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UGA Recruiting Daily 27-Dec-2016

Gino Appleberry Jr. (middle) with UGA RBs Nick Chubb (left) and Sony Michel (right) (photo from Gino Appleberry Jr. - Twitter)
Gino Appleberry Jr. (middle) with UGA RBs Nick Chubb (left) and Sony Michel (right)
(photo from Gino Appleberry Jr. – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread


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CLASS: 2017
Clinton High School
Clinton, MS
2016 Senior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE
2016 MaxPreps Ulimate Highlights – CLICK HERE
2015 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2018
STATUS: UGA target
Creekside High School
Fairburn, GA
2016 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2018
STATUS: UGA target
Brookwood High School
Snellville, GA
2016 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE
2015 Sophomore Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2018
Carol City High School
Miami, FL
2016 Junior Season Highlights – CLICK HERE
2015 Sophomore Season Highlights – CLICK HERE



List of prospects who have scheduled announcements.The percentage is my confidence on a recruit committing to listed school.

Dec. 27th, 8:00 p.m. – Cam Akers – 2017 RB (early enrollee) – 55% FSU, but don’t count out LSU, Mississippi State, or Ole Miss. UGA has an outside shot here, but not likely.


Announcements at the Under Armour All-American Game:

Jan. 1st – DeAngelo Gibbs – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% UGA

Jan. 1st – Xavier McKinney – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% Clemson


Announcements at the U.S Army All-American Game:

Jan. 7th – Jeffrey Okudah – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 90% Ohio State


No Scheduled Announcements:

Could announce before January 1st:

Tray Bishop – 2017 DB – Decommitted from Auburn on Tuesday 12/13. 75% he flips to UGA, but Florida is also a possible landing spot.

Eric Stokes Jr. – 2017 CB – 95% sure he picks UGA if there is room, but I’m 50/50 on if there is an open spot for him at the moment.

Leonard Warner – 2017 ILB – 95% UGA. He could wait till NSD to announce his decision, but I don’t think he will.

Most likely will announce after January 1st:

Markaviest Bryant – 2017 WDE. 95% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Breon Dixon – 2017 LB – 75% Ole Miss, 20% Tennessee, 5% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Nico Collins – 2017 WR – 60% Michigan, 30% Alabama, 10%UGA. Collins announced on Monday that he will wait till Feb. 1st, NSD to announce his decision.

Aubrey Solomon – 2017 DT – 50/50 Michigan-Georgia battle. He could announce his decision during US Army All-American game on January 7th or wait till NSD.

Ameer Speed – 2017 CB – 90% Virginia Tech, 10% UNC. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tyler Taylor – 2017 ILB – 50% UGA, 35% Oklahoma, 15% Auburn. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tamorrion Terry – 2017 WR – Likely headed to JUCO or Prep.





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400 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 27-Dec-2016

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          keep seeing him on the snapchat page, idk if its just a jersey since the player doesnt have his normal number

  1. Blakedawg01

    Man…Greg, you change commenting platforms more than 36 goes doom and gloom on us. ## but seriously, what’s the deal with Disqus? Better platform, more options/control?

  2. Bahits

    And then there were 6

    per 247, they have only 6 – 5*s left on the board.
    Wisconsin favored for Sarell,
    LSU for Marvin Wilson,
    OSU for Okudah,
    OSU in lead but under 50% for Darnay Holmes,
    Southern Cal for Lewis,
    UGA for Solomon

  3. dawgmum2.0

    I couldn’t get the verification email at my bellsouth address, but my work email worked, no problem. Got another carrier you can try?

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        Lol. They were no more in it than we were. I’m only worried about finishing with the guys we are favoured to get. We really need Gibbs and Solomon.

        1. MMCSDAWG

          It’s nice format but my office has disqus blocked on our work computers so I’m jonesing during normal work hours. Lol

        1. MMCSDAWG

          I didn’t go so now it’s gonna be almost 2 years since I’ve seen them win a home game. Who weer gonna hire as coach?

          1. RumRunnerDoogie

            seats were awesome, free drinks and food, also saw caldwell and had to bite my tongue with him. Who knows, i hear mcdaniels and coughlin

            1. RumRunnerDoogie

              yea seems he might survive, bortles actually looked great for the first time this season, they need a coach that can exploit his type of play

      1. DawgDaddy

        Yep, Rick will have to keep us posted. FSU should make a pretty good jump in the recruiting rankings with him.

    1. WaterlooDawg

      This reminded me. I have a coworker from another department whose emails I have set to always go to spam. Had it set that way for years. No one has noticed and my life is better for it.

    1. RumRunnerDoogie

      yea same here, the old system seemed to overload my lap top and always was constantly loading

  4. Rescue Dawg

    Impressive interview from Tucker via the ajc. Really quite amazing!. I don’t have a link but it’s probably been posted.

    I really liked what he said. AFAIAC….he hit it out of the park.


    In case I haven’t said it before. I also coached Ameer Speed in pop warner for 3 or 4 years. Same team as Tyreke Johnson. Those were some good teams. Made it to nationals in Orlando before losing to south Florida team twice. Anyway my son who played with Ameer saw him this past weekend. He have him a go Dawgs! I don’t believe he has a commitable offer from us right now though really good kid played DE for us back in the day.

    1. Rescue Dawg

      Wow! That’s awesome. I firmly believe that if you can coach successfully at one level you can or could coach at any. You guys touched some lives no doubt.

      It’s only football. But a door for many.

    1. Bansai Buckeroo

      Had the the 45 when I was about 12 or 13. Might have been the first record I bought….. 🙂

  6. dawgmum2.0

    Finally! Formerly dawgmum, now dawgmum2.0. For some reason, I could never get the confirmation email so I could post. I finally got the bright idea to use my work email, and here I am. Glad to be back. I deleted the dawgmum account, so at some time, I may remove the 2.0; who knows? Meanwhile, tl/dr I’m sure.

  7. OldDawg

    Testing. Longtime member. Formerly known as SkidawayDawg. New Disqus account. Go Dawgs… Edit working… 😉

  8. Greg Poole

    To change your Disqus settings click on your name in the upper right. You can show/hide media, for example…and set notifications.

    You do not have to register to comment

      1. Bulldawg Bob

        He’s listed as an athlete but plays mainly WR. Classbof 2019, and he’s already 6-4 and 200 lbs. Reminds some of Michael Bennett.

  9. Bulldawg Bob

    Just had a double-decker salted caramel Moon Pie with an RC Cola. Did not know they made more than one flavor of Moon Pie.

    1. DawgDaddy

      I remember when I was a boy (a long, long time ago) they had the chocolate and a yucky banana one too.

      1. Bulldawg Bob

        This is a neat store we popped into. Has a lot of cool “retro” stuff but about half of the store is dedicated to Moon Pies and RC Cola.
        And yep. They got that funky banana flavored Moon Pie too lol

  10. Rescue Dawg

    Besides wanting to see Clemson and Bama, followed by Ohio State getting rubbed out in the playoffs, seeing Pedd State destroyed in the rose bowl would also be delightful.


    I’m definitely having a rough day. No BI on my computer here at work is killing me lol. I’ll get it figured out sooner or later but in the mean time following along on my phone.

      1. MMCSDAWG

        Yeah thanks. I’m waiting for my IT guy to get back off leave the end of this week. If he’s not able to hook me up then I’ll definitely be looking to do something else.

  12. RumRunnerDoogie

    according to michel who has taken over the uga football snapchat its both chubb and bellamy’s birthday

  13. RobDawg

    Man it happens sooner every year…. it’s 363 days till Christmas and people around here already have their decorations up

  14. Rescue Dawg

    So Akers is expected to commit to FSU according to most rumors. If that holds up, that may open up a door for UGA with regards to Lingard.

    It appears to me that White is trending towards Clemson. If this is true, UGA may need Lingard to keep the tradition of signing a premier back next season.

    Lingard is rumored to favor FSU and Miami. If FSU gets Akers, he might look closer at Miami. I think Miami is headed for the cliff and could be in turmoil.

    Lingard doesn’t appear to like UF, so this could be an opportunity to obtain his services over the 3 in-state schools. He is right down the road from Jax also.

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      You will have to rescue me if white signs with Clem&son. We need the Zeus !!!!!!!!! I hate clump and son!!!!!!!

    1. Sports Dashboard

      I have experienced the opposite this morning. One female who is doing like those above and 4 males looking like the one on the right. lol

      I have slipped off into my study… and will go cut wood in a minute. lol

  15. PTCDawg

    According to my magic 8 ball we DO pick up Collins along with our other 5 main targets…and we lose Wyatt…bringing our class total to 25. Our average commit rating ends up at .9408 which is 2nd in the nation and 1st in the SEC.

    This would mean 16 of our 25 commits have a player rating of 94 and up (and a 17th is .0009 away).

    While there are obviously other factors, I believe getting the best players is the best predictor of championships. The future is so bright we will have to wear shades.

        1. BroDawg

          Losing Wyatt could mean the staff has relaxed communication with him because they have someone else on the hook… but I haven’t seen anything saying he is jumping back in with the chickens

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      Hope Athlons is right. But ya know we have trouble stopping mobile QBs. If Chubb and michel can run on the TCU defense then I like our chances


    Someone with computer savvy help me…. is there a way too get around this damned Internet monitoring agent crap they have blocking me from my lifeblood here at work now. I can load the BI pages. Just no commenting sections load

    1. BroDawg

      The secret is safe with their Director of Football Secrets who reports to the Director of Football Secrets Keeper aligned under the Director of Football Secret Development ###

  17. ATLManDawgBrave

    Testes, testes, 1, 2, 3… hehe! Beavis and Butthead! $20k will get ya like… 20k points with the AA. I think my math was right there. 😉

  18. Greg Poole

    All of you who have been lurking around out there might as well come in from the cold. These dawg have teeth but they hardly ever bite.
    You can comment without registering.


    Well now I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get around our Internet client here at work. It blocks disqus and I thought there was a Major crash on the site all morning. Not sure how I’ll get around it but it stinks not having BI on one of my screens here at work.

        1. AlphaDawg

          a VPN will fix your problems real quick. If you work for a large company the IT dept might see the odd IP address but if it’s a small company I doubt they would say anything. Plus they might be impressed that you’re using one and give you the hook up on other things. Trust me. I’m that guy at work.

          1. AlphaDawg

            MY LAST POST IS ASSUMING YOUR NETWORK ISN’T THE PENTAGON. – I use PIA (private internet access) it’s $40 a year and it can be used on 5 devices. Good for security because you have a secure tunnel also good for blackout games because you can choose an IP anywhere in the world if you run into blocked sites because of regions.

  20. Joseph Kennedy

    I think if we beat TCU, the score will be 24-23. If we lose I’m gonna say by 31-27. I think we are only favoured by one point

  21. Realtor Dawg

    Good morning everyone! I hope everybody had a good holiday. I would like to wish everyone a prosperous year in 2017. A big thanks for all of you here who bring us the content for this site and the hard work needed to make it great.

  22. TeeHDawg

    As far as discussing attrition, transfers, and signees, I think we will have room for 26. The last going to Gibbs, Bishop, Solomon, Bryant,and Warner. That 6th spot should go to another WR or CB if the attrition works out right. A guy I would like to see us pursue is Robert Foster from Bama. He should graduate by summer. I’ve been pretty adamant about him transferring. He would fill an immediate need at WR if we are “short” a WR. Plus he playing for NFL money. We could also bring Holloman along slowly.

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      I think we miss out on Solomon and Nico. I don’t know how much more the staff could convince Solomon to stay home. I would be surprised if he didn’t know already where he is going

      1. TeeHDawg

        I’m kinda 50/50 on Solomon. I think he wants to leave but mom wants him close. I think she wins out in the end.
        But I agree we miss on Nico.

      1. RobDawg

        Yeah but there were teams that were killing it with ridiculous points there at the end. It was fun season. Congrats to Todd who had never played FF before for winning it

        1. DawgDaddy

          Yep but I also see an arrow after each comment that shows who the comment was to. How is tagging different?

  23. Greg Poole

    I posted this below and will continue to post throughout the day – LiveFyre is going to a pay model starting 02/01/2016. The lowest cost plan is $20k/year. BI ain’t buying. Disqus is a commenting platform that has been around for years and it works.

    1. TeeHDawg

      Wow. I really don’t blame anyone for that. $20k being their cheapestbplan is still pretty steep in my opinion.

      1. Greg Poole

        LF was bought by Adobe Systems and they are changing the focus to market toward large corporations. They have added some great features, but it is going to take a Fortune 500 company to afford them.

    1. Dawgman34

      Everytime something bad happens to Auburn I smile inside and remember nick fairly trying to kill Aaron murry

        1. Dawgman34

          My hate for Auburn makes me pull for whoever they are playing be them out of conference or not… the hate is strong!

        1. Joseph Kennedy

          No I’m not mad at bob. Lol. My wife didn’t want me to get on here for Christmas. I had to give her a break

  24. Dawgman34

    Anyone notice how bad Detroit o-line played last night… felt bad for stafford running around trying to make plays. If he had a line as good as Dallas I think Detroit would be hard to handle! I think that’s some of why Dak looks like an all world quarterback… having a clean pocket for 5-6 seconds would make me look like a descent passer lol

      1. Bansai Buckeroo

        Actually livefyre was not a who lot better than burnzone as far as having it hang and refresh …maybe a little.

  25. RobDawg

    I like this new message board service. Just noticed the little up and down arrows for like and unlike. This could get interesting with an unlike choice now….

    1. DawgDaddy

      Yep, I just unliked this comment and nothing happened though, lol. I guess someone has to like it first.

    1. RRTrackDawg70s

      Greg if you see this message, I have been with you guys for many years and have not been able to post for a number of years. Went by the name of RRTrackDawg70s I believe. My email is Not a big deal, I’ve not posted since SOCRATES “moved”…I will always be with you guys reading regardless.

    1. Dawgman34

      This guy is related to Richard lecount if I’m not mistaken.. I have a coworker that’s also related to lecount that keeps me in the loop 😉

      1. Rickpope2330

        Believe they are cousins. Someone may the comment about him playing with his cuz for a few years

  26. Rickpope2330

    A lot of people seem to think we have a legit shot at landing Akers tonight. What u guys think? Dude is a freak no doubt

    1. Bansai Buckeroo

      I haven’t seen anything saying we have a shot with him. Where are you seeing this? I would be very very surprised…

    2. DawgDaddy

      I wish I felt that way too, it would make his announcement much more exciting. Right now I feel zero excitement about it.

    3. AlphaDawg

      I don’t think so imo. but I keep hearing UT is getting more confident. I wouldn’t expect them to get him either though.

    1. Greg Poole

      LiveFyre would not show for me this morning. That was when I started checking and found that the service was going to be killed on 02/01/2016.

  27. Greg Poole

    I found out late yesterday that Livefyre was changing its business model (it has been aquired by Adobe) and beginning February 1 will cost $20k per year to have on a site. Needlwss to say, that is a bit more than BI wanted to spend.

        1. Bansai Buckeroo

          Burnzone had a lot of nice features but was a pain in the arse…. At least for mobile devices…

      1. DawgDaddy

        Morning Bb, I don’t know as yet, probably go back to the Kool-Aid one and let ‘er be. I am drinking it as far as CKS is concerned, he’s my coach! lol

    1. Greg Poole

      Hey, sorry for the hassle with the commenting system. I was shocked to learn that LiveFyre was going away, but thought we might as well get a head-start on it before we approach NSD

  28. Greg Poole

    Livefyre is going away at the end of January. We have to find another commenting system. Disqus has been around for a long time and is used by a lot of sites. We’ll see.