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Daily Dawg Thread: August 18, 2023

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Video/Transcript: Jalon Walker and Chaz Chambliss Interviews – August 17, 2023

On the improvements he’s made to his game…

“I feel like I have made the most strides in the mental game. I had an opportunity last year to get the experiences of playing, a freshman getting that opportunity. So, once I had the opportunity, I took advantage of it. Being out in the spring, I improved the mental aspect of it even more. Now, being in fall camp, it puts a lot of new things in a better perspective for myself.”





On cross-training at inside and outside linebacker…

“I think versatility is a new age of the game. Personally, I love being able to play both sides of the ball. Being an inside backer gives me the opportunity to play on first and second down. And the outside backer role being able to play on third down, as well, is great. Rushing the passer is another strong suit of my game, and that opportunity is another chance for me to thrive on the field.”

On vocal leaders across the defense…





“I would have to give that energy to the linebacker room of Jamon Dumas-Johnson. He brings the energy for us. As well as Kamari Lassiter. Those guys bring – I would say they are our juice guys. The guys that get us going on the defensive side of the ball. They keep us going. The game is about energy, and they bring it all day every day… I’m a vocal guy, throughout the year, and I plan to bring all my energy. Me being on the field brings me so much joy and energy because you can’t take it for granted.”

On the competition for snaps…“I feel like it is very competitive. Having that opportunity to be on the field for myself, I take every day not with a grain of salt. I take every day with pride. I take everyday knowing that you don’t know when your last snap is. And I take every day with a hard working, positive attitude so that when I have that opportunity, I can seize it and attack it.”

On being a veteran in the linebacker room…

“Coming into the spring, I was more of a lead by example kind of leader in my room because I obviously didn’t have to talk because there was Nolan [Smith]. But, going into summer and coming out of spring I realized I had to be more of a vocal leader. I have to be more of a leader with the young guys and teach them how it’s done.’

On his work ethic and who instilled that in him…

I attribute it to my dad – drill sergeant 25 years in the military – he kind of instilled that in me from a young age that nothing comes easy.”

On the adjustment to becoming a vocal leader…

“I had to do it in high school, it’s on a different level in college, but I had experience doing it from previous times. So, I just had to get back into the roll.”

On the instructions from Nolan Smith when he took over the outside linebacker group…

“Physicality, first off. Everybody has to be physical. We don’t get beat. We always have edges. We always close on counter. We’re asked to do most jobs on the field really because we’re pass rushing, setting the edge and dropping. Being the best on the field is important in the outside linebacker room.”

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