Georgia Football Practice Observations: March 22, 2022

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Georgia Football Practice Observations: March 22, 2022

On a beautiful Spring afternoon in Athens, Coach Smart opened Tuesday’s practice to the media. All practice sessions were outside except for the kickers, who occupied the indoor facility.

General observations:





A. I thought the coaches were a bit subdued while we were at practice. Kirby Smart, of course, had his microphone and Stacy Searles could be heard from across the field ‘encouraging’ his charges. Todd Hartley and Tray Scott also let some serious ‘encouragement’ fly also.

B: The impression left by the coaches was that the practice was getting off to an inauspicious start. At one point Kirby Smart was heard to say, “There is way too much drag-@$$ out here.”

C: Arik Gilbert is working with the tight end group. Apparently, the wide receiver experiment has ended.





D. Amarius Mims is huge, but, based on his rotation spot in drills, he still has work to do to gain the confidence of the staff. Based on his appearance when the group broke for water, Mims’ main issue is probably conditioning. It was getting pretty warm in the sun today. Mims shows that he was feeling the heat.

E. As expected, many of the first-year guys look a bit lost and are still adjusting to the pace of practice. There is no downtime when they step on the field and the coaches make sure that everyone adheres to the hustle requirement.


  • Arian Smith wearing black (injured) in #11
  • Oscar Delp wearing red (offense) in # 4- looked good in his cuts, noticeably large
  • CJ Smith wearing black in #18
  • Daylen Everette wearing #6
  • Coach Searels is loud and assertive
  • Tray Scott sounded really loud too sounds like a bear out there
  • Darnell Washington (0) is on a scooter, assistant tried to pull him to the side or maybe back inside in facility and he says, “they’re tryna take me out coach” to try and stay on the field

TIGHT END ORDER (after Brock and Darnell): Ryland Geode, Brett Seither, Arik Gilbert, Oscar Delp 

*At least that’s how they ordered them in a tight end specific drill, in later drills when working with the O-line, Arik Gilbert was taking snaps practicing combo blocking (two players begin to double team an opposing player but eventually one of the blocking players leaves and moves on to block at the next level)

FIRST LOOK AT STARTING OFFENSIVE LINE– the first to take reps at a particular drill lined themselves up in this order from right to left: Warren McClendon, Warren Ericson, Sedrick Van-Pran, Xavier Truss, Broderick Jones

*NFL Draft Prospects and former Dawgs, Jamaree Salyer and Devonte Wyatt make an appearance and watch over today’s practice

DRILLS (players are in rotation order)


  • QB rep order-Stetson Bennett, Carson Beck, Brock Vandagriff, Gunnar Stockton
  • RB rep order-Kenny McIntosh, Kendall Milton, Daijun Edwards , Sevaughn Clark

RECEIVER DRILLS (groups w a mix of WR and TE)

  • 1st group- AD Mitchell, Kearis Jackson, Ryland Geode, Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint
  • 2nd group- Brett Seither, Dominick Blaylock, Arian Smith
  • 3rd group- Jackson Meeks, Oscar Delp, Woody Waters, Steven Peterson
  • 4th group- Braxton Hicks, Arik Gilbert, Gleaton Jones

RB DRILLS – in rep order

  • Kenny McIntosh, Kendall Milton, Daijun Edwards, Sevaughn Clark, Cash Jones


  • Warren Ericson, Warren McClendon; Devin Wilock, Amarius Mims


  • Warren McClendon, Arik Gilbert; Broderick Jones, Ryland Geode; Amarius Mims, Brett Seither

COVERAGE DRILL (press man drill, WR and DB line up on opposite sides of the line of scrimmage and compete to see if the WR can get past the DB)

  • Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, Kelee Ringo; Arian Smith, Daylen Everette; Woody Waters, David Daniel; Arian Smith, Chris Smith

*Kelee stayed tight with his man during his reps while Arian Smith easily got past freshman, Daylen Everette, and burnt fifth-year senior, Chris Smith


  • saw AD and Kenny McIntosh taking reps there





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