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UGA Today 25-Jan-15

Marjorie Butler (24) scores during an NCAA Women’s basketball game between SEC opponents Texas A&M and the University of Georgia on Thursday, January 22, 2015 in Athens, Ga.
(Photo by John Kelley)
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UGA Today

[break] Each SEC Team’s Weakest Position Group

[break] [break] Ranking the best SEC football fan bases

[break] [break] It’s past time for an upgrade of UGA’s iconic Sanford Stadium

[break] [break] SEC Football: Everyone is chasing Alabama, Georgia in 2015

[break] [break] Georgia Football: Are the Bulldogs ready to be carried by defense?

[break] [break] Georgia Bulldogs on Twitter

[break] [break] Ex-UGA DB Brendan Langley reportedly lands at FCS Lamar

[break] [break] Top five SEC football players in 2015

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Other News

[break] Josh Kendall on Twitter

[break] [break] ESPN NBA Nike sued over Michael Jordan logo

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Dawg Treats


Music by PanicFan

[break] [su_box title=”The Wild Magnolias ~ RIP Big Chief Bo Dollis ~ 1944 – 2015″ box_color=”#3c3939″ title_color=”#ffffff”]Jockomo Jockomo


No Description

[break] [break] Smoke My Peace Pipe Smoke It Right

Smoke My Peace Pipe Smoke It Right – The Wild Magnolias

Indian Tribe from New Orleans, Louisiana…

[break] [break] All On A Mardi Gras Day


No Description

[break] [break] Sew Sew Sew

Wild Magnolias – (Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul

selection from the 1974 album: The Wild Magnolias – “The New Orleans Project” available on the 2011 Get On Down CD reissue.

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Water Park in Russia аквапарк в России экскаватор ORIGINAL

ORIGINAL These guys had the bright idea on a hot summers day to take an excavator to the creek and have some fun.

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Staying Dry in a World Covered with Water

For an explanation of how this material was created, please visit: This demonstration of superhydrophobic metal uses materials created in the lab of Chunlei Guo, professor of optics at the University of Rochester. The material is made by processing metal with high intensity lasers, creating micro and nano structures that make the surface highly water repellent.

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Hippo Charge on Chobe River Jan2015, recorded with iPhone 6; Botswana, Awesome but crazy dangerous.

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Taken on Pangolin Photo Safari in Botswana. Normal Speed can be seen at

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Real Life Scam: Change Raising

The best of the factual entertainment series about scams and cons focusing on how easy it is to be scammed and conned in everyday life.

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Firefighters extinguishing a car fire goes wrong

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com The fire fighters trying to put out a car fire. The car starts rolling and it’s running down a steep hill. This happened in Notodden in Norway in 2012.

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