wants to lose that ability?  Where would we be then?  Maybe have to limit the amount of posts per day so no one and cry foul and not be able to make another post#####!

  48. 1mandawgpack

    Greg Poole IYH_BI  So Greg, he won’t be with the team for 6 weeks (obviously assuming that he adheres to the timeline, etc.).  That will mean that he’ll likely miss the first couple of games (since the majority of those weeks will be during camp), if not more as he may not come back on the team in football shape or form.  Do you think that he’ll miss games on top of the games he’ll miss when not on the team?  I thought about that a bit when you initially posted your conversation with his brother, but didn’t ask.

  49. BahitsAgain

    Bulldawg36 Every new regime, every new generation has to put their fingerprint on things, regardless of whether it needs fixing or not.

    I have seen it in business throughout my career.  Often, the fix is destructive.

  50. AlphaDawg

    IYH_BI AlphaDawg dawgmum Greg Poole Yes it will. It seems nobody knows but TL and his family.

  51. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole I like it. It shouldn’t cost a family $500 to get 4 people into a game vs Louisiana Monroe

  52. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole IYH_BI yes you did! Also, I don’t find his response Saban like. It’s a valid question. Media is more concerned with the penalty than how the man is doing. Was he stern? Absolutely. Did I love watching the awkwardness set in during that conversation? You bet.

  53. Bulldawg36

    I wonder if the NCAA will also eliminate some of the teams like SC and FLA ? I would be all for that. Maybe they can force nick Saban to retire early. So other teams in the sec will have more of a better chance to win conference

  54. Bulldawg36

    Shoot, make it flag football! If they did, I honestly would quit watching it then! We wouldn’t look right without those red helmets with a G

  55. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36  They get paid. NCAA just ignore tuition, room, board, clothing, computer, medical, dental, eye care, cash stipend and other goodies. Amateurism my butt.

  56. Bulldawg36

    It’s a volunteer job, but heck players may get paid in the future. I wouldn’t rule it out


    revtizzy Bulldawg36 Eliminating Kickoffs changes the game.  It would not be American Football without special teams and kickoffs.  The effects on the game are too numerous and there is nothing that I’ve read thus far that makes sense to me as a replacement.   

    I totally agree with reducing the effects of long term CTE and I too believe that eveything should be done to minimize the risks in football, but I’m not for changing the fundamentals of the game.   Is one collision at high speed worse that repeated blows that a DL or OL face on every single down.  There is much to learn about this condition and I am hopeful that we can continue to minimize the risks, but I do not want to fundamentally change the game of football.

  58. Bulldawg36

    Well people know the dangerous of the game. No matter how much they eliminate people will still get injured. Heck people can get injured or killed on most jobs. If people scared then don’t play.


    Ok…  We are now less than a week away from the start of the 2016 season preparations…  based on everything we actually know at this particular time, which isn’t much! lol.  There are a ton of questions going into the season.  What is your percentage chance that UGA has of winning the SEC east?  and the SEC?  

    Mine are 70% and 30%.   I know I’m an optimist Dawgshine drinking, red glasses wearing Dawg fan.  but I feel our chances of winning the SECe are pretty darn good!  We might not be ready to beat Alabama in the Championship game, but I believe by October we will be ready to beat the UTk inbreeds between the hedges and Kirby KNOWS how important JAX is and I look forward to a MUCH better result during Kirby’s tenure!

  60. Greg Poole

    On the ‘special team produce more injuries’ meme, I’d like to see some numbers on it. On Mike and Mike yesterday it was reported that 13% of injuries come on ST play. Sounds high, but what percentage of total plays constitute ST play? It could be 13% or more. Remember, every three and out bumps up the ST average.

  61. revtizzy

    Bulldawg36 I’d be okay with eliminating kickoffs, honestly.  It is an exciting element to the game, but if football doesn’t deal more effectively with the reality of CTE through rule changes or better equipment, then I think we will eventually lose more than kickoffs.  I could be wrong.

  62. Bulldawg36

    If they eliminate kick offs then I hope cfb loses ratings. Because next ya know they want put flags on people

  63. dsw61

    DawgLink I have no problem with the transfers if the parents live in the district. Last I heard none of the transfers are “permissive” transfers. Coach Herron said recently that Grayson Athletic Director Brian DeBerry investigated to ensure that all the players that transferred, did so legally. The main GHSA requirements are that they move with a guardian into a new residence in the school district and relinquish their former residence.

    Here is Rush Propst’s take:
    “I don’t think there’s much you can do about it. You can’t punish those kids and make them sit out. That’s not what scholastic athletics is all about. What’s the difference in making them sit out a math class, a science class, an English class? Parents are going to put their kids in the best program.’’

    Colquitt County HS QB Chase Parrish, moved with his family from Thomasville to Colquitt County in eighth grade because, “he wanted to play in a program that can showcase his talent.’’ So Propst knows of what he speaks.

  64. Greg Poole

    IYH_BI I posted that here last week. He is suspended from the team for 6 weeks. That is not his game suspension.

  65. Bulldawg36

    Richt was a special teams ace when we had John Fabris. After he was fired richt didn’t care about special teams anymore

  66. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Well if that is eliminated he has less coaching to do and in an area he didn’t do well anyway, makes sense to me.

  67. IYH_BI

    MMCSDAWG Haha.  I’m surprised it wasn’t “I would have no problem with eliminating special teams”

  68. IYH_BI

    Greg Poole IYH_BI I thought his discussion of Ledbetter and the media’s focus on his suspension was interesting.  Interesting that he is not with the team, not working out with the team, etc.  Be interesting to see if he is in uniform on August 1st.

  69. BahitsAgain

    DawgByte tmdawg12 An with a Trump hair do.

  70. dawgmum

    DawgByte tmdawg12 Ick, I totally agree. Looks like they had a 12 year old hand paint it.


    IYH_BI Greg Poole He shouldn’t be playing college football at Oklahoma…  IMO.  His actions if accurately describe by those who have seen the surveillance videos are correct.  He should have been dismissed.

  72. IYH_BI

    AlphaDawg dawgmum Greg Poole Herring seems to only be a matter of time.  I’m very interested to see what Lawrence is going to decide.  That is going to be a fascinating choice.

  73. IYH_BI

    MMCSDAWG IYH_BI dawgmum Greg Poole Slow day at the law firm today so figured I’d jump on and see what is what.

  74. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg BahitsAgain  >> I now but nobody here would remember any player names…and the coaches are iffy 🙂

  75. IYH_BI

    Greg Poole Gotta get it in before the statute of limitations and then file a bunch of continuances and wait for him to get his NFL signing bonus…

  76. AlphaDawg

    dawgmum Greg Poole If we get TL and Herring this month, we’ll go into the season with a lot of chatter.

  77. IYH_BI

    dawgmum Greg Poole I think a lot is going to come down to what happens on the field for some of the top prospects on UGA’s board.  If UGA gets off to a good start then look for the momentum and the players talking about Georgia to ramp right back up.

  78. Greg Poole

    BahitsAgain >> Bear Bryant vs. Bud Wilkinson – but it can’t be a death match because they are already dead

  79. dawgmum

    Greg Poole dawgmum OK, I’ll try to cool my jets. Thanks for talking me off the ledge. 😀

  80. Greg Poole

    dawgmum I haven’t heard any secrets lately. It is the time of year when both coaches and prospects start thinking about their seasons. There will be some commits before the season but the recruiting has already been done for those guys. 
    UGA will have a great class regardless, but if the season is seen as a success and a harbinger of championships to come, it could challenge for best in the country. 
    Now it is time for the staff to so that they can coach. We know they can recruit.

  81. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain Well, the obvious solution is a caged death match between the survivors of those two teams.

    Let’s settle this while there are still a few still around!

  82. dawgmum

    So, Greg Poole, are we feeling ok with recruiting right now? All the recent Crystal Balls have recruits heading elsewhere, and our Sic’em17 class is quiet on Twitter. It seems like after the big first of the month, everything’s come to a halt. Is there some super-secret good news coming down the pike anytime soon?

  83. BahitsAgain

    AlphaDawg Someone needs to pass the word to him, that he will never see it, if he doesn’t commit!

  84. TeeHDawg

    That’s what has kept us from achieving a championship. Depth and consistency. Roundtree mau turn into a good SS type, but he should have gotten on the field more last year in game situations occasionally and not just special teams. Not sure if he was really ready lay year though.

  85. AlphaDawg

    I’ve got an awesome edit if TL commitstotheG – I hope he does so I didn’t waste all that time making it. lol

  86. UGASMOKE131

    BahitsAgain use diesel fuel it is not combustible. I  knew a fella that lost his life burning leaves with gas.

  87. UGASMOKE131

    BahitsAgain use diesel fuel, it does not com-bust. I  knew a fella that lost his life burning leaves with gas.

  88. TeeHDawg

    Morning guys. Been going over a few things, our starting 22 should be on par as some of the most talented players out there, but then I clearly see the depth issue that we have. Most of our positions have solid backups and aside from DL and QB, an area of big concern for me is the drop off at as far as consistency at S.
    Aside from Jarvis Wilson as someone who played last year, there is significant drop off. Roundtree is talented but no experience, Choates may can play both if needed, McGraw is possibly a starter there next year at one S position, and Davis is a talented walkon. What else do we have there this year?

  89. DawgDaddy

    BahitsAgain RobDawg I have just poured it in the hole with great results.  Be careful.

  90. ed603

    rugbydawg79 BahitsAgain  I use a powder called DEMON… mix with water, spray, end of game.

  91. rugbydawg79

    BahitsAgain rugbydawg79 as we approach fall they get worse – the nest is larger, they are larger and pack more venom — they kill more people than snakes or sharks every year

  92. BahitsAgain

    Score Check BahitsAgain That attack makes mine seem like child’s play.  I am sorry.

    It is funny when I hear adults who have no clue that these little pricks live under ground.  Even at Tech, I bet most of the students don’t know much about their mascot and what a vicious little prick they are.

  93. AlphaDawg

    Score Check BahitsAgain Take a bug bomb, pop the top and plant it straight town in the hole and run for cover!

  94. Score Check

    I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago.  15 to 20 stings while mowing my lawn.

    Wait to night time to nuke them or you run the risk of them swarming all over you.  They are all in their nest underground at night.  I unloaded a can of Raid (Wasp & Hornet) into their hole.  They never knew what hit them.

  95. BahitsAgain

    rugbydawg79 BahitsAgain I have to admit that GT chose a great mascot.  Those little jerks are vicious.

    It still stings days after getting hit.

  96. BahitsAgain

    godawgs678 I am really happy football season is almost here so I can tune out the nonsense.   I am a political wonk, but I can’t deal with it this year.  I am not saying who I am voting for on here to walk the gray line, but I hinted at it already.

  97. rugbydawg79

    BahitsAgain I had a Pest Control business in a previous life–go to Home depot or Lowes and get the new foaming action synthetic Pyrthrin —-walk very slowly and make sure you know right where the hole is and blast them -this product shoots a fairly  long stream—then get out of there  !  check the next day –have somebody watching in case you get nailed—Spectracide ground nesting yellow jacket killer–the wasp freeze has no residual—Happy Hunting !

  98. Bansai buckeroo

    @1mdp… I really don’t have any first hand knowledge about what was going on down there. They just had the reputation of recruiting kids and giving their parents jobs. Playing for city of Atlanta school, we played with who we had in the school…

  99. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain RobDawg smh, I could tell that wasn’t going to end well after the first 10 seconds.

  100. BahitsAgain

    RobDawg lol, yeah.  Maybe, I should just pour some in the hole and just leave it.  The fumes should kill them without having to light it.

    I thought about trying one of those molten aluminum pourings and then dig it up like the ant bed ones, but I suspect that the nest would just burn up and I would have a big blob of aluminum.

  101. 1mandawgpack

    Bansai buckeroo  At least Valdosta would require the family to move into the school district as they recruited nationwide and would find jobs for parents to entice them to move.  They really didn’t cherry-pick the talent from Lowndes County as Lowndes really was irrelevant during the peak years at Valdosta.

    Valdosta also made good use of the “hold back” rules in which kids in junior high school would drive home after games.  And, this didn’t only relate to athletes with poor grades as athletes from families of doctors and lawyers were also held back strictly for sports.

  102. RobDawg

    Be careful with those gas fumes. They will stay low to ground and travel a long way. When you try to light it can be huge. As me how I know

  103. 1mandawgpack

    DawgLink  As usual, the GHSA blew its opportunity to address this matter.  A kid should only be allowed to transfer to a different school if his parents/guardians move into that school district.  The “Buford” ruling from last year allows players to transfer schools within the same county with no penalty and only imposes a penalty (i.e., moving into a higher classification) if more than 5% of the student population resides outside of the county.  Their justification on the in-county move was based on the premise that a student should be able to attend any school within the county that offers the highest-quality education.  However, we all know that the players transferring to Grayson and Buford are doing so strictly for sports with little regard for the educational impact.  Also, based on the GHSA ruling, one school in a particular county could be virtually empty while another school in the same county could be over capacity if many kids decided to transfer based upon the opportunity for a better education, which really isn’t the best use of taxpayer dollars.

    I don’t know if it was formal or informal, but when I grew up in Thomas County, any transfer between Thomasville and Thomas County Central required a one-year period in which the athlete was not able to participate in sports.  While some may argue that this was a harsh ruling, it kept one school from loading up on all the athletes in the area at the expense of the other school.

  104. RobDawg

    True but I guess I dont know many in that camp. So here’s the falsify of the posters on FB – it would be like someone coming on here and posting how wonderful Auburn is and that we really really ought to consider changing our allegiance to them. It’s insanity

  105. BahitsAgain

    I am planning to use a gallon of gas on their stinking little hive this weekend.   They are near my back shed.  Maybe, I should video and post.  I might end up on the Darwin awards.

  106. BahitsAgain

    I was just minding my business this weekend when a group of Jackets started harassing me.   Then, out of the blue two of them hit me as hard as they could.

  107. RobDawg

    I have to just ignore half of stuff I see – even from family right now. Sickening from both sides

  108. BahitsAgain

    Bansai buckeroo There was one I saw posted of two kids on bikes riding off the side of the road when something like this happened.  Parts of vehicles flying all around them, but they were unhurt.  Amazing.

    Now, think of all the times it doesn’t work out so well.

    Yeah, I think I will stop riding my bike near roads.


    godawgs678 Welcome to the net neutrality era and the down right BEST Bulldawg site on the web!  Never facebooked and never will!

  110. RobDawg

    I just know top tier kids aren’t transferring to the areas where the school’s never make playoffs. In my community I have seen parents take their second or third string player on HS who was “Mr Allstar” at youth park and move him to private school or even move whole family to another area to chase the dream. It happens way more than I bet people realize. I have to believe the coaches at the recipient school for these transfers have to have prior knowledge or perhaps coordination.

  111. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg For sure, but just like the bagman, don’t ask, don’t tell.


    converted 1981 Greg Poole Very goo job…  I like his attitude and feel the same way!  I don’t care when or if he plays, I hope he beats his addiction and becomes a better man!

  113. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Grayson was just the most successful recruiter but it is done all over the state and has been going on for, at least, 50 years – that I know of.

  114. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole “It’s just a coincidence” LMAO – he knows we all know he’s full of it, but without any evidence there’s nothing anyone can do about it

  115. 1mandawgpack

    DawgDaddy Greg Poole  Once again, CKS has handled a tough situation like an experienced veteran rather than a first year HC.  Also, the manner in which he has handled this particular matter has to resonate with parents of recruits in that he has put the young man’s wellbeing in front of the impact to the football team, which is absolutely the right thing to do.  I know the recruiting impact likely wasn’t his primary motivation (as I think virtually all coaches really care about their players), but it certainly can’t hurt.

  116. AlphaDawg

    godawgs678 Don’t blame you man. I don’t really do much on FB anymore. Everyone is a political expert on there.

  117. godawgs678

    Quit Facebook last night. The political bickering and social issues debates were getting out of control. I must say, it feels good. Now I can spend more time on BI!!!

  118. DawgLink

    What’s everyone’s take on the recruiting saga at Grayson? GHSA has been notified. BOE has basically asked Kenyatta Watson not to assist in coaching activities.

  119. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole He is a scrapper not a rapper! A rapper does the beat box a scrapper does the beat azz!

  120. Reddawg13

    converted 1981 Greg Poole yeah, his form was awful and that is scary! Be careful Jake, you have a great career ahead of you!

  121. Bansai buckeroo

    Holding the iPad in portrait mode gets rid of the ads altogether…never realized that because I always hold it in landscape….I guess I will try that but might take some getting use too…haha
    Thanks Rob…..

  122. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I personally enjoy her articles. But, I do disagree with her on this one. Anything Kirby wants to do to help our players understand their behaviors and actions have consequences is fine by me. And if Ray is trying to turn his life around, then good for him!

  123. RobDawg

    What he s describing is that on iPad the screen shows the recruiting links that for other views appear alllll the way at bottom past ads and so forth. Those links that you have to scroll all the way down for are on right side of the iPad view when shown in landscape mode. I use an iPad mini which I usually view in portrait mode and the links Bansaii is having interference with are way down at bottom but if I view landscape I see them over to the right which is beside the first few comments

  124. Greg Poole

    Bansai buckeroo  Not sure exactly what you are referring to but the answer is, no. There are 2 columns on the page. the one on the right is 400 px wide and is set up for widgets (ads, etc.).

  125. DawgDaddy

    Bansai buckeroo Morning Bb, I use a PC and don’t see the links you are talking about.

  126. Bansai buckeroo

    Good Morning Folks….
    Greg… I wonder if it would be possible to move those past UGA RECRUITING LINKS to the right of the comment section to a different location…. I don’t know if other people are having the problem but I am continuously hitting those by mistake and finding myself some place else… It might not be a problem for pic users but as an iPad user it is a pain….thanks

  127. Dawgsrulegumpsdrool2

    I’m not going to lie. I’m not a fan of her writing. Also, on this topic, I always think it’s better to have a speech or lecture or whatever you want to call this, done by someone who has made the bad decisions he is speaking on than someone who has never lived through it. I don’t think ray rice will ever play in the NFL again as his talent had already significantly dropped off, but he seems to be really trying to make amends for his transgressions and I agree he is a good resource on how doing something like this can affect your life. I like that kirby is bringing him in and would also be interested in hearing what he has to say

  128. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole I like that CKS says he would rather people as how Ledbetter is doing rather than how long the suspension is.

  129. dsw61

    Finished watching the 1st half of the UNC-Virginia Tech 2015 game. UNC leads 7-3. They eventually win 30-27 in OT. Similar pattern in this game that I’ve seen in a couple of other games. Take multiple shots down field when in man coverage. The difference has been the VT DBs have defended the long pass really well.

  130. converted 1981

    Greg Poole Strong yes, just not sure about his form…  would hate to see him pull a muscle or hurt his back.

  131. Greg Poole

    “We’ll be very similar to the way we were in the spring, in that a lot of people go with the first team,” Smart said. “Brice and Greyson will both share those reps as well as Jacob rolling in. Because we practice in such a way that our ones and threes are on the field and twos and fours are on the field. Then sometimes ones and twos and threes or fours.
    “It’ll be so much mixed and matched that I think everybody is going to be kind of equitable through at least the first scrimmage. Then we’ll try to make some decisions after that. We’re trying to get those reps right around 33 percent with each guy and try to get as much balance as we can.”