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UGA Recruiting Daily 28-Dec-2016

Keiondre Jones, 2019 offensive lineman, Callaway High School (photo Keiondre Jones - Twitter)
Keiondre Jones
2019 offensive lineman
Callaway High School
(photo Keiondre Jones – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread


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CLASS: 2018
Houston County High School
Warner Robins, GA
2016 Junior Season Highlights- CLICK HERE
2015 Sophomore Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2019
Callaway HS
Hogansville, GA
2016 Sophomore Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


CLASS: 2019
IMG Academy
Bradenton, FL
2016 game vs. Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Trinity Christian High School – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Oxbridge Academy – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Boyd H. Anderson High School – CLICK HERE
2016 game vs. Grayson High School – CLICK HERE
2015 Freshman Season Highlights – CLICK HERE


ASA Junior College
Brooklyn, NY
2015-2016 JUCO Freshman Highlights – CLICK HERE
2014 Senior HS Season Highlights – CLICK HERE



List of prospects who have scheduled announcements.The percentage is my confidence on a recruit committing to listed school.


Announcements at the Under Armour All-American Game:

Jan. 1st – DeAngelo Gibbs – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% UGA

Jan. 1st – Xavier McKinney – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 95% Clemson


Announcements at the U.S Army All-American Game:

Jan. 7thย – Jeffrey Okudah – 2017 DB (early enrollee) – 90% Ohio State


No Scheduled Announcements:

Could announce before January 1st:

Tray Bishop – 2017 DB – Decommitted from Auburn on Tuesday 12/13. 75% he flips to UGA, but Florida is also a possible landing spot.

Eric Stokes Jr. – 2017 CB – 95% sure he picks UGA if there is room, but I’m 50/50 on if there is an open spot for him at the moment.

Leonard Warner – 2017 ILB – 95% UGA. He could wait till NSD to announce his decision, but I don’t think he will.

Most likely will announce after January 1st:

Markaviest Bryant – 2017 WDE. 95% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Breon Dixon – 2017 LB – 75% Ole Miss, 20% Tennessee, 5% UGA. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Nico Collins – 2017 WR – 60% Michigan, 30% Alabama, 10%UGA. Collins announced on Monday that he will wait till Feb. 1st, NSD to announce his decision.

Aubrey Solomon – 2017 DT – 50/50 Michigan-Georgia battle. He could announceย his decision during US Army All-American game on January 7th or wait till NSD.

Ameer Speed – 2017 CB – 90% Virginia Tech, 10% UNC. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tyler Taylor – 2017 ILB – 50% UGA, 35% Oklahoma, 15% Auburn. He could announce anytime between now and NSD.

Tamorrion Terry – 2017 WR – Likely headed to JUCO or Prep.





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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

453 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 28-Dec-2016

  1. PTCDawg

    I am really surprised at Deshaun Watson being projected as a 3rd round draft pick. Part of that is being attributed to the offense they run at Clemson. I would have thought that would be a red flag to a qb aspiring to the NFL.

      1. PTCDawg

        He was expected to be an early first round pick at the beginning of the year but apparently this year hasnt gone well in the eyes of the draft people. some had him as low as the 4th round and none higher than 2nd. In the particular one I just read it has him as the 4th QB on the board. they also mention his size as a negative. I’m a bit surprised that comes up for a guy that’s 6’2″ and very athletic.

    1. Blakedawg01

      That sounds about right…he has thrown way too many interceptions the last 2 years. He has unbelievable talent but he is another scrambler. However, if he makes it to the 3rd round, the Falcons should consider taking him to develop behind Matt Ryan.

        1. PTCDawg

          I got my daughter a baseball jersey for Christmas with the words “I used to have a life but now I go to law school”. This makes me laugh because she often talks about how how her life now pretty much consists of studying, going to class, sleeping and eating.

  2. Bansai Buckeroo

    Ok guys… Who thinks Dom Sanders comes back? I think he’s projected middle rounds in the draft. Said he will make a decision after the bowl game. I think he needs to stay and probably will….

      1. Bansai Buckeroo

        I think he could help himself if he stayed but who knows what’s going on in his mind. Could be something going on I’m not aware of. Anyway we will know shortly.

        1. PTCDawg

          I agree BB. He could go but I think he has better reasons to stay than the guys who have already said they would stay.

        2. BroDawg

          I think he would be smart to stay but if he was staying I think he would have already announced. I’m curious if he could be the “Jr” who had some issues with his grades??? I hope not and hope he stays.

      1. BroDawg

        He appears to me like a guy who has to be in control… He has also previously acknowledged that it’s unrealistic for anyone to expect him to win a natty every single year. The guy is 65 and I would think he really does know that the dynasty will eventually fall and even the best can’t stay on top forever… so why not control when you exit.. and why allow yourself to be questioned as losing the “IT”… Being perceived as forever unbeatable seems like it would closely align with his personality. Just my take though. He may be around another 10 years

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      That is an awesome idea, but something tells me that would probably require one of those 7 figure donations to the UGAAA

  3. Bulldawg Bob

    WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Joni Taylor Post-Western Carolina Game Press Conference by BD Illustrated ON-AIR

    The Georgia women’s basketball team came back from Christmas break and hosted Western Carolina for a Wednesday afternoon tip off. The Lady Bulldogs dominated the Catamounts on their way to a 78-43 victory. Head Coach Joni Taylor talks bout how the team responded in their win after dropping 3 of their last 5 games before the break, and are the Lady Bulldogs ready for conference play which will begin on New Year’s Day on the road versus Missouri.

      1. BroDawg

        He’s a good coach.. IMHO he got in a rut and allowed his good side to not speak up when the bad side needed to.

  4. RedDawg13

    Here is my take! Of course it is aided by Pyrat Rum and Tecate! As far as I am concerned 2016 football season ended with the loss to GT! I know it is still 2016 but our bowl game is my beginning for next year!


      And we need to start our next season on a positive note. Looking at the sec east. There is absolutely no reason we should not challenge for the division next year. I know our OL will be young but we will also have some serious senor leadership in chubb michel etc. Go Dawgs

        1. BroDawg

          Chubb has had a year to knock out the mental cobwebs. .. I predict we see a guy running with a mission in the bowl game

      1. Gadawg1757

        Hello MMC. I am a new poster as of today, but been a listener for several years. Army vet and LOYAL Dawg fan. Also a neighbor from New Smyrna Beach.

        1. MMCSDAWG

          Welcome aboard! Enjoy the army victory while you can it ain’t happening for another 10+years lol! I like new Smyrna fishing is really good!

            1. MMCSDAWG

              Yep. Good Intercoastal and deep water fishing out of New Smyrna! You should come down and fish a little!

            2. Doradawg

              I live in Mt Dora, about 45 minutes from New Smyrna but fish Mosquito Lagoon frequently for Redfish, Snook etc. Usually leave out of JB’s Fishcamp and have used a couple of really good guides that know the waters and put you on fish. Let me know if you want names/contact info and I’ll send to you.

    1. Bansai Buckeroo

      I think Bishop is a dawg silent or otherwise. Gibbs? I don’t know. Not to sure he isn’t Bama bound. Hope like heck I’m wrong.

    2. Bulldawg Bob

      Gibbs has practically lived in Athens on the weekends with Richard LeCounte III if that tells you anything.

        1. Bulldawg Bob

          LOL. Except that was Auburn and Davis didn’t have LeCounte keeping him grounded. Not saying Alabama isn’t threat, but that would be a bigger shock that Monty Rice choosing LSU to me.

            1. Bulldawg Bob

              I think so too. Question is, though, is there room to flip Rice if he wanted to come to Georgia now. I hope so.

            2. BroDawg

              See we’ve had this discussion before… I am a believer that CKS knows there is additional unacknowledged movement and we end up signing 25-26.

      1. Bansai Buckeroo

        Bob it tells me he likes LeCounte. Can you say EJ Price? Lived at Georgia too. Hope you are right btw.

        1. Bulldawg Bob

          Please don’t compare Gibbs to Price because that is a totally different situation all together. You couldn’t pick two more different people and recruitments.

            1. Bulldawg Bob

              Hahahaha. I hear you. I tell you what. I’ll owe you a meal on NSD if Gibbs chooses Bama over Georgia. ๐Ÿ™‚

            2. BroDawg

              Count me in on that deal.. we owe you if it goes in our favor… speaking of which.. I’d like to come to NSD this year as long as I am in town. But where is it going to be held?

            3. Bulldawg Bob

              We still are ironing out where to hold NSD in Athens, but I expect us to know something not long after the bowl game, hopefully that first week in January. I want to give people as much notice as possible.

            4. BroDawg

              A tailgating thing would be cool if we are still having 70 degree weather… but I guess Internet would be an issue

            5. Bulldawg Bob

              It would, but it would also be a little risky to hope for 70 degree weather in Athens on February 1st even though it is quite possible with the kind of weather we have had this winter.

            1. Bulldawg Bob

              His recruitment was almost as strange as D-Robs. I think Price has all the talent in the world but ain’t all together right upstairs or something.

            2. Bulldawg Bob

              You got that right. Coach Smart looked like he was ready to fight somebody during the late afternoon NSD presser. He didn’t call out Price specifically but alluded to wanting to sign more o-linemen for 2016 and they thought they had one more because he was told they were good, and then it ended up playing out differently than what he was told. Not to hard to figure out he was referring to Price.

            3. BroDawg

              Agree…. the deal with DROB was he just wanted to be in California but enjoyed the courting. Stanford fell through so he found another West Coast school

      2. Gadawg1757

        Gibbs for those reasons and a gut feeling, I think is all dawg. Bryant is a dawg because of his cootie.

        1. Bansai Buckeroo

          JK36 has been in a foul mood since the Tech game. It’s either that or the new baby is colicky and he’s not getting any sleep…maybe both..####…:-)

  5. Joseph Kennedy

    Richt got lucky this time.. Because WVU doesn’t have a guy remotely as talented as Pat White and Slayton. I will never forget that 2006 sugar bowl. Was a horrible game.

    1. Gadawg1757

      My wife works close to UCF and the traffic from that game made her 45 minute drive to New Smyrna Beach an hour and a half.

  6. Bulldawg Bob

    I feel bad for Stanley because I thought he would have a breakout year. Just never happened. Hopefully, he can turn things around.

      1. Bulldawg Bob

        Aye. If he is finally 100% healthy from that high ankle sprain he suffered earlier in the year and tweaked again during the season, they might be able to do that. Plus, he is a good run blocker.

    1. Bahits

      And recruits have an interesting reply; #48 ranking, 0 5*s, 1 4*, 12 3*s

      You almost just have to love the school (legacy, girlfriend there, or parent works there) to get suckered into that mess.

            1. Joseph Kennedy

              I will. It was time for Richt to go. If kirby ain’t the one then we will move on from him as well.

    1. WaterlooDawg

      I think he had a yard and half to catch that. He didn’t get hit until the ball bounced off his chest.

  7. Score Check

    From Dawgnation: MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” While Georgia Riley Ridley was spotted on crutches at the team hotel, the team itself is not yet confirming that the freshman receiver has an injury.

    1. DawgnKing

      Dang that sux hope he can get healthy to get some reps this spring or at the very least is ready by fall he and Wims are the two best WR’s on the roster right now. IMac is a dynamic playmaker but also suffers from some drops and fumble issuses from time to time. I like Godwin but it seems for some reason we have a problem getting him the ball past the line of scrimmage.

        1. Greg Poole

          You upload a photo from your computer in the profile section of your account. Click on your ghost avi > click it again in the popup > click the gear icon .> setting > proflie

    1. 1mandawgpack

      Left click on your BI avatar and select edit profile. When that page opens, find the “gear” icon in the upper righthand corner and click on it and select “edit profile.” On the page that opens, it will allow you to select an avatar via several different methods.

    1. Bahits

      I don’t know the date, but I bet Ogeron is trying to get Monty Rice to give him his telephone and cut service to his house. Maybe, sequester him on LSU campus until signing day.

      Same might go for Jimbo with Kaindoh. lol

      Kirby is going to be a wild man once the dead period is over.

    2. 1mandawgpack

      January 12 is the first date that “normal” recruiting resumes, which concludes on January 29

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        True. We fell off the map this year for sure. I don’t know how much better it will get with Chaney. Not sold on him at all

        1. DawgnKing

          Same here Chaney gets one more year no more Freshman QB excuses. Two senior stud running backs returning good TE’s improving WR’s and 2nd year of Pittmans OL. No excuses. Dont have to win natty but dang sure better beat FLA Vandy Tenn and Tech!

  8. Bansai Buckeroo

    Disqus has a few quirks but seems to handle things better than livefyre and burn zone. Much better with mobile devices as far as I can tell.

    1. AlphaDawg

      Only thing I’ve seen that will take getting used to is the replies not auto loading and when I paste a URL from twitter – it will sometimes show the preview and sometimes not. If I refresh it shows the twitter card like it should, but before refreshing it’s just a link

  9. Richmondawg

    Took me a minute to find the info for my old gmail account. Turned out is was in this ancient notebook shoved on the back of a shelf.

  10. 66DAWGnNC

    I tried to log in yesterday, but never got the email verification. Glad to know it was a problem with the bellsouth e mail and not my stupidity. Still can’t get the Avy to download. I will figure that out eventually. Until then, I will remain faceless.

        1. 66DAWGnNC

          Those guys will do anything for a buck. Wonder why the didn’t just ante up the 20K and save us computer illits some hassle lol.

      1. 66DAWGnNC

        Don’t know. I read some comments and saw where Bob said to use your gmail account. That worked without a problem. Now to get it to upload my avy. I think it may be an issue with my computer as I just get the perpetual spinning blue circle as it attempts to download.

        1. Bahits

          2015 sec 6 acc 4 0 60.0 27.0 26.5

          I don’t know if that included the bowls or not. I thought the SEC came out on top of the the one on one bowl match ups last year.

  11. Gadawg1757

    Been a long time reader and have just decided to join the party. I am a intense Bulldawg fan that happens to be displaced in Florida. I live about 15 miles from Deltonadawg and not to far from Rummy and MMC. Hope I did this right!

        1. RumRunnerDoogie

          fun place, had a girl friend who lived there and would get mad that i wanted to surf when i visited her lol

            1. RumRunnerDoogie

              yea it is, i fish on NASA property since i have a ID to get on, its amazing how quick u can catch something since its a no go zone without a pass

            2. Gadawg1757

              I fish the Mosquito lagoon backwaters a lot. I have never fished around the cape, but would love to. I’m a disabled vet, but that card hardly gets me into a VA clinic. lol

            3. RumRunnerDoogie

              i hear ya lol. mosquito is fun too but i love the isolation of NASA, i just sit on that beach with a drink and music and im the only one on the beach for miles

            4. RumRunnerDoogie

              must be a rough post having a river on one side and the ocean on the other, not as good as minot## yea i surf 2nd light outside patrick all the time, great place

            5. RumRunnerDoogie

              must be a rough post having a river on one side and the ocean on the other, not as good as minot## yea i surf 2nd light outside patrick all the time

      1. Gadawg1757

        I was born and raised in Tifton Georgia. Transplanted here because of work in 1994. Its a special year here when we beat the Turds! I ride that wave all the way until it hits the beach.

      1. RumRunnerDoogie

        well not much to see in deltona honestly, i do stop in daytona on my way to jax since they have a krystals lol

    1. Bulldawg Bob

      Thanks for taking the time to drop down to the comments’ section and chat with us. The more the merrier.

    2. buccdawg

      Yeah, i live in tampa bay area, mostly fswho fans or fans of the midwest where l work, the gayter fans show up when they think they are doing well. GO DAWGS!!!!

  12. PTCDawg

    I really thought we were going to get Nico Collins but now that I see Bob mis-spelled his name in the commit list above I expect he may end up at Michigan. :>)

  13. RobDawg

    I’m in foreign territory today Gville, FL. I’m going to wear my G polo shirt proudly tonite to the restaurant

      1. Bansai Buckeroo

        I am not having that happen on my iPad. Haven’t tried my iPhone. What I am seeing is if I go to another tab and come back and if the screen refreshes, several of the newer posts are missing…I have to close screen and open again to see those posts..

    1. Bansai Buckeroo

      I’m not seeing a Mod…where is it? By the way you and your friend need to stand up..##.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. RumRunnerDoogie

      i aint scurr’d of that hammer, bob on the other hand swings that thing around like hes thor

          1. Bansai Buckeroo

            Not on my screen. Just the arrow and the person you are responding too… Strange…wonder if mobile device related? Anyone else not seeing it?

        1. Bansai Buckeroo

          Wow. I just happened to use my gmail account instead of bellsouth. Heck I probably would still be trying to figure it out…haha

  14. Bulldawg Bob

    For anyone with an ATT or Bellsouth email that is having trouble getting Disqus verification emails, just signup for a free Gmail email account. You can even forward your ATT and Bellsouth email to it if you want to.

  15. Bulldawg Bob

    Good afternoon Bulldawg Illustrated fam. Just checking in.
    I see some folks are worried about Beal and Gibbs. While anything is possible until a prospect gets on campus and is enrolled at school, don’t read too much into Beal taking a visit to FSU. Yes. Alabama is recruiting Gibbs hard, but not worried here either. He’s practically been living in Athens, GA on the weekends with Richard LeCounte and William Poole.

    1. JaxDawg

      I’m worried about Beal wanting to get to FSU this late in the process to see if it is the right fit for him or not, he’s already been and he is close to Kaindoh. You really think we hold onto him?

      1. Bulldawg Bob

        Yes. I think Georgia will hold onto Beal. He is not taking a visit to FSU to see if it is the right fit for him. He’s taking an OV to get a fun weekend in Tallahassee, FL with some of friends who are going to FSU. Is it possible the Seminoles could flip Beal? Of course. There is always a possibility, but I think it is very remote. It is as remote as it was that Cam Akers would commit to Georgia the other day.

  16. buccdawg

    The big 12 is a passing lots league, plus QBs run alot so the teams that do play some. D. have lots of chances.

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      They have the better coach right now. But we have more talent. So we will see which one prevails. Coaching or talent

  17. Greg Poole

    Join in the commenting and get settled in before the run to the National Signing Day holiday. You do not have to register to comment but if you are not registered you’ll have to have comments approved by a mod.

    There appears to be some issue with ATT and BellSouth email account verification.


    1. mailman6

      Also can not comment as a guest if with att or bell south for some reason. It says comment is awaiting moderation, but disappears and never shows up. Strange.

      1. Greg Poole

        The reason for that is the system hold all comments from unregistered commenters for approval. I have got to get used to checking for ‘held’ comments on a regular basis.

    1. Blakedawg01

      All the big 12/10, whatever they are, does is throw the ball all over the field. Opportunities to sack the QB are exponentially higher in that league. We shall see how it shakes out on Friday. But…yes…it will be a long day if we can’t establish the run. I think we will and you will see Chubb and Sony have good a day on the ground.

      1. Joseph Kennedy

        Yeah but we an injury riddled team now. I don’t like our defense without Natrez Patrick. Theirs a reason we are only favoured by one

  18. mailman6

    Finally figured out problem after trying all day yesterday and this morning and seeing 2 other people say couldn’t get email verification with bellsouth. I have att email address, so apparently problem with bell south and att emails getting email verification for some reason.

  19. AlphaDawg

    Taking Friday off to watch the game! Got some projects at home to do too. Beer, Football, and building stuff. That’s a good Friday

  20. dentaldawg

    Hey, finally got this damn thing to work! Tried all night last night on my home computer with no luck. Work computer did it first time.
    I have a home address. Saw someone last night who had same problem with a bellsout address.
    Well, if I had looked below, Patbob had same problem.

  21. Patbob

    I like the new comment program, I don’t post much, but like to occasionally. i don’t think Disqus likes as I did not receive a verification email using it. i entered my work email and received the verification email very quick and now i am all set. So if you are having problems using a email, I suggest using another email account.

    Thanks Greg, Bob,Savannah and the other Mods for all you do. great site!!!

    1. dawgmum2.0

      I couldn’t get the email on my bellsouth account either. Good to know I wasn’t the only one having that issue!

      1. Patbob

        I saw your problem and thought I would try my work email as well, as I said it worked great. Thanks for the info.

      1. Patbob

        Yes, it appears that the email accounts are having problems receiving the verification emails.

          1. Patbob

            Thanks for the advice, I think I have a gmail account, I may need to start using it., just a lot of work changes emails addresses.

  22. buccdawg

    Sure seems like the ole UGA doom and gloom machine is in full flow this am, i dont understand why we worry about it. KEEP YOUR COOL ,THE DAWGS WILL RULE, aint no place better. GO DAWGS!!!!

    1. Score Check

      I agree
      Lots of sky is following despite Smart putting together arguably the best class we have ever had. I just don’t see us missing out on all of our remaining targets.
      Last week a ton of folks on this site had written off our chances with Wilson. LOL

    2. AlphaDawg

      Yes sir. People have been burned too many times. Kirby is slowing that down. You’ll never get everyone, too many factors come into play, but recruiting is one thing Kirby excels at.


    I’m hearing we may have lost a WR to injury at practice yesterday. If it’s true it’s a blow to a key starter. Rumor is R Ridley in a cast on his leg.

    1. Joseph Kennedy

      That’s why I’m predicting a TCU victory. We are beat up at inside backer and WR. Kirby should just see this game as a chance to get young guys playing time

    2. AlphaDawg

      That would not be good. I wonder if they got the jerseys mixed up because he was wearing 28 yesterday and 72 the other day?

  24. JaxDawg

    So I think we round out our class with Bishop, Warner, and another CB. Think Gibbs is headed to Alabama, along with Solomon and Collins. Bryant to Auburn.

    Also, I think Beal is going to flip to FSU.

    1. AlphaDawg

      I think we finish with
      Speed or Stokes for CB

      Maybe a surprise late January if we have another transfer

        1. AlphaDawg

          I think we had him hot for a while but things are really quiet now. Thought he may have already committed if he was going to. We’ve got his mom on our side which is good, but for some reason I feel like he just wants to play out of state. No real backing. The staff will make room for him if he wants to come.

    2. Score Check

      I think Gibbs and Bryant go to UGA. And I think its a toss up between UGA and Michigan for Collins and Solomon

    1. Greg Poole

      LOL – I googled the idea and all I got was Bama players praising Smart last summer – can’t imagine them harboring ill feeling and spontaneously injecting it into an interview – sounds like an interviewer leading the conversation.

      1. AlphaDawg

        I was thinking technically it’s just Humpherys who takes a shot at Kirby. Everyone else is just praising Pruitt. But here’s the golden question:
        How many would be so happy go lucky if they were 8-4? Everything is peachy when you’ve got no losses.

  25. Greg Poole

    Savannah and I are heading to Memphis before sunrise tomorrow. The plan is to get to the CKS presser at 1 CST then make it to the parade and pep rally on Beale Stree later tomorrow afternoon.
    We will be at the stadium by 8 AM Friday for the 11AM kickoff.Maybe there will be a Dawg Walk – we haven’t heard yet.
    If you are going to be there, give us a shout and we’ll put your photo in the gallery.

  26. Greg Poole

    Georgia commit Robert Beal, a four-star defensive end from IMG Academy, will take an unofficial visit to FSU in January, but says he is 100-percent solid to the Bulldogs.

    Some media covering Alabama and Georgia believe that the Tide have significantly closed the gap on Loganville (Ga.) Grayson four-star defensive back Deangelo Gibbs. Others believe Kirby Smart will close and lock Gibbs down. The consensus is that UGA and the Tide are the only true contenders.


    1. RobG

      I think he goes to Bama, they have very few S right now, and he says it’s all about PT…….hope I’m wrong

    2. JaxDawg

      Yup doesn’t look good for Gibbs or Beal, remember Kaindoh was Beal’s roommate at IMG. No reason to take another visit this late

      1. DawgnKing

        Yeah but if I remember right Beal did not stay the whole season at IMG maybe he and Kaindoh didnt get along too well###

  27. godawgs678

    I REALLY hope Monty Rice flips back to us. To be honest, I want him more than anyone else not named Solomon to round out this class. His 3 stars mean nothing. Guy is a true ILB. Here’s to hoping Kirby can work his magic!

      1. BroDawg

        A couple of pay click bait articles talking about him scheduling another visit to FSU and his commitment status.

  28. AlphaDawg

    Anyone found a setting to have replies auto load? Not new comments, but replies? It’s easy for me to pass over the new reply notification. Hard to notice.

  29. Rickpope2330

    Murnin leather heads! Just curious why do you always see recruits saying Georgia not showing much love or waiting on the Georgia offer? It seems being behind other programs on the offers kills us with some of these kids. Just my 2 cents

      1. Rickpope2330

        Not really referring to this class but saw a few for next year. I’ve looked through so many can’t remember who it was.

        1. AlphaDawg

          I hear ya. Yeah I believe Kirby and co seem to really focus and buckle down closer to that class’s signing period. For example. A lot of the top kids in GA are already committed elsewhere. That will change once they get more offers and more attention. We see that happen every year. We’ll see how this class finishes, but if Kirby putting more attention to closing the current class rather than jump starting the next class works, I’m on board. I just don’t like us being left at the alter on NSD

    1. Greg Poole

      They are not going to offer every kid, but you need to watch the ’18, ’19, ’20 kids for offers going out to targets early. Recruiting is not an area that worries me with CKS.

      1. AlphaDawg

        My same thoughts. I don’t see the room. We may have to turn Bryant down from what I’ve heard if we get Rice back in the mix.

    1. DawgDaddy

      CKS will get a quality QB, possibly one of the kids that have already committed to another school. Don’t count anyone out including Cade.

    1. DawgDaddy

      Good morning Greg! This site looks better and functions MUCH better than the last. They actually did you and us a favor by raising the rate to the stratosphere. lol