Video Will Invade Gameday in 2017

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Video Will Invade Gameday in 2017

College football may be about to give up its Luddite attitude toward electronics. In 2017, video will invade gameday in SEC locker rooms. What is the over/under on years before we see coaches using high definition TV (or tablets) on the sidelines for post-possession position-group meetings?
It is not as though the college game will be breaking new ground. I’m sure recruits from major prep programs are shocked to find their high schools are way ahead of universities in electronic implementation.
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SEC coaches are already thinking of how to expand the limited capability they will be given in 2017. Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has already imagined one way to take a bigger bite of the digital apple:

At the recent SEC Spring Meetings, the league’s coaches were already considering how to use video in the locker room. Bielema laid out a hypothetical scenario: What if Arkansas’ offense isn’t on the field and goes into the locker room to watch some plays?
“It would be a huge, huge advantage,” Bielema said. “It’s a locker room. They just went in to use the facilities. That’s the part of the SEC I’ve come to know. You’re going to take everything that you’ve been given and kind of expand it a little bit.”
For the longest time, college football has been woefully behind the curve with technology during games. Younger coaches who are more technologically savvy want to take advantage of advances that could benefit coaching during the game.



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