Loran Smith: When In Rome…

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Loran Smith: When In Rome…

July is named for the Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar, which you likely are aware of.

My first introduction to Caesar came about in Sunday School in a rural Middle Georgia Church.   Reading the New Testament, I saw several references to Caesar.





There are countless books about Caesar, who was assassinated at the age of 56.  Historians have suggested that his assassination is the most famous in history.   

Cursory research discloses that Caesar was stabbed 23 times, which means his assassins were not too good at stabbing.

His last words, according to Shakespeare, are frequently uttered today:  Et tu Brute.  “And you, too Brutus” when Caesar discovered that his friend was among his assassins.  





If you go to Rome, you might enjoy a meal at the Ristorante de Pancrazio where the assassination of Julius Caesar took place.

It is an interesting experience to go there.  The food is good, and the setting makes you reflect on Rome’s historical impact.  Selah!





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