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Fans support the Bulldogs during an NCAA men's basketball game between the University of Mississippi and the University of Georgia on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 in Athens, Ga. (Photo by John Kelley)
Fans support the Bulldogs during an NCAA men’s basketball game between the University of Mississippi and the University of Georgia on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 in Athens, Ga.
(Photo by John Kelley)
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UGA Today

[break] Report: Tennessee offensive coordinator Bajakian leaving staff[break] [break] Running backs should run SEC in 2015
[break] [break] “… I want to surround myself with those kids I can get in school.”[break] [break] The 12 Most Successful College Football Programs Of The 21st Century
[break] [break] Georgia Recruiting: Old Commit, But Potential (Re)Flip? – The Lady Sportswriter[break] [break] Bernie’s Dawg Blawg
[break] [break] Old Dogs had their tricks, too[break] [break] [su_box title=”NCAA Executive To Discuss Health Of Student-Athletes In Open Forum” box_color=”#3c3939″ title_color=”#ffffff”]The University of Georgia will host NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline, M.D., for a forum about the health of college athletes on Monday, Jan. 27 at 2 p.m. at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education.



The program, “Sound Minds, Sound Bodies and College Sports: A conversation with Dr. Brian Hainline,” features one of the country’s leading authorities on athletic training safety for college athletes. Hainline will speak about the NCAA’s vision for the health and well being of student-athletes and then join in a panel of UGA faculty and student-athletes.


The forum will include a panel discussion consisting of Hainline; Ron Courson, senior associate athletic director for sports medicine at UGA; and current and former UGA student-athletes. Welch Suggs, associate professor of journalism in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, will moderate.


“We are very excited to have Dr. Hainline visiting our campus,” said Courson. “I have had the opportunity to work together with Brian on several NCAA related projects. He has had great impact on sports medicine as the Chief Medical Officer of the NCAA.”


Athletes on the panel include junior Brittany MacLean, women’s swimming; senior Malcolm Mitchell, football; and Jon Stinchcomb, 1993 UGA alumnus and New Orleans Saints veteran. “Concussions and chronic injuries are crucial issues for everyone associated with sports,” said Suggs, associate director of the Grady Sports Media program.


The forum is presented by the University of Georgia Athletic Association and the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Grady Sports Media program. The panel is free and is open to the public. A Q&A will follow the panel discussion.[/su_box] [break] [break] Georgia Bulldogs on Twitter
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Other News

[break] Get ready for more NFL quadrupleheaders – Awful Announcing
[break] [break] Report: Robert Allenby told homeless man he was drugged at strip club
[break] [break] Perception, Reality and the Role of College Football Recruiting Hostesses
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“NFL 2015” – A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

“…and then you invented dirt lumps.” More of what COULD have been said in the NFL. Like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter!

[break] [break] NCAA Says It’s Investigating Academic Fraud at 20 Colleges
[break] [break] O’Bannon lawyers cite Oliver Luck comments in reply to NCAA appeal
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Dawg Treats


Music by PanicFan

[break] [su_box title=”Twiddle ~ Catskill Chill ~ 9/6/14″ box_color=”#3c3939″ title_color=”#ffffff”] Set List:
Hatti’s Jam —
When it Rains it Poors —
Somewhere Over the Rainbow —
When it Rains it Poors
Syncopated Healing
Latin Tang*
Every Soul
Mamunes the Faun^
Apples —
Jam# —
Billie Jean —
Be There

* w/ Wiley Griffin of MUN
^ w/ Eli Winderman of Dopapod
# w/ Todd Stoops of Kung Fu

Twiddle Live at the 2014 Catskill Chill 9/6/14 (Full Set HD)

Twiddle rocked the main stage at the Catskill Chill in Teenage Mutant Ninja style!

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Inside a hamster’s cheeks | Pets – Wild at Heart: Episode 1 Preview | BBC One

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: Programme website: X-rays show how golden hamsters store incredible amounts of food in their cheek pouches that can stretch all the way back to their hips.

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Epic Tree Cutting Fail

My Dad explained his plan as to how he would make a portion of the cut from an easier position, and then I assumed he would climb down and reset the ladder before finishing the cut…nope… lol For licensing/usage please contact licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

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Sospechosa de hurto de pantalla de televisión

La Delegación Regional de Guápiles del Organismo de Investigación Judicial, requiere la colaboración de la ciudadanía para identificar a las mujeres del vídeo, ya que son requeridas como sospechas de hurto. Las personas que se requieren identificar son: La primera sospechosa es de contextura media, viste blusa de tirantes color blanca, pantalón largo jeans, y botas cafés, además porta un bolso de medio lado.

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Why Innocent People Confess To Crimes

Sometimes, innocent people are convinced they committed a crime. Why is this? Follow Julian on Twitter: Read More: People Can Be Convinced They Committed A Crime That Never Happened “Evidence from some wrongful-conviction cases suggests that suspects can be questioned in ways that lead them to falsely believe in and confess to committing crimes they didn’t actually commit.”

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Unknown Hinson for Liquid Chicken

All the vitamins and minerals of solid chicken but it don’t promote tooth decay.

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Western Spaghetti by PES

See “Fresh Guacamole”, the Oscar-nominated follow-up to “Western Spaghetti”: Western Spaghetti | Written and Directed by PES | *2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner | *TIME Magazine voted #2 Viral Video of the Year *2008 | Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival, 2009

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Невероятно! Что это за лестница такая?

Непонятная иллюзия на лестничных пролётах. Вынос мозга какой-то… Что это, обман и ли иллюзия? Кто тут поработал – иллюзионист или мастер по видео-спецэффектам…

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