Loran Smith: The Red Cow

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Loran Smith: The Red Cow

Today, golfers at the Open championship will do their best to make the cut at golf’s oldest championship at the Royal St. Georges Golf Club in Sandwich, England.

It is considered the longest day in golf, a day that allows for a visitor to spend time in the village of Sandwich which is about as charming of a place as you will find in jolly old England.





It dates back to Roman times and was one of the original Cinque Ports.  The emperor Claudius landed an elephant in Sandwich in the 1200’s.

There are eight windmills in Sandwich and a museum, which houses original copies of the Magna Carter and a number of Roman relics and artifacts.

There is a pub in Sandwich known as the Red Cow, which has great food and a great atmosphere.  The Red Cow is a landmark.





For the Open in 2003, when the American Ben Curtis surprised the golfing world by winning the championship, I stayed in Sandwich with English friends and walked to the golf course each day. As they say, it doesn’t get any better than that.   Selah!





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