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Daily Dawg Thread: October 08, 2023

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Video/Transcript: Kirby Smart ‘s Kentucky Postgame Presser

On the Saturday night environment in Sanford Stadium… 

“It was an electric crowd and it energized our players. Our players started fast, finally, and that was great to get a start fast game. We challenged them all week to have a connected physicality. We really wanted to be connected because we  felt like we could be more physical if we were together. We talked all week about mass and acceleraAon equal force. We  wanted to have a lot of mass and a lot of acceleraAon.” 





On scoring on every possession in the first half… 

“It’s incredible. You’re in the rhythm and you don’t realize that you score every possession. I knew offense was Acking  and they ate up a lot of the clock because we actually didn’t play great defensively in the first half. Our offense had the  ball the whole Ame. Great job by our offensive staff, they had a great game plan. I had challenged them because this  defense has given us fits. We have really struggled with Kentucky’s defense, and they aJacked them.” 

On Georgia’s defense holding Kentucky to 55 yards rushing… 





“Striking blockers. We took our kids aLer the Auburn game and showed them about 20 plays where we struck blockers,  played blocks, knocked people back, played good run defense and I said, ‘you have it in you, we have the ability to do it  and here’s what we did right and here’s what we did wrong.’ They bought into that. We tried to show a lot of confidence  in them and knew that people were calling them out a liJle bit about the run defense and they answered the bell.” 

Video/Transcript: Carson Beck Postgame Presser

On the offensive performance tonight… 

“I think we can do it on all levels – the run game, the pass game. Our offensive line showed that. I think we had 180  rushing yards tonight. To be able to do that and then comfortably hand the ball, and then go play action, suck them up,  and throw it over their head. Obviously, it helps when you have guys making plays with you and getting contested  catches, but I think we definitely had a better game as far as a having a complete performance.” 

On the difference for Georgia tonight… 

“I think the biggest thing for us each week is obviously to go out there and execute at the highest level, and obviously  come out with a win no matter the score. But tonight, it really felt like we couldn’t go wrong with any play that was  called in. We did what we did. We were able to execute at a high level, and then once we get the ball in the guy’s hands,  then they’re making plays after the catch which moves the ball faster and you get down the field faster. It just ends up  turning into touchdowns.” 

Video/Transcript: Mark Stoops Postgame Presser

“They beat us in every area. It is hard to come up with an opening statement after a beatdown like that. It has been a  while. It doesn’t feel good. I told the team that the good news is that it counts as one game. We have to respond and  bounce back. I will put this one on me. We weren’t prepared in any area. We didn’t play very good in any area. They  beat us from the start to the finish. Pretty complete game by them. We weren’t up for the challenge. Didn’t coach very  good and didn’t play very good.” 

On the run defense… 

“We had a pretty good understanding they were going to attack us down the field. We know that. They are putting  things together. They are playing at home; I think I mentioned it in one of my press conferences that we anticipated  that. They are a little different at home than they are on the road. They came out and hit us with some shots in some  areas that we got exposed.” 

On transitioning to the next week… 

“We have to respond this week. I just addressed that with the team. I addressed it earlier this season. I actually talked  about it in our first meeting of the year that I didn’t think that I did a good job of having the team handle adversity. I  knew it was going to come. That doesn’t mean that I thought we were going to lose the game. Even in a game, you are  going to go through adversity, some tough times, interceptions, momentum swings. You are going to hit it, and you have  to respond in the right way. I will not tolerate us not responding. We are going to respond. I have great respect for  Missouri. We always play great games. We have to get back. This one counts as one loss, that is the only good thing  about this beatdown is that it only counts as one. We have to respond and get back to work and get back to being us.” 

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