Dan Jackson’s walk-on story gets a little flashy this week

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Dan Jackson’s walk-on story gets a little flashy this week

If you want to look at someone who embodies “hard work”, look no further than the University of Georgia’s stud of walk-on safety, Dan Jackson. After overcoming an injury that put him out for the entirety of last season this Gainesville guy is back at it making plays and taking names from the defensive backfield. 

Jackson has been one of the few guys in the starting rotation to have worked his way up from the walk-on position. Most of the guys out there playing next to him are former five or four-stars, but Jackson– for all that we know so far– isn’t even on scholarship. 

Now don’t get carried away with the no scholly sob story, Kirby’s reaffirmed that with the NIL deals, Dan Jackson can now happily afford his college tuition with or without the scholarship. In fact, in past interviews Jackson’s subtlety mentioned that he’s “being taken care of,” so it’s still unknown whether or not he’s been awarded one, but it’s all definitely working out one way or another. 





You can really tell that Jackson’s come a long way since just being a walk-on. Take a look and see check out the bling he’s got from Coach Fran Brown in a Tweet*. Jackson said earning the right to wear this chain at the end of the week is “an honor from Coach Fran,” and that, “every game we get, we’re all trying to get it.”

*Link to said Tweet:






Before all of this Dan Jackson used to be glad just making the travel roster saying:

“It’s a great honor. It’s what I wanted to do the first day I stepped on campus here, no matter what it looks like… I think it should be everybody’s goal.”

And now he’s wearing a couple thousand-dollar chain to class. I’m not saying the ego has gotten to him, he earned the right to wear that chain. All of this is just a testament to the kind of growth these guys are experiencing within this Georgia program. Georgia does more than just win games. This program changes lives and unlocks potential, just take a look at this kid from Gainesville.





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