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The Bulldawg Bark 02-Dec-2015

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Georgia vs. Tech pregame/Dawg Walk 28-Nov-2015 (Photo by Greg Poole)
Georgia vs. Tech pregame/Dawg Walk 28-Nov-2015
(Photo by Greg Poole)
[su_spacer size=”40″] Welcome to the daily issue of The Bulldawg Bark from Bulldawg Illustrated bringing you UGA news and information, some funny and cool videos to make you laugh and smile, plus great music from PanicFan.
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[su_spacer size=”20″] [su_box title=”Click tabs to view UGA news stories” box_color=”#050505″ title_color=”#ffffff”] [su_spacer size=”20″] [su_tabs] [su_tab title=” AJC – Kirby Smart’s The Guy – He will be named Georgia’s new head football coach“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

AJC: Kirby Smart’s The Guy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that “barring a last-minute snag” in the negotiations Kirby Smart will be named the new head football coach at the University of Georgia. An announcement could come as soon as Sunday, following the SEC Championship Game.

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Kirby Smart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

It appears to already be a done deal. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution , Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart is set to become the new head coach at Georgia. The paper added that, barring some sort of last-moment breakdowns, Smart’s hiring could be announced as soon as Sunday.

[/su_animate] [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”What if Mark Richt returned to Georgia as offensive coordinator?“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

WILD SPECULATION: What about Richt as UGA OC?

Outgoing Georgia head coach Mark Richt is a man with options. “I will have an opportunity to look at a lot of options,” he said on Monday. “I think there are going to be a lot of options to weigh. I am just not ready to say what I want to do yet.”

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Georgia Football: Ranking the 5 Best Candidates for Bulldogs’ Team MVP

It was a wild weekend for the Georgia Bulldogs. After beating Georgia Tech to end the regular season with a 9-3 record, the announcement was made that Mark Richt would no longer be the head coach of the Bulldogs after the bowl game…

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Richt meets with Miami as bowl fate awaits the Bulldogs

With a 9-5 bowl record during his time as Georgia’s football coach, Mark Richt has ended past seasons with more favorable memories than not. Richt is scheduled to coach his final game with the Bulldogs at a bowl location that will be determined Sunday.

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[su_spacer size=”20″] [su_box title=”Click on tabs to see videos” box_color=”#050505″ title_color=”#ffffff”] [su_spacer size=”20″] [su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Engine trouble on a boat + bug spray equals hilarious hijinks“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

Guy falls out of boat. FUNNY!!

Wassup everyone , here is a comedy video of a guy falling out of a boat. SUBSCRIBE, please if you want more funny films, or BO 2 Gameplay. Comment what I should do next.

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”GoPro Windsurfing Extreme ‘3rd Person View’ style by SailVideoSystem“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

GoPro Windsurfing Extreme ‘3rd Person View’ style by SailVideoSystem

Shot with the 3rd Person View camera mount by Get it now! What are the ingredients to shoot an epic windsurf video: * Wind: 35+ knots * Water: 3 degrees Celcius * Camera’s: 3x GoPro Hero Black and 1x GoPro Hero silver * Camera mounts: 1x 3rd Person View camera mount (kite/windsurf version), 1x GoPro Rollbar mount and 1x Mast Mount that is so new we don’t even have a name yet…

[/su_animate] [/su_tab] [su_tab title=” F-16 pilot loses power and performs a dead stick landing“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

F-16 Dead Stick Landing

The pilot of an F-16 brings it back safely following a complete power loss.

[/su_animate] [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Shelby GT500 crashes into Brand New Truck “][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]

Shelby GT500 crashes into Brand New Truck

Warning: This video shows a high horsepower Shelby Mustang GT500 losing control at a car show. The car turns sideways and hits a brand new Ram 1500 truck in the rear, crosses a grassy area, and hits a New Edge Mustang GT. The owner/driver of the GT500 went to the local hospital by ambulance.

[/su_animate] [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Reaction (Explosion) of Alkali Metals with Water“][su_animate type=”fadeInUp”]
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