WOMEN’S GOLF: Georgia Advances To Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic Final

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WOMEN’S GOLF: Georgia Advances To Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic Final

Georgia's Bailey Tardy during the second day of the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic at the UGA Golf Course in Athens, GA on Saturday. (Photo by Cory A. Cole / Georgia Sports Communication)
Georgia’s Bailey Tardy during the second day of the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic at the UGA Golf Course in Athens, GA on Saturday.
(Photo by Cory A. Cole / Georgia Sports Communication)

The No. 8-ranked Georgia women’s golf team posted a pair of decisive victories in the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic on Saturday. That sets up a showdown with No. 1 Alabama in today’s championship match at the UGA Golf Course.

The Bulldogs bested Daytona State, 4-1, in the morning and rolled past No. 16 Arkansas, 3.5-1.5, in the afternoon.
“It’s what’s been building, to win the medal portion (on Friday) and then play maybe our best golf of the spring today,” head coach Josh Brewer said. “It’s perfect timing. Tomorrow is our last round before the postseason so we’ll look to continue that momentum.”
Bailey Tardy and Harang Lee notched victories in each match to lead Georgia. Jillian Hollis and Rinko Mitsunaga also won their quarterfinal matchups. In the afternoon, Mary Ellen Shuman supplied the Bulldogs with their third win, and Hollis halved her match.
“I’m so happy,” Tardy said. “Jillian played really well in stroke play, and the whole team pulled together overall today in both the morning and the afternoon matches. It’s nice to see success from everyone in the lineup.”
In the quarterfinals, Tardy blitzed Jiwon Jeon, 7-and-6 to give Georgia its first point of the day. Lee defeated Kendall Johnson, 2-and-1; Hollis topped Grace St.-Germain, 4-and-2; and Mitsunaga defeated Claire Becker, 4-and-3, to put the Bulldogs in the semifinals.
Tardy, Lee and Shuman all posted big wins for Georgia in the first three matches on the course in the afternoon. Tardy beat Maria Fassi, 5-and-4; Lee secured a 6-and-5 decision over Cara Gorlei; and Shuman bested Summer Roachell, 5-and-4.
The Bulldogs will face Alabama on Sunday, teeing off between 9:20-9:52 a.m. from the No. 1 tee. The Crimson Tide defeated No. 2-ranked Southern Cal, 3.5-1.5, in the quarterfinals, and then knocked off Denver, 4-1, in the semifinals.
“I’ll be honest; it’s who we wanted,” Brewer said. “Some people would say they want to avoid people, but we have dreams here at Georgia of winning the conference and winning a national title. They’re the premier team in our conference. We get to play them, and we’ll see how we’ll respond to that. We’re playing great, and I expect us to get victory No. 4 tomorrow.”
Live scoring will be available on Sunday via www.birdiefire.com.
45th Annual Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic
University of Georgia Golf Course
Athens, Ga.
April 7-9, 2-17
Par 72; 6300 Yards

Red Bracket Quarterfinals
Georgia 4, Daytona State 1
Bailey Tardy (UGA) def. Jiwon Jeon (DSU), 7-and-6
Harang Lee (UGA) def. Kendall Johnson (DSU), 2-and-1
Kaye Kwon (DSU) def. Mary Ellen Shuman (UGA), 2-up
Jillian Hollis (UGA) def. Grace St-Germain (DSU), 4-and-2
Rinko Mitsunaga (UGA) def. Claire Becker (DSU), 4-and-3
Arkansas 2.5, Auburn 2.5
Maria Fassi (UA) def. Kelli Murphy (AU), 3-and-2
Michaela Owen (AU) def. Cara Gorlei (UA), 2-and-1
Alana Uriell (UA) vs. Mai Dechathipat (AU), all-square
Kayley Marschke (AU) def. Summar Roachell (UA), 3-and-1
Kaylee Benton (UA) def. Elena Hualde (AU), 3-and-2
* Arkansas wins on greater margin of victory in matches won.
Alabama 3.5, Southern Cal 1.5
Kristen Gillman (UA) def. Tiffany Chan (USC), 3-and-2
Cheyenne Knight (UA) def. Muni He (USC), 4-and-3
Gabriella Then (USC) def. Lauren Stephenson (UA), 5-and-4
Mia Landegren (UA) vs. Victoria Morgan (USC), all-square
Lakareber Abe (UA) def. Allisen Corpuz (USC), 5-and-4
Denver 2.5, Oklahoma State 2.5
Linnea Johansson (OSU) def. Mariell Bruun (DU), 2-up
Lauren Whyte (DU) vs. Kenzie Neisen (OSU), all-square
Maddie McCrary (OSU) def. Jessica Dreesbeimdieke (DU), 1-up
Sophie Newlove (DU) def. Isabella Deilert (OSU), 3-and-2
Jessica Carty (DU) def. Emma Broze (OSU), 2-and-1
* Denver wins on greater margin of victory in matches won.
Black Bracket
Purdue 3, Troy 2
Becca Horner (TROY) def. Linn Andersson (PU), 1-up
Bianca Lohbauer (TROY) def. Micaela Farah (PU), 7-and-5
August Kim (PU) def. Fatima Cano (TROY), 1-up
Marta Martin (PU) def. Bria Jansen (TROY), 4-and-2
Covadonga Sanjuan (PU) def. Gabi Oubre (TROY), 3-and-2
South Carolina 4, Old Dominion 1
Ainhoa Olarra (USC) def. Rachel Walker (ODU), 5-and-4
Charlotte De Corte (ODU) def. Katelyn Dambaugh (USC), forfeit
Ana Pelaez (USC) def. Sana Tufail (ODU), 2-and-1
Marion Veysseyre (USC) def. Katerina Vlasinova (ODU), 2-and-1
Jia Xin Yang (USC) def. Maggie Simmermacher (ODU), 1-up
Red Bracket Semifinals
Georgia 3.5, Arkansas 1.5
Bailey Tardy (UGA) def. Maria Fassi (UA), 5-and-4
Harang Lee (UGA) def. Cara Gorlei (UA), 6-and-5
Mary Ellen Shuman (UGA) def. Summar Roachell (UA), 5-and-4
Alana Uriell (UA) def. Rinko Mitsunaga (UGA), 1-up
Jillian Hollis (UGA) vs. Kaylee Benton (UA), all-square
Alabama 4, Denver 1
Mariell Bruun (DU) vs. Kristen Gillman (UA), all-square
Cheyenne Knight (UA) def. Lauren Whyte (DU), 6-and-5
Lauren Stephenson (UA)def. Sophie Newlove (DU), 5-and-4
Jessica Dreesbeimdieke (DU) vs. Mia Landegren (UA), all-square
Lakareber Abe (UA) def. Jessica Carty (DU), 1-up
Red Bracket Consolation
Auburn 3, Daytona State 2
Kayley Marschke (AU) def. Kendall Johnson (DSU), 3-and-1
Elena Hualde (AU) vs. Jiwon Jeon (DSU), all-square
Mai Dechathipat (AU) def. Kaye Kwon (DSU), 7-and-5
Grace St-Germain (DSU) def. Kelli Murphy (AU), 3-and-2
Michaela Owen (AU) vs. Claire Becker (DSU), all-square
Southern Cal 5, Oklahoma State 0
Tiffany Chan (USC) def. Linnea Johansson (OSU), 1-up
Allisen Corpuz (USC) def. Isabella Deilert (OSU), 4-and-2
Gabriella Then (USC) def. Maddie McCrary (OSU), 4-and-3
Muni He (USC) def. Emma Broze (OSU), 4-and-3
Victoria Morgan (USC) def. Kenzie Neisen (OSU), 4-and-3
Black Bracket
Purdue 3, Old Dominion 2
August Kim (PU) def. Sana Tufail (ODU), 1-up
Marta Martin (PU) def. Rachel Walker (ODU), 6-and-4
Covadonga Sanjuan (PU) vs. Charlotte De Corte (ODU), all-square
Katerina Vlasinova (ODU) def. Linn Andersson (PU), 3-and-1
Micaela Farah (PU) vs. Maggie Simmermacher (ODU), all-square
South Carolina 3, Troy 2
Ainhoa Olarra (USC) def. Becca Horner (TROY), 6-and-5
Fatima Cano (TROY) def. Ana Pelaez (USC), 2-and-1
Katelyn Dambaugh (USC) def. Bianca Lohbauer (TROY), 3-and-2
Marion Veysseyre (USC) def. Bria Jansen (TROY), 7-and-5
Gabi Oubre (TROY) def. Jia Xin Yang (USC), 3-up through 15 (susp.)

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