UGA Recruiting Daily 4 APR 2018: Three-Point Stance

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UGA Recruiting Daily 4 APR 2018: Three-Point Stance

Richard LeCounte III (left) and Nolan Smith (right) (photo from Nolan Smith II - Twitter)
Richard LeCounte III (left) and Nolan Smith (right)
(photo from Nolan Smith II – Twitter)


UGA Recruiting Daily Thread

Georgia’s Three-Point Stance

1: Nolan Smith is STILL All Dawg and Owen Pappoe Joins him

After his April Fools day joke, Nolan Smith had a lot of Georgia fans sweating in their boots. However, Smith is 100 percent committed to the University of Georgia. He’s the ringleader of the 2019 class, just like Richard LeCounte was for the 2017 class. Smith let the world know he’s hot on Andrew Booth and Owen Pappoe’s heels to commit to Georgia. So all of Bulldog nation needs to take a deep breath and remember that Smith is one of the most committed members of the 2019 class.

Smith has the power to persuade a lot of recruits, and he knows where he wants to play at the next level. Georgia offers him the ability to come in and make noise as a true freshman. Another name that has a lot of power is Owen Pappoe. He’s like Justin Fields was last year, all the pieces fall once they commit. May fifth is the day Pappoe will make his decision and it will be the Bulldogs. After he commits, Georgia will fill up the 2019 class quickly.

2: Biggest Defensive line class in a while

Georgia’s main focus is the defensive line for the 2019 class. I know I mentioned this the last time I did a three-point stance, but this is the biggest focus. The Bulldogs should take at least five defensive linemen. If I could predict anything, I say that Georgia takes two defensive tackles an three defensive ends if not four. Some of the names that keep popping up in the 2019 class are Travon Walker, Jaelin Humphries, Justin Eboigbe, and many other names. This could very well be the best defensive line class Georgia signs to date, and I expect nothing less. There is so much talent on the defensive line for the 2019 class. Georgia has prime opportunity to offer early playing time to all these guys.

Make one thing known, Georgia’s going to have a large defensive line class and a talented one.

3: Secondary Woes no More

After Kirby Smart told the media last Saturday that a major concern is the secondary’s depth, I made sure to look into the cornerbacks and safeties of the 2019 class. The Bulldogs hauled in a load of secondary players for the 2017 and 2018 class, and I expect the Bulldogs to take four more for this class.

Andrew Booth, for example, is high on the Bulldogs list because of his size and sheer talent. He’s got a prime opportunity to come in and compete for a starting spot. Georgia’s got plenty of talent to choose from and very well could take an all- Georgia secondary for the 2019 class. It all starts with Booth, and I expect him to steer clear of Clemson and stay home and commit to the G.

Regardless, after Smart made it known he wants competitors in the secondary, this opens it up for 2019. These corners and safeties just heard fighting words from him and know that if they commit to Georgia they’ll compete for playing time.

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